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The K1 comes in two bright colours (blue and pink) and is one of the nicest presents you can offer to any youngster aged 6 to 12. It has a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium-alloy frame with no external cords, adding to its convenience and safety.
The electric scooter also has user-friendly security features that make it trustworthy and simple to use. To begin, the safe-start system requires children to kickstart the scooter before placing both feet on the deck, and the safe-speed control ensures that children may only accelerate gradually. The rear wheel of this scooter also incorporates a foot-operated friction brake for a smooth and progressive halt.

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Urban Drift K1 Summary

One of the nicest presents you can offer any youngster between the ages of 6 and 12 is the K1, which comes in two eye-catching colours (blue and pink). In addition to its attractive colours, it has a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium alloy frame with no exterior cords, which increases its comfort and safety.

Additionally, the electric scooter has simple security measures that make it safe to use. To begin with, the safe-start system and safe-speed control make sure that youngsters may only accelerate moderately and that they must kickstart the scooter before placing both feet on the deck. For a smooth and progressive halt, this scooter also incorporates a foot-operated friction brake on the back wheel.

The Urban Drift K1’s 120W engine is only turned on when the scooter is moving at a speed of 2.5 mph. The e-scooter has a peak speed of 3.7 mph and can climb slopes with an angle of up to 15 degrees. Riders can go up to four miles on a single charge because to the built-in 20V 2AH lithium-ion battery, which also has power protection.

Due to its numerous exceptional features and functionalities, the K1 is often referred to as the greatest kids’ scooter in its price range. This features the 5.7-inch PU tyres for increased stability and the adjustable stem for improved comfort. The machine has a great collapsible design and only weights 10 pounds, which makes it more portable. It can be rolled up and put beneath a desk, a bus seat, or the boot of a vehicle with one hand. Additionally, the K1’s components are all composed of top-notch materials that ensure its durability and safety.


Performance Overview

Thanks to its 20V 2AH lithium-ion battery and 120W motor, the Urban Drift K1 is a top performer in the kids’ e-scooter market. The 120W engine is propelled by the amazing battery, which has a four-mile range on a single charge. The motor’s peak speed is 3.7 mph, which is just fast enough to give youngsters a thrill while keeping them from freaking out and/or hurting themselves.

Along with its motor and batteries, the K1 has a height-adjustable T-bar for all children between the ages of 6 and 12 to use safely and easily. Additionally, the young riders may increase the handlebars as they become older and bigger thanks to the stem’s four levels of height adjustment. Additionally, this electric scooter has a fender-friction brake that assures a full stop when light pressure is given to the foot-operated brake lever.

Additionally, the K1 electric scooter is equipped with 5.7-inch polyurethane tyres that are of exceptional quality and durability and provide unparalleled stability and traction. Without tiring yourself, you can kick-push the scooter above 2.5 mph thanks to the wheels. Finally, the scooter effortlessly supports a load of up to 110 pounds.

Top Speed & Acceleration

With a 120W motor, the Urban Drift K1 has a peak speed of 3.7 mph. Although this pace may not be appropriate for young children seeking an adrenaline thrill, it is quick enough for interesting commutes within the neighborhood.

Thanks to its safe-start system and safe-speed control guards, this electric scooter accelerates steadily and smoothly. Kids have to kick-push the scooter until it reaches 2.5 mph with one foot on the deck and the other on the ground. To start the engine and accelerate up to 3.7 mph, they may then raise their other foot and put it on the gravity sensor.

The K1 is intentionally built to provide unmatched pleasure on supple city roads, but it also delivers when it comes to off-road excitement. This kid-sized electric scooter is lightweight and easily manoeuvres up to a 15-degree slope in tough terrain. This implies that motorcyclists won’t have any difficulties going up the driveway or along mildly inclining roads.


Controls & Display

The kickstand, brake lever, and gravity sensor are all controls that are located on the deck. However, there is no bell, speed throttle, or LCD display.

Battery Life & Range 

It’s remarkable that a kids’ e-scooter with a 20V 2AH battery can go four kilometers. But what’s even better is that this battery has low-power protection, which means it conserves power just before it runs out. Charge time for the K1’s internal battery is two hours.

Motor Configuration

The Urban Drift K1 electric scooter’s 120W engine gives it amazing power for its size and weight. With a maximum speed of 3.7 mph, this engine is capable of navigating terrain with 15-degree inclines. (Note: The 120W motor on this scooter must be manually kicked started up to a speed of 2.5 mph.)


