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With revolutionary design and game-changing new features, Weped is pushing electric scooters to new heights. Its electric scooters are of exceptional quality, performance, and elegance. Their team of professionals methodically handcrafts, tests, and inspects each product they dispatch. The GTR is no exception, as it is one of the most popular mid-range scooters. With high-end features, robust performance, and superb build quality, it provides excellent value for money.
This stunning scooter includes all of the amenities you’d expect from a high-end model, as well as some distinctive visual upgrades that set it apart from the competition. The GTR has strong dual motors with a combined output of 20,000W and two controls. The lithium-ion battery has a huge 45Ah capacity and a good energy density, so it can last a long time.

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Weped GTR Summary

Weped’s ground-breaking new features and inventive design are elevating electric scooters to new heights. Its electric scooters provide unmatched quality, functionality, and design. Each item they ship has been painstakingly created, tested, and examined by their team of professionals. The GTR, one of the most popular scooters in the mid-range category, is no exception. With high-end features, potent performance, and superb build quality, it gives excellent value for the money.

This stunning scooter includes all the functionality you would anticipate from a high-end model, as well as some distinctive visual upgrades that give it an advantage over rival models. Dual controllers and strong dual motors with 20,000W of output are hallmarks of the GTR. With a massive 45Ah capacity and great energy density, the lithium-ion battery offers exceptional range and long operating durations. The scooter is equipped with quick dual Nutt hydraulic brakes, so stopping is never a concern.

The scooter’s frame is made of 6061 aircraft grade alloy, ensuring optimum durability and resistance to the rigours of the road. Thanks to its 10 inches, 4.5′′ ultra-wide tubeless tyres, and grippy deck, the GTR offers exceptional comfort. Additionally, it has front and rear coil and spring shocks for easy obstacle gliding. But because there isn’t a good lighting system, your explorations can be restricted to the daytime.

Although the scooter cannot be moved, it may be stored easily by folding up into a small package. Additionally, compared to most scooters on the market, it offers the biggest payload. It’s virtually entirely made of metal, which also means there are fewer breakables, which accounts for the extra weight. In this piece, Magura brakes rather than Nutt brakes were one of several changes that Weped permitted for its goods during shipping.

It is a top-tier scooter that combines superb functioning with fashionable design. Continue reading for a full analysis of the features that distinguish the GTR as one of the top mid-range electric scooters.


Performance Overview

The Weped GTR electric scooter is one of the best electric scooters on the market thanks to its amazing features. It is constructed with premium materials and cutting-edge modern technology to provide great performance.

This scooter has a maximum output of 20,000W from dual motors, so it’s not lacking in power either. The GTR, which can go up to 65 mph (104 km/h), is ideal for riders who want a little extra power from their electric scooter. The scooter can carry up to 300 lbs. and easily climb slope of up to 35 degrees (136 kg).

In addition, the scooter has an active motor control that, rather than putting 5000 watts to each motor, alternates the current and torque applied to the front and rear motors.

The scooter’s lithium-ion battery pack, which has a staggering 45Ah capacity and 2700 Wh energy density, is also an amazing technological feat in and of itself. It includes premium cells that have been examined and tested by Samsung’s experts to assure the highest level of quality and safety. This allows you to run for longer periods of time because it has a range of up to 80 miles (128 km) on a single charge.

The GTR scooter prioritises safety while yet pushing the limits of performance. It has hydraulic disc brakes up front and down back with ABS as standard to keep you in complete control. When travelling at exciting speeds, the brake system is well-tuned and offers strong, dependable stopping power with a braking distance of under 4 metres from a speed of 15 mph.

Speed & Acceleration

You can immediately pick up speed thanks to the excellent acceleration and quick throttle response of this electric scooter. The GTR picks up speed quickly, reaching a top speed of 65 mph (104 km/h). With this speed, the GTR outperforms well-known models like the Kaabo Wolf King GT, Dualtron Ultra 2, and Nami Ban-E to rank among the ten fastest electric scooters.

One of the fastest rides on the market, the GTR can go from 0 to 20 mph in less than 3 seconds.

For inexperienced riders, the abrupt acceleration, especially when you apply a lot of throttle, can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Since the forward pull is sure to strain your hand as you work to preserve balance, wear gloves to prevent hand soreness.

