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Xiaomi’s Mi Scooter Essential is the company’s entry-level electric scooter. We put it through its paces for several kilometres in order to provide you with a comprehensive assessment.
Xiaomi launched three new electric scooters in July 2020, mostly incorporating the features of its previous models. However, they were accompanied by a third variant: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, an entry-level scooter that is content… with the necessities.

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Excellent low- to mid-range electric scooters include the Essential. I can’t exactly give it five stars because Xiaomi naturally reduced the overall performance in order to make it more affordable. Of course, using this reasoning, you might claim that a less expensive electric scooter could never receive five stars, and you would have a point. After being accustomed to the M365, that’s precisely how I feel about the Essential (although I do appreciate the Essential has improved tyres, dashboard and lights). The Essential is a great entry-level scooter because of its cheaper price despite the modifications, which makes it more appealing to a younger clientele (than a daily commuter).

Xiaomi has updated the all-powerful M365 electric scooter, but by turning the M365 into two different models—the Xiaomi Essential and the Xiaomi 1S—it has created some confusion. The 1S is simply the M365 with the enhanced dashboard and somewhat better battery, whilst the Essential is effectively (pun intended) the M365 with the upgraded dashboard, less potent battery, and lower price tag. Oh, and compared to the M365, both have superior tyres. But let’s examine the Xiaomi Essential more closely.

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Performance Overview

The Essential’s display is identical to the one on the M365 Pro, so it shows your speed, battery life, and riding mode. Normal, pedestrian, and sport are the three riding options. On the right handlebar is a button for the accelerator, and on the left is a bike-like brake and a bell that is kind of pointless (which cannot be removed if you want to keep your Essential folded). For riding at night, a strong LED light is integrated into the front of the handle. Although some people have complained that the light on the Xiaomis is too bright, I disagree because it is not quite as bright as the highest setting on my bike light. A newer back light that flashes as you brake is also available.

Speed & Acceleration

The Xiaomi Essential’s highest speed is 20 km/h (12.5 mph). Smooth acceleration occurs when the scooter picks up speed, although it doesn’t take long.

There are three different speed settings, each with a different speed cap:

pedestrian, 5 mph (3 km/h), 9 mph (15 km/h), and 12.5 mph (20 km/h)
For this scooter, you may also install modified firmware to enable faster peak speeds, perhaps up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph) (more on that below).


The Xiaomi Essential is one of the lightest commuter scooters on the market right now, at only 12 kg (26.5 lbs). Everyone should have little trouble transporting this scooter, especially for the typically shorter distances.

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Hill Climbing

The Xiaomi Essential climbs rather well given its motor power, but it can’t be said to be a fantastic climber when compared to scooters with stronger motors. Overall, we can conclude that it is an average climber because it will do well on the mild slopes while struggling on the tougher climbs. It has a 10° / 17.63% climb angle.

Battery & Range

The Xiaomi Essential’s NE1002-H Lithium-ion battery is of the highest calibre. It features a 36 V voltage and a 5.1 Ah and 183 Wh capacity. Before you start seeing a decline in performance, you will receive at least 500 charge cycles.

The Xiaomi Essential requires 3.5 hours to fully charge. The charging port is located on the deck’s front left side and is covered by a red rubber cap to prevent dirt and water from getting inside. The scooter will actually cost cents to charge.

Motor Configuration

For optimum torque and power, the Xiaomi Essential has a 250 Watt brushless DC hub motor built into the front wheel (peak output is 500 Watts). This motor will be a little bit smaller and less powerful compared to certain other Xiaomi versions. The main objective of this scooter is to be the ideal novice scooter, and the absence of an absurdly potent motor is the foundation for that.


When riding at night, the moderately powerful 2 Watt LED headlight on top of the stem, which is tilted slightly downward, shines around 9 m/30 ft ahead and lights the road in front of you.

When you use the brakes, the red light on your back fender will flash, alerting other drivers of your intentions.
To further improve your visibility and safety at night, the scooter also comes with many reflector lights that are mounted on the front of the stem, the sides in the back, and the sides in the front.

Xiaomi Essential Lite Review4

Construction & Quality

The scooter has a fantastic mix between lightweight and toughness because to the use of high-quality, highly durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloy in the construction of the frame. The size of the deck is quite similar to the industry norm for deck sizes for scooters nowadays (in actuality, Xiaomi is probably the one who sets the benchmark because so many other scooters imitate it).
Given the recent nature of this scooter’s debut, it is still too early to predict with any degree of certainty how long its lifespan will be. However, given that it comes from what is perhaps the finest scooter brand in the world and that it has much improved upon previous Xiaomi models (the majority of which were among the best-selling and most well-liked scooters ever produced), it is reasonable to say that this model is superior.

