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In this VSETT 10+ review, we take a look at an all-new electric scooter that is the long-awaited successor to the Zero 10X, a popular dual-motor scooter noted for its high-speed stability and great build quality.
While we expected (and received) adrenaline-pumping performance on par with the greatest Light-Heavyweight scooters, the ride and build quality were astounding.
The VSETT 10+ has so many cutting-edge features that it makes the Zero seem archaic.
It’s not just a worthy successor to the 10X, but also a strong challenger for World Light-Heavyweight Champion.

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Vsett 10+ Summary

A great illustration of the company’s ambition to dominate the electric scooter industry is the Vsett 10+ electric scooter, a flagship model of the Vsett scooter brand. There’s a lot this speed-demon has to offer! It is an improved version of the popular electric scooter known as the 9+R, which many riders have come to know and like. The scooter is extremely robust and tuned for both off-roading and respectable strolls in the neighborhood or through the park.

The two 1400W motors on this scooter, which can propel it to an astounding 50 mph (80 km/h), are its best feature. The scooter can be driven on a variety of surfaces thanks to the engine, which also produces enough torque to climb 35% inclination slopes without losing power. The 10+’s front and rear 10′′ x 3′′ pneumatic tyres (filled with air) provide for improved bump absorption and low operating pressures for a larger surface area for traction. The 10+ continues to be the undisputed king of the off-roads thanks to Vsett’s addition of dual adjustable suspension to the pneumatics for a delicious riding experience.

When you’re on the road, a powerful 60V Li-ion battery ensures that you’ll never run out of power. To continue enjoying the ride, just charge it for 7 hours on twin chargers and 14 hours on a single charger. Riders have a variety of range options with the Vsett 10+’s extra battery options: 20.8AH, 25.6AH, and 28AH (LG). The 60V 28Ah Li-ion battery can carry you up to 114.9 miles (185 km) on a single charge, so long-distance commuters won’t ever have to worry about running out of battery juice again.

The twin motors, dual suspension, robust kickstand, and high-performance batteries all contribute to the 10+’s heavyweight of 79lbs/35.8 kgs. The frame is made of 6082-T6 aluminum and SCM 440. Its center of gravity is also lowered as a result, making it seem more stable than the majority of other scooters on the market right now. With the Vsett 10+, you’ll feel safer than ever even at fast speeds. It’s ideal for both work and pleasure because to its generous deck area, which also offers you a bit extra room to bring your possessions with you.

The cockpit of the VSETT is crammed with amenities, making it one of the most cutting-edge electric scooter control systems available. It has an NFC Key Lock Immobilizer that prevents the VSETT from being started by unauthorized individuals. To choose between a single and a dual motor, press the Dual/Double Motor button. If you need additional power, select Sport Mode. VSETT versions are also IP54 water-resistant, which means they can endure rain and splashes coming from any angle. We do not, however, advise biking in the rain.

The 10+ is equipped with a number of additional safety measures, including as very sensitive hydraulic brakes with E-ABS that let you gently exit high-speed pursuits. The stem has the most powerful integrated fender lights for a good nighttime visibility. All other drivers will be aware of your presence at night thanks to the LED taillight. During the day, the integrated turn signal lights and flashing brake lights increase your visibility to onlookers. The turning radius is constrained for enhanced security to avoid a lockout.

With all these fantastic features that you won’t find anywhere else, the VSETT 10+ is undoubtedly a scooter worth your attention. Continue reading for a deeper look!

VSETT 10+ Review5

Performance Overview

One of the strongest scooters on the market is the Vsett 10+. The scooter is perfect for experienced riders wishing to enhance their scooters since it is equipped with dual 1400w brushless motors that give tremendous power. The highest cruising speed of the two high torque motors is a thrilling 50 mph (80 km/h). The peak speed of the 10+, which is 50 mph (80 km/h), is comparable to that of other high-performance scooters, such as the Dualtron Thunder, Wolf Warrior, and Dualtron Ultra, all of which have a somewhat higher suggested retail price. Its cost advantage over those industry titans is nearly as astonishing as its lightning-fast performance.

