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The Urban Drift Gobi S is a luxury scooter that doubles as an urban commuter while also fulfilling your off-road fantasies. The dependable dual suspension and wide, grippy tyres are ideal for tearing through the city or carving across mountains at breakneck speeds.
The design itself boasts precise craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring its long-term durability and overall riding comfort. So, whether you’re venturing into unknown terrain with pals or riding about town on this stunning electric scooter, Urban Drift has developed the Gobi S to fit the diverse nature of your commuting demands.

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One of the most recognisable scooter brands in the world is Urban Drift. With their cutting-edge and intelligent scooters, which are the result of the meticulous research and development for which they are renowned, they excel in the field of self-transport technology. Their designs for adult and kid scooters incorporate fervour, fun, style, control, safety, and speed. Today, we examine the flagship vehicle from Urban Drift, the Gobi S, a fan favourite that is incredibly powerful and equipped with top-notch features.

Before deciding to start their exclusive brand, Urban Drift has years of expertise working as an OEM and ODM. This experience is embodied in the Urban Drift Gobi S. The Gobi S was expertly constructed by Urban Drift’s team of talented engineers and designers using premium materials, with an emphasis on performance, safety, aesthetics, and usefulness. The industrial-grade aluminium alloy used to make the electric scooter is a superior material whose qualities enable the scooter to survive harsh conditions, hence increasing the scooter’s lifespan. With its robust all-terrain tyres, standard Urban Drift black colour with red accents, and distinctive single-sided swing arms, the design is stylish.

It’s an enormous monster! Given its robust specifications, it is sense that the Drift Gobi S weighs a little bit more than other normal scooters. As you zoom down your trail, the scooter’s dual 800w motors with a combined 1600w output provide power. The scooter’s amazing top speed of 37 mph (60 km/h) makes it one of the quickest mid-range scooters on the market thanks to the strong dual motors. The scooter’s maximum rider weight of 265 lbs (120 kg) allows it to carry the majority of adult riders with ease. The scooter’s highest instantaneous output of 3000w, which easily pushes it uphill grades of 20 degrees/25 percent, and gives it an impressive capacity to handle difficult incline.

Due to its incredible top speed, the Urban Drift Gobi S is a high-performance electric scooter and needs a reliable and effective braking system. Dual, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes on the scooter’s braking system offer great stopping capability even when the vehicle is moving at high speeds. With its front and rear dual suspension systems and substantial 10-inch tyres, the Gobi S offers an all-terrain ride that is comfortable, controlled, and smooth. The scooter has a strong lighting setup that includes dual front and rear safe lights in addition to a front LED headlight.


Learn more about the Urban Drift Gobi S, one of the most potent scooters in its pricing range and a true “Monster” by reading on.

Performance Overview:

The Urban Drift Gobi S is an extraordinarily potent electric scooter that elevates the concept of an electric scooter to a whole new level. It is a dual-motor scooter with powerful 800W motors on each of the two wheels. This results in a quicker and more comfortable ride. A total of 1600 watts of peak power and 4,000 watts of continuous power are produced by the scooter’s two 800-watt motors. Additionally, you can choose between the restrained Eco mode, which travels at a speed of 25 to 28 mph (40 to 45 km/h), and the ferocious Turbo mode, which travels at a speed of 35 to 37 mph (56 to 60 km/h).

Riders have the option of participating in single- or dual-motor configurations. Single motor mode has a significant impact on battery conservation, increasing range. Dual motors, on the other hand, are useful when you need a power bump. Due to the enormous torque of the motors, the scooter may be propelled up to 20 degrees or 25 percent of the mountainous terrain. For those who frequently travel over difficult or mountainous terrain, it is the best option. Additionally, the Urban Drift Gobi S scooter has two hand-operated front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that effectively bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The ideal scooter for both city commuting and off-road excursions is the Urban Drift Gobi S. It has an 800-watt twin electric motor that enables you to cruise at high speeds of 37 mph (60 km/h), according to the manufacturer. Notably, Urban Drifts informs users of the scooter’s tested top speed, which is outrageously fast for an electric scooter at 40 mph (64 km/h). You may further tailor your speed with the Eco/ Turbo mode settings, Dual/Single motor speed selections, and other features. Additionally, there are three gear options that can be used by both novice and experienced riders.

The next step is acceleration. The scooter accelerates flatly and with good response. There is no delay between tugging at the throttle and feeling the scooter take off thanks to its linear throttle technology. The scooter receives immediate power from the trigger-style squeeze throttle without the delay experienced with certain more conventional throttles. On the left side of the handlebars, the throttle is easy to use and smoothly responsive.

