Segway SuperScooter GT2 Review

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The official Segway range is 90 kilometres (56 mi). Very large figures, however it’s possible that the manufacturer assumed an economy mode and a moderate riding speed in ideal conditions.

Max rode his bike without conserving energy and found that he could ride 27 miles before needing to recharge his battery. Remember that the range might vary greatly based on several factors; this is roughly half of Segway’s estimate. All electric vehicles are affected by this.


The delivery of your Segway GT scooter is likely the most exciting package you will ever receive. If you’re a huge dog, you’d better watch out for this scooter. It’s not like a tank at all! It appears well-organized, like the heir to a monarch who attended a prestigious private school. The scooter is, to put it mildly, stylish, and she looks great riding down the street on it.

When put together, the scooter performs with the same bold charm that its charming design suggests. Powerful dual disc brakes will bring you to a safe halt at a moment’s notice, and the dual adjustable suspension, torquey motors, and self-healing tyres will let you safely explore some challenging terrain.

The Segway GT2 Electric Scooter is neither the quickest nor the most fuel-efficient we’ve tested, but it also doesn’t try to play hare and tortoise. No, you won’t be able to hit 60 mph, but the GT2 has been tested to reach a top speed of 41.8 mph, so you can still enjoy the rush of a fast ride. Moreover, the battery has a sufficient amount of charge for a good round journey, covering roughly 32.9 miles. Remember that if you ride more cautiously, you’ll get a little more mileage out of each charge.

Once again, the GT2 elevates the status of the rudimentary. The scooter’s extreme characteristics could be the game-changer in scooter innovation that the industry has been waiting for. There are a lot of great features on this scooter, like the large deck, the wishbone front suspension that doesn’t sacrifice style for performance, the plethora of lights, and the motorcycle-style twist throttle.

There are a few firsts for electric scooters in this scooter as well. We also love the electronic traction control and the translucent PM OLED display. We hope established companies will eventually include and refine these innovative features. If not, Segway appears to have quite a few intriguing ideas under its sleeves, and we cannot wait to see how this impacts the industry.

SuperScooter GT2


We have tested faster acceleration, but the Segway GT2 scooters are not the fastest. Both GT2 have surprisingly smooth acceleration from a standstill for beast scooters, which grows swiftly as speed increases.

Segway claims that their GT2 electric scooter can go from zero to thirty miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, but in our tests, we were able to achieve that speed in 4.1 seconds. Not bad at all, considering the GT2 trailed the NAMI BURN-E, Wolf King GT, and Apollo Pro Ludicrous, the three quickest scooters we’ve ever tested.

If the GT2 electric scooter had a more abrupt throttle, its performance would improve. It may cost a few hundredths of a second in acceleration, but we believe most riders would agree that the smooth throttle response is well worth the sacrifice.

Top Speed

Although we have cycled quicker, we are satisfied with the top speed. The GT2 has a top speed of 43.5 mph according to the manufacturer, and we got it up to 41.8 mph. Segway’s claimed top speed is probably possible in more optimal situations. Limit your maximum speed by selecting Walk, Eco, Sport, or Race on the knob.

Limits on maximum speed are listed below:

  • The speed limit in park is zero. If you park or stop for more than five seconds, it will activate automatically.
  • Maximum speed while walking is 3. 7 miles per hour
  • Maximum fuel economy of 24.9 mph
  • Maximum speed for sports: 43.5 mph
  • Maximum speed of 43.5 mph and traction control is disabled for the race.

Our range test also revealed that the GT2’s acceleration slowed significantly below 30% battery. The scooter’s performance dropped by 30% on the incline, yet it still managed to keep a speed of 30 mph. It’s also worth noting that, up until this point, I didn’t notice much of a difference between Race mode and Eco mode. The GT2 worked until it reached 10% battery life, and then it turned off.

