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Apollo is the most prestigious scooter brand in the world. The Apollo Phantom, the company’s most recent scooter, is a game-changer for electric mobility. The electric scooter has undergone extensive testing, with comments from both internal and external testers, yielding a scooter that would satisfy even the most discriminating client.
The intelligent scooter is the ideal blend of technology and aesthetics. The scooter is paving the way for the future generation of electric scooters with its futuristic body, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched performance.
The Apollo Phantom is made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy to guarantee that it is strong and resistant to the elements. The Phantom is available in black with silver accents, giving it an exquisite but edgy look. The wiring on the scooter is a mess, but Apollo tolerated it on purpose.

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Apollo Phantom Summary:

Apollo is the most prestigious scooter brand in the world. The Apollo Phantom, the company’s most recent scooter, is a game-changer for electric mobility. The electric scooter has undergone extensive testing, with comments from both internal and external testers, yielding a scooter that would satisfy even the most discriminating buyer.

The intelligent scooter is the ideal blend of technology and aesthetics. The scooter is paving the way for the future generation of electric scooters with its futuristic body, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched performance.

The Apollo Phantom is made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy to guarantee that it is strong and resistant to the elements. The Phantom is available in black with silver accents, giving it an exquisite yet edgy look. The wiring on the scooter isn’t clean, but Apollo designed it to be easy to maintain and replace parts. The ergonomically built handlebars are loaded with features, giving riders maximum control over this monster machine.

The innovative quadruple spring suspension system for excellent stress absorption on diverse track conditions is one of the scooter’s standout characteristics. The 10-inch, 3.25-inch wide pneumatic hybrid tyres of the Phantom also give excellent grip and a smooth ride, allowing you to easily roll over potholes and cracks. Furthermore, the Apollo Phantom is equipped with two 1200 watt motors, allowing riders to reach high speeds of 38 mph (61 km/h). The Phantom motor produces enough torque to overcome 25% inclines and allows the user to travel in hard terrain without losing power on rougher terrain.

With a high-mounted ultra brilliant headlight, signal lights, and brake lights, the scooter’s modular safety system is intended to adapt to the most quickly emerging technology. This allows the rider to see and be seen at all times of the day and night. Additionally, the scooter has twin mechanical brakes as well as regenerative braking. A variant model of the scooter is available with full Nutt hydraulic brakes and regenerative braking.

The Apollo Phantom comes with a powerful 52V 23.4aH Dynavolt battery. This sophisticated battery gives riders a range of up to 40 miles (64 kilometres) per charge. The HEX display, the robust folding mechanism, and the large deck with a separate footrest are all premium features. Overall, you’re getting a scooter that won’t go out of style, won’t let you down in terms of performance, and will provide you with entertaining yet safe rides.

Is this scooter deserving of so much attention? Continue reading for a closer look at Apollo Phantom and its jaw-dropping specs.


Performance Overview:

The Apollo Phantom is a high-performance scooter with an unrivalled feature set and component set. Dual 1200W rear and front hub brush less motors with 1,600W peak power (maximum instantaneous power) provide a combined output of 3200W for the Phantom. This scooter has amazing torque, allowing it to achieve its peak speed of 38 mph (61 km/h) in no time and easily scale inclines of up to 25 degrees, making it a perfect choice for individuals looking to whiz past traffic or satiate their adventurous spirit.

The scooter can reach speeds of 39 mph (63 kp/h) in real-world tests with an average-weight rider on a somewhat level track. The highest speed of the Apollo Phantom is similar to that of the Kaabo Mantis Pro, Nanrobot D5+, Apollo Pro, and Dualtron Eagle Pro. Furthermore, while the manufacturer claims a range of 40 miles (64 km) on a single charge in ideal conditions, the scooter was only tested to have a range of under 29 miles (46 km) in average city settings.

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter offers remarkable acceleration, going from zero to twenty miles per hour in less than five seconds. The Phantom scooter has a high-efficiency brake system that provides exceptional braking power to go along with its quick acceleration. When slowing down from 15-0 mph (24-0 km/h), the scooter has an amazing braking distance of 8 ft/ 2.4 meters.

