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Many people believe the Zero 9 to be a well-rounded electric scooter. It is suitable for all types of commutes because to its speed, range, and comfort level. The 600W motor can reach speeds of up to 25 mph and is strong enough to handle inclines of up to 10%. It has a big 48V 13Ah battery that can go for more than 24 kilometres on a single charge. The only drawback to this fantastic combination is the lengthy charging time; it takes approximately eight hours to fully charge.

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Zero 9 Summary:

Many people believe the Zero 9 to be a well-rounded electric scooter. It is suitable for all types of commutes because to its speed, range, and comfort level. The 600W motor can reach speeds of up to 25 mph and is strong enough to handle inclines of up to 10%. It has a big 48V 13Ah battery that can go for more than 24 kilometers on a single charge. The only drawback to this fantastic combo is the lengthy charging period; it takes around eight hours to completely charge.

The Zero 9’s elegance comes alive at night with a stunning display of ambient lights. The LED lighting strips on the stem and under the deck boost visibility and produce magnificent sights. The dashboard display is simple and effective, displaying information like as speed, mileage traveled, battery level, and current gear.

The Zero 9’s dual-suspension system, pneumatic tyres, and large deck give excellent comfort. On gravel roads and hilly terrain, it handles itself gracefully. The dual-spring rear suspension is perfect for off-road and supports the full load capacity with ease. The 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres may be filled to the optimum pressure for a more comfortable ride over rough terrain.

The Zero 9 has three braking systems: a front disc brake, a rear drum brake, and a regenerative brake, all of which work together to bring the scooter to a complete stop in less than 10 feet from a speed of 15 mph. The rider is kept safe and visible in the dark thanks to the LED headlight, rear brake lights, and ambiance lighting mounted on the stem and beneath the deck.

The Zero 9 electric scooter has a straightforward folding mechanism that allows it to compress into a small package that is convenient to transport over short distances. Its handlebars, in addition to folding in half, are fordable, allowing it to fit even into small vehicle trunks.


Performance Overview:

In every aspect of performance, the Zero 9 delivers. It’s designed for ease of use, speed, dependability, and lifespan. Because of its strong engine and battery, it can reach a desirable max speed and range.

With a load capacity of 165 pounds and a continuous speed of 10 mph, this electric scooter readily climbs up to 10% inclines. However, after around 13 miles of riding, there is a significant decline in power, which is a function designed to extend the scooter’s battery life.

The Zero 9’s overall build quality is excellent. Its components are securely put together, and its collapsible components, such as the handlebar and adjustable stem, seem solid. Despite the fact that the scooter is just 40 pounds, it has a sturdy structure.

The riding quality is good on both flat and hilly terrain. The dual-suspension system and 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres help absorb shocks when driving on difficult terrain.

The broad deck gives the rider more stability and comfort, as well as more control while stopping at high speeds. When it comes to stopping, the Zero 9 has three distinct braking systems to safely bring it to a halt at full speed.

Speed & Acceleration:

When it comes to acceleration and max speed, the Zero 9 offers some of the most remarkable stats. It has a peak speed of 24 mph, making it one of the quickest electric scooters on the market today in the United Kingdom.

What’s more remarkable is how quickly it moves. The Zero 9 can reach 15 mph in less than 4.5 seconds, which is two seconds faster than a regular scooter over the same distance!

Despite producing 1200W of power, the engine is quite quiet, with the exception of a slight hum while riding at speeds below 10 mph.

Hill Climbing:

The 600W motor of the Zero 9 provides enough power to propel it over steep inclines with ease. It effortlessly climbs a ten percent hill at ten miles per hour while dragging a 165-pound rider. But wait, there’s more! It can also handle steeper hills and carry more weight, however at a slower and less powerful pace. It falls short in the hill-climbing arena because to the lack of two motors, but it is still on level with other e-scooters of its type.

Battery & Range:

The 48V 13 Ah battery buried beneath the deck of the Zero 9 is powerful enough to go 24 kilometers on a single charge. To get the maximum range, though, you must bike at the slowest pace and weigh less than 165 pounds. If you bike at full throttle, you won’t get much more than 18 miles.

Given that it is made by LG, a major electronics company known for long-lasting appliances, the battery is assured to endure a long time. The main drawback is that it takes eight hours to completely charge.

Motor Configuration:

The Zero 9 is driven by a 600W motor that reaches 1200W at its peak. When riding below 10 mph, the motor is silent but creates a slight hum.

Construction & Quality:

The Zero 9 is as tough as they come, thanks to a company that has a good reputation for producing some of the highest-quality e-scooters on the market.

Despite a few fold able elements, the scooter is sturdy and mostly intact when dropped. It has a high-quality frame, and the bunched cabling cascading from the T-bar down helps to maintain the appearance tidy.

Its dual-suspension system easily accommodates the maximum weight load without creaking or banking to one side. Additionally, the very sensitive brakes work in tandem with the pneumatic tyres and suspension to provide exceptional stopping force.

Apart from the folding handlebars needing to be tightened after lengthy rides, the entire construction remains stable when riding. In general, the Zero 9 has the feel and appearance of a high-end product.

Suspension & Comfort:

The Zero 9 is available with two suspension systems: a front spring suspension and a rear dual-spring suspension. Both suspension systems are capable of carrying a maximum load capacity without slanting to one side. As a result, the riding quality on rough terrain has significantly improved.

The e-sturdy scooter’s suspension is complemented by a set of durable pneumatic tyres. Riders will be well protected from the jarring impacts of jolts, bumps, and uneven terrains thanks to this potent combination.


