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The Urban Drift S006 is an urban-friendly electric scooter with unrivalled control, stability, comfort, and power. This little car has a strong motor and travels at a reasonable pace for your everyday commute. It also has extra-wide tyres for increased strength and exceptional braking force for a smooth stop. Finally, it has a durable, long-lasting frame and comes at an incredible price.
Riders will like the innovative LED display on this scooter, which lets them to examine the speed, mode, current speed, battery level, and other important riding data.
You can’t go wrong with the Urban Drift S006 electric scooter if you’re searching for a small e-scooter with great cruising speed, tremendous power, and a good range for all your city commuting.

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Urban Drift S006 Summary

Finding an e-scooter in today’s market that combines functionality, style, and portability is difficult. The Urban Drift S006 delivers all of this and much more, which is wonderful news. A powerful 350W brushless direct-current engine gives this electric scooter a peak speed of 15.5 mph. A 36V 10AH lithium battery powers its motor, lasting 21.7 miles on a single charge and charging in five hours.

The flawlessly welded aluminium alloy frame also provides unparalleled strength and adequate surface area for all the various parts and attachments to easily latch onto. It weighs only 39 pounds, can be folded effortlessly, and can be carried with one hand when travelling. It also has collapsible handles.

The Urban Drift S006 has a dual braking system that allows for a stable and comfortable stop. The 10-inch pneumatic tyres work well with this technology to provide unsurpassed stability and an amazing riding experience on any urban or suburban terrain. For maximum visibility, it has front, rear, and sidelights as well.

Riders will also like the smart LED display on this scooter, which enables users to view information such as speed, mode, current speed, battery level, and other crucial riding details. The company’s smart app offers further technical assistance by enabling Bluetooth connectivity, which gives users access to extra control choices.

You can’t go wrong with the Urban Drift S006 electric scooter if you’re searching for a little e-scooter that offers outstanding cruising speed, tremendous power, and impressive range for all your city commutes.


Performance Overview

Performance is one of the most important factors to take into account when selecting a scooter. Although simply an entry-level scooter, the Urban Drift S006 electric scooter has met and beyond all performance standards. The S006 can reach a peak speed of 15.5 mph thanks to its 350W brushless direct-current motor. Additionally, the e-scooter has three ride modes, allowing users to travel around town at any speed they want.

The 10 x 2.7-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres of the S006 provide outstanding grip and provide constant stability for the 39-pound scooter. The S006 has a wider anti-slip pedal and a high-quality aluminium body for enhanced stability and greater strength, despite the absence of shock absorbers on both wheels.

The outstanding braking mechanism on this contemporary e-scooter enables users to slow down and stop the scooter no matter their speed or the terrain. You can still get home after sunset thanks to the reflectors, taillights, and headlights’ brilliant LEDs. Last but not least, this electric scooter has a fully functional dashboard with comfortable controls and a large display that lets users monitor their speed, ride mode, and battery capacity.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Urban Drift can reach a peak speed of 15.5 mph thanks to a strong 350W brushless motor that can output 500W. While thrill-seekers won’t find this to be very exciting, commuters who want to take in the expansive city vistas and prevent irresponsible scooter accidents will find it to be fast enough.

The Urban Drift S006’s constant acceleration is another intriguing feature. This implies that anyone may use this scooter, even teens. In addition, the S006 has three unique ride modes that allow for leisurely speeds when driving around the city.

Although the Urban Drift S006 electric scooter was made for city commuting, this does not prevent it from providing amazing hill-climbing capability. It may not be able to compete with well-known off-road animals, but its 350W motor enables it to easily handle terrains with up to 30-degree inclines.

However, this will depend on the battery level, the rider’s weight, and the weather (including whether or not it is windy).

Controls & Display

The SOO6 e-scooter has a basic yet incredibly user-friendly interface for operation. The T-center bar’s digital display, which is where the throttle is located, allows riders to keep an eye on their speed, battery life, mode, and cruise control. There is a button that adjusts the speed mode underneath the display. Another button is used to activate/deactivate the lights, while another is used for electronic braking. This scooter is perfect for users of all ages because of how easily it operates.


Battery Life & Range 

The S006’s outstanding battery has garnered a lot of attention. A 36V 10AH lithium battery powers this e-scooter and offers a 21.7-mile range on a single charge. Additionally, its long-range battery may last even longer with moderate use and charges in a respectable 5 hours.

Motor Configuration

Even though the official Urban Drift website claims that S006 is appropriate for both children and adults, riders have cautioned against letting children under the age of 15 anywhere near it, mostly because of its power output. It contains a 350W brushless direct-current motor, which can provide a maximum output of 500W, as was previously reported. This much strength will easily overwhelm smaller children.

Construction & Build Quality

The Urban Drift S006 provides good value for money in terms of build quality given its pricing. The scooter has a sturdy body constructed from lightweight aviation-grade aluminium alloy. The frame has a premium paint finish that gives it a stylish, slightly muscular appearance. Its foldable handles, which are cushioned with soft rubber, aid in reducing friction when riding. This scooter’s quality is also aided by its 10-inch tyres and inward wiring layout.