Speed & Acceleration:

With two 1200W motors that reach a top speed of 38mph, the Apollo Phantom electric scooter provides all the raw power you need to go about as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the acceleration is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s powerful yet not overwhelming, allowing you to fly around bends at high speeds or leap off curbs with ease.

Not only that, but there’s more! A thumb throttle is included with the Apollo for more responsive acceleration. The ability to convert from trigger acceleration to thumb throttle is useful, particularly for long-distance travel and journeys when precise power control is required.

The scooter incorporates a dual/single motor button that allows users to choose between a single motor for nimble yet power-conserving rides or twin motors for more power. The scooter also comes with cruise control; merely keep a consistent pace for 5 seconds, and the scooter will automatically use the feature for a more pleasant ride.

There are three distinct riding modes/speed settings on the e-scooter: Speed 1, Speed 2, and Speed 3. The maximum speed varies depending on the speed setting. On Speed 1, the scooter reaches a peak speed of 18 mph, allowing the user to comfortably negotiate city streets and roads. When set to Speed 2, the scooter travels at 28 mph, and when set to Speed 3, the scooter harnesses the most power, allowing the user to travel at any speed. Riders are advised not to downshift gears while riding since this may result in a significant braking force, which might cause skidding or falling.

Hill Climbing:

The Phantom’s ability to conquer moderate slopes and rugged terrain without losing speed or power allows it to overcome inclines of up to 25 degrees. However, the rider’s weight, the terrain they are riding on, and the battery life must all be taken into account.

Battery & Range:

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter is powered by a 52V 23.4Ah Dynavolt battery, which boasts one of the finest power-to-energy-density ratios in the industry. The Dynavolt battery is sophisticated and highly strong, and it’s the battery of choice in most electric bikes and electric motorbikes today.

With its high capacity battery, the Apollo Phantom can ride up to 40 miles per charge in conservative mode, providing unrivaled range. Expect a decreased range of up to 25 miles when using maximum power. However, as a general rule, riders should anticipate to receive 70 percent of the manufacturer’s stated range. Based on your riding profile in the minutes before, the HEX display contains a range estimator that will precisely tell you how far you can travel with the remaining battery level.

Unfortunately, charging the battery on this scooter takes a long time – around 12 hours. Using twin chargers or upgrading to a fast charger (available separately) will decrease your charging time in half. However, be cautious while utilizing the rapid charger because it has a negative impact on the battery’s longevity. Furthermore, the Phantom’s battery charges as you brake thanks to its regenerative braking technology.

Apollo claims the battery has 500 charge cycles and so it will have an extended life compared to generic lithium batteries. As a bonus, the Apollo Phantom is equipped with a smart power management system that keeps the battery healthy by ensuring it doesn’t overcharge or cause an electrical fault. The smart battery-charging system also prevents short-circuiting, discharging, and high temperatures. And that’s not all! The battery has a fuse that protects the battery pack from damage. The fuse automatically cuts off the current when it detects water in charging ports.


The Apollo Phantom is not a portable electric scooter. Unfortunately, with a weight of 35 kg, carrying the Phantom on your shoulder or under your arm might be rather difficult (77 lbs). The scooter’s designers devised a clever folding mechanism to compensate for its weight.

The scooter’s folding mechanism is durable, sturdy, and reasonably simple to use. The stem connects to the footrest, making it easy to lift and transport (but hefty). The footrest’s chopped part makes packing into a car trunk a breeze. The scooter’s handlebar breadth makes storage difficult; Apollo might adapt it with the Ghost’s folding handlebar system.

However, the strengthened folding design, which includes a safety pin to hold the stem in place, a plastic latch as a supplementary protective precaution against inadvertent folding, and the actual folding latch, goes to considerable lengths to avoid stem wobbling.


Motor Configuration:

Dual 1200W motors are housed in the rear and front wheel hub encasing of the Apollo Phantom electric scooter. This model is among the higher-performance electric scooters on the market, with a total power of 2400W.

