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The Weped SST is a hyper scooter that is very quick — we’re talking skin-peeling fast. To put that in context, typical GPS speedos (most GPS speedos) jump double digits as the SST speeds. Expect to reach 60 miles per hour in 6-8 seconds and 80 miles per hour in less than 12 seconds.
At maximum power, the SST will completely deplete battery charge; expect ranges to dip below 20 miles if you maintain the throttle wide open for an extended length of time.
The SST is a 72-volt scooter with a 3240-watt-hour battery, which is a massive amount of energy.
It speeds rapidly and stops promptly – instead of the typical NUTT brakes, WEPED has their own branded brakes on the SS/SST.

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Weped SST Summary

The Weped SST is a hyper scooter that is so quick that skin literally peels from your body. To put it into context, the majority of ordinary GPS speedometers show double digit increases when the SST speeds up. 80 mph should be reached in less than 12 seconds and 60 mph in 6 to 8 seconds.

At maximum throttle, the SST will completely drain the battery’s charge; if you hold the throttle open for any length of time, expect ranges to fall below 20 miles.

A 72v scooter called the SST has a 3240wh battery, which is an enormous amount of energy.

It has rapid acceleration and quick stopping power; on the SS and SST, WEPED has their own brand of brakes in place of the standard NUTT brakes found on the Weped FF.

Because the SST does not have regenerative braking, which is probably for the best since it would waste a lot of energy when slowing down from 80 mph, we found the brake performance to be VERY good.


Performance Overview

How often can we repeat this? When it comes to acceleration and max speed, the Weped SST is an absolute beast. The Weped SST makes acceleration from a standing start more manageable by utilising active motor control. Similar to the FF, the SST will control how much power is sent to each tyre so that torque is given in a steady ascending curve before becoming forceful. Riders can take off quite rapidly using the AMC (active motor control), but not so quickly that the motors spin the wheels and lose grip too soon.

With the SST producing over 33kw (16kw) per wheel, maintaining traction is very impossible without active motor control (even with bigger shrinko tyres).

Riders on the Weped SST will feel a forceful takeoff and a startling burst of power. When moving quickly, losing traction is much more difficult (although make no mistake, the SST will break traction regardless). Aggressive acceleration is much easier to regulate while driving as opposed to when starting from a standstill.

The preceding SS, GT, and FF versions had trouble with their tyres, therefore the SST really needed the wider tyre profile (shipped).

  • Performance-wise, anticipate that
  • other electric scooters on the track or road to oblivion
  • scooters that accelerate when smoking
  • Destroy the tyres (common with most high powered wepeds)
  • reach top speeds that are normally only possible for highly tuned scooters.
  • In case you don’t respect it, go through the controllers.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Weped SST has a top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph). The highest speed we have thus far been able to record on STRAVA (GPS) was 77.9 mph with a rider weighing 70 kg. However, that was before the scooter had completed any number of battery cycles; so, in principle, we should be able to reach 80 mph with a slightly trained battery.

This was accomplished on flat ground, thus there is no reason why the WEPED couldn’t accomplish MORE while descending a hill (85 mph and beyond are theoretically achievable).

Who wants to travel at 80+ mph on a scooter with little wheels, let’s face it? If you’re travelling at 80 mph on the SST, one wobble from uneven ground and the scooter will sway, especially if it doesn’t come with a damper out of the box (no, we’re not kidding).

When we stated that the SST is speedy, we weren’t kidding. Although the data don’t seem to indicate that it has much of an acceleration advantage over the FF, there is a significant difference, and even entering this region makes acceleration improvements extremely challenging. Because the SST weighs more than 60 kg and has wider wheels, it must compensate for this (this gives the FF the advantage in respect of power to weight ratio).

Although the SST appears to have far more power than the scooters above, bigger wheels and active motor control will slow down acceleration.

On the SST, it just attempted to spin the tyres continually, which made gaining acceleration challenging.

The SST would perform better if it were run on warm tarmac (allowing for maximum grip and minimum spin).

On typical, but particularly smooth road surfaces, we tested the SST acceleration.

Battery Life & Range

The 72v 45a Samsung SDI 21700 50E Cells battery in the Weped SST is enormous. The 3240wh overall battery capacity is comparable to the Dualtron X2 in size. This big battery enables the SST to operate continuously. If you properly manoeuvre the SST, you can wring out a range of up to 60 miles, which is VERY good.

However, the majority of riders can typically expect a range of about 40 miles.

