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Unagi has a strict manufacturing procedure in place to ensure the delivery of high-quality, safety-focused, stylish, durable, reliable, and high-performance goods. Every component of the Model One has been meticulously developed to ensure the scooter’s structural stability. We challenge you to show us a more stylish e-scooter than the Unagi Model One E500. Matte Black, Scarlet Fire Red, Sea Salt White, and Cosmic Blue are the four exquisite colours offered for the E500.
To keep the scooter compact and decrease maintenance, the Model One E500 makes use of high-end materials. The scooter has a well-designed bodywork with no visible wiring and a centralised control panel in the cockpit. Unagi made a decision.

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Model One E500 Summary:

Unagi has a strict production procedure in place to assure the delivery of high-quality, safety-focused, fashionable, durable, dependable, and high-performance goods. Every component of the Model One has been meticulously developed to ensure the scooter’s structural stability. We dare you to show us a more stylish e-scooter than the Unagi Model One E500. Matte Black, Scarlet Fire Red, Sea Salt White, and Cosmic Blue are the four exquisite colors offered for the E500.

To keep the scooter small and decrease maintenance, the Model One E500 makes use of high-end materials. The scooter has a well-designed bodywork with no visible wiring and a centralized control panel in the cockpit. The elegant handlebars were made from a magnesium alloy by Unagi. They claim that it took more than thirty prototypes to get the handlebar to the degree of precision seen on this world-class scooter.

Aluminium is used for the frame. Aluminum and magnesium are both lightweight materials, which is important for scooter mobility. The TORAY carbon fiber in the Unagi stem creates a blend of heavy-duty strength and lightweight. It also features a button that makes it simple to fold. The scooter weighs 26.5 lbs (12 kg), emphasizing its portability.

The scooter has a peak speed of 20 mph (a hidden manufacturer’s setting that must be unlocked), which, while not the quickest, is adequate, especially in urban settings. Dual 250 rear and front hub motors power the scooter. The combined output is capable of carrying a rider weighing up to 275 pounds (125kgs). The Model One is powered by a single 33.6V, 9.0Ah lithium battery with a range of 15.5 miles (25 kilometers). It takes 4-5 hours to completely charge the battery. Unagi chose an electrical regenerative braking system and a rear fender brake for the brakes.

The Model One’s solid rubber tyres are 7.5 inches in diameter. Solid tyres aren’t as comfortable as pneumatic tyres, which is why the rubber tyres on this scooter have holes punched into them to provide some cushioning on uneven terrain. This is significant given the scooter’s lack of suspension. It also features a large, silicon-covered deck, which contributes to the ride’s comfort.

An LED headlight, brakes, throttle, and horn are all included on the slim dashboard. This scooter’s horn is loud enough to make other road users aware of your presence. The front light, which emits 47 lumbermen, is compact but effective. Overall, the Model One is a terrific scooter with a lot to offer for city commuters looking for a mix of design, mobility, and performance.


Performance Overview:

When it comes to reducing delays when accelerating, the Unagi Model One E500 excels. The scooter’s performance testing suggest that it takes 4.4 seconds to go from 0 to 14.9 mph. This is substantially quicker than the majority of 12 kilogram scooters currently on the market. The highest speed of the Model One E500 is electrically restricted to around 17 mph. Beginners, intermediates, and professionals may all benefit from the scooter’s three power settings.

The two motors generate adequate torque (32 N.m of torque power) to tackle an inclination of up to 15 degrees, making Unagi a beast performance when it comes to climbing hills. The scooter can climb slopes at 10.9 mph or in 12.5 seconds, which is faster than many other scooters.

On a dry road, the scooter has a braking distance of 13 feet (396 cm), according to the manufacturer. However, real-world testing has revealed that the twin electronic brakes have a braking distance of 800 cm, which is fairly enough for electronic brakes. In addition, when the rear foot brake is used, the braking distance is reduced to 510 cm.

When it comes to range, the Unagi Model One E500 boasts a range of roughly 16 miles in perfect conditions. However, testing in genuine urban settings, including hills and pauses, reveal that the range is only around 8.5 miles if riding at peak speed of 16 mph all the time.

Speed & Acceleration:

The highest speed of the Model One E500 is 17 mph, which is a bit low for a scooter in this price bracket. Unagi, on the other hand, offers a top speed setting that unlocks a greater peak speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) option. There are three riding modes on the scooter, each with a variable peak speed and acceleration. Eco mode is 9-11 mph (14.5-17.7 km/h), Standard mode is 11-13 mph (17.7-20.9 km/h), and Professional mode is 15-17 mph (24.1-27.4 km/h.)