The VSETT 10+ also offers an environmental mode and a sports (turbo boost) option. The scooter is just as thrilling in dual motor and sport modes as any roller coaster. Sports mode is a fun function that increases the scooter’s speed for two minutes before the temperature control feature kicks in and limits it to around 44 mph (70 km/h). But don’t worry, your scooter will cool off in only 5 minutes, allowing you to restart the sports mode and enjoy more spectacular rides. Once again, the scooter’s Intelligent Temperature Control Management System is designed to avoid overheating and protect internal parts like the battery and engine from harm.

Real-world testing have shown that the scooter can travel at a peak speed of between 47 and 48 mph (75.6 to 77 km/h) with a rider weighing an average of 160 pounds (72.5 kilograms), and 44 mph (70 km/h) with a rider weighing roughly 210 pounds (95.2 kilograms).

Dual Nutt hydraulic brakes are also installed on the scooter, giving it exceptional stopping power and a very sensitive braking experience. Additionally, the scooter features a cruise control function that can be activated by pressing the P17 option on your QS-S4 display. Long rides on flat terrain are made possible by this function, which allows you to maintain a steady pace without having to keep the throttle down.

Top Speed & Acceleration

A strong 1400-watt twin motor that can propel the Vsett 10+ to a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) is included with the device. Strong and speed-maintaining acceleration occurs immediately after takeoff. In fact, one might argue that it has a little bit too much zip available, making it difficult to keep up with at times.

To accommodate various riding tastes and variable road circumstances, the electric scooter offers four separate modes: Sports (Turbo boost), Eco, Dual Motor, and Single Motor. While eco mode offers more cautious speeds for a longer range, sport mode gives the scooter a brief burst of speed that accelerates it to a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). To better control the rider’s chosen pace, the scooter has three speed modes: 1, 2, and 3.

Hill Climbing

The Vsett 10+ is the best electric scooter for exploring because to its outstanding dual drive motor feature, which can help you climb 35-degree inclines. However, in actual use, the 35-degree gradient depends on the rider’s weight, the amount of available traction, the battery’s level of charge, and the track’s topography.

Battery & Range

One of this scooter’s most noticeable characteristics is the large battery. It so accounts for a significant portion of the weight. But in return for the added weight, you get amazing range and steadiness. But keep in mind that the riding range will change according on the terrain, the climate, and the rider’s weight.

An very potent 60V, 28Ah lithium-ion battery, one of the most effective power sources available, powers the Vsett 10+ scooter. When using a single motor in Eco mode, the strong battery provides an excellent riding range of 114.9 miles (185 km) on a single charge. The battery voltmeter will give you a general idea of how much power is still in the battery and how far the scooter will go on a single charge.

To further personalize your experience, the scooter also comes with two additional battery options. The 25.6Ah battery can go around 99.7 miles (160 km) in Single & Eco modes, compared to the 20Ah battery’s range of 80.7 miles (130 km). All batteries are produced by LG, a well-known electronics manufacturer of dependable goods. Each battery is equally efficient, ensuring dependable performance for the duration of your ownership of the scooter.

The amount of time needed to completely charge the battery is considerable. For instance, a 2A charger would need 14 hours to completely charge the battery, however two 2A chargers will allow the charge to be completed in only 7 hours. Additionally, the battery is equipped with safety features including balanced charging, overcharging, short-circuit, over-discharging, and overcurrent protection.

Motor Configuration

The high-performance Vsett 10+ electric scooter can handle most terrains because to its two 1400-watt motors, which together deliver an astounding 2800W of power. Due to its tremendous torque, it can climb slopes with inclination angles of up to 35 degrees while towing a rider weighing little more than 285 lbs. / 130 kg. Engage Single/ Dual motors, Turbo, or Eco mode to choose your chosen power output. Two 60V 35A x 2 square wave controllers are also included with the scooter, which control the motor speed.


The braking mechanism on the Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter is just as remarkable as the rest of it. It has a complex braking system that includes electronic anti-lock braking and twin hydraulic disc brakes (E-ABS). The disc brake strength and standard brake accuracy and responsiveness are combined in the Nutt hydraulic braking system. As a consequence, there is strong, accurate stopping power—even in the rain or during crises.