The motor’s highest instantaneous output is 3200W. These engines have top speeds of 38 mph (60 km/h) and can tow a maximum weight of 300 pounds (136 kgs). The scooter’s strong engines have heat sinks and are housed in the hubs to keep the temperature under control for a comfortable ride. When the single motor mode is activated, the scooter rides on the rear motor by default. The motors are controlled by two Stomocore controllers with a total of 25 Stomocores.

Construction & Quality:

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter is the ideal bike for city life: it’s sleek, strong, and fashionable enough to turn heads on any city street. The two-wheeled scooter has a sleek, modern design that makes it stand out from the crowd: its 10-inch air-filled tyres add to its unique appeal, while the aluminium frame and deck are coated in a bold matte black colour with silver accents.

The wiring is exposed to enable maintenance routines, which has been warmly accepted by the riding community. The cockpit’s features are similarly plug-and-play for the same purpose.

The scooter is constructed from a high-quality, extremely durable aviation-grade aluminium alloy. The CNC production process guarantees that the build quality is excellent, so riders can confidently navigate each twist and curve on their commute without fear of anything going wrong. The scooter is an experience on two wheels, thanks to its double-layer aluminium frame. The double-reinforced stem can endure wear and tear, making it ideal for riders who wish to travel swiftly through tougher terrains or on mild off-road rides. On the other hand, the handlebar is made of a single piece of metal.

The engineers at Apollo spent numerous hours ironing out the bugs in their folding mechanism. They aimed to make a locking mechanism that was both dependable and sturdy while also being simple to operate. They made sure to optimise their three-folding system in the process, which also reduces stem wobbling. When folded, the stem has a hook that latches to the footrest and may be used as a bag holder. Both handlebar ends include brake levers that look like those on a conventional bike.

The scooter has a large deck with a footrest that makes standing and balancing simpler and more practical when riding. The surface, like the handle grips on scooters, is rubberized to enhance stability when riding. The scooter comes with a kickstand, which is the single drawback in what is otherwise a fantastic design. When parked, the scooter leans too far forward, and when folded, it protrudes a bit more than typical.

Overall, the Apollo team put the Phantom scooter through a thorough quality control procedure, evaluating it both internally and with outside testers to guarantee that users get a scooter that is in a class of its own.


In its small body, the Apollo Phantom electric scooter packs a lot of speed and power. That’s why Apollo gave it plenty of stopping power, so you’ll never have to worry about losing control when travelling at high speeds. The braking system used by the rider determines the several versions of this scooter.

The first has a powerful stopping system that includes twin mechanical disc brakes as well as a regenerative brake. This gives you more control and peace of mind. The alternative scooter has complete hydraulic disc brakes as well as regenerative brakes, although it is substantially more costly than the mechanical scooters.

The scooter’s Nutt Hydraulic brakes provide a more immediate braking power than the mechanical disc brakes. On the plus side, the P settings allow users to customize the strength of the electronic brakes, with 0 being the weakest and 3 being the strongest. Furthermore, the Apollo Phantom’s wheels have a bigger disc size than other electric scooters, measuring 160 mm against 140 mm on typical electric scooters. This allows for more effective braking as well as improved cooling.

The front brake is controlled by the right brake lever, while the rear brake is controlled by the left brake lever. To extend the life of the brakes and minimize overexertion of one over the other, it is advised that they be applied simultaneously.


Suspension & Comfort:

Thanks to its innovative 45-degree downward-facing quadruple spring suspension, Apollo’s Phantom electric scooter is meant to be more comfortable and stable than other personal mobility vehicles.

The front and rear dual springs are adjustable and may be fine-tuned according on the riding terrain. The scooter also has front and rear swing arms, which improve the rider’s comfort while also providing flawless cornering capabilities regardless of the terrain.

Ride Quality:

On the road, the Apollo Phantom electric scooter is a beast, and it’s just as amazing off it. The Apollo Phantom’s amazing 10-inch pneumatic tyres provide a superb blend of speed and comfort.