The scooter accelerates swiftly, reaching a top speed of 14.9 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

Hill Climbing:

The Model One E500 is designed to climb hills, and even average-grade slopes should be no problem. The two motors create a high torque of 32 N.m and a peak power of up to 1000 W in an instant. The scooter’s massive power propels it up slopes with a maximum inclination of 15 degrees.


The Model One E500 features 7.5-inch solid rubber wheels that are puncture-resistant. Air pockets run around the circle of the wheels, acting as front and rear suspension.

This design was designed to offer shock absorption even on bad roads, however pneumatic tyres would perform better in this regard.


Battery & Range:

The Unagi Model One’s lithium-ion battery, like many other aspects of the scooter, is customized by Sony, which speaks to its increased energy density and quick charging time. The battery is a 33.6 V, 9.0 Ah lithium-ion with a range of 15.5 miles (25 kilometres) on a single charge.

Lithium-ion batteries are more dependable than other types of batteries, with greater rated charge cycles. The Model One incorporates a cutting-edge Intelligent Battery Management System that protects the battery from potential dangers when charging and in use. The battery charges in around 4-5 hours, which is relatively usual for today’s scooters. To indicate when the charging brick is fully charged, a tiny LED light on the charging brick will change from red to green.

Motor Configuration:

The Unagi Model One is propelled by a twin 250W rear and front hub motor, which is protected from dust and water by a hub encasing.

Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation is a motor control approach (SPWM). The motors have a maximum power output of 1000W and a maximum torque output of 32 N.m.

Construction & Quality:

The design of the Unagi Model One E500 is simple and modern. It’s made with modern materials and top-tier technology, and it’s meant to last. The scooter is made of aluminium and carbon fibre, which are both strong and lightweight. The stem tube is made of TORAY carbon fibre, which is the same material that Elon Musk uses in his Space-X rockets. The handlebars of the scooter are made of magnesium alloy, which is 33 percent lighter than aluminium. This helps to explain why the scooter is now the most portable vehicle on the market. A futuristic integrated command centre featuring a throttle, stop, horn, LED headlights, and no visible cables is embedded in the silicon-covered handlebars.

The scooter’s five-inch deck is made of aluminium, and the top is coated with silicon to give the rider’s feet more grip. The deck, while not very big, is superbly constructed, with no apparent joints, seams, stitching, bulkiness, sandpaper grips, or the poor polish that is typical of basic scooters. With no protrusion, the battery is stored beneath the deck but is hardly visible. Furthermore, the four paint coats give the scooter a sumptuous appearance, and the laminate and high-abrasion resistant paint protect the scooter from wear and tear, as well as rust.

The scooter’s wheels are solid rubber with air pockets evenly distributed around the perimeter. Because the kickstand is incorporated into the deck, it is nearly imperceptible on this scooter. To match the rest of the scooter, it is made of aluminium. The scooter and rider are further protected from the elements by rear and front fenders.


With a weight of 26 pounds (12 kilograms), the Unagi Model One is one of the lightest adult electric scooters on the market, due to its carbon fibre stem, aluminium frame, and magnesium handlebars, which combine to decrease weight without sacrificing build quality.

This scooter’s modest weight makes it easy to transport up the stairs, into the house, office, bus, or train. The Unagi Model One E500 boasts a revolutionary stainless hinge mechanism that folds and locks in a single click. The Model One series is the only one with the mechanism.


Suspension & Comfort:

In this variant, the E500 lacks a suspension system and instead relies on rubber tyres with air pockets to cushion the bumps and judders that commuters encounter on a daily basis.

Ride Quality:

The deck is comfortable to ride on, due to the embedded silicon cushioning that provides extra traction. The scooter also boasts silicon handle grips for a secure grip even over rocky terrain. For a folding scooter, the stem is remarkably sturdy and does not wobble.

With a bright front LED headlight that lights the riding route clearly, a red LED tail light for trailing traffic, side reflectors, and a loud digital horn, this scooter is ideally equipped for low-light riding.

In the lack of a separate suspension system, the 7.5″ solid tyres with air pockets act as shock absorbs. It also boasts electronic brakes and a silicon-padded (for additional grip)rear fender footbrake with precise stopping capability that lets riders to cruise at peak speeds without fear of losing control.

The rider comfort and steadiness of this electric scooter are highly rated by daily commuters.


Two forward-facing 47 Lumen LEDs offer a dazzling front light that runs at 1.8 watts, while the rear-facing flashing LED provides ample light for following traffic. The scooter also includes multiple reflectors on the sides, ensuring that other road users and commuters are aware of their presence.


