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The Booster Sport is a contemporary scooter that has all of the features that experienced and intermediate riders are looking for. Because of the high-performance characteristics, this is not a kids scooter. E-Twow and its partners have created a template for electric scooters that continues to provide performance-packed usability, uncompromising safety, and applause-worthy dependability, resulting in a line of high-demand goods. We’ll start by looking at the scooter’s frame. The Booster Plus S is made of 6061 T6 aluminium alloy, which has a good strength-to-weight ratio, is durable, and is corrosion resistant. This material is also largely responsible for the scooter’s light weight. Red, grey, blue, black, and white are the five colours offered for this model. It has a sporty, eye-catching look.

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Uscooters Booster Sport Summary

The Booster Sport is a cutting-edge scooter that offers all the characteristics that advanced and intermediate riders value most. Thanks to its high-performance characteristics, this scooter is not intended for children. E-Twow and its partners have created an electric scooter template that continues to give performance-packed usefulness, unwavering safety, and acclaim-worthy dependability, resulting in a line of highly sought-after goods. We start by examining the scooter’s frame. The 6061 T6 aluminium alloy used in the construction of the Booster Plus S gives it a reasonable strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and resistance to corrosion. The scooter’s light weight is also largely attributable to this material. Red, grey, blue, black, and white are the five various color options for this model. It has a very athletic look, with small yet substantial tyres and a sturdy polished frame. The Booster S chose a less crowded steering wheel with a small display and functions to go with its athletic appearance. The right handlebar has a throttle, while the left has a comfortable thumb-activated regenerative brake. The scooter’s telescoping stem makes it easy to alter the height to the rider’s comfort. The Booster Sport is extremely portable and lightweight at only 24.5 lbs. Furthermore, it can be folded and carried easily, whether in the back of an Uber or beneath your desk at work. This scooter’s powerful 500W motor can propel it to exciting peak speeds of 24.3 mph (37 kph). The scooter is one of the most powerful electric scooters in its class thanks to the 500W motor, which has a maximum output of 800W. With its powerful torque, the scooter can easily accommodate a 280-pound user and climb high inclines of 25 degrees. A 36v, 10.5 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers the motor. Depending on the weight of the user, the weather, and the terrain, the battery provides the scooter with a substantial riding range of 20 kilometer. The battery charges completely in 3 hours, which is comparatively quicker than with comparable scooters.

This scooter priorities safety and incorporates two braking systems for powerful stopping. The front regenerative brake of the scooter is engaged by the thumb, while the rear fender brake is actuated by placing the foot on the rear fender. Additionally, the Booster Sport has 7.5-inch solid rubber tyres. The tyres are puncture-proof and need minimal maintenance, but they cannot absorb shock like pneumatic tyres. The dual suspension system on this scooter improves the riding experience by making up for the lack of comfort on the solid tyres. With rubberized grips, the short handlebars further enhance the ride quality.

A centralized LCD is built into the steering rack, providing the rider with vital information including speed, battery life, temperature, and distance. Two stop and speed controls are located on the handlebars. The narrow deck, which severely restricts standing and makes it uncomfortable for riders with larger feet, is a drawback. It can, however, sustain a rider weight of up to 280 lbs. The Booster Sport provides convenience and dependability overall. You can transport it anywhere you need to go because to how quickly it folds and the carrying handle. The high-pitched horn, which is loud enough to warn other drivers, is a pleasant difference.

Continue reading for a more in-depth analysis of one of the most portable and reasonably priced scooters on the market.


Performance Overview

A 500W motor that can provide up to 800W of power propels the powerful and ultra portable Booster S. The enormous torque production allows the scooter to reach a peak speed of 24.3 mph while supporting a rider weight of up to 280 lbs. Additionally, the scooter easily handles 25 degree inclination hills. A 314 WH (36V, 10.5 AH) rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the motor, providing power for an astonishing 20 miles of riding range on a single charge. The acceleration, however, is insignificant in contrast to other models in the range, such as the Unagi One and Glion Dolly.