On the SST, driving defensively versus aggressively will make a significant impact. This is mainly because the controllers and motors are HIGH DRAIN, which means that even modest increases in throttle would reduce range.

The Samsung SDI 21700 cells, which have a larger capacity and discharge than 18650 cells, are used in the Weped SST.

Like the majority of scooters using a 72-volt system, the full charge is reached at 84 volts, and the battery is switched off at 60 volts.

We discovered that the battery performance significantly increased after the first few charge cycles.

We don’t think Weped could have stuffed much more onto the deck since the WH capacity of the battery is a perfect match for this particular model of scooter.

Motor Configuration

The Weped SST motors are just amazing, but unlike the majority of Weped Korea’s performance line-up, there is no option to swap between single and dual motor modes. This is for good reason because the Weped’s controllers largely employ active motor control (to distribute power to each motor independently to help control pull off and acceleration).

Weped has kept the SST simple by removing almost all of the buttons, despite the fact that the SST is MORE than capable of operating on one motor. This is a racing scooter, after all, and an one motor mode wouldn’t make sense given that the SST is made for high performance racing.

Power distribution between the two motors alternates between +100 percent and -0 percent when they are both constantly running.

Construction & Build Quality

The Weped SST has a sturdy appearance and feel, which is important when you have a vehicle that can travel at 80 mph beneath your feet. A single solid pair of front forks are used by the SST, and each side is stylishly mounted with three brackets. At the front of the fork, the front brake calliper is hung down.

The SST’s solid fork structure means that the fork and handlebars are not suspended from one another. The SST was designed by Weped to remain firmly grounded. You don’t want suspension since it will let traction get lost. There is, however, a pivot-style adjustable spring suspension that connects the scooter’s deck to the main stem joint.

This permits a little amount of marginal travel without compromising handling. Maximum control is possible because the suspension does not directly contact the wheel or handlebars/stem. Due to the current suspension design, if the front wheel encounters a divot, pothole, or bump in the road, the deck and neck will balance one another.

It’s fascinating to notice that Weped has an active patent for their “4 LINK DAMPING” technology. Although the configuration is not unique, the integration of it is.

The SST’s rear suspension is also different; here, a solitary, tiny shock absorber is located between the rear footrest and the main deck.

The SST is incredibly difficult to ride, and although it has suspension, it doesn’t offer a lot of comfort. You will feel any uneven terrain more keenly than you would on a vehicle with more forgiving suspension, such as the Dualtron X or Bronco 11 Xtreme.

A sizable, single suspension column with adjustable shock absorption is mounted at the front of the deck. The three power wires that connect the deck to the front motors and handlebars are located to the left of the bracket for the front suspension. The charging port is located on the right and utilises the same, bigger 3 pin charging port with a GX16 adapter.

The SST deck resembles the FF deck in appearance (plain grey grip tape). The deck, on the other hand, has a span of almost 20 cm, giving the SST greater area to stand than the GT, FF, etc.

There is a rear foot rest that is distinct from the deck on the SST at the back of the deck (separated by a single spring). On the SST, there is unquestionably more space for the rider’s feet and stance, which is advantageous because it allows for a lower standing posture when moving quickly.

With a wider deck, riders can position themselves lower with one foot on the back footrest and one foot forward, which will help the user feel more connected to the scooter at speeds between 70 and 80 mph when there is likely to be a lot of wind resistance, which could cause speed wobble.

A greater number of stainless steel bolts are visible on the SST, especially near the back of the deck.

The same multi-color RGB WEPED logo is hidden behind a Perspex screen on the sides of the SST, but for an additional visual effect, a line of LEDs runs around the deck’s base. Though, like other Weped models, the lights are made to cycle between colours, additional colour customization would have been wonderful.

When the brakes are used, the rear brake lights, which are integrated into the mudguard like the FF, increase their period of brightness.

The front handlebars of the SST have a lengthy curve that aligns the front of the bars with the suspension mount and a modest repositioning forward. The rider can therefore establish a comfortable position on the deck without having to lean too far forward.

With minimal stem wobbling and reassuringly stiff handlebars, everything feels very tight and precisely manufactured. Nothing about the SST gave off the impression that it had been made with less care or in a careless manner.

The Weped SST is a racing machine that combines quality and power. As a result, this kind of electric scooter is difficult to find and expensive to purchase because they are produced in smaller batches.

The conventional voltmeter and key are located on the handlebars, and buttons on the right give you the choice of ECO or TURBO mode.

The Weped SST, in contrast to the FF / Fold, does not fold in the back; instead, it has the conventional

handlebar folding design with a single retractable pin. Even if folding is an advantage, the SST isn’t particularly portable, so carrying it about won’t be any easier as a result.

