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We’ll begin our review of the 2021 Apollo Ghost with a quick overview before delving deeper into some of the specifications and statistics. First and foremost, this is one of Apollo’s most powerful models. The maximum twin motor power is incredible, resulting in some incredible acceleration times. The design is incredibly sturdy, due in part to the forged aluminium frame’s increased durability.
We were pleasantly pleased to find so many high-end amenities crammed into this superb model for a mid-priced scooter. From the elegant aesthetic to the powerful performance, we like everything about this scooter. We could see why this model is one of their highest rated after riding it for ourselves. Please explore the rest of our website to discover more about the Apollo Ghost.

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Apollo Ghost Summary:

The Ghost, which will be released on Halloween 2020, is full of ghost jokes, and we love a good laugh. Scooting, after all, should be enjoyable. The Apollo Ghost is a fantastic electric scooter that is suitable for both novice and advanced scooter riders. It has a sleek, one-of-a-kind design in a subdued black color. In comparison to the tank, rough “ugly” aesthetic of similar high-performance electric scooters, the scooter is surprisingly attractive. The frame is made of forged aluminium, which adds to the bike’s low weight and allows for a stable ride even at high speeds.

The deck is rather large, allowing riders to establish a natural and comfortable riding position for optimal stability and pleasure. For optimal ride comfort, the fordable handlebar is the ideal length (41″) and has locking ergonomic grips at the ends. The scooter’s essential functions are housed in the handlebar for quick access and total control. A QS-S4 display on the right side of the handlebar allows you to readily check your speed, riding mode, trip, and battery even in direct sunlight. You may also use the P-settings to customize a variety of elements of the scooter, including as throttle power and regenerative braking.

The handlebar also has a trigger throttle coupled to the display, single/dual motor and eco/turbo button switches on the right side, and key-start ignition with a voltmeter and a bell on the left side. The monitor also has a USB connector for charging your smartphone or GoPro.

With dual 800W delivering a combined 1600W nominal power output and 2000W peak output, the Apollo Ghost is a serious performer. The motors can reach a peak speed of 34 mph (54 km/h) and have a hill-climbing capability of 25 degrees at full power. The 52V 18.2aH Dynavolt battery has a range of 39 miles (62 kilometers) in Eco mode and 14 miles (23 kilometers) in Turbo mode, which is more than enough to get you from home to work/school and back. It takes 12 hours to completely charge the battery. Even so, the charging time may be cut in half by utilizing two standard dual chargers (the scooter has two charging connections) or a fast charger purchased separately.

Depending on your terrain, size, and chosen power, the Ghost provides a wide range of speed and power options. There are three riding modes to choose from, as well as an Eco and Turbo option. The scooter has a dual braking system with front and back disc brakes as well as regenerative electric braking to limit the immense power and speed while ensuring a safe ride. As a result, even in rainy conditions, you’ll be able to stop. Due to the combination of dual front lights, twin rear lights with brake alert, and blue LED deck lighting, the scooter is also safe to ride at night and in low light settings.

The scooter provides a comfortable riding experience thanks to its dual spring suspension, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, large deck, and ergonomic handlebars. Despite its massive weight of 64 pounds (29 kilograms), the Ghost is incredibly portable, thanks to features like folding handlebars and a built-in fold and lock mechanism that keeps the stem linked to the deck even when folded. This makes it simple to carry and pick up the Ghost.


Performance Overview:

The Apollo Ghost electric scooter is built for speed, with two 52V 800W brush less motors that deliver a total of 1600W and 2000W peak power. The scooter’s power allows it to reach a peak speed of 34 mph (54 km/h) and comfortably handle inclines of up to 25 degrees. Under ideal conditions, real-world tests revealed that the scooter can reach a peak speed of 38.4 mph (61.8 km/h), with a larger rider reaching 36 mph (58 km/h) when all other elements are held constant. In addition, the Ghost covers a 200-foot (61-meter) distance in 8.7 seconds on a 10% hill grade—frighteningly remarkable!

The scooter accelerates quickly, from 0 to 15 mph (24 km/h) in 3.1 seconds and 0 to 25 mph (40 km/h) in just 5.3 seconds, according to the manufacturer. Real-world tests have shown that the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 15 mph (24 km/h) in 2.3 seconds, 0 to 20 mph (32 km/h) in 3.6 seconds, and 0 to 30 mph (40 km/h) in 5.3 seconds. On this front, the Ghost surpasses the very popular Kaabo Mantis and Zero 10X. Wear the required protective gear, including a helmet, and follow the posted speed limit in most metropolitan areas. Apollo, on the other hand, caters to the demand for accurate braking. The Ghost decelerates from 15 mph (24 km/h) to a complete halt at an astonishing stopping distance in a braking test.

