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The Vsett 8 is a beginner-friendly electric scooter that folds up. This is for you if you’re just learning the ropes of scooter riding. The Vsett 8 lacks the “oomph” of its two bigger siblings, the Vsett 8+ and Vsett 8R.
Overall, it’s a basic performance model aimed mostly at riders who are just getting started with electric scooters.

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Vsett 8 Summary

The Vsett 8 is an easy-on-the-eyes and easy-on-the-pocket option for commuting. Beyond its attractive, army-inspired colour scheme, the design is well-thought-out and will appeal to a variety of riders. This electric scooter’s single 48V 600-watt brushless hub motor produces more torque for climbing hills than other Vsett scooters.

While electric scooters with dual motors have great acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities, they frequently cost twice as much as the Vsett 8. The 48V 15.6 Ah LG battery enables the Vsett 8 to reach an outstanding top speed of 26 miles per hour and a range of up to 30 miles, and it allows it to climb slopes with an 18-degree grade with ease.

Additionally, comfort was a priority for the design team when they created this scooter. Notably, the Vsett 8 has the recognisable Swingarm suspension that can be adjusted to suit different rider preferences. But there’s more! The handlebars on this scooter are among the largest and most comfortable in their class.

The Vsett 8’s 21.6 cm-diameter tyres provide for an even smoother ride. Its front wheel works in conjunction with its sturdy rear tyre to offer a smooth ride with tonnes of traction. Additionally, the solid rear tyre is resistant to flats, so when you hit the road, you can rule out punctures.

The Vsett 8 is perfect in terms of design, durability, and build quality. It is constructed from the same materials as some of Vsett’s more expensive models, although it is far less expensive. First off, the tough frame of the Vsett 8 is built of “6082-T6,” an aviation-grade aluminium forging alloy. The same material is used to construct bridges, cranes, and trusses.

Overall, this scooter is a hard worker that can handle demanding situations with little to no hassle.


Performance Overview

The Vsett 8 is a true powerhouse, capable of a top speed of 26 mph and a range of up to 30 miles. Particularly if you include in the cost, this is the case.

Not to be overlooked, the Vsett 8’s two larger brothers, the Vsett 8+ and the Vsett 8R, produce speeds that are almost identical to the Vsett 8’s top speed. However, they are more expensive! The Vsett 8’s 30 mile range is comparable to that of vehicles like the Mantis 8 and Speedway Leger.

How does the Vsett 8 do on uneven surfaces, then? First of all, the premium coil-spring suspensions (also known as the “swingarm suspension system”) on all of Vsett 8’s wheels are comparable to those seen on high-end electric scooters.

Custom coil rings with cutting-edge polyurethane bushings are used in this suspension system to absorb shocks from any unforgiving terrain you may encounter. On difficult terrain, the dual suspension along with the front pneumatic and solid rear tyres provides a more satisfying ride.

The Vsett 8 also outperforms the competition in terms of brake performance. Its drum brakes with electronic ABS are installed on both the front and back wheels. Even better, the brakes include an automatic power-off feature. When you apply the brakes, this assists the motor power to disengage.

Speed & Acceleration

The Vsett 8 accelerates with nearly the same power and acceleration as the 8R. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the latter costs roughly £400 more. It also compares favourably to a variety of scooters with comparable price tags, such as the EMOVE Touring and Zero 9.

Within the Vsett line, there are a number of possibilities to take into account, including the Vsett 9+ (15.6 Ah), which comes with dual 650W motors. You can move forward in less than 2.7 seconds after coming to a stop. Additionally, it has a higher top speed (33 mph) and a comparable range (28 miles).

Last but not least, it’s important to note that Vsett 8 has cruise control, which is useful for assisting you in maintaining a consistent speed over lengthy distances. Your muscles won’t get tired from trying to keep the throttle depressed while you’re riding thanks to this feature, nor will your index finger.

Top Speed

The Vsett 8 can go at a top speed of 26 MPH thanks to a single 600W peak-power brushless hub motor. The majority of riders’ needs will be more than satisfied by this. But there’s more! In comparison to a large number of other common scooters, this device excels. The Vsett 8 is the second-fastest model out of 25 electric scooters of a comparable price and weight that we have previously examined, surpassing well-known brands like Horizon 13 and Apollo City.

