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UberScoot Powerboards, formerly known as Evo Powerboards UK, has released the Uberscoot 1600W, a top mid-range electric scooter. The scooter is part of Uber Scoot’s new generation of powerboards, which was founded by Puzey Design after the merger of three well-known brands: Big Boy, Bladez, and EVO Powerboards. Uber Scoots builds on Puzey Design’s 20-year history to create cutting-edge scooters that represent a technical leap in sophisticated personal transportation alternatives.
Puzey Design Company improves on each of its corner brands’ existing excellent formulas by adding cutting-edge production processes for even better usefulness and performance. In addition, Uber Scoots has expanded its electric scooter lineup to appeal to a wider range of consumers in the fast growing electric scooter sector.

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Uberscoot Summary

The Uberscoot 1600W, dubbed “the most powerful scooter you can carry,” is loaded with features to further your scooter riding. This EVO Powerboards scooter has a cutting-edge design and unsurpassed construction quality. This scooter is sturdy and very durable thanks to its robust but stylish design, which includes a high-grade steel frame with an ABS plastic finish. Additionally, it can accommodate riders of all sizes, shapes, and ages since it can support riders weighing 265 pounds (120 kgs).

With its 1600W, 48V chain motor, the Uberscoot can easily navigate tough terrain and slopes. The scooter’s engine, which is chain-driven yet remarkably silent, allows for a peak speed of 30 mph (48 kp/h). This speed will excite you while also getting you to your goal more quickly.

The 48-volt battery pack that powers the scooter has an average range of 12 miles. Notably, the battery has a 250 cycle life and a protracted 6–8 hour charging time. To prolong the range of your scooter and save battery life, you may choose to depress the economy mode button.

The front and back wheels of the scooter have 11-inch pneumatic knobby tyres. The tyres provide exceptional traction and enough damping for smooth rides. The smooth front Cam-link suspension, enough leg room provided by the well-sized deck, and adjustable rear coil springs for impact absorption further improve the ride quality.

The steel body of the scooter, which provides enough stability even at high speeds, also contributes to its safety. Both the front and rear wheels’ disc brakes provide precise and secure stopping. The scooter is too hefty to be carried casually at 117 pounds. However, the scooter’s frame can be folded, making it simple to transport and store in small locations like the boot of a vehicle.

The scooter’s front and rear lights, which guarantee optimum visibility, facilitate nighttime use. You will value the water resistance rating, which enables you to ride in situations that are just moderately damp. The scooter has a quick-release seat that can be added as an extra, giving you the option of riding standing up or seated. The kickstand linked to the deck makes parking your scooter simple, and the key ignition keeps it secure. Additionally, the 60-day guarantee gives you some time to make sure everything functions as it should.

Let’s go a bit deeper to take a closer look at the features of this ride.


Performance Overview

The Uberscoot 1600W outperforms comparable mid-range electric scooters like the Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter in practically every category. Additionally, the scooter is the most powerful in the UberScoot ES06 line. As previously indicated, the scooter is propelled to a maximum speed of 30 mph by a 1600 Watt 48 Volt chain-driven engine that produces an incredible 2+ horsepower of torque. With this much power, the scooter can easily climb slopes up to 30 degrees without experiencing any difficulty.

Regarding range, the scooter falls short of expectations. Only 12 miles can be traveled on a single charge, which is a rather meager amount given the lengthy charging process and the enormous amount of power the motors can produce. However, riding in ECO mode allows you to significantly extend the range at the cost of decreased acceleration and peak speed. The scooter can be stopped quickly thanks to its twin disc brakes, and its rear brake excels in emergencies.

Top Speed & Acceleration

This scooter has a 1600 Watt, 48 Volt motor that gives it a peak speed of 30 mph and quick acceleration. Riders should be aware that the speed is limited to 20 mph in accordance with international scooter riding laws. You must cut the speed restriction wire in order to go at the 30 mph maximum speed. But first, make sure you’re on private land or following the local speed limits for scooters that have been established.

The scooter’s acceleration is nothing short of remarkable with a torque rating of 2+ horsepower. It won’t take you long to reach the peak speed, which will heighten the enjoyment of scooter riding.

Thanks to its powerful motor, the Uberscoot 1600W offers an incredible 30° grade ability. The grade ability of the scooter is, however, weight and charge state dependent. But with such grade ability, you can anticipate the scooter to readily handle steeper inclines on city streets or deep gullies in off-road terrain.

Controls & Display

The Uberscoot 1600W is a strong electric scooter, but it has basic controls and a small display. On each side of the handlebar are two sports brake levers. Because the brake levers are robust and extremely sensitive, safe stops are guaranteed. Additionally, the handlebar has a typical twist acceleration throttle that you may use to accelerate by spinning the hand grip. Being somewhat thin, you must be careful to just spin a little section of it while accelerating.