By absorbing road impacts and vibrations, the tyres make for a more pleasant ride. The ride quality helps to support the innovative quadruple spring suspension (the first in the electric scooter industry). Suspension may be adjusted to fit your riding style, weight, and track conditions. The scooter and rear swingarm are supported considerably further from the front, resulting in significantly smoother rides on all terrains.

The scooter’s wide, ergonomic handlebars make it simple to manage. The large deck provides you plenty of room to feel comfortable while riding, and the high handlebar to deck ratio ensures a pleasant ride for riders of all heights. The dedicated footrest, which not only increases standing space but also allows riders to take a comfortable resting posture, is even better.

Furthermore, whether you’re riding around or racing to your goal, the solid and quick brakes perform an excellent job of promptly drawing up the scooter.

For night riding, Apollo has equipped this scooter with one of the greatest lighting systems ever seen on a commuter scooter. The scooter’s IP54 water resistance making it a year-round ride. On longer excursions, riders may take their hands off the pedal and enjoy smooth sailing to their destinations thanks to cruise control.


The Apollo Phantom comes with high-quality lighting as standard, and it’s the only brand in its class with a stem-mounted, never-fade premium LED headlight. The bright 1000W front headlight illuminates every inch of the road, allowing you to ride securely even when there are no streetlights. Aside from the bright headlight, the deck has two front and two rear LED lights, as well as a specialised brake light that blinks when the brake levers are pulled. From the control pad on the left side of the handlebars, you can adjust the scooter’s lighting system, which includes integrated rear turn signals.

The scooter has clever rear indicator lights that offer a touch of sophistication and safety. The light is activated by a simple touch on the left side of the handlebars, making your turns unmistakable to other traffic. The HEX display displays when the turn signals and headlight are turned on.


The Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter’s deck is ergonomically engineered for comfort and stability. It has a big 8.5 by 20-inch deck that gives it plenty of room and stability. It also has an angled footrest for additional comfort and useful space.

The scooter also boasts a 7-inch ground clearance, which means it can avoid harming the undercarriage or batteries by tackling the occasional pebble or kerb. Its deck is also made of textured silicone rubber, which provides added traction for off-road riders.


Controls & Display:

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter sports the biggest electric scooter display, a proprietary HEX display in the handlebars. Metrics (km/h, mph), turn signal arrow, kick-start function, light status (on/off), battery voltage and predicted mileage, cruise control, trip distance, and speed display are all displayed on the display.

The handlebar of the Apollo Phantom has been completely reworked to create a cleaner, more focused user experience. The scooter is more straightforward to ride, with all of the control functions within easy reach, thanks to the thumb throttle and button pads that replace the trigger-style controls.

This scooter’s handlebars feature a flawless five-star rating for width and grip, ensuring a balanced, pleasant ride that won’t tyre out your wrists. The front and rear brake levers are located on opposite sides of the handlebar, with the right controlling the front and the left controlling the rear. The right side of the laptop is dominated by a smooth-to-the-touch control pad with integrated power and mode buttons.

Two extra buttons, which are simple to reach and use even when wearing gloves, allow you to browse through the scooter’s many P-settings. The key-lock ignition (a safety feature that prevents unauthorised persons from starting your scooter) and the ergonomic thumb-activated control are the last features.

The headlight and turn signals are controlled by the other control pad, which is located on the left side of the handlebar. Sport Mode, which allows both motors to operate at maximum power, is activated via a second button. The bell switch is likewise in the appropriate place.

Water Resistance:

Even though you shouldn’t submerge the Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter in water, it can endure water from all directions.

It has an IP54 certification, which means it can withstand water droplets or light showers. Because the scooter is not waterproof and the electronic components are prone to water damage, dry it off as soon as you arrive to a safe place.


The tyres of the Apollo Phantom are made particularly for this model, with a width of 3.25 inches and a diameter of 10 inches. The result is a tyre that feels like the right balance of stability and nimbleness, allowing you to ride with confidence on mild off-road trails or around your neighborhood streets. When riding the scooter over stones or cracks, the tread patterns create a gripping surface that keeps riders steady.