For unmatched stopping power, E-Twow coupled a rear fender foot brake and front regenerative braking. Although the regenerative brake offers a modest amount of stopping force, when combined with the rear foot brake, it perfectly stops the scooter. Regenerative braking allows for on-the-go battery charging, extending the rider’s range. Overall, the Booster S is a strong, powerful electric scooter ideal for city commuting that gives experienced riders a better riding experience.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The maximum speed of the Uscooters Booster Sport is 24.3 mph (39 km). This speed is thrilling when compared to other scooters in its price range and is more than adequate for an urban cruiser. With the scooter’s zero-start function, users only need to lift the throttle to start the motor and begin cruising. The Booster also accelerates rather well. According to testing conducted in the real world, the scooter can easily accelerate to 15 mph (24 km/h) in 6.3 seconds and 20 mph (32 km/h) in 10.2 seconds (in optimal conditions). The ergonomic throttle located on the right handlebar is used to accelerate. Additionally, the scooter features a cruise control feature that locks the speed to the rider’s preferences. You may turn on cruise control by driving at a consistent pace for 5 seconds. Use the brakes or the throttle to disable the feature. By communicating the (cruising) speed statistics, the colored LCD makes sure the rider is not flying blind.

Hill Climbing

This scooter’s motor produces a lot of torque, which allows it to easily climb hills with a 25-degree slope. It can climb a 10 degree slope in 19.2 seconds, which is 0.8 seconds faster than its bigger sibling, the Uscooters Booster V, in actual testing.

Battery Life & Range

A 36V, 10.5 Ah (314 WH) rechargeable Li-ion battery powers the Booster Sport. The battery cells are produced by Samsung, a company with a well-established reputation for innovation. In comparison to the general type lithium-ion batteries found in the majority of e-scooters, this maintenance-free battery delivers higher performance.

When completely charged, the battery gives the rider 20 miles (32 km) of range on a single charge. The cyclist may travel farther with the regenerative brake. However, keep in mind that the mileage of this scooter varies depending on the rider’s weight, battery level, the terrain, the weather, and the speed.

Since it takes the battery around 3 hours to completely charge, this scooter is ideal for charging at work before heading home at the end of the day. With its outstanding range and extremely quick charge periods, the Booster Sport is virtually unbeatable in its class.


Motor Configuration

The Booster Sport is propelled by a 500 Watt front hub brushless motor. The 500W motor produces a tonne of torque, reaching a peak of 800W. The motor’s output has a load capability of 280 lbs (127 kg), and it can climb hills with an incline of 25 degrees. Because it has a zero start, this motor may be started without pushing or kicking.

Construction & Build Quality

High-grade components are used in the construction of E-Twow electric scooters to ensure uncompromising quality and dependability. The ultra-lightweight, structurally strong aluminium alloy 6061-T6 used in the construction of the Uscooters Booster Sport makes it perfect for both portability and sturdiness. The aluminium alloy is also corrosion- and weather-resistant for increased durability.

The telescoping (adjustable) stem of the scooter may be changed to the rider’s chosen height. To make the scooter portable, the downtube may also be folded. A spring-loaded system makes it simple and quick to fold the short handlebars. They lock into place solidly and leave no opportunity for movement when unfurled. The brake lever, throttle, digital horn, centralized LCD, and rubberized grip ends are all secured in place by the handlebar stem. The handle bars are also always precisely aligned with the front wheel thanks to a guide track.

This scooter’s deck is just 16.8 by 6 inches, and the ground clearance is only 3 inches. The scooter’s deck includes a sandpaper feel that helps prevent slipping for the user. The scooter rides on 7.5-inch rubber tyres that require no maintenance. The airless tyres do away with the chance that a flat tyre may reduce the comfort and traction that air-filled or pneumatic tyres provide. The Uscooters Booster Sport boasts a dual suspension system that effectively reduces track vibrations.

The scooter includes side reflectors for added safety and visibility. The LED headlamp includes multiple white LED bulbs that emit a strong light for illumination, and it is high located on the handlebars. Low on the back fender, there is an inset rear tail light. Both lights operate ineffectively. To shield the rider and the scooter from mud, water, and other debris, it includes front and rear fenders. The rear fender further acts as a brake.


