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The Vsett 8+ is a next-generation e-scooter that strikes the perfect blend of performance, safety, portability, and ride comfort for the ideal scooter ride. The scooter has a sleek and modern style, as well as a superior manufacture that ensures unrivalled durability. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminium, which makes it light and strong while also resisting corrosion.
Even at high speeds, the shaft is made of strong steel, guaranteeing optimal stability and control. Furthermore, the battery is housed beneath the deck, lowering the scooter’s centre of gravity (CoG) and ensuring that it remains firmly anchored on the road surface for steady, non-wobbly rides.

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Vsett 8+ Dual Motor Summary

The Vsett 8+ is a cutting-edge electric scooter that provides the best riding experience possible by striking an outstanding balance between performance, safety, portability, and ride comfort. The scooter has a superior construction and a sleek, contemporary style that ensures unmatched longevity. Because the frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum, it is strong, lightweight, and highly corrosion resistant.

Strong steel was used in the shaft’s construction to provide optimal stability and control even at high speeds. Additionally, the battery is housed under the deck to reduce the scooter’s center of gravity (CoG) and guarantee that it stays securely planted on the road for steady, unsteady journeys.

The 8+, like the Vsett 8, has a black and sage finish that gives it an aggressive appearance appropriate for its remarkable performance. Speaking of performance, the scooter’s remarkable top speed of 28 mph/45 km/h and 25% grade-ability are both achieved by its 200W nominal/ 2200W peak output power plant. At its best, the 48V 16 Ah, 770Wh LG battery can go up to 31 miles (50 km), and in Eco mode, up to 56 miles (90 km).

Sadly, the battery takes an absurd 10–11 hours to fully charge, although the charge time may be shortened by following the manufacturer’s recommendations and utilizing two chargers.

The Vsett 8+ provides comfortable rides since it has swing arm suspension on both the front and back wheels. Custom coil-rings with cutting-edge polyurethane (PU) bushings are part of the swing arm suspension system to provide the greatest amount of dampening. The 8+ is quite comfy to ride, and it nearly seems like you’re floating.

The scooter has sturdy, flat-resistant tyres that make it convenient, particularly in cities. Of course, the disadvantage of solid tyres is that they provide less impact absorption than pneumatic tyres (air-filled tyres). The shock absorbers on the Vsett 8+ allow it to still provide very pleasant rides.

Both rookie and expert riders may ride the Vsett 8+ safely. The scooter is equipped with a dependable dual-stopping system that includes anti-lock brakes with an ABS function and twin drum brakes on both the front and back wheels, ensuring rapid and smooth braking. When you use the brakes, the ABS technology shuts off the motor power, providing perfect stops even in slick situations. The Vsett 8+ is very safe to ride at night because to its effective lighting system, which includes LED stem lights, twin front LED deck lights, a taillight (brake light), and front and rear turn signals.

weighs 46 pounds. The Vsett 8+ is not the easiest electric scooter to transport (20.8 Kg). However, it can still be folded in three steps and is still portable. The scooter may be folded into a small package because of the retractable stem and folding handlebars. The stem of the deck is securely locked into place by a lock mechanism at the front for easy carrying.

The Vsett 8+ has cutting-edge innovations that improve the whole riding experience in addition to its thrilling performance. There is a Control Eye Throttle OLED Display (QS-S4 display) that provides information on a number of parameters, such as battery life, speed, and an odometer to track the scooter’s mileage traveled.

Under the OLED display, there is a voltmeter that shows battery performance. Other cutting-edge features include a telescopic stem that allows you to change the handlebar height, an NFC Key Lock Immobilizer, an Autosave feature, cruise control, and an IP54 water resistant certification.

Overall, the Vsett 8+ is a dual-motor scooter with a tonne of features and improved performance that is still lightweight and portable. With its superb grade ability, amazing power, long range, practical transport, almost flawless riding quality, and enough safety features, the 8+ stands out among the 8 series. and 265 pounds. The Vsett 8+ is very tempting to both teens and adult riders looking for an affordable, high-performance e-scooter due to its 120Kg maximum load and height-adjustable stem.