The SST also has a wheel system that can be detached, making it simpler to take the scooter’s hubs off. It is comforting to see how utterly sturdy the frame structure is around the wheels. The SST has reassuringly stocky regions where the wheel attaches, unlike some scooters where such areas can look weak and more prone to failure.

Impressive broad wheels with 11-inch kart racing tyres that provide much greater traction for this kind of power output. The tyres are tubeless and constructed of natural rubber; they can maintain speeds of 80 mph or more. The SST feels more stable at speed due to the tyre style, which is much more flat with less curving on the tyre edges; nonetheless, quick cornering won’t be possible at speed. Leaning is significantly more difficult and less nimble with a flat tyre profile.



The Dam Ping 4 link system, which was developed by Weped themselves, is used by the SST. Although there are front and rear suspensions, neither provides much dampening over uneven ground. However, the overall ride quality is still fast and harsh, which is good for the track but not so much for long endurance runs outside on the road. The big, wide profile of the tyres aids in smoothing out the ride on some uneven asphalt surfaces.

The front suspension is configured in such a way that it transfers shock without allowing excessive wheel travel. When riding, we didn’t notice a significant difference despite the fact that the suspension pivots above the deck utilising a coil spring with adjustable damping.

As a racing scooter, the objective is to maintain the wheels on the ground for the most traction possible. The SST has been designed to prevent the wheels from “skipping,” which would have caused them to lose traction and transfer it through the suspension points.

Not a good idea to wet FF on the grass.

Ride Quality

On smooth asphalt, the SST’s ride quality is good; on typical UK roads, it’s not as nice. A rough ride can be provided by cracked pavement or uneven road surfaces, however because of the scooter’s tyre profile, there is a wider distribution of scooters on the road, which results in less absorption from minor road imperfections (as the tyres glide over smaller holes).

The front and rear suspensions don’t provide much travel and are nonetheless rather stiff.

The riding quality was good while travelling on common roads; the scooter felt secure and well-balanced. Off-road riding is not advised because it increases the risk of injury and/or damage to the scooter, just like it does with other high-power scooters.


The brakes on this scooter are quite sharp, but not to the point where anything is jerky or too abrupt. We found them to be just excellent. The brakes are highly effective, which is crucial while travelling at speeds of more than 80 mph. The bigger tyres enhance the braking. The Weped SST can slow down rapidly from a speed without experiencing stem wobbling or unpleasant, uneven, or jerky feel thanks to larger tyres and improved braking.

We were able to stop from 70 mph in less than 120 m, which might sound like a long distance, but keep in mind that 60 kg, 70 mph, and the weight of the rider are a lot to slow down with just two hydraulic brakes.

The weight of the rider, the state of the road, the condition of the brake pads, and other factors will ultimately determine how far you can stop.

Regenerative braking is NOT a feature of this scooter.


This scooter cannot be moved around. It’s massive, heavy, and made to be transported around in a van or big family carriage (or ridden, which is far more fun). If you are physically fit, you might be able to carry this up some stairs, but for the majority of people, lifting 60 kg is simply too difficult (especially given the size of the scooter).

Don’t get the SST thinking you’ll be able to throw it around believing it’s portable since you won’t be able to.

The steering column folds down and a locking pin is able to keep the column from unfolding, just like the handlebars do to become more compact.



Although the SST lacks lighting (for riding), it does have the customary RGB LEDs on the side. Additionally, there are cycling lit strips on the deck pan, which look great. On some models, the column lighting won’t be included; you’ll have to add it yourself (optional extra). Particularly when combined with the primary steering column, the RGB lighting really shines out.

Although the majority will only be able to see a blur when travelling at 80 mph.

Although the weped is a race scooter, it is always intended to be used in daylight and not at night. We would have loved to see some front-projecting lights on it.

Naturally, adding your own lighting is simple.


Ultra wide 11′′ Shrinko tubeless tyres are standard on the SST. These tyres have a wider base and greater surface area coverage than go-kart tyres. The scooter needs tyres like these to have any realistic chance of gaining traction because of the SST’s immense amount of power.

Without a doubt, these tyres will continue to spin (even under the Wepeds active motor control).

The cost to replace the tyres ranges from £40 to £60 each tyre, depending on where you buy them.

They have thicker walls and are tubeless, making them less prone to punctures. However, if you do have a puncture, changing them can be a real pain.