The air-filled pneumatic tyres serve to cushion the impact of road bumps. When compared to solid tyres, they cushion impacts and eliminate vibrations, resulting in a smooth and steady ride. Unlike solid tyres, however, pneumatic tyres are subject to punctures. To lessen the chances of a puncture, you can buy tyre sealant. Furthermore, the Phantom’s tyres have split rims to make maintenance easier.

The tyres are classified as hybrid since they may be used on both paved and unpaved terrain, regardless of road conditions.



The Apollo is one of, if not the most, dependable electric scooters available on the market. The scooter examines all popular scooter characteristics in all areas. The scooter is quick and will get you through your lengthy excursions without requiring recharging. The Apollo Phantom is intended to last, with a sturdy frame that can endure harsh handling as well as exposure to the outdoors. The Phantom provides excellent ride quality whether you’re riding on paved city streets or exploring mild off-road trails.

The scooter is made of high-quality parts that are easy to maintain and repair, and replacements are widely accessible. Above all, the scooter is quite safe, thanks to its excellent illumination and uncompromising braking system. The Apollo Phantom is simply amazing.


The Apollo Phantom electric scooter comes with a 12-month guarantee that covers any manufacture defects on the stem, frame, handlebar, battery, throttle, and electrical elements. If something goes wrong with the scooter within the first year, the manufacturer will replace it for free. The brake system, rims, forks, and kickstand all come with a 30-day/10-kilometer guarantee from Apollo.

Apollo is dedicated to giving the greatest customer experience possible, from offering first-class service to quickly addressing concerns. The Canadian-based staff is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST and will swiftly react to your questions. The website’s live chat function makes it simple to get support. Furthermore, all orders within Canada and the United States are delivered for free.

Known Issues:

Bluetooth compatibility is not available on Apollo electric scooters. Despite Apollo’s assurances, it does not appear to work.

When folded, some customers have claimed that the kickstand protrudes too far.


The Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter is the most technologically sophisticated and dependable scooter available. This scooter is made to last, but it may require routine maintenance and repairs, which may be done at home or by a professional technician. The maintenance process is outlined in the user handbook. Apollo includes a maintenance package with all of the equipment you’ll need to keep the scooter in good working order. Maintenance procedures include the following:

  • Vacuuming the deck and cleaning down the body with a microfiber cloth will ensure that the scooter looks excellent and runs smoothly for many years.
  • If the scooter is left outside in adverse weather, such as rain or snow, it should be dried and cleaned as soon as possible before being stored.
  • To keep the scooter in good shape, tighten the nuts and bolts on a regular basis.
  • Check the pneumatic tyres for proper inflation, keeping in mind the recommended PSI of 50.
  • Charge the e scooter according to the manufacturer’s instructions and within the allotted charging time. USE THE QUICK CHARGER ALONE, NOT IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE REGULAR CHARGER. If you wish to charge your scooter quickly, use two normal chargers or a single rapid charger.
  • Regularly adjust the brakes and inspect the brake pads for wear.
  • Lubrication of the scooter’s bearings and suspension moving components

Apollo Phantom: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The Apollo Phantom is one of the most technologically advanced electric scooters on the market. Apollo has created a scooter that is meticulously designed. Speed, range, comfort, build quality, on- and off-road performance, braking on a dime, excellent lighting, state-of-the-art digital display, best-in-class folding mechanism, and premium ergonomic components are all features of the Phantom.

The only criticism is that it appears to be too wonderful to be true. When Apollo stated that they aimed to create a scooter that was free of cost-cutting artefacts and common scooter design defects, they delivered.


Suitable For



Dual 1200 W

Max Speed

38 mph


40 miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

40 miles


Front dual spring, Rear dual spring

Braking System

Dual mechanical/ hydraulic with 160mm discs, regenerative braking


10″ x 3.25″ Wide Pneumatic Front and Rear hybrid tyres


1, 217Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

77 lbs

Max Load

300 lbs


and brake light., Front headlight, Turn signals, two front deck lights

Product Material

Aerospace-grade aluminium

Water Resistance


Extra features

angular, hexagonal display, Key-lock Ignition & Locking Spot in Neck, predicted mileage feature

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