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AER Electric has invested £1 million in design and development to launch a new electric scooter category. The end result is an all-in-one package that caters to commuters seeking a modern, elegant, and ecologically responsible method of transportation. It's no surprise that it earned an award at the Eurobike Awards in 2019 and was highlighted in WIRED and T3 magazines for its efforts. If it isn't a statement of quality and class, we don't know what is. The AER 557 has a simple and beautiful appearance. The silent, strong 500W direct drive motor in the 557 ensures a smooth and quiet ride without sacrificing speed or performance. The scooter is powered by a high-capacity detachable battery.
Pros and Cons
  • Aluminium frame with a strong construction
  • Ergonomic design that provides better levels of comfort
  • Large tyres that easily withstand bumps and potholes
  • LED display that can be removed
  • It's equipped with Magura hydraulic brakes.
  • The Panasonic battery is replaceable and lasts a long time.
  • It has a bamboo deck that is anti-slip.
  • Muller's powerful front and rear headlights
  • Maximum speed is impressive.
  • It has an appealing appearance.
  • It has a heavy price tag attached to it.
  • It's a little big and hefty.
  • There is no smartphone app or Bluetooth connection.
  • It is not equipped with a suspension system.
  • It has a low clearan on the ground.
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The AnyHill UM-1 electric scooter is a great device for short to medium distance travel. It's a bit heavy compared to some other scooters on the market, but it makes up for that with its powerful motor. The UM-1 can reach speeds of up to 15 mph, and it has a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge. This scooter is also very sturdy, which makes it perfect for riding on rougher terrain. The only downside is that the battery takes a while to fully charge (up to 8 hours).
Pros and Cons
  • Premium LG battery
  • One-click folding mechanism
  • Extremely strong brakes
  • IP54 water-resistance rating
  • Plush 8.5 pneumatic tires
  • Choice of three colors
  • Well built
  • Needs better cable management (the cables protrude from the frame)
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The Apollo Air is an entry-level electric scooter that is essentially a pared-down version of the Apollo Light , one of the most well-rounded urban commuting machines. It includes a front and rear spring suspension that helps it avoid potholes, as well as simple controls and a peak speed of 35.4 kmh. The Apollo Air, as its name suggests, is... light, weighing in at a reasonable 17 kg.
Pros and Cons
  • Exceptional haste
  • High-Quality Dynavolt Cells
  • Construction is solid.
  • Excellent Handling
  • Steering Column that is Sturdy
  • Very dependable
  • The Ride Quality of a Solid Rear Tyre
  • Not recommended for heavy riders.
  • Hill climbing ability is limited.
  • Scooter Displays are of lesser quality.
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Apollo is a well-known brand of electric scooters, and the Apollo City is no exception. You'll receive a speedy, light scooter with all the features you need to get to work in comfort and safety for a very cheap price. You can travel comfortably on all sorts of urban terrain, handling slopes, potholes, and bumps with ease, thanks to strong twin mechanical brakes, dual suspension, and Dynavolt battery power. The 3-second folding mechanism and collapsible stem come in handy when you need to fold it down for storage or travel. The Apollo City's ability to fold down completely makes it a breeze to transport or store away at work.
Pros and Cons
  • At this pricing range, the quality is excellent.
  • The journey was quite smooth and comfortable.
  • Although near the limit of comfortable weight, the steering stem and column are sturdy and portable.
  • Hydraulic brakes are more efficient than mechanical brakes.
  • The handlebar mechanism has the potential to loosen.
  • For rating purposes, charge slowly.
  • This is a basic LCD odometer that isn't of the highest quality.
  • At night, the front lights aren't too bright.