The deck of the Booster Sport is 16.8 inches by 6 inches with a 3 inch ground clearance. For passengers with longer feet, the permitted standing time is severely constrained. The deck lacks the ergonomic design used by companies like Razor, which enables a comfortable footrest on the angled back. However, it effortlessly tows a remarkable 280 lb (127 kg) load capacity.

Similar to skateboards, the scooter’s deck is coated in a sandpaper-like substance to provide riders the most grip possible. When riding, exercise caution since the low ground clearance might make it difficult to pass over curbs or uneven terrain.


The 7.5-inch solid rubber tyres of the Uscooters Booster Sport are ideal for flat terrain and warm weather. Although they have a limited capacity for shock absorption, they make up for it with their ability to be maintenance-free and puncture-proof.

The wheels’ compact size also contributes to the scooter’s ultra-portability by limiting how far the pieces extend from the folded package.



Due to its dual front and rear suspension, this scooter features higher shock absorption for an improved ride. The rider is protected from the majority of vibrations picked up by the solid front tyre that would otherwise go up the stem tube to the rider’s hands by the front spring suspension.

Furthermore, the rear suspension effectively dampens deck vibrations that travel to the rider’s feet.


A braking system that is dependable and unwavering is required for a scooter this strong and swift. This explains why E-Twow decided to pair together two straightforward yet efficient braking systems for improved stopping force. The two stopping mechanisms include a front regenerative brake that is operated by the thumb and a rear fender footbrake that is engaged by pushing one foot on the rear fender. Contrary to when they are applied individually, the two brakes have more stopping force when they are engaged simultaneously.

KERS technology is also used by the regenerative brake to convert braking energy into battery recharging. When used alone, the regenerative brake has a 40-foot stopping distance, but while used in conjunction with the other system, the distance is just 19 feet when moving at peak speed.

Ride Quality

The performance of the scooter is not bad. The scooter’s sturdy tyres function admirably in dry conditions and on flat ground. The dual suspension system, which performs a great job of absorbing stress over uneven terrain and through road cracks, is, however, highly relied upon by the scooter. This scooter’s front hub motor is incredibly silent, making it simple to go to work or around the neighborhood without drawing attention as other loud hub motors and cumbersome chain motors do.

When both brakes are engaged simultaneously, the dual braking system is functional. Additionally, because this scooter delivers an incredible 21 miles on a single charge and includes an LCD battery level display, users won’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of their trip. In order to improve rider safety, the scooter also comes equipped with reflectors, a headlight, and a rear tail light.


The handlebars of the Booster S include an integrated LED headlight in front of the LCD. There are 6 extremely brilliant LEDs in the headlamp. The headlight’s poor lighting profile is caused by the absence of an optic that would project the light directly.

A tail light is also included into the scooter’s rear fender. For best visibility, especially at night, it is essential to have an extra high placed rear light to supplement the OEM tail light.

As an added measure of visibility and safety when riding at night, the deck also incorporates side reflectors.\

Controls & Display

The handlebars on the Booster Sport are slim and straightforward, with only two buttons and an LCD. While the right control is the thumb-activated throttle for acceleration, the left thumb controls the regenerative brake.

There are buttons for power and mode on the backlit LCD. Additionally, it includes a distinctive high-pitched digital siren to warn other drivers.


The Uscooters Booster Sport is very portable and lightweight, weighing only 24.5 lbs (11 kg), owing to its aluminium alloy construction. Its portability is greatly enhanced by its light weight and folding capabilities. The stem, handlebars, and small wheels all retract thanks to the system’s three points of folding.

This makes it condense into an improbable-small box that can be transported and kept almost anyplace (within reason). Additionally, a carrying handle is included, making moving the scooter around even easier.