Hill Climb

The GT2 is among the best hill climbers in the world. The normal test hill is 60 meters in length and has a 10% incline, so I took it out to do that. The GT2 had the fifth-best performance of any scooter we’ve tested, and it was quite close to that of the Dualtron Thunder II. At full throttle, the scooter’s averaged an average of a kilometer per hour up the mountain.


While we didn’t quite match Segway’s claimed mileage for the GT2, we did get respectable results. It’s important to remember that the quoted range numbers from the manufacturer are typically for near-ideal conditions and relatively slow speeds.

While the GT2’s claimed range is, we were able to get around in Race mode with Boost always on. The GT2 has a range closer to that of light-heavyweight scooters than the tested range of the BURN-E or the Wolf King GT. There are ways to increase the scooter’s range, such as switching to Sport or ECO mode, but in our tests we always use the scooter’s top speed and simulate a variety of real-world riding conditions.

When the GT2’s battery life reached 3%, it automatically turned off. The fact that I could restart the scooter and switch to walk mode was a nice bonus. Instead of walking the remaining half mile to my office, I rode my bike there at a leisurely 3 mph (walk mode).

In order to ensure user safety, the Segway scooter runs on 52V batteries. The eSC SX-1, the only purpose-built racing scooter in the world, operates on the same voltage. In terms of power, the GT2 has a 1512 kW capacity. While this is impressive, it’s not as powerful as the 2880 watt capacity of the similarly priced Dualtron Thunder 2. As we’ll see in the section on durability, the high-capacity battery also has an intriguing cooling mechanism.

Charging time is a bit on the long side at 8 hours, but I suppose that’s understandable given the battery’s respectable runtime. Two universal chargers are included in your scooter’s kit, and their ports are hidden behind a beautifully designed cover on the rake. Fast charging could significantly shorten this time, but it also shortens the battery’s life, therefore having two chargers is preferable.

SuperScooter GT2


For a scooter, the brakes are among the best I’ve ever experienced. From 15.0 mph, the GT2 comes to a halt in just 9.4 feet. We’ve tested several different kinds of monster scooters, and this one is the best. The GT2 has tremendous stopping power, but how is that accomplished?

In a word, it’s complex. For starters, there is no regenerative braking, thus the brake response is directly proportionate to the force applied to the levers. The GT2 also features hydraulic brakes of a manufacturer we’ve never seen before. When compared to the Nutt and Zoom brakes, as well as the Logan brakes on the BURN-E 2, these are noticeably more comfortable.

But the 140mm vented rotors are the most unexpected component of the design. Compared to the rotors found on most beast scooters, these are smaller and thicker. Due to their reduced diameter, they are less grippy and less likely to cause sliding. Moreover, their 38% increased thickness makes them resistant to warping, bending, and overheating, guaranteeing consistent braking performance even after extended usage.

This is just the beginning. An innovative braking feature, previously unknown to us, is included in the Segway app. If you want to stop your electric scooter, you have to use the brakes, which is normally turned off by touching the brakes. However, if you turn off “brake priority,” you can use the gas and the brakes at the same time. This is a feature that should only be activated by trained professionals, and you should exercise extreme caution if you do.

Ride Quality

There are a few reasons why the GT2’s riding quality makes it a serious candidate for the title of greatest electric scooter we’ve ever ridden.

In the first place, the twist throttle is fantastic. Every motorcycle on the planet utilises these, and for good reason. One can’t help but feel at home behind the GT2’s throttle. There is no lull in the action when you set out, and the action that follows is prompt without feeling jarring. GT2’s acceleration is remarkably smooth for a beast scooter off the line, and it grows swiftly as speed increases.

Once moving, the mid-range acceleration is so high that it can seem jittery if you’re trying to go perfectly, for example. Fortunately, this issue is resolved by the second reason, the Best Cruise Control EVER! A quick thumbs-up activates it, and a finger on the brakes or throttle switches it off again. You can be coasting along with no throttle at all and with the push of a button, your speed will be locked in place. There’s a good chance that other types of personal electric vehicles, not simply scooters, may adopt a user interface similar to this one.

