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This scooter is ideal for folks who enjoy cruising about the city on their free time. Reid's E4 Plus can transport you further and quicker than ever before, giving you more time to explore your surroundings. It provides an unrivalled smooth ride, with sturdy tyres that slide softly over bumps or fractures in the road without shaking you out of position! This durable small e-scooter features an exquisite appearance with adjustable LED lighting, so no matter where you go, people will know precisely what they're dealing with—a powerful machine that no other manufacturer can match!
Pros and Cons
  • It boasts a custom-designed, large deck with rear suspension for improved rider comfort.
  • Reid's mobile app displays speed, distance, illumination customization, route monitoring, and the ability to automatically lock the engine for further protection.
  • It includes three ride modes and a triple brake system for effective and practical braking. It is splash and light rainfall resistant.
  • For mobility, it incorporates a simple and secure folding mechanism.
  • It comes with a bespoke LED HUD display that displays the speed, battery level, speed mode, and distance travelled.
  • It doesn't have cruise control.
  • It has a limited load capacity and performs badly during braking and in rainy circumstances.
  • The water resistance grade of IPX4 is insufficient.
  • It does not fold because to its large handlebars.
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The Reid E4 is one of Reid Motors' attempts to provide a premium-feeling electric scooter at an economical price. They had succeeded in their mission, outperforming other e-scooters in the same category. This e-scooter is actually pretty sturdy for its asking price, since it is cheaper than its near relative, the E4 Plus, thanks to its higher build quality and well-engineered design. Furthermore, it ensured that the Xiaomi e-scooters are within easy reach. The Reid E4 should surely be on the list of top e-scooters within its price range and tier, with fantastic features and inclusions, good riding quality, and a motor that can generate a tremendous torque. It's not ideal, but it'll do for now.
Pros and Cons
  • It's simple to fold and transport.
  • Handlebar ends are detachable for easy storing.
  • A fantastic collection of inclusions (bell built into the brake lever, impressive LED headlights)
  • Aesthetics are sleek, and the construction is well-designed.
  • A fantastic braking system has been installed.
  • There isn't any suspension in place.
  • It's possible that the battery and motor may be a little more powerful.
  • Solid wheels have a tendency to slide.
  • The braking system isn't as responsive as it should be.
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