Hill Climbing

I’ll get right to the point: the Vsett 8 is a basic e-scooter. As a result, you shouldn’t anticipate it to destroy the sharpest slopes.

The scooter can climb slopes with an incline of up to 18 degrees thanks to its 600W brushless motor in the back. Although it might not seem like much, the Vsett 8 has a three-degree higher slope than the majority of scooters in its price range.

Try the 9 (15.6Ah), the 9+ (19.2Ah), or even the 9+R in the Vsett e-scooter lineup if you want vehicles that are better at climbing hills. The ascending range for the trio is 25 degrees.

Battery & Range

The Vsett 8 can travel 48 kilometres (30 miles) on a single charge thanks to its 48V 15.6 Ah 750 WH LG battery. The scooter belongs in the same class as the Mantis 8 Base and Speedway Leger because of its greatest range.

The top mileage-eating vehicle in the Vsett’s price range and weight class is the INOKIM Quick 4 Super 70 km (43 mi), but there’s a catch: the Quick 4 lacks suspension, making its ride less comfortable than the Vsett 8.

The Vsett 8 includes a dual-charging system located at the top left of the deck, just like other scooters in the Vsett line. When using a single charger, it will take around 11 hours to fully recharge the battery; however, if you plug in a second charger, the time decreases to 5.5 hours. (Note: Only one charger is provided with the Vsett 8. Perhaps you should spend the extra £45 on a second charger.)

Motor Configuration

A single 48V 600W brushless motor is housed in the back of the Vsett 8. The scooter can travel up to 48km in Eco mode thanks to this and an updated LG 15.6 Ah, 750 WH battery. Although the real range depends on your riding style and the terrain, this single-motor commuter scooter performs admirably for the money.

The motor’s 18-degree hill-climbing range is another benefit. The majority of scooters this size and weight can tackle slopes up to around three degrees steeper than this.


The Vsett 8 has a front 8.5″ x 3″ pneumatic tyre and a rear 8″ x 2″ solid tyre. The front pneumatic tyre absorbs any impact from difficult terrain to provide a smooth, stable ride, while the solid rear tyre is puncture-proof.

However, solid tyres have their own benefits as well; they don’t go flat and lower the cost of a scooter.


Construction & Quality

Although the Vsett 8 lacks acceleration and range on hills, it is unquestionably durable. Despite costing hundreds less, it is built of the same material as Vsett’s more expensive models.

The frame of this scooter is made of aviation-grade aluminium forgoing alloy, also known as “6082-T6.” Extremely resilient to high-stress situations, this substance.

For context, consider that the same material is also employed in the construction of trusses, cranes, bridges, and even beer barrels. The shaft of the Vsett 8 is made of “SCM400” carbon-chromium alloy steel. This material is made of high-steel purity and has a robust composition to guarantee few surface flaws.

Rubber and tough plastic are mixed in the handlebars and fenders. The durability, comfort, and performance of the front and rear C-springs are balanced by the use of polyurethane bushings in the suspension, according to Vsett’s engineers.

The entire set is finished with an eye-catching colour scheme that is standard issue for the army. This improves the Vsett 8’s performance and specifications by giving it an aggressive appearance and feel.

Suspension & Comfort

The Vsett 8 features a set of movable C-springs, also referred to as “swingarm suspension,” which is the best suspension system available in its price range. Suspension systems with polyurethane coil springs are better suited to muffling the worst that rough terrains may throw at you.

Additionally, the front pneumatic tyre of the scooter adds extra ground insulation for a butter-smooth ride.

Naturally, Vsett’s higher-end models, like the 10+R and 11+, feature terrain-devouring hydraulic setups for superior shock-absorption capabilities, but they are almost three times as expensive as the Vsett 8 will be!

Ride Quality

The Vsett 8 e-scooter is known for its smooth riding. You’re less likely to bottom out when hitting potholes thanks to its adjustable coil-spring and swingarm suspensions, which are set to absorb shocks from rough terrain.

On the deck and handlebars, there is plenty of room to enhance your riding while accelerating and turning.

The stem of the Vsett 8 can also be altered to your preferences. Because the stem can be extended or contracted between 29.5″ and 40″, this scooter is suitable for users of all heights, from older kids to adults.


Two all-around mechanical brakes and an ABS electronic brake with an automated power-off feature make up the Vsett 8’s braking system. From 24 kph, the algorithm calculates an average stopping distance of 3.2 metres.