Performance Overview

The Vsett 8+ is clearly a high-performing scooter thanks to its two 600W motors, which can provide 1200W nominal power and 2200W peak power. The powerful torque produced by the two motors allows for incredible acceleration and exceptional hill-climbing performance. The scooter has a peak speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and can easily ascend slopes with a 25% gradient without suffering performance losses. Additionally, the scooter can hold up to 265 lbs./120 kg of load weight.

The powerful engine is driven by a large LG Battery with a surprising range of 50 km and up to 90 km in eco mode. Drum brakes are installed on both the front and back wheels, and they function in tandem with the computerized ABS brake to provide rapid, accurate braking.

Speed & Acceleration

The fastest scooter in the Vsett 8 scooter family, the Vsett 8+, has a peak speed of 28 mph/45 km/h. The peak speed of its two smaller siblings, the Vsett 8 and Vsett 8R, is between 24 and 26 mph. Given that the 8+ is the only model with multiple motors, it is not surprising that it has a faster peak speed than its brethren. The two motors may be turned on or off using the three speed modes included with the Vsett 8+, allowing for a more customized ride. Riding using only one motor allows for slower speeds and preserves battery life for longer distances.

Large amounts of torque are produced by the two 600W motors, enabling quick and smooth acceleration. Excellent acceleration on the 8+ guarantees that you will have thrilling, breath-taking rides. Under three seconds are needed for the scooter to accelerate from 0 to 15 mph. To see the scooter’s acceleration and peak speed, watch the video below.

Top Speed

With a peak speed of 45 km/h, the Vsett 8+ is very quick and will cut your commuting times in half. Vsett 8+ has a conventional maximum speed of 25 km/h, however certain riders may not be able to tolerate speeds beyond 30 km/h, and some localities have implemented speed limits. However, you may choose to have the limitation lifted by choosing the “Max Speed Unlock” option when buying your scooter if you desire higher speed or you’re riding on private land. The faster, more expensive Vsett 9+ (dual 650W motors), which accelerates to 15 mph in 2.7 seconds and has a quicker peak speed of 33 mph, virtually matches the Vsett 8+ in terms of top speed and acceleration.

Hill Climbing

It’s important to have a scooter with strong grade-ability if you live in a hilly area or want to ride your scooter over steep terrain. The Vsett 8+ can climb slopes with an inclination of up to 25%, which is an amazing feat.


The 8+ boasts totally flat-resistant solid tyres, in contrast to its sibling, the Vsett 8 electric scooter, which has a front pneumatic and solid rear tyres. The scooter has robust 8-inch front and rear tyres that provide enough grip on and off-road. Solid tyres are less maintenance-intensive and less impact-absorbing than their pneumatic (air-filled) counterparts, but they are also resistant to flats.

However, the dual suspension system works well in conjunction with the sturdy tyres to provide a respectable ride. It is also simple to replace the solid tyres if they sustain damage (which is exceedingly unlikely). Simply separate the rims and unplug the motors before replacing the tyre.


Battery & Range

There are many battery combinations available for the Vsett 8 series family. There are two battery sizes available for the Vsett 8: 48v, 15.6 Ah, and 19.2 Ah. The 48V, 21 Ah LG battery in the 8R, which is the biggest battery in the series, allows riders more range. As it has twin motors and a second controller, the Vsett 8+’s 48v 16Ah LG battery is somewhat smaller than the 8R’s and occupies the additional space.

The battery, despite its compact size, provides an impressive range of up to 31 miles (50 kilometers) on maximum performance (with the twin motors turned on) and up to 56 miles (89 kilometers) on Eco mode (single motor ON). The range of the scooter is astounding and has several advantages, particularly if you travel quite a distance. Of course, the range mentioned above is just an estimate, and depending on your weight, riding style, terrain, and riding circumstances, you should anticipate a somewhat lower range in practice.

