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During performance testing on the G4, we frequently had to double-tap the throttle after kicking off. Double-tapping the throttle is not a deliberate application and a little hiccup in the G4’s ability to sprint straight off the start line, even though sluggish starting is helpful for novice riders. Although it takes practise to get moving on the G4, the acceleration and throttle perform nicely once riding.

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In this review of the 2022 Gotrax G4, we’ll go over some of the data, features, and specs that come with this magnificent model. View the main features listed below, then continue reading for our in-depth evaluation. A collection of new, high performance electric scooters from Gotrax that are “all new” and include larger motors, more features, and longer ranges.

The improved version of this product has a larger battery, more efficiency, a fresh look, additional functions, and much more. Given the reasonable price and respectable performance given, this model also makes a terrific electric scooter for commuters. This model continues to have a definite edge over its predecessors in terms of speed, power, and distance when compared to the GXL V2 and XR Elite.

Our crew recently examined the Gotrax Glider, an eScooter designed for younger users, mostly children and teens. The GXL V2, which offers excellent utility at a reasonable cost, was then examined. It astonished us with its consistent performance throughout. Gotrax hasn’t spent any time in producing another wonderful model, which this time is represented by the G4. So without further ado, let’s start our evaluation of the Gotrax G4 eScooter for 2022 with talking about speed, power, and distance.

Gotrax G4 Review1

Performance Overview:

Long trips are much more comfortable with cruise control, and digital locking makes it possible to park or store your vehicle safely while also deterring theft. Another fantastic feature that is uncommon in eScooters in this price range is regenerative braking. These brakes essentially convert kinetic braking energy into battery power, boosting ride duration & letting you push for that additional mile. We were completely taken away by the quality of materials used & its design, all for such an effective price!

Speed & Acceleration:

The tested peak speed of the Gotrax G4 in the budget commuter class is 32.2 km/h, setting a new record.

The new Gotrax model definitely feels the difference between 24 kmh and 32 kmh, and the larger-than-average tyres allow you ride at speed with confidence. Other scooters with similar proven peak speeds and bigger price tags are available.

The G4 performs well compared to other scooters in its class because to its 350 watt rear motor. The G4 reached 24 km/h in 6.3 seconds and 32 km/h in 11.3 seconds during our ESG-certified acceleration testing with a 74 kilogramme rider.

On the G4, acceleration is challenging. As a kick-start scooter, you must push it to a speed of around 5 km/h to gain momentum before applying the throttle to start the motor and increase speed.

During performance testing on the G4, we frequently had to double-tap the throttle after kicking off. Double-tapping the throttle is not a deliberate application and a little hiccup in the G4’s ability to sprint straight off the start line, even though sluggish starting is helpful for novice riders. Although it takes practise to get moving on the G4, the acceleration and throttle perform nicely once riding.

One small drawback to an otherwise excellent budget commuter is the Gotrax G4’s delayed start, which has an impact on overall performance results.

Hill Climbing:

Smaller riders would need to exert a little more effort to start the G4 because of its kick-to-start action and double-tap throttle.

It took 19.6 seconds to ascend the 60 metre, 10 percent grade slope at an average speed of 11.1 kmh. Although not a strong machine, the Gotrax G4 is a good hill climber.

Battery & Range:

The Gotrax G4 boasts the biggest battery capacity of any scooter in the low-cost commuter category, with 374 watt hours.

With an ESG verified range of 23.5 kilometres, it obtains nearly half the manufacturer’s promised range.

All scooters are range tested by a 74 kg rider through the same urban loop with numerous stops, tough terrain, and hills. The quickest (least energy-efficient) setting on the scooter is used to ride it as swiftly as is safe.

Motor Configuration:

The G4 performs well compared to other scooters in its class because to its 350 watt rear motor. In our ESG approved acceleration testing with a 74 kg rider, the G4 touched 24 kmh in 6.3 seconds and 32 kmh in 11.3 seconds.

Construction & Quality:

The G4 has superb fit and finish overall and is more durable and of higher quality than earlier Gotrax versions. It boasts the most capacity of any scooter under $500 with a – battery. The G4’s cable routing is excellent; there is very little cable exposure as the wire passes through the folding mechanism, down the stem, and into the deck. This is a feat few scooter designers have achieved, and it truly gives the G4 a polished, tidy appearance. The kickstand is the ideal height to keep the scooter upright, and the IP54 certification and rubberized deck make it safe for riders up to 90 kg to go in mild rain.

While the digital lock leaves you wanting more, the cable lock is a sensible feature that significantly enhances usage. Although a good idea, the digital lock only functions when the scooter is turned on, making it simple for a burglar to roll or take the scooter away if it is unattended. The electronic brakes activate when the scooter is turned on and the display beeps for 20 to 30 seconds. This makes it harder to move the scooter ahead. If you don’t input the right code before turning the device off, the display will remain on for up to 30 minutes.

We advise inspecting all the screws on your G4 for maximum performance, particularly the stem screws close to the folding mechanism. The stem lock’s silver clasp wasn’t attaching completely, and there was a tiny wobbling in the stem until this specific screw was tightened. Once it was secure, the stem lock operated as intended with no sway and no noise while riding.

Suspension & Comfort:

Unspecified eScooters are seen as unsuitable for use on the roads due to their lack of suspension. However, this is not the intended purpose of these devices and they have been found to be safe for use on the streets.

Ride Quality:

The G4 delivers a more pleasant ride than earlier Gotrax models and has decent speed for its class. The 25.4 cm, innertube tyres are the largest, baddest increase between those and the G4. Without any suspension, they can manage sharp bends and have adequate damping.

With around 3 to 1.3 centimetres shorter length on the rubberized surface than earlier Gotrax models, the G4 provides enough standing area. Although not particularly powerful, the G4’s brakes feel secure enough for riding in general. It’s a lot like riding a speedier, less costly Ninebot Max.