The electronic brakes of the Unagi Model One are among the most efficient, with exceptionally high braking power and a highly rated regenerative feature. The rear and front twin electronic brakes are accompanied by a rear fender foot brake to maximize the scooter’s braking power.

The electronic brakes don’t need to be maintained, but they do need power to work. The foot brake on the rear fender is a well-thought-out safety feature in case the scooter loses power and the user needs to use the manual override to come to a complete stop. Even at maximum speeds, the brakes operate admirably.


The deck of the Unagi Model One is 5-inches wide. Most riders, particularly those with huge feet, will have enough of room. However, the limited deck area does not detract from the innovation and engineering that went into the construction and quality assurance.

The deck is comprised of a single piece of well-cut aluminium that is silicon-embedded. The silicon gives sufficient grip for a secure ride. Overall, the deck is rigid and provides excellent rider comfort.


Water Resistance:

The Unagi Model One E500 e-scooter has an IP54 water-resistant classification, which means it can endure water spray from any direction and will not malfunction due to dust entry.

This is a terrific function, particularly for commuters who live and work in locations where rain is a common occurrence. The E500 may withstand a few splashes and riding in light rain, but it will not be able to withstand being saturated by severe rain or being submerged in water.


For durability, mobility, and dependability, the Unagi is superbly constructed using high-end materials. The scooter’s two 250W motors can push it across a variety of terrain, however it prefers urban environment. The Sony designed lithium battery is dependable and efficient, with a long battery life and good mileage per charge.

The electronic braking system, which is supplemented by a rear fender foot brake, guarantees that the scooter comes to a complete stop when needed, even at maximum speeds. The ultra-bright LED headlight, taillight, and reflectors let you to drive in style at any time of day or night. The Unagi Model One is an eye-catching scooter with cutting-edge features.


Unagi has some of the greatest customer care and support in the world, and the E500 normally comes with a one-year warranty in most countries, ensuring that you will be repaired at the discretion of the manufacturer. Unagi will send you a new scooter if the damage occurs during the first three months. The guarantee is only extended to the initial owner, as it is with most scooter manufactures. It does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by overuse (off-road use and water damage).

Customer service is available via a toll-free number and a contact form on their website. Their speedy reaction time has gotten them a lot of positive feedback from their clients.

Controls & Display:

The Unagi E500 scooter has a distinctive and modern display, which is complemented with polished handlebars. The handlebars are made of magnesium alloy, and the intuitive command center is positioned in the middle. The integrated command center is critical because it sends critical data like as speed, dual or single motor status, battery condition, and mileage. The display is of excellent quality and can be seen comfortably even in direct sunlight. The power switch lies beneath the command center.

Above the right handlebar is a rubberized switch button that allows you to convert between riding modes. The electronic brake is mounted on the left handlebar, while the throttle is mounted on the right. On the left is the horn button.


Known Issues:

Users have noted that the scooter’s range fell short of the manufacturer’s stated 15.5 miles, however this appears to be a matter of riding at full power all the time.

Riders have also complained that the scooter would just lose power during a ride, but this is exceedingly unusual. Unagi handled the situation admirably, even paying the whole expense of shipping the repaired e-scooter back to the user.


The E500 requires little maintenance, however riders are advised to check for loose bolts, fittings, or mountings on a regular basis. Riders should charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and they should also study the handbook, which emphasizes areas where they should focus for self-maintenance.

After each ride, make sure to wash clean the e-scooter with a moist towel and then fully dry it.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

Definitely! For your everyday commute, the Model One E500 is a beautiful, high-powered, and dependable mode of transportation. If appearances are important to you, this scooter will get you noticed.

This model, which was released as a replacement for the E450, provides excellent value for money. It has vital characteristics like as a dependable battery, low-maintenance tyres, effective brakes with improved braking power, and brilliant lights to make your commute more efficient.

While the price may be a little high for some, this electric scooter offers all of the features you could want. Do you have a hard time deciding between the single and twin motor versions? We can assure you that the extra money spent on the E500 over the E250 is definitely worth it.

Specification: UNAGI ONE E500 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

20 MPH


15.5 miles

Charge Time

4-5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

15.5 miles


No installed suspension

Braking System

Electronic brake (Regenerative) E-ABS, rear fender brake


7.5 inches Solid rubber tyres with air pockets



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

26.5 lbs

Max Load

275 lbs


1.8 W LED front light, 47 lumens, rear blinking red LED

Product Material

Aluminium, and silicon, Carbon fibre

Water Resistance


Extra features

Horn, Kickstand, LED Lights

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