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The S10 is the ideal all-rounder; it's not excessively powerful, but it's intended for lightness and portability, and it's backed up by a tiny 7.5ah battery. Combining a 7.5ah battery with a 250w motor is an excellent combo since it gives you half-decent range (unless you live in a hilly location, in which case range is drastically decreased). At 36v, you have a total battery capacity of 270wh. To put that in context, the Xiaomi M365 has a nominal capacity of 280wh and costs over £100 more than the Megawheels S10 - hence the Megawheels S10 delivers greater value for money per WH with a battery that's virtually identical.
Pros and Cons
  • At only 11.5kg, it's light and powerful enough for most riders up to 100kg. It's also surprisingly nicely made for the price.
  • On harsher conditions, honeycomb solid tyres provide some alleviation.
  • Surprisingly nice range and a robust stem and folding mechanism
  • Features Three distinct ride modes, electric and manual brakes, a speedometer, and lighting are all available.
  • Most inclines beyond 10%-20% require a stronger motor.
  • The angle of the headlight beam is too high.
  • Reflector stickers are prone to peeling.
  • There is no IP rating.
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