A Corsa button and a cruise mode button are located on the left handlebar. You can keep the scooter’s speed in cruise mode without using the throttle. This can be useful when riding a long distance in order to save power consumption or relieve some pressure on your thumb. On the other hand, the Corsa button imitates the Eco function on the majority of scooters by limiting the speed at a lower setting than speed level 1 and conserving power to the motors.

The scooter features three speeds that let you select the best one for your riding needs. For those who are just learning to ride and want more safety features, Level 1 is ideal. Level 2 enables more seasoned cyclists to accelerate quickly while still braking effectively. For experienced riders, the third mode provides the highest performance and acceleration for an exhilarating ride. However, keep in mind that levels 2 and 3 will quickly deplete your battery.

Hill Climbing

With its powerful motors and exceptional performance, the GTR scooter is strong and has a surprising capacity to climb hills.

Its high-torque motors on each wheel allow it to easily climb steep inclines of up to 35 degrees. This makes it the ideal choice for commuters whose daily route includes a lot of hills.

Battery & Range

A 60V, 45 Ah, 2700 Wh (16S9P configuration) Lithium-ion high-capacity battery pack powers the Weped GTR Electric Scooter. In order to provide you with the finest performance, Samsung Electronics manufactures the battery utilising only the highest-quality battery cells. For those who have lengthy commutes or need a scooter that can travel far, the high-capacity battery provides up to 80 miles (128 km) of range on a single charge. This range is predicated on the rider maintaining a joy cruise speed of about 20 mph. The expected range will be shorter with higher performance riding.

Additionally, you may extend its lifespan by selecting Corsa/ Eco-mode whenever possible for a powerful ride that uses less energy and lasts even longer!

The scooter takes between 5 to 17 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. A fast charger will cut the charging time to just 5-7 hours, while a conventional charger would take 17 hours to fully charge. Compared to similar battery capacity electric scooters, the 17 hour charge time is a little bit longer. For the power, performance, and range that the GTR offers, the longer charge times are more than worthwhile. You can use the battery for three years, which is also 800 charge cycles.

Motor Configuration

Two hub motors found in the front and back wheels of the Weped GTR Electric Scooter provide the scooter with its power. The GTR uses the same 80A, 5000 Watt motors found on the SST, which are driven by modern dual 100A, 60 V controllers and have a combined maximum output rating of 20,000W.

Brushless technology is used in the scooter’s motors to ensure long-lasting performance that won’t deteriorate over time while still offering plenty of power for a thrilling ride on the GTR scooter. To keep the controllers from overheating, the deck has two fans enclosed within it.

Construction & Quality

The GTR features a streamlined, fashionable appearance that is lightweight and aerodynamic. To ensure the scooter’s optimum strength and longevity, aviation-grade aluminium alloy was used in its construction.

The shaft is made of SCM440 carbon steel, which is popular in the aerospace sector due to its high strength rating and low weight. The majority of scooters are made of lesser strength steels, which are prone to damage, especially when subjected to severe loads. The shaft is additionally resistant to torsional forces that are typical of most electric scooters, resulting in slower wear and strain over time.

The curved stem, which enhances riding posture, is one of the most remarkable features. The wide handlebars with ergonomic rubber grips on the ends allow the rider to comfortably position their hands. It also has a large, tank-like deck that considerably adds weight. This scooter’s deck is narrow and slightly short, which results in an uncomfortably awkward position. It does, however, have a rough texture grip that helps you hold your feet in place. In exchange for the standing space, riders also get to enjoy the footrest/mudguard, however it doesn’t do much to prevent splatter from debris on your feet.

The scooter is largely made of metal and has very little plastic. The frame is likewise fairly skeleton, with several exposed wires and no covers. However, the charging connection is covered by a screw cap that is attached to a little chain and is located on top of the deck. The deck side of the scooter has perforations that are a part of the fans required to prevent the controllers from overheating. To the left of the deck, on the scooter, there is a kickstand as well.

Suspension & Comfort

The GTR Scooter’s front coil and rear spring shocks are part of the front and rear suspension systems, which offer exceptional stability when riding over bumps and other irregularities like pavement cracks.

Over rocky terrain, the 4 Link Damping Control Suspension and Bushing provides a comfortable ride. This ground-breaking technology allows for a very robust stem with minimal to no play in addition to

absorbing impacts. The shocks should be replaced with stiffer springs to suit heavier riders who are closer to or beyond the weight limit.