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The Apollo Explore is a delight to ride since it can go at the speed of a vehicle while providing exceptional ride quality. Blue and red LED lights guarantee you receive all the attention at night, allowing you to race through traffic and over slopes with ease. This electric scooter is definitely worth the money because it has no constraints on where you may travel. The Apollo Explore is positioned in the upper price bracket, but the amount of power and speed you receive for your money makes it an excellent value buy that will save you a lot of money in the long run on trip expenditures. You have everything you need to glide over obstacles with a premium 52V Dynavolt battery, dual spring suspension, durable 10 inch pneumatic tyres, and a triple braking system.
Pros and Cons
  • Excellent ride quality
  • In terms of speed and range, it's well-balanced.
  • Plush tyres and agile handling Fast and Furious-inspired lighting setup
  • Handles that can be folded
  • Adjustable telescopic stem for the rider's height
  • After each ride, the handlebars must be re-tightened.
  • On extended journeys, finger-throttle might be inconvenient.
  • Other scooters are priced similarly.
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We'll begin our review of the 2021 Apollo Ghost with a quick overview before delving deeper into some of the specifications and statistics. First and foremost, this is one of Apollo's most powerful models. The maximum twin motor power is incredible, resulting in some incredible acceleration times. The design is incredibly sturdy, due in part to the forged aluminium frame's increased durability. We were pleasantly pleased to find so many high-end amenities crammed into this superb model for a mid-priced scooter. From the elegant aesthetic to the powerful performance, we like everything about this scooter. We could see why this model is one of their highest rated after riding it for ourselves. Please explore the rest of our website to discover more about the Apollo Ghost.
Pros and Cons
  • Hardy & durable design
  • Front, rear & deck lighting
  • Outstanding range & top speed
  • There is no mobile app available.
  • Greater in weight than the average
  • Without a fast charger, it takes a long time to charge.
  • Tires with air in them are more prone to punctures.
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Apollo is the most prestigious scooter brand in the world. The Apollo Phantom, the company's most recent scooter, is a game-changer for electric mobility. The electric scooter has undergone extensive testing, with comments from both internal and external testers, yielding a scooter that would satisfy even the most discriminating client. The intelligent scooter is the ideal blend of technology and aesthetics. The scooter is paving the way for the future generation of electric scooters with its futuristic body, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched performance. The Apollo Phantom is made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy to guarantee that it is strong and resistant to the elements. The Phantom is available in black with silver accents, giving it an exquisite but edgy look. The wiring on the scooter is a mess, but Apollo tolerated it on purpose.
Pros and Cons
  • It has plug-and-play components for ease of use.
  • It has a one-of-a-kind, exclusive design.
  • Suspension with quadruple springs is excellent.
  • It comes with a top-of-the-line lighting system.
  • Dual high-performance motors
  • Climbing skill that is second to none
  • Folding mechanism that is state-of-the-art
  • It can support a lot of weight.
  • It doesn't have a mobile app or Bluetooth connection.
  • It is missing the front indicator lights.
  • It has a heavier feel to it.
  • It is substantially more expensive.
  • In direct sunlight, the HEX display is difficult to see.
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Apollo has been in operation since 2018 and is one of the world's top makers of electric scooters. They're a smart mobility company that's revolutionising urban mobility while also helping to save the environment. Apollo makes high-quality electric scooters that are put through thorough testing before being shipped out to guarantee they fulfil quality requirements. Their goods are put through three quality checks, including rigorous tests for safety, durability, and battery life, all with the goal of producing only the finest when it comes to these excellently crafted portable electric cars. Across all scooter categories, the Apollo Pro electric scooter is one of the most powerful, dependable, and well-built scooters. The sleek design will set it apart from any other model on the market. The pneumatic tyres are 10 inches in diameter.
Pros and Cons
  • It has a large riding deck for maximum comfort while in motion.
  • It comes with cruise control, which is useful for long-distance voyages.
  • It may be folded completely to fit in the trunk of a car. It is suitable for both off-road and on-road terrains.
  • Charging takes a long time.
  • It doesn't have Bluetooth or a mobile app.
  • It features LED illumination that isn't up to standard.
  • Kickstand is somewhat shorter.