Using only one charger, the battery might take up to 11 hours to charge completely. The 8+ comes with two charging outlets, which are situated at the top left of the deck, near to the base of the scooter’s foldable plate, same like the other scooters in the Vsett 8 series. Dual chargers reduce the charge time by half, allowing you to go for another trip in only 5.5 hours. Additionally, you have the option to use a single fast charger, as the manufacturer suggests.

Motor Configuration

The only scooter in the 8 series with two motors is the Vsett 8+; it has dual 600W motors mounted on both the front and back wheels. With a combined output of 2200W peak power and 1200W nominal power, the motors are very powerful. With this amount of power, the 8+ can climb 25% of slopes and reach to a peak speed of 28 mph/45 km/h.

According on the amount of power they choose, riders may choose to use either one or both engines. While performance suffers while using a single motor, the battery life is extended. On the other hand, using both motors gives you maximum performance but at the expense of capacity. Two 48V, 23 A square wave controllers are installed in the scooter.


The Vsett 8+ has great stopping performance since it is equipped with mechanical twin drum brakes on both the front and back wheels as well as electronic ABS brakes. The Vsett 8+’s twin drum brakes have been precisely constructed, attaining a stopping distance of slightly under 4 meters from a speed of 20 mph, despite the fact that they are generally thought to be less powerful than more contemporary disc or hydraulic brakes. Additionally, drum brakes need less maintenance, which is another advantage; this is the major emphasis of the Vsett 8+.

The Vsett 8+ has electronic ABS brakes in addition to the mechanical twin drum brakes to increase stopping power. Every time you brake, the electrical function shuts off the motor power, improving the responsiveness of the braking system. In conclusion, the Vsett 8+ offers a dependable and efficient braking system that ensures smooth and accurate braking even on slick, rainy roads.


Construction & Quality

The Vsett 8+ is built with excellent materials. The scooter has a slick, tidy appearance and a great, shiny black and sage finish that gives it a martial feel appropriate for its astonishing performance. The scooter’s body is made of a combination of SCM440 steel, aircraft aluminum forging alloy, and polypropylene on the covers.

The aviation-grade aluminum forging alloy used in the frame’s construction makes it lightweight and durable, allowing it to handle everyday usage and abuse while yet providing optimal ride stability. To match its outstanding performance, the frame’s army-issue color scheme finish gives it a badass mechanical look. The structure seems to be well-built and organized, with decent cable management.

The stem’s LED lighting strip improves visibility at night and adds to its visual appeal. The handlebars, which are somewhat broad (24 inches), at the top of the height-adjustable stem, provide you better control and handling. The scooter’s QS-S4 display and other controls, which we’ll talk about later in this review, are housed in the handlebar.

Although the deck is smaller than those of previous Vsett models, it has a battery installed beneath to reduce the center of gravity and promote steady riding. The two charging outlets are located in the front left corner. Their positioning, which puts them front and center on models like the Vsett 10, is substantially improved by their current location. There is less probability of reaching the ports with your feet in this version since they are close to the folding components.

Polypropylene, a stiff kind of plastic that can withstand extreme pressure for optimal durability, is used to make the fenders, covers, and wheel lining. For optimal stability and grip when riding the scooter, the handlebars are coated with thick rubber.

In summary, the Vsett 8+ has a great build quality and a premium, sleek, and futuristic appearance.

Suspension & Comfort

The Vsett 8+ boasts one of the greatest suspensions among all scooters, not just those in the affordable category. It has a swingarms (C-type suspension) system made of advanced polyurethane (PU) bushings and coil springs. You can be confident that the scooter will give smooth, vibration-free rides even on off-road or grassy terrains thanks to its adjustable suspension system.

Additionally, depending on the terrain, the front and rear swing arm suspension may be modified to provide the necessary shock-absorbing performance. The Vsett 8+ offers far superior suspension than rival dual-motor scooters with greater price tags, such as the £5 055/$7,500 Weped SS7 and the £1,500/$2,00 Outstorm Maxx.