Ride Quality

With its blend of front coil and rear spring suspension springs for stability and comfort while you ride the scooter, the GTR offers a distinctive and thrilling riding experience. However, because they are rigid and do not have good travel, the scooter does not perform at its best during vigorous off-roading. An ergonomic riding stance is provided by the handlebars.

The 10-inch tubeless tyres also attenuate road vibrations for a smoother ride on uneven places. Additionally, the tubeless tyres increase the scooter’s stability at greater speeds and improve traction and grip on slippery surfaces. Because there are fewer instances of skidding when riding on gravel or slick conditions thanks to the ABS brakes, braking is more secure. ABS shortens the distance needed to stop.


The GTR Electric Scooter features attractive, configurable RGB LED lighting on the Weped logo in addition to efficient LED lights on the scooter’s back. The scooter does not have front illumination, though, which would have been a great addition, especially for people who use the scooter at night.

If you want to be more visible while riding the scooter, you will need to get a headlight or use a bike light. Like earlier scooter versions, LED strip lights could also be added. By alerting drivers behind you that you are slowing down or halting the scooter, the LED taillights help increase visibility when you are riding or in stop-and-go traffic.



The GTR has front and rear Nutt hydraulic disc brakes with ABS as standard equipment for accurate braking on uneven conditions or roadways. To help you better control your pace when you need to stop quickly, the front and rear brakes are joined to the main system by a steel brake line at the handlebar. Additionally, the brake levers are ergonomically designed to accommodate your hands comfortably while braking the scooter.

The high-quality components used to construct the Nutt hydraulic brake callipers offer long-lasting durability and superior stopping force for sudden stops. Real-world tests reveal that the scooter’s stopping distance from 15 mph is less than 4 metres (24-0 kmh). Weped enables buyers to ask for the Magura brake upgrade kit in order to get better brakes.


Given that the GTR Electric Scooter weights 77 lbs (35 kg), some riders may find that lifting the scooter is too taxing on their physical stamina. Its stem’s blade-like shape makes it less portable.

The scooter can, however, be folded up easily for storage. To fold the scooter, you just take out a retractable pinkie-sized gold anodized pin from its sturdy folding mechanism.



The front and rear wheels of the Weped GTR are 10 inches in diameter and have 4.5′′ Ultra Wide Shinko tubeless tyres, which offer exceptional stability, traction, and control over rough terrain. The stationary scooter may be supported by the tyres without the kickstand being deployed since they

are so wide. The tyres resemble those on a go-kart racing vehicle. A further benefit of the ultra-wide tyres is improved shock absorption.

Because they have larger walls and are constructed of high-quality rubber, tubeless tyres are less likely to puncture. Additionally, it allows for more comfort when riding over uneven ground or surfaces.

It is also simpler to accelerate, maintain pace, and brake with tubeless tyres since they have less rolling resistance. However, you will find that steering is less nimble, making cornering and manoeuvring much more difficult. For enhanced tyre aesthetics, the manufacturer gives customers the choice of purchasing gold tube caps.


The deck is 24.5 x 61 cm in size. For stability and comfort when riding, this is not ideal. To give you the best control and safety as you ride the scooter, the deck includes a rough texture and a soft grip tape. The dedicated footrest, which enables riders to adjust their foot position while riding, is another perk for riders.

Since the clearance is only average (11.5 cm), serious offroading is not recommended. Additionally, there is a Weped deck logo LED that can be programmed to illuminate in several colours for improved aesthetics and visibility in low light.

Controls & Display

Even novice users will find the GTR to have a very basic and user-friendly design. The GTR Scooter’s handlebars incorporate the control system for the scooter. A battery voltmeter, an ergonomic thumb throttle, a keyed ignition that doubles as an anti-theft function, and the front brake lever are all located on the right side.

The rear brake lever, which functions as a switch to switch between levels 1, 2, and 3 of speed modes, is located on the left side. The left handlebar also houses the Corsa and Cruise control buttons.

Riders rely on third-party mobile apps to assess speed and other parameters because the GTR lacks an LCD. Fortunately, there is sufficient room for a phone holder to be inserted, holding the phone in place.