The SST’s deck is quite basic due to its monochromatic appearance of black and grey. The stainless bolts scattered across the deck create a striking contrast. Compared to other versions, the SST’s deck is longer and wider, providing a larger surface for footing. There is a large area to place your back foot on the rear footplate, which is distinct from the deck.

A 3 pin charging connector with a high charge/discharge capacity is located on the front of the deck, and three wires that power and regulate the scooter’s engine are located on the opposite side.

The deck’s sidewalls are decorated with RGB lighting.

A strong metal plate with fins is located at the bottom of the deck and is used to dissipate heat from the controller.

It is unexpected that there are no side mounted fans, unlike the FF.

Controls & Display

The SST lacks an integrated LCD panel, just like other weped variants. There is the typical key/voltmeter pairing. The lighting button is located on the left. Additional buttons for motor settings (ECO/TURBO modes) are also available on the SST.

The handlebars have comfortable grips and the standard hydraulic brake setup.

The SST’s cockpit has been kept simple since, as we’ve said before, it’s a racing-oriented scooter, so there’s little purpose in adding extra weight. However, we believe WEPED ought to have included some sort of LCD monitor.

Water Resistance

Expect neither IP 65 nor IP 54 protection from the SST model, which lacks water resistance, which is perhaps for the best. Using the SST would be extremely risky if there were any kind of damp or wet road conditions. The SST is a racing scooter, hence it must adhere to standard racing rules (during the day – during dry weather).

We do not advise letting the SST get wet because it does not employ side mounted fans, which increases its resistance to water infiltration compared to other WEPED scooters.

While it’s likely that moist circumstances won’t cause any damage, any fair amount of water could enter the controllers or deck and cause costly repairs or even irreparable harm.

You won’t want to have to worry about the problem of getting parts because the SST is a difficult to find scooter.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Weped as a business is expanding, and based on the videos, social interaction, and presentations they give, it’s clear that they genuinely care about their customers and the calibre of their offerings. We haven’t owned the SST long enough to remark on reliability, similar to the Weped FF. Other WEPED models we’ve owned, tried out, and rode suggest that we haven’t really encountered any problems.

We expect Weped scooters to last a long time with good use because their quality and construction are so high overall.

They are less likely to rack up the miles as rapidly because they are intended for track users.

Like any electric scooter, reliability will ultimately depend on factors like battery cycling, basic maintenance, and how the scooter is used.

Customers can contact customer service via the website or social media.

Although they currently have distributors in many nations across the world, Weped’s are originally from Korea.


So little is known about the Weped SST’s controls. When it comes to controllers, Weped scooter specifications are ambiguous. Kelly controllers appear to be mentioned in a few forum postings (which appear in the Weped FF also). Although we’re not sure if this is possible with the SST/SSR/SS, some Weped owners have been able to hack or replace their controllers to achieve extra speed from their Wepeds.

We are aware that the SST uses passive cooling to keep the controllers cool (transferring heat out to the deck). The SST lacks the intake and exhaust fans that made the FF unique.


The Weped SST is a minimal maintenance scooter, although it will eventually need some basic maintenance, such as changing the brake pads and the tyres, as well as routinely inspecting the scooter’s bolts and nuts to make sure nothing comes free.

The other, more involved maintenance may include battery replacement for scooters whose batteries have undergone prolonged charge cycling and are no longer able to retain a sufficient charge, as well as re-bonding controllers to the deck if they become loose over time and cause thermal difficulties.

Known Issues

The Weped SST in the wild has no recognized problems.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The SST is a scooter of pure genius overall, and we don’t just say that to be nice. It is a pleasure to ride and is quick and entertaining. Performance and range are greatly improved with the 72v system and 45a battery. Given that the SS is a costly scooter, it should be highlighted that it is probably best suited for dedicated scooter enthusiasts or hard-core racers.

There are many less expensive scooters available that provide more comfort along with a tonne of power, but if you want something that will outperform nearly every other scooter, the SST is for you.

Specification: WEPED SST REVIEW

Suitable For



16, 500 watts

Max Speed

65 mph


80 mile

Charge Time

7.5 h

Single-Charge Mileage

60 Miles


Dual Suspension

Braking System

Hydraulic Brakes


tubeless pneumatic



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

115 lbs

Max Load

300 lbs


deck lights, LED brake light ( no headlight)

Product Material

aviation-grade alloy

Water Resistance

Extra features

Cruising Speed

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  1. Timothy

    Outstanding scooter for my teenager son!

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  2. Ronald

    Awesome scooter!!!

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  3. Edward

    It’s a nice tiny scooter and ideal for my requirements.

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