The Urban Drift Gobi S scooter’s potent dual 800 watt engines, which have a combined output of 1600 watts and a maximum instant peak output of 3000 watts, give it an exceptional ability to climb hills. Without sacrificing speed, it can climb slopes of 20% or 25%.

Controls & Display:

The handlebar is made of sturdy, fashionable aluminium and has rubber grips that are cosy to hold onto while travelling on the Urban Drift Gobi S scooter. A few thoughtfully positioned controls are housed on the scooter handlebar. On the right, there is a linear throttle and front brake lever; on the left, there is a rear brake lever and controls for the single, dual, and turbo motor switches. Last but not least, the horn button and headlight switch are both on the left.


Battery Life & Range:

A premium-quality, high-capacity 52v 20AH battery drives the Urban Drift Gobi S scooter, allowing it to travel 37 miles (60 km) on a single charge under ideal circumstances. The battery level, rider weight, and track conditions are only a few of the variables that affect the scooter’s riding range.

You can extend your range and conserve battery life by switching to Eco mode and single motor (front-wheel drive). Using your usual charger, the battery needs five hours to charge. Additionally, you have the choice to purchase a rapid charger, which reduces the charge time to only 2 hours.

Motor Configuration:

An 800-watt dual motor powers the high-performance electric scooter Drift Gobi S. (1600w output- max power 3000w). The Gobi S has an unmatched amount of high torque because to the motors’ total rating. With a high speed of 60 km/h and a top speed of 37 mph, the scooter can carry a rider up to 265 lbs comfortably (120 kg).

Construction & Build Quality:

An amazing piece of technology, the Gobi S. At the price it is being sold for right now on the market, it is among the quickest and most powerful electric scooters. Compared to the original Gobi, it has a distinctive, beefier, and more athletic design. The scooter is toughly constructed, has a rough exterior, and seems much bigger than it is. To finish the classy appearance, the cables are internally routed.

The Gobi S is built to last in a variety of settings and climates and is constructed from premium, industrial-grade aluminium alloy. It boasts a large, eye-catching deck with bespoke red and white embellishments that highlights the Urban Drift emblem and is wrapped in textured rubber. The deck includes an embedded kickstand, a tubular lining with LED safe lights fixed to the ends, and it is elevated considerably above the ground. Additionally housed inside the deck is the battery.

The handlebars are sturdy and equipped with all the necessary controls and buttons. In order to increase stability, the stem is firm and equipped with additional adjustable stem clips. The same industrial-grade aluminium alloy used to make the chassis is also used to make the stem. Additionally, the Gobi S has a distinctive alarm that can be turned on and off with a key fob.


Unfortunately, the Light 2 lacks a suspension system, which reduces the overall comfort of the ride. Given the expensive price, this isn’t very enjoyable. The fact that this scooter has two air-filled tyres sets it apart from others in the same price range. They compensate for the absence of dampening on bumpier roads by absorbing part of the vibrations.

Ride Quality:

The Urban Drift Gobi S is exceptional in terms of appearance, functionality, and dependability. Despite this, the scooter offers outstanding comfort on wheels and glides effortlessly. At its peak speed, it is crazily steady. This is further supported by the roomy deck, which allows users to sit comfortably without feeling crowded while riding. The deck’s rubber coating helps the rider’s grip. Additionally, the scooter is incredibly quiet when in motion, making therapeutic rides through the park enjoyable.

Additionally, the Drift S has huge 10-inch all-terrain tyres for a better riding experience on varying track surfaces. This model’s dual suspension system, which uses one-sided swingarms positioned on the opposing sides of the front and rear wheels, is also helpful. They are precisely designed to absorb trail shocks, resulting in a comfortable ride. The Gobi S is a true all-terrain vehicle thanks to its strong suspension and large tyres.

When riding at night, the scooter’s lighting system is appropriate and increases user safety. It is also equipped with a horn to warn other drivers of your presence and an alarm system to dissuade theft of the scooter. To make riding more comfortable, the handlebars are rubberized. Riders may confidently cruise at peak speeds because to the efficient twin hydraulic braking system that Urban Drift added to this model. The Urban Drift Gobi S will offer an unrivaled riding experience overall.


The hydraulic disc brakes used by the Urban Drift Gobi S electric scooter are strong and adequate. Fast electric scooters like the Drift Gobi S require hydraulic brakes since they are the finest in their class for stopping power. They offer incredibly quick response braking force for instant braking to guarantee maximum safety at any pace.