Water Resistance

Due to its lack of an IP rating, the Weped GTR cannot be used in wet environments and is not water-resistant. For users who need to use the scooter on slick roads and during downpours, the lack of a waterproof build may be a deal-breaker. The perforations in the deck, which can readily leak water onto the electrical components housed, are the main cause of the absence of an IP certification.


The high-capacity battery that powers the GTR lasts for years without experiencing capacity loss, a fire risk, or an explosion. You can travel a long way on one charge thanks to the battery. The 10-inch tubeless tyres on the scooter have thick inner tubes to promote stability and reduce the likelihood of a flat. Because of the dual shock system, rolling over obstacles is much simpler.

There aren’t many plastic components on the scooter, so there aren’t as many breakables. Even after heavy use, the CNC-machined aluminium keeps its strength and luster. Both the typical commuter and the thrill seeker can travel at this speed. Additionally, Nutt hydraulic brakes make sure that the rider can stop quickly when necessary. The powerful motor can pull very hefty riders and allows for reasonable uphill climbs. However, the absence of a horn and adequate illumination makes riding in low light impossible, and the lack of an IP classification restricts use in inclement weather.



A 2-year guarantee that covers manufacturer faults is included with the scooter. This warranty period is exceptional when compared to other electric scooter makers because the scooter is well-built and most parts are covered.

This scooter’s customer service is excellent; questions are typically responded to within 24 hours. On their website, you can find a number of online tutorials that can help you learn how to use the scooter and solve basic issues.

Known Issues

The Weped GTR has a few small drawbacks, but the scooter is almost faultless. Here are some examples offered by GTR owners:

Due to its construction and robust wheels, some users have claimed that the scooter is a little stiff when turning at high speed.

The rider’s feet are not protected from debris by the mudguards.


The GTR Electric Scooter requires little maintenance. As opposed to other scooters, this one has high-quality components, so you won’t need to replace them as frequently.

To maintain it in pristine condition, you must perform the following:

  • Every day, check the tyre pressure and add air as necessary.
  • The brakes or brake pads also need to be monitored because they deteriorate more quickly than other scooter components.
  • After each ride, you should charge the battery; you may either use a quick battery charger or the one that came with the scooter.
  • To keep the electrical components in good condition, keep a dust cover over them.
  • Check screws and nuts occasionally, and tighten them if necessary.
  • Maintain a mileage log for your records and stock up on extra parts like tyres, inner tubes, brake pads, and other items in case of future repairs.

Weped GTR: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The fact that this scooter costs £3975/$5,300—almost as much as some great motorbike models—is fairly difficult to overlook. So, is the Weped GTR’s high price tag justified by what it offers? Since this scooter is a specialty item, we can’t say with certainty that the answer is yes. This scooter is for those who like to stand out. Both novices and experienced explorers would not find it to be a good choice.

However, motorcyclists looking for a fashionable, distinctive scooter will find this scooter to be ideal. The scooter is a valuable collectible as well. The 65 mph top speed will undoubtedly be useful for scooter riders who want to go racing on the freeway. It also covers a lot of ground, making it ideal for brisk exploration. The suspension and tyres provide a smooth ride. Again, this scooter might be a one-time purchase for you because of its strong construction and high-quality components.

Therefore, if this scooter’s highlights appeal to you, Weped likely had you in mind when they created this masterpiece. If the price tag turned you off, start looking for a scooter that offers almost identical performance at a lower cost. However, it will likely lag well behind what Weped has accomplished with the GTR.

Specification: WEPED GTR REVIEW

Suitable For



3600 W

Max Speed

65 mph


80 miles

Charge Time

5-7 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

80 Miles


Front coil & rear spring shocks

Braking System

Front and Rear Nutt hydraulic disc brakes with ABS standard


10 inches, 4.5″ Ultra wide Shinko tubeless tyres


2700 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

77 lbs

Max Load

300 lbs


No front lighting, red tail lights and programmable Weped deck logo LED

Product Material

6082-T6 aviation-grade aluminium alloy, plastic, SCM440 alloy steel

Water Resistance

Extra features

Cruise Control

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    This scooter is extremely enjoyable!

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    incredible stuff Rain, snow, or shine, I ride this scooter to and from work every day.

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    With this scooter, you may ride with reasonable stability and assurance, and you’ll like it.

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