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When folded, the Xiaomi Mi 1S isn’t very tiny, but that’s easily forgotten when you consider how nicely it rides over a variety of terrain, the powerful motor, and the fact that it’s almost £500/$500 cheaper than the Bird One, which only just edges it out in terms of top speed and range.

This is an excellent scooter for individuals looking to replace public transportation or even a bicycle with something more compact, convenient, and easy to store in a flat or office. It provides a wonderful balance of performance, durability, and comfort at an affordable price.

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Xiaomi 1S Summary

The nicest thing about the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter is that you get what you paid for and a little bit more even if it is far from the ideal scooter. The entry-level scooter from Xiaomi’s 2020 range, which is affordable and widely available, competes fiercely with the company’s older models on both price and performance.

Returning to the Xiaomi 1S, it’s a practical scooter that outperforms its class and price range. Despite being in the lower price range of the Xiaomi 2020, it comes with a motor-lock, three riding modes (Pedestrian, Standard, and Sport), cruise control, which is quite helpful, and regenerative braking.

Additionally, it has 8.5″ pneumatic, air-filled tyres and a companion app that enables you to link your phone to the e-scooter and use it as an extra cockpit and controller for certain functionalities. Additionally, the engine may be increased in power from 250 W to 500 W if necessary, which makes it more effective at climbing inclination and slopes.

The Xiaomi 1S electric scooter, which is scheduled for debut in 2020, is not drastically different from its predecessors in terms of appearance. Xiaomi, I suppose, thinks that you should focus on fixing the issues that consumers have with prior generations rather than trying to repair what isn’t wrong. Similar observations may be made about its weight and riding speed, which only have a few small improvements to qualify as an upgraded model.

For what it’s worth, the Xiaomi 1S is not that different from the M365 in terms of version, so there is little to no basis for comparison regarding which device is superior to the other. Given that Xiaomi made care to give off a pricing that’s both competitive and acceptable for the market, at £361 ($499), it’s extremely difficult to grumble.

It’s up to you to choose which scooter you should purchase bearing these factors in mind. But let’s focus on the specifics of the Xiaomi 1S for the time being. Read on.

Xiaomi Mi 1S Review2

Performance Overview

An installed 7650mAh/275Wh Lithium-Ion battery powers the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter. You may charge it by removing the flap covering the charging port, which is located at the back of the deck. When the LED display comes on and the speedometer displays the battery’s charging progress, you’ll know it’s charging. A single battery can propel you up to 18 kilometers away at a top speed of 15.5 mph. There is also the option to turn up the power on your Xiaomi 1S, increasing the motor’s output from 250W to 500W to provide greater torque and overall power.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The fastest it can go with only one attached battery is 15.5 mph while the motor is operating at 250W or 500W.

However, keep in mind that each individual’s performance will differ depending on the route, rider, and gear weight, as well as the weather.

The Xiaomi 1S e-scooter can carry you up to 15.5 mph with a 250W engine and a 275Wh battery in tow, but getting there would take around a few seconds of waiting time. You may always choose to go to the 500W torque if you want to move things along a little faster at the expense of a shorter battery life.

Battery Life & Range

The Xiaomi 1S electric scooter’s battery, which only has 275 Wh and 7650 mAh, isn’t very powerful, and it’s starting to become the scooter’s main source of criticism. Going for more powerful and power-intensive settings rapidly depletes the batteries since it has three riding modes: pedestrian, standard, and sport. Its battery charges completely in under four hours, which is quick for an e-scooter of its kind.


Only 27.6 lbs, or about the combined weight of two average-sized infants, make up the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter. While folded up, the neck snaps and locks into place, making it easy to transport or store inside while the batteries are charging or when the scooter is not in use.

Xiaomi Mi 1S Review4

Motor Configuration

The Xiaomi 1S has a 250W motor that can be increased to 500W when necessary. It has enough torque to propel the electric scooter to an amazing 14% climb grade for an e-scooter in its class.

Construction & Build Quality

Although Xiaomi doesn’t specifically state what material this particular kind of electric scooter is constructed of, it weighs just around 27.6 lbs and has a carrying capacity of 220 lbs. Along with its inexpensive cost, one of its greatest selling qualities is how simple it is to set up after it has been unboxed.

The scooter just has to be unlocked from its lock, the back fender pushed down, and the steered tube pulled until it locks into position. The handlebars must then be secured using the four screws and Allen wrenches that are included. The bell that is already there as an extra measure of security would be the last addition. As long as your batteries are already charged, you may proceed.


On this particular e-scooter model, there is no mounted suspension. The inflatable air-filled tyres that it has fitted are the sole item that serve as its “suspension.” They surprisingly do operate well, providing the electric scooter with a pleasant ride and a generally fairly good riding quality.

Ride Quality

Even though the Xiaomi 1S isn’t the greatest one available, you do get a little bit more for your money. One is that despite having a 14% climb rating, its engine often has trouble climbing hills and inclination. The electric scooter does provide you three riding modes, but the sport mode usually seems the most sensible, particularly when you’re in a hurry. The standard tyres it comes with do provide a reasonable degree of suspension. Last but not least, its cruise control facilitates a manageable and comfortable journey by making the complete riding experience simple and tolerable.


The Xiaomi 1S electric scooter’s front is equipped with a regenerative Kinetic Energy Recovery Mechanism, which makes the braking system a little odd (KERS). Using it just pushes and feeds some of the kinetic energy it produces back to the battery to maintain the power is all that it entails in plain English.