The G4 is a fantastic inexpensive commuter, although it takes longer to start. Bypassing the digital lock takes roughly 10 seconds, which is a lot longer than it takes to start most inexpensive scooters. Before you can begin riding, you must input a 3-digit code each time you switch it on using the plus, minus, and power buttons. However, it may be turned off by holding down the power and “+” buttons for 5 seconds.

It has a built-in cruise control that cannot be turned off, but you can turn it off each time it engages by depressing the brake or accelerator. When in cruise control mode, a low beep and a display alert the rider that the function is active by

This is the only lock we’ve seen that is programmed into the display; other scooters use key-lock ignitions or mobile applications for locking. That finicky double-tap throttle is another challenge that requires some getting accustomed to.


With a bright headlight set at handlebar height and a taillight located on the fender that blinks while braking, the Gotrax G4 offers excellent lighting all around. In comparison to earlier versions like the Gotrax Xr, which had simply a back reflector, these are the finest spots for visibility.

Additionally, it has six reflectors, three on each side of the wheels and two at the front and back.


The G4 requires considerable brake modification for efficient stopping because it just has a rear disc brake and weighs 16 kg. In our 24 km/h to zero performance test, the G4 had a tested braking distance of 6.5 m.

The G4 is marketed by Gotrax as having a dual braking system, but what they really mean is that it has an electronic and disc brake, both of which are located on the back wheel and are engaged by a hand lever.

For scooters that can drive faster than 32 km/h, true dual braking systems—which include a drum or disc brake on both the front and back wheels—are preferred.


With its moderate 16 kg weight and small size, the Gotrax G4 is an excellent budget commuter. With a folded height of 51 centimetres, the G4 is 107 centimetres long by 48 centimetres broad, and 120 centimetres tall. Additionally, it folds really quickly. The G4 folded and unfolded in our test in about 5 seconds.

Gotrax G4 Review2

The weight and lack of folding handlebars prevent it from being an ultraportable, but the sturdy stem feels safe and hooks into the back fender effortlessly, making it quite easy to transport up a few steps or tuck away in a trunk.


The main enhancement on this Gotrax scooter is the set of 25.4 cm innertube pneumatic tyres. The G4 has a more pleasant ride than earlier versions primarily because they offer greater handling in adverse road conditions.

Gotrax G4 Review4

It is normal for air-filled tyres to develop flats, particularly on the rear tyre from impact from bearing the majority of the rider’s weight. Pre-slimmed tyres will assist keep punctures sealed, so it’s less likely that you’ll have problems even with them.


The G4’s deck is roughly 3.8 cm shorter than those of earlier Gotrax models, although it still has enough space for standing. The rubberized surface is 44.5 cm long, 17.1 centimeters broad, and has a ground clearance of 10.8 centimeters. The name brand is prominently displayed in the middle of the plain, all-black design.

Controls & Display:

The grips are quite comfortable, and the stop and acceleration controls are conveniently located on opposite sides for use. In order to track speed and battery life, it also incorporates an LED screen.

Gotrax G4 Review5

Water Resistance:

The GoTrax G4 has an IP54 classification for water protection, which means it is water-resistant but not completely waterproof. It can withstand splashes of water from all directions but cannot be immersed in water.

Despite the scooter’s resilience to water damage, GoTrax recommends against riding in the rain. Despite the fact that many owners have ventured to do so, faults brought on by water are essentially unheard of with this scooter. My advice is to stay away from riding in rainy circumstances as much as you can, but don’t be too concerned if you do it sometimes.


Since the scooter is a bit heavier than the normal commuter scooter, it will also be more dependable, and the rides will generally be stabler. Also, as the air-filled tyres are rather huge in both diameter and width, the rides will be pretty comfortable, even while riding over some little bumps or cracks, and also handling and cornering will be easy and graceful.


You receive a 30-day return window and a 90-day warranty period with every GoTrax scooter, as normal. The return shipping charges are on you, and the scooter must be undamaged, if you’re returning the item because you don’t like it (as opposed to because of a delivery issue). If you happen to receive a defective product, you are entitled to a free repair or replacement.

Known Issues:

The GoTrax G4’s battery is the device’s largest recognised flaw. In certain devices, it has been known to degrade fairly fast or possibly stop working altogether after only a few months of use. Given that the battery weakens quite fast, we can presumably assume that this is the same problem that frequently results in the scooter’s actual range being substantially lower than its stated range. It’s interesting to see that this problem seems to have been more prevalent in complaints from 2020 rather than in recent months. Hopefully, GoTrax has fixed this and the range and battery performance should now be improved.

The GoTrax G4 occasionally requires double-pressing the throttle to start the motor, which is an odd problem. Even though it is not a major issue, certain units can come with this strange problem.


Most replacement parts you require should be available for free while your scooter is still covered by warranty, unless the part has been harmed by incorrect usage (including water damage).

After that, you can nearly always get all the components you want on the GoTrax spare parts website for a very low price.
I advise performing the following maintenance procedure once a week to take good care of your scooter and ensure it serves you well for a long time:

  • Use a gentle, wet towel to clean it; avoid using any corrosive substances.
  • Verify the tightness of each and every screw, including the ones inside the folding mechanism.
  • Verify the tyre pressure; it should be around 50 PSI.
  • check to see whether the brake is powerful enough and adjust

Specification: Gotrax G4 Review



Suitable For



350 W

Max Speed

20 MPH


25 miles

Charge Time

4-5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

25 miles


Braking System

Regenerative + Disc


25.4 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)


374 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

16 kg

Max Load

100 kg


Front + Rear

Product Material

Light aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

4-digit combination cable lock

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Gotrax G4 Review


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