The Segway Dynamic Traction Control System is also included in the GT2 for the first time. As an illustration, if the front wheel spins in slippery conditions like loose gravel or a wet track, the system will cut power to that wheel until traction is regained. When you switch to Race mode, traction control is turned off and a warning light comes on to let you know. We put it through its paces, and the traction control is both effective and seamless; you won’t even know it’s on until you turn it off.

The suspension consists of a front double-wishbone and a rear trailing arm, both of which are adjustable. Using their own knobs, you may modify the front and rear suspension to one of 15 different levels. To adjust the rebound from slow to quick, you can do so at any time during the ride. The ability to fine-tune the front and rear damping to account for the rider’s weight and preferred riding style is a significant factor in both safety and comfort. More than that, though, the shocks boost the front end’s already impressive cool factor. The hydraulic suspension can adjusted for a smooth ride on or off-road.

The Segway GT2 Electric Scooter is more stable than the NAMI with a steering damper, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the girder front end or the 18-degree rake angle, the greatest we’ve seen by far. Even the Wolf King GT, the previous stability champion, is no match for it. It’s a testament to engineering that modern scooters can be both fast and simple to operate.

The textured rubber on the handlebar grips and deck, in addition to the large tyres and long wheelbase, make for a pleasant ride. The front foot pocket and rear footrest wedge further contribute to the spacious feel of the deck.


Segway’s GT2electric scooter has a major flaw in that it is extremely cumbersome to transport, even when compared to other monster scooters. When folded, the scooter is bulky and tall. It’s the heaviest and second-longest scooter we’ve tested at 116 pounds (52.6 kgs) when folded. The GT2 has a packing size of 59 by 26 by 34 inches (LxWxH).

The fact that the stem does not fold down into the deck makes it extremely difficult to transport and store. The Segway GT2 Electric Scooter is not convenient to transport upstairs, so unless you have an elevator, plan on leaving it on the first floor to park (and charge).

SuperScooter GT2Cockpit

The twist-grip throttle and mode buttons like Boost (uncommon on electric scooters) provide the rider a motorcycle-meets-Formula One-style cockpit experience that can be operated with only one or two taps of the thumbs. There is a clear PM OLED display on the Segway GT2 Electric Scooter. We think the PM OLED is a great step forward for electric scooter screens.

The scooter also features an intuitive dashboard that displays only the information that is most relevant to the rider. In addition to being legible even in direct sunlight, it also displays the battery percentage and a range left countdown. Without taking your eyes off the road, you can toggle between 2WD and RWD, turn on the lights, and sound the horn.

Different riding metrics, such as

  • Modes for Faster Riding
  • If the battery is charged, the PM OLED will show you how much of a charge you have left and how far you can drive.
  • Checking the Condition of the Headlights
  • Condition of the turn signals

But the handlebar is crowd with controls on both sides, making it tough to attach extras like phone holders.


One of the nicest lighting patterns on a scooter is found on the GT2 electric scooters. The fact that the scooter has working headlights should give it away, but that’s not all.

The main headlight is my personal favourite; it is a 900-lumen setup that can light up the road ahead of you to an impressive distance. Low-beam illumination from a standard halogen bulb, as found in most cars, is 700 lumens.

There are two turn signals, one at each end of the Segway GT2 Electric Scooter, located high on the handlebars. The middle rear also bears a taillight that acts as the brake light.

The fun has only just begun! The indicators can also used as a swag light or background glow. There are eleven different settings for these party lights that can accessed and altered with the Segway app.

The front, back, and side E-Mark approved reflectors improve nighttime visibility even more. Unless you’re actively trying to avoid it, you won’t be able to notice this scooter.


The self-sealing front and rear wheels on the GT2 electric scooter measure 11 inches by 3.6 inches, which significantly improves the scooter’s ride quality, grip, stability, obstacle clearance, control, and steering. The tyres are pre-slim, so there is no extra work require to lessen the risk of punctures.