The scooter from Urban Drift, the Gobi S, is neither portable nor light. One of the heaviest electric scooters in its price range, in fact. Its enormous weight is 66 lbs (30 kg). The heavy-duty components, such as the swing arm suspensions, the dual engines, the substantial tyres, the large deck, and the high-capacity batteries, all contribute to the scooter’s considerable package weight. The scooter can still be stored in your boot thanks to its folding construction. Unfortunately, the scooter also lacks a locking mechanism to firmly fasten the stem to the deck when folded, necessitating ingenuity.

Water Resistance:

The IP65 rating of the Urban Drift Gobi S scooter. A device with an IP rating of 65 is protected from low-pressure, multiple-direction water jets. It can therefore resist the rain and travel over water puddles without worrying about electrical damage. However, don’t ride the scooter for an extended period of time in deeper water because it is only water-resistant and not waterproof.


Four LED bulbs make up the Drift Gobi S’s powerful front LED headlamp. The light is mounted shabbily, which is a drawback. Even so, the LED headlight will sufficiently illuminate the road ahead during the night and in low light. In order to improve the rider’s sight at night, it also contains a set of two safe red lights at the front and back of the deck. Another drawback is that the scooter doesn’t really have braking lights or indicators because the rear safe lights don’t blink or get brighter when stopping.



Large 10-inch anti-puncture all-terrain tyres are fitted on the Drift Gobi S. The big tyres have excellent grip and are perfect for rocky terrain. You need off-road tyres that can take a battering, and the set on the Gobi S ensures that.


The Gobi S features a roomy deck that is 22″ long by 8.5″ broad. It easily adapts to different foot sizes. The huge tyres also provide the deck enough ground clearance to pass over curbs and curves without damaging the under plate of the deck. The deck has a rubber surface with texture that provides more stability than the customary grip tape that feels like sandpaper. The name Urban Drift is painted across the deck for aesthetic purposes.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support:

A dependable piece of equipment is the Drift Gobi S. It functions equally well on tough riding paths and is effective as a commuter in cities. With the scooter, you’ll have both speed and dependable mileage, which provides travellers confidence as they indulge their travels. The scooter can carry a substantial burden and won’t let you down as you travel up hilly tracks. Most importantly, Urban Drift has experience manufacturing OEM and ODM electric scooters, thus their products are of the greatest calibre. You can count on them to execute well on a tight budget.

Customers of Urban Drift are given a 180-day limited warranty that only applies to components or problems brought on by manufacturing flaws. The company’s website offers direct purchasing. The cost of shipping and insurance for the scooter shipment will be covered by the purchaser.

Urban drift has a strong web presence that is managed by their committed customer support agents. The team answers promptly to client inquiries sent via Facebook Messenger, email, and the company website. They are also on YouTube and Instagram.


The Urban Drift Gobi S needs maintenance to be in tip-top shape, just like all other electric scooters. The best approach to keep a scooter in good working order is to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Regular cleaning is required. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to clean it up before and after each journey. Additionally, you should frequently inspect the bolts, screws, and nuts and tighten any that have fallen loose.

Additionally, look for deterioration in the bearings. It is wise to replace them if you see any rust or pitting. Once more, it is advised to charge the scooter using the charger supplied by the manufacturer and within the advised charging hours to guarantee safety.

Known Issues:

Some users have reported that as they ride, the disc rotors begin to rub due to loosening wheel nuts.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The ideal adult electric scooter is the Gobi S. It creates a display of performance, style, and power in one of the most cutting-edge electric scooters on the market. For those who enjoy adventure, it can handle rocky, hilly terrain with amazing ease. The scooter has distinctively large, sturdy tyres that are ready to transport you through any roads—or lack thereof—to emphasis its superiority.

Most importantly, the scooter is constructed without sacrificing safety thanks to its useful twin hydraulic rear and front brakes, which can stop the scooter when necessary. The scooter has a high-capacity battery that has enough power for a longer range of travel, which is another one of its many outstanding and creative characteristics.


Suitable For



800 Watt

Max Speed

37 mph


39 miles

Charge Time

2 Hours Fast Charging, 5 Hours Normal Charging

Single-Charge Mileage

37 miles (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)


Smooth front Cam-link suspension and adjustable rear twin-shock suspension system

Braking System

Dual Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake


10" Anti Puncture Off-Road Tires


20AH Battery, 52V

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

66 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Front LED Lights and Safe Light

Product Material

aluminum alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Dual Motor


4.7 out of 5
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    It appears to work great so far for commuting and is really durable.

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    This e-scooter is nice.

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    Excellent scooter for the money!

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