Construction & Build Quality

From the tyres to the frame, everything about the K1 kids’ scooter exudes luxury and refinement. First, it has an aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame that is of the highest quality and is both light and durable. It is now among the lightest children’s electric scooters available thanks to this.

Second, it has airless polyurethane wheels of the highest quality. These not only provide unmatched road stability but also don’t need routine maintenance. All components are then magnificently welded together and painted with bright blue or pink colors.


Sadly, there are no shock absorbers on the K1. This implies that while riding through uneven or pothole-filled terrain, your child will feel it. The good news is that this scooter makes up for its lack of suspension with strong PU tyres and a robust deck that guarantees a smooth ride.

Ride Quality

The Urban Drift K1 ensures a safe and enjoyable riding experience for your children with its durable and lightweight frame, 5.7-inch PU tyres, strong friction brakes, four-level adjustable grips, and safe-start-and-speed control. This scooter also has a great folding mechanism that enables it to fit beneath the bus seat or in the trunk of a regular automobile.


It’s hardly surprising that the Urban Drift K1 has constant braking power since safety is its top feature. With only a little push, the rear wheel’s very sensitive fender-friction brake will smoothly stop the scooter.


The 5.7-inch PU tyres on this premium children’s e-scooter are strong, powerful, and steady. The wheels are reliable enough to provide unequalled grip and a comfortable ride, and they are strong enough to support children up to 110 pounds in weight. Additionally, parents won’t have to constantly change flats or check the pressure since the tyres are tubeless.



Thanks to its excellent folding mechanism, which enables the scooter to collapse in just three seconds, the Urban Drift electric scooter for kids is very portable. Kids can hold the scooter with only one hand since it weighs just 10 pounds. Finally, it may fit in any car’s trunk, behind a bus seat, or under a desk at work or school.

Water Resistance

On the Urban Drift website, there is no mention of a water-resistance rating, so make sure your kids don’t drive the K1 in the rain or slide through puddles after a downpour.


Unfortunately, there are no lights or reflectors on this electric scooter. However, this makes sense since we don’t anticipate youngsters to go on an exciting journey in the evening or in foggy conditions.


The Urban Drift K1 has a sizable deck that is cushioned with rough rubber to aid stability and boost foot traction. This indicates that children aged 6 to 12 will have plenty of room to rest their feet while riding this excellent electric scooter. All controls, including the brake, kickplate, and gravity sensor, are also located on the deck.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The K1 is very trustworthy because to its consistent engine power, safe-speed control, rapid brakes, and solid and stable deck. You may feel secure knowing that your child will use this machine with confidence once you decide to give it to them since it has all the necessary safety features.

A 180-day, all-components guarantee is also included. The product is also supported by a solid customer service staff that replies to all inquiries within one to two days.


The Urban Drift K1 electric scooter is described as “maintenance-free,” however this does not imply that it should be left unattended after usage. This children’s e-scooter has to be maintained just like any other machine does, which includes dusting and cleaning the base, tightening any loose screws, lubricating the adjustable T-bar, and sometimes tightening the brakes.

Known Issues

Despite the fact that most users are pleased with this portable electric scooter, a few users have complained about K1 issues. A few months of usage, according to some parents, causes the T-bar to stop adjusting, the brakes to become readily loosened, and the battery to charge too slowly.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


The Urban Drift K1 electric scooter would make an excellent present for a child who appreciates riding in style in the suburbs. In addition to being secure and comfortable, this e-scooter has a seductive style that will attract attention in the neighbourhood. The K1 is designed for youngsters’ outdoor adventures and has the strength to climb modest inclines. Along with its amazing features and capabilities, it also has an unmatched pricing that provides outstanding value for your hard-earned money.

Specification: URBAN DRIFT K1 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

3.7 mph


2.5 miles

Charge Time

2 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

4 miles


Braking System

Rear-wheel fender-friction brakes


10-inch pneumatic anti-seismic tires


20V 2AH lithium-ion battery

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

10 lbs

Max Load

110 lbs


Product Material

Lightweight aviation-grade aluminium alloy

Water Resistance

Extra features

Lightweight & Foldable

3 reviews for URBAN DRIFT K1 REVIEW

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  1. August

    They sent scooters for my son and me, and they have been incredibly fun and practical for us.

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  2. Bryson

    These scooters are by far the best, in my opinion.

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  3. Amir

    The ride is really comfortable. Very simple to assemble, and the battery life is ideal for my 15-year-old. He has no issues and he likes it.

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