Speed & Acceleration:

The Ghost’s highest speed is advertised at 34 miles per hour (54 kilometers per hour), however some riders have claimed speeds as high as 38.4 miles per hour (61.8 kilometers per hour). To prevent being thrown off, motorcyclists should be very careful when applying the throttle, especially when starting from a dead stop. Start with a lower gear and move up or down as needed. It’s worth noting that as the battery charge drops, the peak speed drops as well. When you have a full charge, you have a complete performance.

The Ghost goes from 0 to 15 mph (24 km/h) in 3.1 seconds and 0 to 25 mph (40 km/h) in 5.3 seconds, according to the manufacturer. The scooter accelerates from 0 to 30 mph (48 km/h) in 9.22 seconds while using Turbo mode on Gear 3 and setting P8 to 100 percent power. Other high-end scooters, such as the Zero 10x, which shockingly has two 1000W engines, can’t match the Ghost’s amazing acceleration. To say the least, the Ghost has the best acceleration in its class.

Hill Climbing:

Although the Apollo Ghost’s high-torque engines aren’t the most powerful when it comes to handling inclines, the scooter is still a competent hill climber. The scooter can only handle slopes of 25 degrees, which is less spectacular when compared to scooters in the same price range as the Varla Eagle and Mantis Base, which can handle slopes of 30 degrees and more.

Although the steepest city street in the world, Baldwin Street in New Zealand, has a gradient of 19 degrees, you’ll seldom find yourself in situations where high urban inclines over 25 degrees are required. To put this in perspective, Ghost’s maximum inclination of 25 degrees is more than adequate for your everyday commute. Off-roading, on the other hand, is a another story.

Battery & Range:

The battery takes 12 hours to charge to full capacity, however that time may be cut in half by utilizing a fast charger or dual charger linked to the two charging ports on the side of the deck at the same time. When utilising two chargers at the same time, Apollo advises using chargers of the same grade. If you use a fast charger and a conventional charger at the same time, you risk damaging the battery and having to replace it sooner than required.

The battery also has a sophisticated power management system that guards against issues like heat regulation, overvoltage, over-under-current, and more. As a result, depending on how frequently you charge it, you may anticipate the battery to last for up to 5 years.

Motor Configuration:

Dual 52V 800W BLDC motors provide a combined 1600W overall power and 2000W peak power for the Apollo Ghost. By turning on/off the yellow button conveniently located on the right-hand side of the scooters, the motor power may be tuned to either Eco or Turbo mode. By pushing the red motor button next to the yellow Eco/Turbo switching button, you may effortlessly switch between using a single motor drive or two motors for increased power. The two motors are rather strong, and you have total control over their operation depending on how much power you think is appropriate for a certain terrain or environment.

Construction & Quality:

The Apollo Ghost’s craftsmanship and build quality are excellent. The Ghost’s robust construction appears rigid and threatening; if it were any threatening, it would be an attack scooter. Apollo has a solid reputation for high-quality, heavy-duty construction, and this model does not disappoint. The Apollo Ghost’s overall build quality is exceptional, with a forged aluminium frame providing excellent robustness and longevity while keeping the total weight low. Furthermore, the Ghost’s sturdy frame has been hollowed out, giving it a tough and lightweight appearance.

The scooter’s well-thought-out design is complemented with a wobble-free stem and well-sealed exterior wiring in a hard plastic coil. The ergonomic handlebar is made of ultra-light carbon fiber and has flat-palm textured rubber grips on both sides for ultimate riding comfort. The grips get fatter as they get closer to the end and tilt towards the rider, making it a great hack for lengthy rides.

Rain and debris are deflected by the front and rear aluminium fenders, keeping the rider’s feet clean and dry. When biking through puddles, though, the front fender falls short. Overall, the construction and build quality are of premium grade, even rivaling those of higher-end models.

Suspension & Comfort:

Front and rear spring suspensions, together with swing arms and 10-inch pneumatic tyres, give outstanding shock absorption, soaking up vibrations from bumps and harsh terrains. While the spring suspensions provide enough damping, they are also somewhat inflexible, reducing total impact absorption. They may, however, be changed with an Allen wrench to fit your weight and chosen impact absorption level. To make the suspensions less stiff and provide greater shock absorption, gradually loosen them up.