Unfortunately, none of the wheels on this portable scooter have shock absorbers. Nevertheless, it makes up for the lack of suspension with huge tyres, a sturdy frame, and a broad, anti-slip pedal that cushions impact on unforgiving surfaces.

Ride Quality

Riders may believe the S006 has stability concerns due to its lack of suspension, however this is untrue. One of the strongest and most reliable frames in its class can be found on this scooter. It also has a huge deck, incredibly broad tyres, and amazing stopping power.

You can see why this e-scooter is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world by considering its basic appearance and incredibly straightforward operation. Additionally, you can always get home thanks to its IPX4 water resistance certification, even in the rain or during a significant deluge.


Another important factor that motorcyclists take into account when selecting a scooter is its braking capacity. The dual braking system on this high-performance electric scooter combines an E-ABS front electronic brake and a rear disc brake. Riders may stop the S006 electric scooter at any point, even over small distances, thanks to these two brakes.


Particularly if you frequently utilise public transit, the Urban Drift S006 is the ideal travel companion. The stem may fold down and hook into the deck at the back wheel thanks to the bike’s traditional folding mechanism. The scooter can collapse into a small package that may be kept in a vehicle trunk, underneath a bus seat, in an office, or in a classroom thanks to the folding handlebars. Additionally, it just weighs 39 pounds, making it easy for anybody to handle with one hand.


Water Resistance

Riders may use the Urban Drift S006 scooter in the rain or just after a significant rainstorm since it has an IPX4 water-resistance rating. To prevent water damage, all crucial parts and accessories are completely enclosed. However, unless it’s an emergency, we advise against operating this scooter in the rain. In order to prevent damaging its electrical components, avoid riding over puddles of still water as well.


To enhance your visibility, the Urban Drift S006 is equipped with three sets of lights: side reflectors, front and rear LED lights. Those who prefer nighttime rides will need to make an investment in new headlights because existing lights are not appropriate for late-night activities.



The S006 has 10 x 2.7-inch pneumatic tyres that are air-filled. These provide a pleasant ride on all types of roads since they are broad enough to lay securely on the ground. The tyres also include cutting-edge anti-skid technology that prevents slippage.


A 20 cm wide deck is included with the Urban Drift S006 electric scooter for improved stability, foot room, and riding pleasure. Rubber padding has been added to the surface to provide grip and avoid sliding when travelling downhill. Riders may enjoy riding on any surface while maintaining the proper upright posture thanks to the generous foot space.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

A dependable piece of equipment is the Drift Gobi S. It functions as well on tough riding paths and is effective as a commuter in cities. With the scooter, you’ll have both speed and dependable mileage, which provides travelers confidence as they indulge their travels. The scooter can carry a substantial burden and won’t let you down as you travel up mountainous terrain. Most importantly, Urban Drift has experience manufacturing OEM and ODM electric scooters, thus their products are of the greatest calibrate. You can count on them to execute well on a tight budget.

Customers of Urban Drift are given a 180-day limited warranty that only applies to components or problems brought on by manufacturing flaws. The company’s website offers direct purchasing. The cost of shipping and insurance for the scooter shipment will be covered by the purchaser. An extra £179 ($249 USD) will bring you a 365-day guarantee.

Urban drift has a strong web presence that is managed by their committed customer support agents. The staff answers promptly to client inquiries sent via Facebook Messenger, email, and the company website. They are also on YouTube and Instagram.


The Urban Drift Gobi S needs maintenance to be in tip-top form, just like all other electric scooters. The best approach to keep a scooter in good working order is to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Regular cleaning is required. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to clean it up before and after each journey. Additionally, you should frequently inspect the bolts, screws, and nuts and tighten any that have fallen loose.

Additionally, look for deterioration in the bearings. It is wise to replace them if you see any rust or pitting. Once more, it is advised to charge the scooter using the charger supplied by the manufacturer and within the advised charging hours to guarantee safety.


Known Issues

Some customers have reported that as they ride, the disc rotors begin to rub due to loosened wheel nuts.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Urban Drift S006 offers excellent power, speed, safety, and comfort for an entry-level e-scooter. It stands out from the competitors at this price point because to its wealth of intriguing features. Overall, if you’re looking for a little car to drive about your neighborhood, this inexpensive scooter is worth looking into.

Specification: URBAN DRIFT S006 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

15 MPH


22.7 miles

Charge Time

5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

21.7 miles


Wide anti-slip pedal

Braking System

Disc brake and electric braking system


10'' anti puncture tires


lithium battery 36V 10AH

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

39 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


and side lamp, Front light, taillight

Product Material

aluminum alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Cruise Control

3 reviews for URBAN DRIFT S006 REVIEW

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Archie

    Scooter that is reasonably priced and of high quality. like the scooter’s clean deck and look. The LCD and light look excellent and perform well. I appreciate that scooter.

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  2. Joshua

    I’m very happy I bought this scooter.

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  3. Alexander

    The absolute best adult toy ever! Fantastic offer! We adore it! Strong as nails!!!!

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