This disc brake has a laid-back feel. Therefore, if you need to stop quickly, choose to step on the rear fender to engage the mechanical rear brake.

Water Resistance

The underside of its chassis and a portion of its controller are the only parts of this Xiaomi electric scooter from the 2020 range that are waterproof. However, everything else is just IP54 rated, so it can’t truly withstand torrential downpours or large puddles. The Xiaomi 1S is designed to tolerate some water entering it, however it shouldn’t be anticipated to fully submerge. You’d be okay to go if you took excellent care of the engine and batteries and only used it in mild rain, avoiding deep puddles.


The Xiaomi 1S electric scooter has a straightforward lighting configuration with a 1.1W headlight and brake lights. Excellent reflectors make up for the absence of side lights, and the electric scooter’s included software lets you adjust the settings for the rear light.

Xiaomi Mi 1S Review6


The 8.5″ air-filled pneumatic tyres of the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter are ordinary, everyday, grippe, and provide enough suspension. They form a superb team, particularly because the electric scooter relies only on them for suspension. Despite this, the ride is always pleasant and serene.


Although not very large, the deck has plenty of room for standing. Additionally, it enables the installation of a seat anytime you feel like riding without tiring or cramping your legs while standing. No matter what driving pace you are travelling at, you are safe to go thanks to the grip’s padding over its full length and breadth.

Controls & Display

The ergonomically designed controls of this high-performance electric scooter are snugly attached to the two handlebars. The brake levers on this scooter are located on both handlebars since it has both front and back brakes. Other controls, including the key lock, horn button, signal-light buttons, and on/off headlight button, are likewise located on the left handlebar.

To the right of the clear LCD display is the accelerator. The latter displays the battery level, riding duration, power level, and other information. Additionally, it has two switches that enable users to change modes.

The following is shown on the LED display, which is plain and uncomplicated:

  • Your quickness and remaining strength
  • what state you’re in right now
  • a few maintenance lamps to warn you if necessary
  • the e-scooter is linked to the smartphone app, as shown by the Bluetooth prompt.

By tapping the power button twice, the riding modes may be switched. The headlight is turned on in the meanwhile by pushing the power button three times fast. A blue “d” next to the speedometer indicates that you are in drive mode, so pay attention to it to know which riding mode you’re in. On the other side, a “blue s” symbolizes the athletic look. A walking guy, as a last indicator, indicates pedestrian mode (maximum 3 mph). The maximum speed in driving mode is 12.5 mph, while the highest speed in sport mode is above 15.5 mph.

Additionally, the Xiaomi Home app functions as an easy-to-use extra dashboard that connects with Bluetooth and imitates the LED display on E-scooters. When you need to leave the scooter for a while, you may lock the wheels using this app. You can only access the scooter’s cruise control from there as well.

To give you a clearer understanding of how cruise control works, it essentially checks in after five seconds of continuous speed. When it recognizes the pattern, it beeps and takes over the wheel so you don’t have to press the accelerator.

Additionally, you may pick whether you want your back light to be always on, come on very sometimes, or flash using the app. Not to add, you may choose to feed the scooter acceleration between 0 and 5 km/h, as opposed to the default setting of 4 km/h.

Xiaomi Mi 1S Review3

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

As a result of Xiaomi’s success with smartphones, the well-known company takes sure to maintain its reputation by providing superb electric scooters at competitive costs.

People praise the e-sturdy scooter’s construction and plenty of distinctive features, maximizing design and quality control that are often absent from low-end, inexpensive electric scooters.

Xiaomi made sure this 1S entry would not let them down, from the tyres to the app and even the enhanced specifications. It has a terrific appearance, a comfortable ride, and gives excellent results. Unless you had someone over 100 kg ride it, it is not known to break readily; at that point, issues would start to appear left and right.

Even if the product is amazing, the main issue is that their customer service isn’t very attentive to or sympathetic to the concerns and complaints of customers.


It would be prudent to periodically check its batteries in addition to its tyres. Although it might be challenging to keep track of charge cycles, the only component of this e-scooter that will eventually fail is its power supply. The fact that it can be easily replaced is a plus.

Accessories & Upgrades

The only extra that is included with this electric scooter is a bell for increased roadway safety. In addition, you may duplicate the LED display and even have additional scooter controls with its free phone app.

Known Issues

This factory-built form of e-scooter has a real issue, and that issue is how weak the battery is.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Our evaluation of the Xiaomi 1S is now complete. It’s not the worst scooter, but it’s not not the finest either.

It does provide and provide a lot of additional functionality for its price point that you won’t find in other electric scooters of a comparable caliber. Unfortunately, the fact that it is well-accessorized doesn’t make up for the poor battery and engine, which keeps it from ranking among the best scooters in its price range.

However, the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter is a good value that might be readily enhanced once again with little investigation and tinkering.

Specification: Xiaomi Mi 1S Review



Suitable For




Max Speed

15.5 mph



Charge Time

5.5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage



Braking System

E-ABS and disc brake


8.5” air-filled pneumatic tyres



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight


Max Load

220 lbs


1.1W headlight and brake lights

Product Material


Water Resistance


Extra features

E-ABS + disc brake

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  1. Lucas

    The back brakes are excellent and a pleasant addition to a vehicle that already has high value, even if I primarily use the electronic brakes.

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  2. Henry

    The battery life is excellent.

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  3. Theodore

    This scooter is great.

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