Water Resistance

Due to the Booster Sport’s unfortunate lack of water resistance, riding should be done with extreme caution. Rainy days should be avoided, and water puddles should be avoided by the riders.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Uscooters Booster Sport is expertly constructed with top-notch materials that ensure longevity and dependability. Riders may plan their excursions properly because this vehicle gives significant distance on a single charge. The battery can be charged in 3 hours, which is a handy and quick process. This scooter’s durability is considerably enhanced by the fact that its brakes, batteries, motor, and tyres all require little to no maintenance.

A one-year limited guarantee is provided by E-Twow. The battery pack is covered by the warranty, however consumables like tyres are not covered. Local consumers who return their equipment to the firm are not charged for shipping, but clients from other countries are.

A quick-response customer care team at E-Twow/Uscooters effectively handles client inquiries. Email, snail mail, a special customer hotline, and their website’s contact form are all ways to get in touch with the staff.


For optimum and dependable operation, the Booster Sport needs routine service and maintenance, just like any other electric scooter. Because of its high quality construction, customers have reported using it for thousands of kilometres with little to no maintenance.

Customers are often required to charge the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, including by using the suggested charger. To get the most out of your investment and increase lifetime mileage without major maintenance, make sure the device is also dry and dust-free.

The performance qualities of this scooter have the advantage of requiring little to no maintenance, and the majority of delicate components are enclosed and shielded from the outdoors.

Known Issues

Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the low clearance, which makes it difficult to pass over some sidewalks or taller obstructions.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

One of the most ultra portable electric scooters is the Booster Sport. It also has all the characteristics you absolutely must have in a scooter, giving you the chance to effectively simplify your everyday journey. In three terms, this scooter is strong, effective, and useful. The airless tyres on this scooter are dependable and require no maintenance, and the dual suspension cushions the rider on any surface. With the cruise control option, you may travel to your destination at a consistent pace of your choosing.

Additionally, this scooter’s lithium-ion battery is manufactured by Samsung, which is more dependable and provides greater mileage and battery life than generic lithium-ion batteries. For new riders, the price may seem unusually exorbitant, but for those who appreciate the benefits of the high-performance features on this scooter, it represents excellent value.

7Expert Score
The Booster Sport is a contemporary scooter that has all of the features that experienced and intermediate riders are looking for. Because of the high-performance characteristics, this is not a kids scooter. E-Twow and its partners have created a template for electric scooters that continues to provide performance-packed usability, uncompromising safety, and applause-worthy dependability, resulting in a line of high-demand goods. We'll start by looking at the scooter's frame. The Booster Plus S is made of 6061 T6 aluminium alloy, which has a good strength-to-weight ratio, is durable, and is corrosion resistant. This material is also largely responsible for the scooter's light weight. Red, grey, blue, black, and white are the five colours offered for this model. It has a sporty, eye-catching look.
  • It is ultraportable since it is light and tiny.
  • Charge times are really quick.
  • It has solid airless tyres that don't require any maintenance.
  • Adaptable to modest inclines
  • Has dual suspension for a more comfortable ride.
  • It includes a carrying handle that makes it easy to transport the scooter.
  • It has a high-pitched trumpet, a handlebar stem that can be adjusted, and a lot of torque.
  • It has a good range and acceleration.
  • It is not resistant to water.
  • Due to the limited space on the deck, some riders are forced to ride in awkward postures.
  • The little solid tyres have inadequate cushioning and do not ride smoothly over bumps.
  • In rainy weather, solid rubber tyres are ineffective.
  • The front headlight does a terrible job of projecting light.


Suitable For




Max Speed

23 mph


20 miles

Charge Time

3 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

25 miles


Front coil spring, Rear suspension

Braking System

Dual braking system- Front thumb-activated regenerative, rear fender brake


7.5-inch Solid


314 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

24.5 lbs

Max Load

280 lbs


Embedded high mounted front lights, rear fender tail/brake light and side reflectors

Product Material

6061 T6 aluminium

Water Resistance

Extra features

central LCD is fairly bright, foldable handlebars, Larger decks


4.3 out of 5
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    I’ve only had it for a short while, but I’m already really impressed.

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  2. Noah

    We bought this scooter mostly for camping, and we want to buy another one.

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  3. Bancroft

    I like that it rides better than the other models they offered and has larger tyres.

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