Ride Quality:

The Apollo Ghost glides effortlessly. The dual swing arm spring system, along with the relatively big pneumatic tyres, provides ample of damping on a variety of trails, resulting in a comfortable ride. Furthermore, the ergonomic handlebar with fattened ends and grips directed towards the rider delivers unrivaled comfort. The large deck is wrapped with grip tape for added stability, and the 5.5″ ground clearance makes riding over obstacles a blast.

Thumb throttles and twist grip throttles are uncomfortable to use, thus the trigger throttle is meant to be more pleasant. Furthermore, the length of the stem, together with the slightly inclined front of the deck and strengthened footrest, provide the rider with a variety of standing positions.


Are you afraid of the dark? Despite the fact that you’re the one riding the Ghost, a luminous one at that. The Ghost is distinguished by its superb lighting system. The scooter is equipped with four low-mounted LED lights, two white in the front and two red in the back, which provide visibility from both sides. An opaque diffuse on the twin headlamp enhances its brightness for optimal visibility. Furthermore, the scooter features a stunning sapphire blue under-deck LED strip that runs the length of the 46.4 centimeter deck.

The under-deck illumination boosts visibility from the side and adds to the scooter’s attractiveness. Because the lights are low-mounted on the deck, it’s a good idea to add a high-mounted headlight and a flashing rear fender light.


With so much power and peak speed, the Ghost requires a set of high-performance brakes to keep the high speed under control and keep passengers and pedestrians safe. The scooter is equipped with twin mechanical disc brakes (front and rear) that provide varied stopping force, i.e. 70% at the front and 30% at the back. When braking with minimum sliding, the scooter’s variable strength level makes it safer and more efficient.

Electric regenerative braking is used in addition to the mechanical braking system. The electric re-gen braking extends the range of the scooter by transforming kinetic energy from braking into electric energy that is transferred to the battery compartment.

While the Ghost lacks hydraulic brakes, which are common on strong and fast scooters, its brakes are extremely sensitive, responsive, and accurate.



Dual motor scooters with powerful and quick motors aren’t normally portable, and they aren’t suited for the average commute either. The Ghost isn’t the lightest scooter on the market, at 64 pounds (29 kilograms). However, despite incorporating outstanding mobility characteristics into its design, it struggles to remain portable. The scooter comes with folding handlebars and a fold and lock mechanism that keeps the stem linked to the deck even when folded.

When you’re done riding, just unclip the handlebar, fold it to line up with the deck, pick it up, and carry it with ease. Folding the scooter is straightforward but time consuming since you must twist a rod between the handlebars for a few seconds to tuck them down and then insecure a clamp at the bottom of the main stem to fold it down. Unlocking the ubiquitous collar with two swing arms also takes some effort. Overall, the scooter folds down into a small package, making it easy to transport and store.


Both the front and back of the Apollo Ghost are equipped with cushy 10″x 3″ pneumatic tyres. Because the tyres are pneumatic, or air-filled, they give good grip and excellent damping, decreasing jarring across rough terrains, potholes, pebbles, and minor cracks. While they are not off-road tyres, they are tough and broad enough to handle harsh terrain and off-road settings that you may encounter on your journey.

Even better, the tyres have split rims that make it simple to replace the inner tubes in the event of a puncture. The tyres also have 5.6 inches (14.3 cm) of ground clearance, which allows you to effortlessly ride over bumps, potholes, and curbs without scratching or harming the deck’s bottom. Before beginning your travel, always check your tyre pressure and make sure the tyres are adequately filled.


Controls & Display:

The Apollo Ghost comes with a number of features that enable customers total control over the scooter’s power and speed. The dashboard has an Apollo-branded QS-S4 display menu that lets you to keep track of your speed, trip, battery, and riding mode. On the LCD menu, you can also access the scooter’s P-settings, which let you customize different scooter parameters like throttle power and regenerative braking strength.

The dashboard has numerous controls in addition to the intuitive LCD display, such as:

  • Ignition key lock
  • Voltmeter for batteries
  • Activate the throttle
  • Button for single/dual motor action
  • Button for Eco/Turbo
  • a mechanical chime
  • Cruise control is a feature that allows you to drive

Riders have total control over the scooter thanks to the easy-to-use display and simply arranged buttons.