Ride Quality

The riding experience on the Vsett 8+ is passable but not exceptional. The scooter has features like two swing arm suspensions that can be adjusted and include coil springs to make up for the inadequate shock absorption provided by the 8-inch solid rubber tyres. Adjustable dual coil swing arm suspension enables you to traverse difficult terrain without sacrificing the riding experience. For rocky terrain, loosen the suspension; for smooth cityscapes, tighten it. The scooter’s smaller deck size, which contains a kickplate for more standing space, is another element that has a considerable impact on how comfortable it is to ride. This does not quite make up for the smaller deck size, either. Nevertheless, the cruise control feature, which enables you to maintain a specific speed while taking your hands off the finger-throttle, the wider stylish ergonomic design handlebars embedded with silicone for maximum comfort, and the height-adjustable stem will more than enough convince you to spend your money on this vehicle. Both inexperienced and seasoned riders will find the scooter to be simple to ride.


weighs 46 pounds. The Vsett 8+ is too heavy (20.8 Kg) to be utilized as a typical commuter scooter for the last mile of the route. The scooter’s 3-step folding technique, which makes it compact, allows it to still be extremely portable. The scooter is very portable since the stem collapses and locks to the deck, and the handlebars also do the same.

The locking mechanism on the 8+ is virtually flawless, making portability simple. Fold the scooter by first folding the handlebars, then folding the telescoping stem towards the deck. The scooter locks into place with an audible click, signalling that it has done so.

The scooter is rather small when folded, measuring 109 x 20 x 40 cm (LxWxH). The scooter is obviously simple to stow in small locations like your house closet or put into the back of your vehicle to go on vacation thanks to its folded size.




A thoughtful lighting design on the Vsett 8+ guarantees visibility and safety at night or in dimly lit areas. The scooter has a patented front and rear turn signal as well as a stem LED strip light and rear brake light. A thin LED strip that runs the vertical length of the scooter’s stem has been installed. Although it doesn’t provide much in the way of visibility, the LED strip is useful for enhancing the scooter’s appearance. The scooter also has two rear brake lights that signal to other drivers that you are using the brakes.

The front and rear turn signals on this scooter, which are uncommon in most e-scooters, are another impressive lighting feature. The turn signals may be activated by pushing a button on the handlebar. They will then flash on the front and back sides of the deck, increasing your visibility to other traffickers. You can be confident that you will be seen at night because of the strategically placed lights.

It wouldn’t hurt to add another light to the stem for improved front vision.


The 8 series falls short in this regard since Vsett scooters often have big decks. The deck of the Vsett 8+ is smaller, offering just enough space for standing but not enough for comfort. The deck is 8 inches wide and 26.5 inches long. In order to make up for the 8+’s smaller standing area, Vsett included a kick plate at the back. This added space allows riders to rest one foot up to an additional 5 inches.

Riders are compelled to adopt awkward positions even with the kick plate, which makes the experience rather unpleasant. Put your rear foot on the kick plate and lean forward as you accelerate to your desired speed to achieve a balanced and aerodynamic stance for optimum riding pleasure.

For optimal grip and stability when riding, the deck’s standing surface is coated in silicone and has two sporadic columns of grip tape running across it. Additionally convenient, the silicone coating makes it simple to wipe the deck. The grip tape’s exterior length is covered with the Vsett 8+ logo, giving the scooter better looks.


Controls & Display

The Vsett 8+ includes a quality eye throttle display that is loaded with functionality and several simple-to-use controls. The QS-S4 display is mounted on the right handlebar using a finger throttle. The battery voltmeter and an NFC immobilizer are located below the display. The front and rear turn signals may be turned on and off using the hand-operated drum brakes’ levers and buttons on each side of the handlebar. The button to turn on/off the dual-motor function, or the Eco and Turbo riding modes, is located on the left handlebar.

The feature-rich Vsett 8+ eye throttle OLED display, also known as the QS-S4 display, provides information on a variety of scooter data, including as battery life, time, speed, and distance traveled. Additionally, you may adjust the scooter’s electric braking performance, display brightness, speed mode, and cruise control via the display.