The handlebar has two buttons in addition to the throttle and brake levers: one to turn on and off the lights, and the other to activate Eco Mode (to conserve battery life). The newly created key and battery indication system, which allows you to keep an eye on the battery level to prevent surprises, is also located in the cockpit. You may ride the scooter in the rain or snow without worrying since the electrical control system is water-resistant.

Straightforward and logically arranged controls provide for simple tasks. However, the scooter lacks an LCD to show users their speed, distance, and other information. Most scooter fans would argue that an LCD would have been required at its pricing range.

Battery Life & Range 

Four sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries with a combined voltage of 12 volts and 12 amps make up the Uberscoot 1600 W battery system. The maximum range offered by this battery system is 12 miles, which is very ordinary for a scooter in the mid-range category and falls short of what we would normally anticipate. Long rides are not appropriate for the range. To preserve battery life and extend the range by many miles, use the Economy Mode button. To prevent unneeded shutdowns, the Powerboard allows you to easily check the battery’s % from the cockpit LED display.

The Uberscoot scooter requires 6 to 8 hours to completely charge. An average of 7 hours might be quite a long time, depending on your usage and charging habits. Even worse, the scooter disallows using a fast charger or another charger to reduce the amount of time it takes to charge. The Uberscoot 1600W is still a step above the majority of mid-range scooters with an average charging time of 10–12 hours, even at 6–8 hours. Even better, the battery has a fantastic 250 cycle life, ensuring that it will last for a considerable amount of time.

Motor Configuration

A brush less AC motor with a 1600W 48V chain drive powers the Uberscoot 1600W 48V electric scooter. The scooter can climb slopes up to 30 degrees in inclination and reach a peak speed of 30 mph because to the motor’s strength. Even if you reside in a mountainous city like California or Lisbon, you can almost tackle any city streets inclines with this scooter.

Riders may choose between ECO and Turbo modes thanks to the motor’s power and capability. While the former restricts acceleration and ultimate speed to save battery life for a longer range, the latter permits full power, enabling riders to cruise at significantly faster speeds. Disclaimer: If you wish to maintain chain-driven motor performance at its peak, maintenance must become second nature.

Construction & Build Quality

The Uberscoot 1600W is built with all-steel structure with an ABS plastic finish on the body and deck. The scooter has a modern, tough style with thick tyres that gives the impression that it is sturdy and very robust. The scooter feels sporty and is simple to use thanks to the BMX-style handlebars with sports brake levers. The scooter is 117 lbs. heavy and less portable due to the sturdy steel design, making it less suitable for those who need to transport their scooters over long distances or up stairs.

The sturdy tyres lift the ABS deck high off the ground and let it to rise from front to rear. It allows for the addition of a seat for comfort while riding. The back end of the scooter is protected from dirt and water splashes by a durable, one-piece ABS motor cover that is welded to the fender. The battery box occupies a sizable space under the deck and is made of steel with Urban Scoot branding on the sides.

The scooter is made quite well overall and is built to last.


The smooth front Cam-link suspension on Uberscoot electric scooters greatly improves the riding experience. In order to provide pleasant, stable, and smooth rides, the suspension absorbs impacts from uneven surfaces and rocky roads. An adjustable twin-shock suspension system is included in the rear. These have adjustable suspension that can accommodate riders of various weights and varying riding terrain. Additionally, the location of the rear shocks right beneath the seat greatly improves rider comfort.



Ride Quality

Thanks to its suspension system and 11-inch pneumatic knobby on-road/off-road tyres, which provide great shock absorption, the Uberscoot 1600W provides comfortable rides. On both off-road and on-road surfaces, the tyres provide enough damping, and they also guarantee optimum stability and excellent grip, especially in slick situations. The enormous weight of the scooter also improves the quality of the ride by lowering the center of gravity (CoG), resulting in steady, jerk-free trips.

To reduce shocks and vibrations on the riding surface, the front and rear suspension systems collaborate. Standing or sitting, the rear suspension flexes exactly beneath the seat to minimize jarring. The spacious deck combined with the optional seat improves the overall ride quality in addition to the tyres and suspension. You may ride in whatever position you find comfortable with the alternative seat. Amazingly, even with the seat installed, you can stand on the roomy deck and ride for a long while standing if you like.

The ergonomic BMX-style handlebars, which are adjustable to fit rider preferences, are another element that enhances riding comfort. To make operating simpler, the controls are located in a handy location. The lighting profile also enables riding both during the day and at night. At high speeds, riding the scooter feels very solid, balanced, and smooth, to put it mildly.


To keep riders safe, powerful scooters need effective braking systems. With its front and rear vented 140mm disc brakes, which provide enough stopping force, the Uberscoot 1600W does just this. Smooth and accurate stops are guaranteed by the disc brakes’ great sensitivity and strength. As a consequence, while lightly depressing the sports brake levers, you won’t likely experience any irritating jerks.