The electronic anti-lock braking system (E-ABS), on the other hand, is a cutting-edge improvement to the scooter’s safety measures. The E-ABS is an integrated technology that enhances stability and braking while avoiding brake lockup when applied too forcefully. The electronic brakes’ strength ranges from 1 (the weakest) to 5. (strongest).

The overall stopping power of the brake system is maximum.

VSETT 10+ Review3

Construction & Quality

Most electric scooters fall short in the areas of construction and quality. With the Vsett 10+, this is not the case. A speedy, svelte electric scooter that performs even better than it appears is the Vsett 10+. This attractive scooter features a neat, tough exterior and a beautiful internal wiring system that harmonizes with the overall design of the device. This scooter is very visible without having overpowering accents because to its black covering and vivid yellow highlights.

The frame of the Vsett10+ scooter is made of 6082-T6 aluminum, a premium, long-lasting metal used in aero planes, helicopters, and fighter jet components. No matter how damp or humid your environment is, the Vsett 10+ is very robust and almost rust-proof thanks to this material. The shaft is built of the extremely corrosion- and impact-resistant SCM400 carbon chromium alloy steel. The front fender is made entirely of metal, while the rear fender has been strengthened with durable polypropylene plastic. With a few controls, the curved handlebars are sleek and offer a distinctive look. They have a shatterproof rubber wrap around them to increase grip in general.

Riders may rest their foot in a designated footrest space on the roomy deck, which has a silicone surface. Dual charging ports are located on the top, front end of the Vsett, adding a unique twist to the deck design. Riders’ opinions to this feature vary, but the majority like its secure location. Additionally, a sturdy kickstand with one of the greatest alignments is fastened to the side.

The 10+ also has a triple locking system that prevents the stem from unscrewing in the middle of a ride, which happens often with the conventional collar clamp. As a consequence, the scooter has an ultra-rigid build that is safer and less likely to rattle.

Suspension & Comfort

The Vsett 10+ is a very adaptable e-scooter that commuters may use for a smooth ride with a little more flair. It is the preferred option for lengthy commutes and recreational road usage since it combines a front spring with a hydraulically adjustable coil-over-shock and swingarms in the back.

Riders may choose their favorite shock setting on the rear hydraulic coil-over shock to produce a smooth ride while minimizing noise and vibration. Even better, replacement front and rear 125 mm and 165 mm spring suspensions are easily accessible.

Ride Quality

The Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter is a two-wheeler that pushes the envelope of what is possible. The scooter is a multipurpose vehicle that provides unrivalled comfort, stability, and speed as you cruise about town.

The scooter has huge 10-inch pneumatic tyres up front and back, providing it the most flexibility to ride on any surface. The cutting-edge shock system effortlessly smooths out road imperfections. You may customise the rear hydraulic coil-over shock, which is supported by a front spring and swingarm suspension. No matter how rough the ride becomes, you will experience it with an unmatched level of smoothness thanks to this configuration. Furthermore, the roomy deck’s silicone-coated surface and footrest contribute to the stability of the ride.

The handlebars have wide 25.5′′ handlebars. The ergonomic, curved handlebars are the ideal combination of design and function. With a number of useful features that make riding the scooter a breeze, they are not only easy on the eyes but also on your shoulders. However, not all riders are confident with the folding handlebars; some are concerned that the folding ends may collapse in when riding at high speeds, which would be a tremendous catastrophe. Luckily, a sturdy, non-folding pair of handlebars may be quickly installed in its place. To minimise steering lock incidents, the scooter incorporates a safety mechanism that restricts your turning radius. This function lessens the strain and pull on the wires while making sharp bends.

The scooter’s lighting is made in such a manner that it not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also makes nighttime trips seem practical and secure. The scooter also has a horn to warn other motorists of its presence. Finally, Vsett equipped this vehicle with twin Nutt hydraulic brakes and an electronic anti-lock braking system for safe stops to guarantee the best possible stopping, allowing you to drive at peak speeds with total assurance. Vsett 10+ is an excellent personal mobility solution that offers a superior riding experience by fusing performance, simplicity, and dependability.


The Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter, which is the next-generation scooter, weighs 79 lbs (35.8 kg), but that is only because it squeezes the most performance into every square inch of its chassis. Its strong characteristics make the weight well worth it. To make it easier to store the scooter in the trunk of a vehicle, the stem and handlebars are collapsible. When the deck is folded, a handle extension on the deck enables users to easily transfer the folded stem by clasping it. Additionally, the Vsett 10+ has a triple locking system that ensures a solid lock with no wobbling for the foldable hex stem riser.


The Vsett 10+’s tyres are a significant component. It is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tyres that, unlike conventional solid tyres, can handle any kind of terrain. abrasive pavement? No issue. Sluggish swamps? It is easily handled by the Vsett.

You are now free to ride your scooter outdoors without being concerned about getting home. Additionally, the 3-inch breadth of the tyres offers outstanding stability and grip for a comfortable ride across unforgiving terrain.

VSETT 10+ Review4


The big deck of the Vsett 10+ is 27 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, adding to its stability and comfort. With the enlarged deck of the scooter, you have more space to maneuver and easily manage your journey. The scooter can manage even the most difficult roads thanks to its big deck, low center of gravity, and 7′′ ground clearance. Riders can maneuver over obstacles with ease and still have the option to ride in an upright posture thanks to the little lean on fast corners.

The deck of the Vsett 10+ features a silicone surface, giving it an advantage over scooters of comparable price. The grip tape used by the majority of other manufacturers is less sticky, degrades with time, and isn’t as flexible. The deck material used by Vsett results in longer-lasting performance and a smoother ride across cracks, bumps, and obstacles. The 10+’s deck is easier to clean, as opposed to grip tape decks. The 10+ gets filthy or shows dirt quicker than a typical grip-tape deck, however, so that is the trade-off.

Controls & Display

The broad, ergonomic handlebar of the Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter is special and folds. With a special shatterproof rubber covering and turn signal buttons, the handlebar grips are equipped. With a single pull, the levers on each side of the handlebars engage the 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes. The Vsett 10+ incorporates a key-lock immobilizer that activates the scooter using an NFC card, discouraging criminals from taking your unit. Other scooters employ a key lock as an anti-theft function.

On the right handlebar, the NFC card reader is included within the QS-S4 display. The QS-S4 display’s design also includes a display for battery voltage. Being incorporated with the display, the index trigger throttle is useful while accelerating. Your scooter’s condition may be evaluated on the display in real time. The central command system and cockpit allow you to simultaneously manage and control your scooter’s features while providing important information you need while riding, such as the riding mode, speed, battery life, mileage remaining on the current ride, cruise control, gear indicator, and fault warning light.

The horn, DDM button, and sports mode button are located on the left handlebar’s bottom side. You may switch between the single motor mode and the dual motor mode by pressing the DDM button, which controls the two motors. On the other hand, the sports mode (Turbo Boost) enables you to pump a dose of incredible power, although for just two minutes.


The primary headlight is mounted to the front fender, while the Vsett 10+ has two LED lights implanted in the front portion of the deck. Additionally, it features turn signals that let cars know which way you’re travelling. Additionally, the rear turn signals flash brightly as you brake to increase your visibility to oncoming traffic. Despite being low positioned, the lighting system is enough to illuminate the walkway. To increase safety, you may always buy an extra headlight.

VSETT 10+ Review2

Water Resistance

Due to its IP54 certification, the Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter is resistant to water jets coming from all sides. Riders can easily bike in mild, sporadic rain thanks to this useful element. But as quickly as you can, find cover and dry the motorbike. Additionally, the scooter can briefly traverse small puddles. Simply avoid riding through deep puddles since doing so might harm the electrical parts.