Water Resistance:

The Apollo Ghost electric scooter is water-resistant to IP54 standards. The scooter can endure mild rain, water splashes, and dust infiltration, according to the rating. It will not, however, withstand intense, heavy downpours, and the internal components are susceptible to damage. To minimise long-term harm, it’s advisable to avoid cycling in the rain.


The Apollo Ghost is unquestionably dependable, thanks to its superior structure and build quality. The high-capacity battery allows for a reasonable range, ensuring that riders arrive at their destination. The scooter’s powerful, high-torque motor propels it to reasonable peak speeds. On sloping tracks, it does not obstruct progress. Due to the low-mounted lights, bell, and reflectors, and the water resistance certification, the scooter is dependable at night and in the rain.

Because of its high peak speeds, the scooter is equipped with dependable braking to guarantee riders arrive at a safe halt. Furthermore, the pneumatic tyres and shock absorbers eliminate the jarring caused by track obstructions. The basic display informs riders of important riding statistics that help them plan their itinerary.


The Apollo Ghost electric scooter also comes with a 12-month warranty that can be serviced at over 10 sites across the United States and Canada. Apollo’s customer service is outstanding, with quick responses and truly helpful responses to any issues you may have with the scooter. Send your questions to the customer support team by email or chat with them on the website for unparalleled service.


The Apollo Ghost is rather large, measuring 46.4 cm in length and 22.9 cm in width. The deck, however, differs from Apollo’s hallmark decks in that it has less grip tape and does not have the characteristic blue accent. The deck of the Ghost has two narrow strips of grip tape on the outer borders, leaving 5″ of anodized aluminium “naked” in the center. Although it improves the scooter’s appearance, this is a design flaw since most riders put their front foot in the center of the deck rather than at the ends. As a result, you may need to apply extra grip tapes to the deck’s center to make it less slick, especially in rainy weather.

Dual charging outlets are positioned beneath the deck on the right-hand side, near the front of the scooter. They’re rubber-coated and conveniently accessible, making charging a breeze. The deck also has a grooved footrest that may be utilized to elevate the scooter. The locking latch on the back end of the deck takes up roughly an inch of useful deck space.


Known Issues:

The scooter is well-made and of excellent quality. The majority of riders do not have any problems with the Ghost. There would be a few challenges to deal with;

  • When riding through puddles, the front fender allows splashes to reach the rider’s feet.
  • The handlebar coupler loosens, resulting in a flex that might be irritating to the rider.
  • The spring shocks are a touch stiff, so they may need to be adjusted for optimal effectiveness.


The Apollo Ghost, like other electric scooters, needs some routine maintenance to maintain optimal performance and safety. The following are some of the normal maintenance tasks that should be performed on the scooter:

  • Ensure that the pressure is always at its highest level.
  • After riding in damp circumstances, wipe the scooter down with a dry towel.
  • If you’re not going to use the scooter for a time, make sure the battery is completely charged and stored somewhere cool and dry.
  • To avoid undercharging or overcharging the battery, charge the scooter using just the recommended factory charge. Never charge the scooter with two normal chargers or a standard charger and a rapid charger at the same time.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

When it comes to a quick and powerful twin motor electric scooter, the Apollo Ghost electric scooter is the greatest bang for your buck. If you’re seeking to upgrade or get started with high-performance electric scooters, this is one of the finest entry-level performance scooters to consider. In terms of acceleration and highest speed, the Ghost even exceeds more expensive versions. While the scooter’s range isn’t its biggest selling point, it compares favorably to more expensive choices like the Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro and the Zero 10x.

To sum it up, the Apollo Ghost is a fantastic value for money. If you want a high-performance electric scooter without breaking the budget, this is a good option.


Suitable For




Max Speed

34 mph


32.2 miles

Charge Time

12 hours (6 hours with two chargers)

Single-Charge Mileage

39 miles


Front and rear adjustable spring suspensions

Braking System

and rear mechanical disc brakes, Electronic brake (Regenerative) E-ABS, front


25.4 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)


946.4 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

64 lbs

Max Load

300 lbs


Front dual white LED lights/ rear dual red LED light (with braking alert)/ blue dual-LED deck lights

Product Material

and Silicon (Covers), Forged Aluminum (frame and handle), Polypropylene, Steel (stem and deck)

Water Resistance

IP54 (approved for light rain and riding on wet surfaces)

Extra features

3 gear modes, Turbo mode


5.0 out of 5
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