The display is connected to a finger throttle, making acceleration simple and pleasant. Below the scooter’s QS-S4 display is a battery voltmeter display that shows you how much battery power is still left in the battery via a beautiful battery bar visualization.

Underneath the battery voltmeter is where the NFC (near-field communication) key-lock immobilizer is located. By enabling you to easily lock your scooter using an NFC key card lock, similar to a credit or debit card, this innovation serves to dissuade burglars. Only by waving the card in front of the NFC scanner can the scooter be unlocked. You may programmed your smartphone, wristwatch, or other NFC-compatible device to lock and unlock your scooter and serve as your NFC key.

Water Resistance

According to its IP54 rating, the Vsett 8+ is resistant to both dust and water. The 8+ electric scooter can withstand mild rain thanks to its IP54 water resistance certification, which lets you use it without fear of harm. Though it is just splash-proof, the scooter should not be submerged completely in water for an extended period of time due to the risk of water damage.


The Vsett 8+ is unquestionably a huge upgrade over the 8 and a safe ride. With an emphasis on relatively little maintenance, the scooter provides a great combination of performance, portability, safety, and riding pleasure. The scooter also has contemporary features, like a telescoping stem, an NFC key-lock immobilizer, and an OLED display with cruise control. The scooter is appropriate for riders searching for an affordable, powerful dual-motor electric scooter. It’s virtually the ideal scooter for commuting and recreational riding.

Warranty & Customer Support

There is a hefty 12-month warranty included with the scooter. The guarantee does have certain restrictions, however, such as the fact that it doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, problems brought on by unauthorized modifications, or harm from crashes or accidents. Customer-friendly assistance is readily available from the manufacturer through email and phone calls.

Known Issues

This scooter doesn’t have a great deal of flaws. The Vsett 8+’s poor cable management is one apparent flaw, however. One area that is particularly vulnerable to damage is the rear drum brake wire, which is severely exposed outside the swing arm. The wires should ideally be hidden or enclosed within the frame.

Overall, the scooter is well built and doesn’t have any serious problems.


The Vsett 8+ is truly designed with minimum maintenance in mind, including solid tyres and mechanical drum brakes. However, you must follow certain basic care procedures for it to operate and last as long as possible. These practices include cleaning it often, charging it before storage, avoiding the use of corrosives, and using only the charger that the manufacturer recommends.

Vsett 8+ Dual Motor: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

Overall, it’s a fantastic dual-motor electric scooter that gives incredible performance while yet managing to be portable, which is a trait uncommon in dual-motor scooters. In addition, the 8+ is loaded with features and improves the riding experience using contemporary methods. The Vsett 8+ is well worth purchasing because to its strong motor, excellent mobility, and outstanding range. The scooter is tested for the most important features of a top-notch commuter scooter.

The scooter’s riding quality, however, is a touch lacking for anyone hoping to use it as a leisure travel companion. Despite the kick plate, riders with bigger foot sizes find the smaller deck unpleasant.

Additionally, the extremely effective suspension system slightly outweighs the less-than-stellar shock absorption provided by the twin solid tyres.

Riders anticipate some form of concession when paying £1,282.50/£995.00, but this scooter doesn’t really need any. The conclusion is that the scooter’s remarkable features really make up for its high price.


Suitable For



2x 600W

Max Speed

28 mph


25 miles

Charge Time

4 – 8 hrs

Single-Charge Mileage

31 Miles


Front and Rear Adjustable (C-type) Spring Suspensions

Braking System

Front and Rear drum brake & Electric ABS Automatic power-off function


8’’x 2" front and solid rear tyres



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

46 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


and front and rear turn signal, Dual LED headlight, LED stem lights, taillight (brake light)

Product Material

Covers: Polypropylene, Frame and handle: 6082-T6 Aviation aluminium forging alloy, Shaft: SCM440

Water Resistance


Extra features

auto-save function, Cruise Control, NFC key-lock immobilizer

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