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With its easy-to-use folding frame, the Bird Air delivers portable weight to the table, weighing just 13.6kg and making it ideal for moving short distances and up stairs. With clean lines and a polished finish, the highly refined IP35 certified water resistant alloy frame structure brings real build quality built from Bird's considerable rideshare experience with the Bird One.
Pros and Cons
  • Semi-solid 8.5" tyres
  • Unagi Model with a Sleek Look
  • The rear-wheel-drive system
  • There are no disc brakes
  • It's only good for flat surfaces.
  • Intended for pleasure vacations rather than commuting
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With its outstanding, sturdy scooters, Bird grabbed the rental scooter business by the scruff of the neck. While many companies must choose between durability and comfort, Bird's Bird One electric scooter combines the two. The One is a fleet type that is both robust and solid. It's also smart, as the rider can operate it using their iOS or Android devices. The One also comes with important anti-theft capabilities including GPS monitoring and an immobilization option. The scooter is available in three stunning colors: Dove White, Jet Black, and Electric Rose.
Pros and Cons
  • Due to its steel-reinforced aluminium structure, it is extremely durable.
  • Associated with the Bird – Apps that allow you to be free and enjoy the ride
  • a strong motor
  • Excellent range and top speeds on a single charge
  • Dual braking precision with regenerative function
  • Anti-theft mechanism controlled via an app
  • GPS-enabled for safety and tracking
  • This item is not foldable.
  • There will be no display.
  • Heavier than average
  • There will be no suspensions.
  • It's a bit costly.
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The Bronco 11 Xtreme is a high-powered, no-nonsense scooter built for speed, agility, and durability. From afar, you'd think it was a Dualtron Thunder because it looks so similar. The Bronco 11 Xtreme appears to be a resurrection of the Dualtron Thunder, with upgrades like a much larger double clamp, wider handlebars, upgraded motors, and better adjustable suspension. The Bronco isn't cheap, and it's from a new company, or at the very least, one that isn't well-known. All scooter companies have to start somewhere, and Bronco has done so with the 11 Xtreme, but are you willing to pay £3500 on a scooter made by a new company? if you are concerned,
Pros and Cons
  • 8400w motors provide exceptional power output.
  • Torque and acceleration are incredible.
  • For the scooter's power, it's relatively light.
  • The Dualtron Thunder has been enhanced by Bronco.
  • Suspension setup with pump and charge circuit is excellent.
  • The stem and clamp mechanism are both solid.
  • Scooter has a good look, a strong build, and a modern appearance.
  • There are certain quality control issues with wiring.
  • When riding rapidly, the battery drains quickly.
  • Because it's new to the market, there's a chance it'll be recalled.
  • Like most Chinese scooters, the LCD display is generic.
  • There is no independent voltmeter, which is an issue on a scooter like this. The tyres would wear out quickly.
  • The charger that comes with it is significantly too slow.
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Experienced riders in the UK will be familiar with the Halfords Carrera series. Carrera has been producing immensely successful bike constructions for over 25 years, with their Vengeance model proudly retaining the title of 'the UK's Favourite Mountain Bike.' In fact, this writer is the proud owner of one! The company has already dabbled in e-bikes, so it was only a matter of time until they entered the e-scooter market. This is an encouraging development for e scooter enthusiasts in the UK, since it demonstrates a growing popular interest, which may (fingers crossed) assist to loosen the country's stringent road usage restrictions. Because they're up against the well-reviewed third-party scooters that Halfords currently sells in shops, they need to stand out.
Pros and Cons
  • Getting started quickly
  • It's simple to manoeuvre
  • Various performance modes
  • Brake pads that can be replaced
  • Easy to manage and responsive
  • Mechanism for quick folding
  • Very dependable
  • There is no cruise control.
  • Quite hefty
  • Around 4 metres, the headlamp burns out.
  • When travelling on rough roads, the handlebar may tremble.
  • Extremely strong winds may have an impact on performance.
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