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Experienced riders in the UK will be familiar with the Halfords Carrera series. Carrera has been producing immensely successful bike constructions for over 25 years, with their Vengeance model proudly retaining the title of 'the UK's Favourite Mountain Bike.' In fact, this writer is the proud owner of one! The company has already dabbled in e-bikes, so it was only a matter of time until they entered the e-scooter market. This is an encouraging development for e scooter enthusiasts in the UK, since it demonstrates a growing popular interest, which may (fingers crossed) assist to loosen the country's stringent road usage restrictions. Because they're up against the well-reviewed third-party scooters that Halfords currently sells in shops, they need to stand out.
Pros and Cons
  • Getting started quickly
  • It's simple to manoeuvre
  • Various performance modes
  • Brake pads that can be replaced
  • Easy to manage and responsive
  • Mechanism for quick folding
  • Very dependable
  • There is no cruise control.
  • Quite hefty
  • Around 4 metres, the headlamp burns out.
  • When travelling on rough roads, the handlebar may tremble.
  • Extremely strong winds may have an impact on performance.
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