Even though the Vsett 8’s brake performance may not be as good as that of e-scooters with hydraulic or disc systems, it is still much better than that of the majority of scooters with comparable prices. The Vsett 8 also has an added plus of an automatic power-off feature that helps to turn the motor off when you apply the brakes. The end result is a practical, brake-responsive electric scooter.


The 20 kilogramme Vsett 8 electric scooter (46lbs). It is not the lightest scooter, but it is also not the heaviest. We adore how easily portable it is and how neatly it folds. The scooter can be folded in half at the neck to make it only 15″ high, or less than one-third of its overall height when unfolded.

The scooter’s telescoping stem and foldable handlebars contribute to its small design. The scooter can be folded up to a length of 37″, making it the perfect size to store in the trunk of your car.



The deck of the Vsett 8 is an astounding 26.5″ long and 8″ broad, allowing for a safer, more satisfying ride. As if that weren’t enough, its kick plate, which is located at the back of the deck, adds an additional 5″ of foot space. No of your size, you won’t feel crowded when using your scooter as a result.

There is only one catch to the Vsett 8 deck, but it’s not really a deal-breaker. The Vsett 8 has just two grip tape strips instead of the silicone covering found on newer Vsett models. We would have appreciated it if they had continued using silicone, which ensures better traction and is simpler to clean. However, given the cost, we’re prepared to pass.

Controls & Display

The QS-S4 display is located immediately above the right side of the Vsett 8 handlebars. Your scooter’s speed, riding time, ride mode, total mileage, trip mileage, and battery status are all displayed here. The gadget also serves as the scooter’s eye throttle on the instrument panel for customised performance settings. The NFC key lock motor immobiliser, a useful anti-theft feature that aids in discouraging would-be criminals, is situated beneath the QS-S4 display.

The cruise control feature, which you can use to keep your speed consistent over extended distances, is the last one.


Water Resistance

With an IP54 designation for water resistance, the Vsett 8 is totally splash-proof. Distributors do not cover water damage, so exercise caution when riding in poor weather conditions.


Overall, the Vsett 8 is a reliable scooter that is made to withstand any hazardous conditions that may be thrown its way.

Warranty & Customer Support

When you purchase it from a Vsett authorised distributor, it comes with a 12-month warranty.

You will also have the choice to extend your warranty for an additional three years. We found that the majority of authorised distributors of Vsett’s electric vehicles provide excellent post-purchase service via phone and email.

Known Issues

The main criticism of this electric scooter that we found when reviewing it is that it doesn’t have good enough lighting for nighttime commuting. Similar to this, even though they are brighter than the majority of scooters in the same price range, their turn signals cannot be seen during the day.

Even more problematically, the turn signals are too low to the ground, which makes it even more difficult to draw the required attention.


Similar to other electric scooters, the Vsett 8 undergoes the same general maintenance procedures, which include:

  • frequently checking tyre pressure
  • Recharging your scooter should only be done if the battery is dead or almost so.
  • Keeping your scooter indoors, ideally at 30°C (80F)
  • checking to see if the drum brakes are functioning properly
  • Regularly cleaning electric scooters

Vsett 8: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

If you support urban commuting, I don’t believe you can find a better deal elsewhere. The Vsett 8 costs only £695 and offers riders a respectable range of up to 30 miles at a top speed of 26 mph.

Additionally, it has outstanding features like an NFC key lock immobiliser, a telescoping stem that can be adjusted, and adjustable suspension, to name a few.

Overall, the Vsett 8 is priceless and deserving of every money.

Specification: VSETT 8 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

26 MPH


22-37 Miles

Charge Time

11 Hr

Single-Charge Mileage

30 miles


Adjustable, Front coil spring, rear coil-spring (Swingarm suspension)

Braking System

Drum brakes (rear) + electric ABS + automatic power-off function


8.5 Pneumatic (Air-Filled), Solid rubber



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

46 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


and built-in turn signals, Brake Light, Dual LED headlight, taillight

Product Material

6082-T6 Aviation aluminium forging alloy + SCM440+Polypropylene

Water Resistance


Extra features

Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

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  1. Roman

    This is a very functional and good-looking scooter. The battery life is excellent

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  2. Simon

    I just bought an electric scooter, and I believe it’s fantastic.

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  3. Anna

    This scooter is awesome. Work well, get high mileage, and move quickly.

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  4. ambrose

    fantastic scooter

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