Get this electric scooter risk-free for a full 14 days before committing to keeping it. After that, Urban Machina covers your Evolv City for a whopping 12 months! When compared to the 3-month warranties common on some electric scooters (like Gotrax’s), a 12-month warranty feels like a huge improvement.

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The EVOLV Corsa is a tough, durable machine with a detachable battery and other convenient features. There has never been a vehicle that is so ready for any kind of ride before. Enjoy the ride to the fullest with the huge screen, the massive off-road gripping tyres, and the wild speed. Light that doesn't waste any energy Light up the road ahead with the dual HALO LED headlights. When the brakes are used, the red flashing of the large tail light on the kick plate begins.
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This lightweight, powerful electric scooter strikes the ideal balance for riders who value portability and performance. Dual motors can be activated with a single button, making it simple to climb any incline. Here we present the TERRA. Durable and low-maintenance, your ride will last longer without the hassle of a flat thanks to the dual puncture-free tires. Don't ever stop riding because of a flat tyre.
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In a nutshell, the EVOLV Stride is a no-fuss, ultra-efficient electric scooter. Use this sleek and stealthy bicycle to navigate the congested streets and bike lanes of the metropolis. Infrequent need for repairs and no punctures. The days of flat tyres are over. The dual honeycomb tyres provide excellent shock absorption and prevent punctures. Don't ever stop riding because of a flat tyre. Hyper efficiency at its best.
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Use the EVOLV Pro-R to ride covertly. This scooter is made for exploration and comes with off-road tyres and hydraulic disc brakes. LED headlamps that consume less energy aid in illuminating your riding path. Low to the ground so you can see what's crucial. LED taillights with integrated sensors turn on when the brakes are pressed.
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The Pro series is practically limitless in its abilities. The Pro is everything your mother warned you about—nimble enough to handle any metropolitan commute yet built for the wilderness. LED headlamps that consume less energy aid in illuminating your riding path. Low to the ground so you can see what's crucial.
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By switching to an all-black design, the EVOLV Tour XL- R becomes a stealthier alternative to the original series. The perfect balance of strength and elegance. Disc brakes in both the front and back provide superior control and safety. Easy folding and unfolding with a single-action lever. There's a new definition for "trigger happy." The LCD throttle features a customizable interface and a selection of riding modes.
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The Tour XL can accommodate long commutes thanks to its increased range and interchangeable battery options. This all-inclusive package is the pinnacle of power and portability. With the simple flip of a lever, you can quickly fold and unfold. Just fold the scooter in half, slide in the handlebar stem, and collapse the handlebars and you have a compact, easily transportable scooter.
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The EVOLV Tour 2.0 is also known by that name. The Tour 2.0 packs a punch into a lightweight frame and features a kick plate for improved stability at high speeds. Able to fold up into a small package and fit in confined spaces. Ride safely in the dark with the twin LED deck lights and deck lights. When you apply the brakes, two LED taillights will flash and move down the deck to provide even more visibility.
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If you're looking for the lightest and most portable EVOLV, go no further than the Sprint. Easy to manoeuvre in congested areas and compact enough to fit in small garages. Get about without worrying about flats thanks to the robust back tyre. Front pneumatic tyre and twin spring suspension for shock absorption. The Sprint is the perfect escooter for beginners or as a secondary vehicle to larger vehicles.
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The City Series is all you need to tackle your everyday. The City is small and lightweight enough to take on a road trip for fun or to conquer the daily commute. The City version is the smartest way to navigate the city's traffic. Easily collapsible for stowing in a closet, this stroller was made for zipping around town. Just recently, we had the chance to get to know the Evolv City, and we were thoroughly impressed by all that it has to offer. These days, you can find a wide variety of high-quality electric scooters on the market. However, Evolv's accomplishment here is exceptional in its own right. What if this was the next step for electric scooters? Find out by reading on!
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