A brake power-interrupt function is also included with this EVO Powerboards electric scooter. This safety function “disrupts” the flow of power to the engine when your rear brake lever is pushed, increasing the stopping distance and accuracy required. The greatest thing is that the brakes need no upkeep and work well in both dry and rainy circumstances.



measuring 117 pounds. The Uberscoot 1600W is clearly not the most portable scooter available (53Kg). It’s difficult to maneuver the scooter, much alone carry it up a flight of steps. The scooter makes an effort to still be portable by having a quick-release folding locking frame. The scooter folds up easily with just one touch, making it perfect for cramming into tight areas like the trunk of a vehicle or a tiny storage area.

Water Resistance

Water resistance for the Uberscoot 1600W is certified at IP54. Due to the scooter’s water-resistant electrical components, it is safe to ride in damp circumstances without worrying about damage. To be safe, stay out of the rain for a long time, and steer clear of riding through deep bodies of water, since it is not waterproof.


When riding at night or in poor light, safety and visibility come first. Due to its superb front and rear lighting, the Uberscoot 1600W is a safe vehicle to drive at night. The front LED headlamp, which is situated high in the handlebars to enable unhindered view, is noteworthy. The tail light keeps you visible by alerting other drivers to your presence on the road. When braking, the back light that is always on shines stronger.


One of the numerous reasons this scooter distinguishes out in the mid-range class is the Uberscoot 1600W tyres. The scooter has off-road and on-road capable front and rear 11-inch pneumatic knobby tyres. The tyres provide enough grip on all surfaces, even in rainy situations. They have sturdy, broad aluminum alloy rims that are thick and wide to support the whole cargo while still providing enough dampening and stability.



The steel deck of the Uberscoot 1600W 48V electric scooter is very strong and has a plastic finish. The deck is rather roomy, ensuring that riders have adequate space to put their feet down comfortably while riding. Additionally, it enables users to connect the scooter’s optional seat and has a battery box on the bottom side. The mid-range scooter’s deck is one of the most sturdy you’ll ever see, and it provides enough legroom for users to ride whether standing or sitting.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Uberscoot 1600W is dependable and the most potent Uberscoot in the ES06 line. The scooter has some off-road capabilities and outstanding grade ability, and it can easily navigate any terrain in a metropolitan setting. The scooter is strong, provides a comfortable ride with a seat that is an option, and ensures rigorous safety standards. Most significantly, both expert and rookie riders may utilise it easily. Overall, the Uberscoot 1600W is a dependable, street-legal electric scooter best suited for short city trips with modest off-road potential.

The business behind UberScoot and Evo Powerboards, Pusey Motor Corporation, offers a 60-day guarantee on the scooter as well as friendly customer service.


For maximum functioning and lifespan, the Uberscoot 1600W needs regular maintenance, much like other electric scooters. Given that the motor is chain-driven, it has to be lubricated with an even, thin layer of chain lubricant. The chain has to be oiled and cleaned after 200 miles of riding.

Despite the fact that sealed lead acid batteries need substantially less care than their non-SLA counterparts, be sure to read the user manual and familiarize yourself with the best ways to maintain your battery to maximize its lifespan. When charging the battery for extended use, be sure to use the proper charger.

You may do further standard routine maintenance procedures on the scooter by cleaning it often, charging it completely before storing it, wiping it with a towel after using it while wet, and keeping it at room temperature.

Known Issues

According to internet user evaluations, several riders have criticism the absence of a speedometer and the inadequate shielding of the electric cables. There have been complaints of several abrasion spots and insulation-missing pieces on the primary power wire that connects to the motor. Additionally, several customers have noted that the scooter’s inconsistent throttle response makes it highly dangerous.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Uberscoot 1600W provides outstanding value for money in response to the rising need for creative, cost-effective personal alternative transportation options. A breath-taking peak speed, sizable off-road/on-road tyres, front and rear shock absorbers, a one-touch folding frame, water resistance, and an optional seat for maximum mobility try to explain its price. The scooter is one of the top-performing mid-range electric scooters on the market right now, and it’s also reasonably priced.

However, it does need a number of trade-offs, including as the limited range, prolonged charging time, ongoing motor and battery maintenance, and the heavier-than-average scooter weight. Buyers who are considering this scooter must be ready to look beyond these small drawbacks and concentrate on the wealth of performance and aesthetically pleasing features it offers. The Uberscoot 1600W electric scooter from EVO Powerboards, however, is a fantastic purchase for its cost, performance, and promise of entertaining sports activities!

Specification: UBERSCOOT 1600W REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

20 MPH


12 miles

Charge Time

6-8 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

12 miles


Smooth front Cam-link suspension and adjustable rear twin-shock suspension system

Braking System

Front and Rear Disc Brakes


11 inch Pneumatic Knobby Tire


Four 12V/12AH (48-volt system) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

117 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Standard front and brake/ rear lights

Product Material

SCM440 Steel

Water Resistance


Extra features

Key ignition, Kickstand, LED battery level indicator, Smart battery charger

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