Suspension & Comfort

The resistance to flatness is the area that needs development. One of the greatest concerns from owners of the original Xiaomi scooters, such as the Xiaomi M365, was that they were incredibly prone to flats. One of the greatest benefits of the new version is that the enhanced explosion-proof tyres use technology to make them considerably more robust and resistant to flats. Additionally, you may request that the scooter be delivered via Puncture-Proofing Fluid already filled from

Ride Quality

The rides on the Xiaomi Essential will be smooth and comfortable since it features standard-sized air-filled tyres that offer a lot of comfort and shock absorption. Additionally, the tyres are one of the major improvements over the prior versions since they are tougher and less likely to go flat, making the rides safer and worry-free. Even if you drive over a few tiny potholes, you won’t notice many bumps or vibrations. Additionally, the fenders have been upgraded and strengthened against the frame with extra plates so that the wheels won’t make any strange noises (which was the case for some previous models).

In summary, the scooter is strong and durable and of extremely high quality, especially given its price. In this regard, Xiaomi scooters excel because they provide unbeatable quality at incredibly reasonable rates. The Xiaomi Essential exhibits this excellence in both its feature set and its value proposition.


The scooter’s dual braking system, which includes a disc brake in the back wheel and an electronic brake in the front wheel that slows down engine movement, is engaged by pulling the brake lever on the left handlebar. This gives the scooter braking redundancy and a stopping distance of only around 6 meters. E-ABS (electronic anti-lock braking system), another characteristic of the scooter, keeps the front wheel from locking up while applying the brakes.

The kinetic energy recovery mechanism is activated when the brake is applied, slightly regenerating the battery level. Although you shouldn’t depend on your battery charging just by stopping, this fascinating function will increase your range by roughly 5–10%.

This scooter will be quite safe to ride due to the small stopping distance and the fact that it is not moving at a speed that is harmful. Even so, you should always ride an electric scooter with a decent helmet on.

Xiaomi Essential Lite Review6

Controls & Display

Through bluetooth, the scooter can communicate with applications. The official Xiaomi Home applications provide the scooter a wealth of data, controls, and features:

Information and updates on the scooter, including riding mileage, trip distance, and cruise control settings
Android and iOS devices can both use the app.

The option to lock your scooter is one of the app’s best features. The scooter’s brakes are locked while it is locked, and if it is moved, it will beep loudly. That’s fantastic for preventing theft, but if you want to leave your scooter outside, check into some nice scooter locks as it still doesn’t stop someone from just stealing the scooter.

The EScooterNerds Universal Scooter Helper App, which may complement the normal app and provide you access to other features like guides, hacks, tools, calculators, resources, etc., is something you should consider in addition to the official Xiaomi app. The assistance app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

Water Resistance

The Xiaomi Essential is water-resistant but not completely waterproof according to its IP54 classification. The scooter’s materials are of very high quality and won’t rust. The battery is adequately shielded from water entry, and the deck is quite securely sealed.


One of the most significant upgrades from the earlier Xiaomi models of this scooter is the tyres.

They are still pneumatic tyres with an 8.5 inch diameter that offer plush rides and lots of suspension.

The resistance to flatness is the area that needs development. One of the greatest concerns from owners of the original Xiaomi scooters, such as the Xiaomi M365, was that they were incredibly prone to flats. One of the greatest benefits of the new version is that the enhanced explosion-proof tyres use technology to make them considerably more robust and resistant to flats. Additionally, you may request that the scooter be delivered via Puncture-Proofing Fluid.

Xiaomi Essential Lite Review5


The golden scooter rule still holds true, and you should try to avoid riding in the rain as much as possible, even if some owners have successfully used the Xiaomi Essential when it was raining without incident.


Amazingly, this scooter has a two-year guarantee! You have 30 days to return your scooter if you need to for any reason. Additionally, within 30 days, you may request a free replacement scooter or scooter item if yours comes broken.

Known Issues

The light weight, tiny size, high degree of mobility, and overall ease of use of this scooter are its strongest points. Performance is always sacrificed for such features. Because of its numerous compromises, this scooter is a bad option for scooterists seeking greater performance.

Who should get the Xiaomi Essential?

The Xiaomi Essential is a starter scooter that is made to be compact, lightweight, and portable for short to medium commutes. It is also made to be simple and easy for anybody to fold up and take around wherever.

One of the finest inexpensive electric scooters in the UK, it typically costs approximately £339, making it a no-brainer for anyone on that type of a budget. Its cost can be a little more in Europe, but by using the GeekBuying link below, you can get it even less expensive (GeekBuying may also deliver in the UK as well).

Specification: Xiaomi Essential Lite Review



Suitable For




Max Speed



20 Km

Charge Time

3.5 Hours

Single-Charge Mileage

20 Km


Braking System

E-ABS and disc brake


8.5" front and rear pneumatic tires



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

12 kg

Max Load

220 lbs


Power Indicators 4 LED

Product Material


Water Resistance


Extra features

Connects to Mi Home App

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  1. Isaiah

    I am able to ride it for extended distances while maintaining full power for around 50 minutes constantly.

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  2. Brayden

    I was pleasantly surprised because this was my first electric scooter! Since April of last year, I have used the scooter to commute to a variety of jobs.

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  3. Andrew

    Amazing scooters!

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    Xiaomi Essential Lite Review
    Xiaomi Essential Lite Review


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