Brakes that match the speed of the scooter are required. Fortunately, Zero 9 does not fall short in this regard. It includes three brakes, all of which work together to bring the scooter to a safe stop.

It comes with front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, and a regenerative brake. From a speed of 15 mph, the braking distance is an astounding 10.2 feet. More significantly, if the cable-actuated brakes become too tight or loose, they are simple to modify.


Ride Quality:

The Zero 9 is perhaps one of the most comfortable and beautiful cars available. Its big pneumatic tyres and dual-suspension system, for starters, make it an on-road and off-road beast. The broad deck also ensures a steady and comfortable ride.

As previously stated, the Zero 9 braking system combines three different types of brakes: disc, drum, and regenerative. These brakes, when combined, allow you to bring the scooter to a complete stop with little effort, even when travelling at peak speeds.

For enhanced riding and operation of your electric scooter, the ergonomic handlebars anchor crucial scooter controls and the LED display. The Zero 9 electric scooter has all of the necessary features and functions to provide a safe, comfortable, and dependable urban ride.


The Zero 9 is decked out with a variety of lights, making it one of the most conspicuous and appealing electric scooters on the market. It goes above and above with a spectacular display of ambient lighting in addition to the usual front and back lights.

Two low-placed brilliant LED lights provide illumination and visibility at the front. The back of the deck is equipped with brake lights. An ambient LED strip runs down the stem at the front and under the edges of the deck, enhancing visibility in the dark.

It’s worth noting that for better visibility, cyclists may want extra rear warning lights.


The Zero 9 scooter is not light, weighing 40 pounds, but it is movable across short distances without incurring undue strain. It has a three-tier folding mechanism that makes it more portable.

The handles, for starters, have a dependable folding screw-type mechanism that allows them to collapse onto the stem. Then there’s the foot lever lock, which uses an anodized metallic tab and robust hinges at the front of the deck to allow the scooter to collapse and fold.

Finally, because it has a telescoping stem, this electric scooter can be readily adjusted to give better ergonomics for taller or shorter people while yet being compact when folded.



Two 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres are used on the Zero 9 e-scooter. They offer unsurpassed comfort and may be inflated to the optimum level for added comfort on a variety of terrains.

The tyres are large enough to provide a deep contact patch with the ground, which is important for traction and handling. While punctures are expensive, the advantages of air-filled tyres greatly outweigh the possible maintenance expenditures.

Controls & Display:

The Zero 9 comes with a sturdy steering column and ergonomically curved grips that are covered in sticky rubber to prevent friction when riding. A basic QS-S4 LCD and trigger throttle are mounted on these handlebars.

The LCD is straightforward and displays data like as speed, distance travelled, battery level, and gear. On the display, there are two buttons that, alone and jointly, perform a number of purposes. Hand levers placed to either side of the handlebars control the brakes.

Water Resistance:

The Zero 9 has an IP54 water-resistance classification, which means it can function in light rain and ride over tiny puddles without causing any damage to the electronics. An IP54 certification, on the other hand, does not provide protection against heavy rain or deep puddles.


Riders of all sizes will appreciate the Zero 9’s roomy deck, which provides comfort and stability. The Zero 9 deck, which measures 19.5 inches long by 7.7 inches broad, provides enough standing space for people of all sizes. The deck’s top layer is stacked for added grip. It also rests high above the ground, avoiding the scooter’s underbelly from scratching against objects.

Riders may enjoy hanging over the end of the deck for more comfort and stability because there is nothing attached to the back of the deck. The Zero 9 deck’s sole flaw is that it lacks a kick plate at the back. Typically, the kick plate provides more room for riders to assume the most natural posture while riding at high speeds.



The Zero 9 electric scooter is built to last a lifetime. It ensures longevity with a superior construction and a battery purchased from a reputed manufacturer. Furthermore, it may be used off-road as well as on flat terrain.


Depending on the distributor and location where it is purchased, the Zero 9 warranty ranges from six months to two years.

Zero has one of the greatest post-sale customer-service systems in the industry. They not only reply to consumer inquiries, but they also inspect scooters before sending them to customers.

Known Issues:

Customers frequently complain about one side of the handlebars loosening over long rides. Most users are also dissatisfied with the scooter’s ability to attain maximum range only while travelling at the lowest speed level.


The same fundamental regulations that apply to electric scooters apply to Zero 9. The best practices include charging the battery on a regular basis to avoid dead cells, assuring correct storage, and repairing moving parts on a regular basis.

Before embarking for a ride, clean and dust the e-scooter, inspect the brake cables for any signs of wear and strain, and check the tyre pressure. Before you hit the road, remember to tighten any loose screws or nuts. We also advise against cycling in the rain or through pools of water or puddles because the Zero 9 is not completely waterproof.

Zero 9: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The Zero 9 is unquestionably a steal, and it is well worth the money. It not only provides unrivaled dependability and service, but it is also long-lasting and cost-effective. It is versatile and may be used on a variety of surfaces.

You get a lot of features and performance for roughly £750. Similar scooters sell for twice as much as the Zero 9, yet they give the same performance.

Specification: ZERO 9 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed



34.9 km

Charge Time

8 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

25 miles


Front-spring suspension, rear dual-spring suspension

Braking System

and regenerative brake, Front disc brake, rear drum brakes


Dual 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres


624 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

40 pounds

Max Load



and under-deck ambient light, brake-activated taillight, LED headlight

Product Material


Water Resistance


Extra features

Ensures Security

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