Ground clearance is enhance by the tyre height as well. As a result, the undercarriage of your Segway GT2 electric scooter will not get scrape even if you go off-roading sometimes.


Upon initially seeing the deck, I knew it was the one for me. The footplate is 69 x 24.5 cm (27′′ x 9.5′′), making it spacious enough for two people to stand side by side or with their feet together. Because of the textured rubber flooring in the standing area, your footing will be rock solid.

Once your forefoot is in the previously unseen pocket, though, all of it becomes irrelevant. The deck wraps around the rider’s front foot, providing superior protection from debris and splashes compared to that of any other scooter.

The back is also wedge, creating a comfortable position for your backfoot to rest. The level of ergonomic thought that went into this design is unprecedented.

Build Quality

Simply put, this is one of the most impressive works of mechanical art we’ve ever seen. Many things seem to leap out at you. For starters, the scooter seems to made of scootanium, an element you (of course) recognise from OUR periodic chart.

As is evident, Segway invested a huge amount of money in R&D for the GT2. A clear dashboard sounded like a gimmick when I first heard about the transparent passive matrix OLED display. When I finally got my hands on a Segway GT2 Electric Scooter, this feature quickly became one of my favourites. Something akin to a combat plane’s HUD.

The Segway app is another option. You can activate zero-start, customise the lighting, and utilise the brakes and throttle in tandem, a capability that has never seen before. The Sentinile mode of the scooter, where the wheels are lock, can also be activate via the app. The scooter’s lights come on at the slightest hint of motion. The more they shift it, the louder it gets.

And since Segway takes the old adage “the devil is in the details” very seriously, it made sure that all of its engineering met or surpassed conventional norms. The following are a few of our favourite parts:

  • The high-performance batteries have radiators and a cooling system called a “Heat Flux Multi-layer Cooling system,” which is just a fancy name for the air ducts that run down the sides of the scooter.
  • Protective Torx screws at the bar’s mounting point.
  • That rubberized lip on the front of the fairings.
  • Battery compartment cover and gasket
  • Due to the deck’s enclosed shape, the rider’s front foot is afford even greater protection than that provided by the fenders.
  • The scooter is safe from moderate rain and splashes thanks to its IPX4 classification, which seems low in contrast. But we’re still a little wary of submerging these electric scooters in any kind of water, given the number of holes in the frame.
  • The horn has a silly sound, but it is conveniently located and may used once or multiple times to get your point clear.
  • You can make engine noises with the optional Bluetooth speaker. You might get some funny looks, but it could also assist pedestrians hear your approach.

Segway GT2: Review Conclusions

Over the past week or so, I’ve had a great time riding the Segway GT2, and I’ve quite pleased with it. With a price tag like that, it’s clear that it’s not for everyone. However, I can’t think of anything that does a better job of balancing performance, build quality, and riding quality than the GT2. Scooter riders may rest assured that it will live up to their high standards.

The GT2 is robustly construct to endure for a long time, has enough power to make it up most hills, and has the range to go wherever you want to go. Traction control, a massive deck, and a state-of-the-art OLED screen are all included free of charge. When put together, these features provide a scooter that redefines the bar for what a premium electric scooter can be. For those upgrading from more affordable electric scooters, the price tag may be discouraging, but the value you receive will more than make up for it.


Specification: Segway SuperScooter GT2 Review



Suitable For



3000 W

Max Speed

44 mph


56 mi

Charge Time

11 hrs

Single-Charge Mileage

56 Miles


hydraulic suspensions

Braking System

Disc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)


11.0 in Pneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)


1512 Wh

Hill Climbing

6.6 seconds

Scooter Weight

117 lbs

Max Load

330 lb


Front + Rear

Product Material

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Build

Water Resistance


Extra features

4 Speed Modes

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Segway SuperScooter GT2 Review
Segway SuperScooter GT2 Review


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