A fantastic scooter with a wide variety of features and abilities is the Vsett 10+. One of the most adaptable mobility options is the Vsett 10+ electric scooter, which can manage cracks, bumps, and other obstacles. The scooter is a sleek, smart scooter that blends fashion and utility. The scooter also has a number of innovative innovations that have yet to become widely used in the scooter market, including a patented Triple Stem Locking Mechanism, NFC Key-Lock Immobilizer, and an enhanced QS-S4 Display & Throttle.

Warranty & Customer Support

The manufacturer’s guarantee for the Vsett 10+ is valid for 12 months and exclusively addresses manufacturing flaws. Wear and tear, crashes, misuse, and changes to the product are probably not covered in addition to that. Vsett offers a top-notch customer service department. The staff may be contacted by phone, via the contact us page on their website, or by email at [email protected].

Known Issues

  • When riding on tough terrain, users have noticed that the light on the front fender continues bouncing up and down.
  • An key component of high-performance scooters like the Vsett 10+ is the steering damper.
  • Some riders feel uncomfortable with the positioning of the charging port and that it will alter how they stand.


This 10-plus scooter requires regular maintenance to operate at its peak efficiency, just like any other equipment. Fortunately, it’s not a difficult procedure and won’t take up much of your time. You can keep your scooter in excellent operating order with some basic maintenance and a quick clean-up of the device. Naturally, how often you do this depends on how frequently you ride the scooter.

Only use a charger that the manufacturer recommends and charge the battery often. Long-term battery damage from electricity might occur if you use low-quality chargers. Always make sure your tyres are filled to the proper PSI by frequently checking their pressure. Always remember to inspect your scooter’s nuts and bolts and make the necessary adjustments.

Vsett 10+: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

One of the most adaptable electric scooters on the market is the Vsett 10+. Few other scooters in this price range can compete with its superb selection of features. A few of this scooter’s strengths are its incredible speed, range, riding quality, and safety. It is perfect for a range of activities, including weekend trips, neighbourhood errands, and even business meetings. It is simple to see why this is the one scooter that rules them all with its remarkable list of functions and design, which can fit into almost any situation.

The scooter looks, feels, and rides like an ultra scooter thanks to its robust construction, knobby tyres, polished frame, futuristic appearance, and strong engine. With their athletic, intelligent, and fashionable scooters, Vsett scooters are eventually redefining the future of scooter technology. The Vsett 10+ is a novel method of transportation that much exceeds the rider’s expectations for electric transportation in terms of its contemporary design, comfort, and simplicity.

The few problems that users of this scooter have mentioned are maybe more a matter of personal preferences. The low placed headlight’s beam bouncing caused by suspension movement is the only serious issue, however this may be fixed by acquiring an auxiliary light. The only remaining concern is if a price range of $2,305.75 to $2,536.90 (or £1,662.50 to £1,829.17) is too much for this scooter. With amazing features, terrific performance, outstanding ride quality, adaptability, and almost no sacrifices, the scooter earns its price tag.

Specification: VSETT 10+ Review

Suitable For



1400 W

Max Speed



80.7 miles

Charge Time

6 to 12 hrs

Single-Charge Mileage

50 miles


Adjustable, and rear hydraulic suspension, and sprung arms, Front coil spring

Braking System

Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes + Electric ABS Brakes


25.4 cm Pneumatic + Pneumatic


1536 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

79 lbs

Max Load

285 lbs


Brake Light, Front LED, Rear LED, Turn signals

Product Material

6082-T6 Aluminium, propylene covers, SCM 440

Water Resistance


Extra features

NFC key

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  1. Izhan Qahhar

    I received my new Vsett 10+R this past Thursday 6/9. The scooter is a lot bigger than the pictures show. I’ve had it out on three long rides so far and have been having a blast. The scooter is fast with insane acceleration. If you’re not used to a scooter like this start out on the lower settings until you get used to it. I did notice the front starting to wobble around 30mph. I ordered a speed damper from RevRides that should arrive this Friday. That should stabilize the front end of this beast. My only gripe is one of the rubber nut protectors fell off yesterday and I’ll have to buy another one. Dealing with RevRides has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve spoken to three people over there and they have been extremely professional and personable. Kudos to RevRides.

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