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The Swagtron Swagger Pro 3 was undoubtedly the most anticipated e scooter release from the Swagtron family, since it fulfilled the company’s long-standing quality assurance promise. It has more inventive and technologically sophisticated specs than the Swagger Pro and the first two versions in the Swagger range (SG1). The specifications on this model make the scooter solid, durable, and dependable, making commuting fun, especially in the city. We’ll also go out on a limb and claim that the Swagger Pro 3 is one of the best budget-friendly performance electric scooters available.

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Swagtron Swagger SG3 Pro Summary

A recognized business with years of expertise in offering cutting-edge transportation solutions, Swagtron. Prior to the release of the Swagger Pro 3, their attempts to produce high-quality electric scooters have not traditionally been successful. The Swagger Pro and Swagger Pro 2 classic were replaced by this scooter, an enhanced version. The Swagger Pro 3 is a foldable, feature-rich electric scooter that differs from previous Swagger iterations by having cutting-edge and user-friendly features.

Due to the frame’s construction using aluminum alloy, a premium industrial material that is corrosion- and waterproof, the Swagger Pro 3 is very light and strong. The Swagger Pro’s frame is strong and durable thanks to this material. Aluminum is a lightweight material, making it ideal for a portable scooter. With the stem clipping on to the rear fender for hassle-free transportation, the one-click folding frame further improves mobility.

When it comes to speed, this scooter is among the quickest electric scooters in its price range. Its strong engine effortlessly carries a rider weighing up to 220 lbs and drives the scooter to high speeds of 15.5 mph ( 100 kg). A 36V/ 6 Ah Lithium-ion, UL approved battery that charges quickly powers the engine and enables a 14.2 mile range extension on a single charge. Even better, the scooter is really portable since the battery charges to full capacity in only two to three hours. One of the most effective braking systems, which consists of a manual rear brake and an electronic brake actuated by a thumb throttle, complements the speed.

The scooter has a well considered overall design. This model’s 6.5-inch solid tyres are puncture-proof, which more than makes up for the lack of the smooth ride provided by pneumatic tyres. The brakes, acceleration throttle, and backlit LCD are all located on the handlebars. The rider is diligently informed of the speed, battery life, and distance via the LCD. Additionally, it incorporates push-button controls for the cruise control, headlights, and changing the speed modes.
The rider’s feet can stand comfortably on the deck despite its modest size.
The scooter can easily ascend a 25% hill gradient despite being intended for usage in cities or on flat, well-paved terrain. However, there is a sacrifice, just as with all other low-cost scooters. When choosing this scooter, riders forego necessities like indicators and a horn.

Continue reading for a closer examination of the Swagtron Swagger Pro 3’s remarkable features.


Performance Overview

A high-performance, affordable e-scooter from Swagtron is called the Swagger Pro 3. It has a strong front hub motor of 250 watts that can drive the scooter to a peak speed of 15.5 mph. The engine has a strong torque and can support up to 220 lbs (100 kgs) of weight. It also easily climbs high inclines of 25 degrees. With the cruise control function, users may easily cruise smoothly at their selected pace without having to push the throttle. At any speed, the dual braking system guarantees that motorcyclists will stop in a secure and uncompromising manner.

The scooter operates best on paved or urban surfaces. However, a rear suspension system that was added by Swagtron reduces vibrations caused by track fissures and other obstructions. Although the solid tyres don’t cushion the impact, they provide for a steady ride on open terrain in dry weather. The Swagger 3 is the ideal urban commuter partner since it runs effectively all around.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The highest speed of the Swagtron Swagger Pro, which has a 250 watt high torque engine, is 15.5 mph. This speed is enough for urban routes and is respectable for a scooter with a low price tag. The scooter includes three riding modes, allowing the user to choose their preferred pace based on prior riding knowledge and preferences. One of the control buttons on the LCD monitor is used to activate the riding modes.

A thumb throttle mounted on the handlebars is used to accelerate the scooter. Alternatively, a different button on the display is used to engage cruise control. Due to the motor’s quick acceleration and zero start mode, users need be cautious to avoid being yanked off when the scooter gains speed.

Hill Climbing

The Swagger Pro has received extensive advertising as a commuting vehicle. However, it has excellent hill-climbing capabilities because of its powerful engine, which produces enough torque to easily climb steep inclines of up to 25 degrees. The weight of the rider, the weather, and the battery’s charge will all play a role in this, so riders need be aware of that.

Battery Life & Range

A 36 Volt, 6Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included with the Swagger Pro. Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are more effective, have a longer life cycle, and need less maintenance. The battery gives enough electricity to operate the scooter for an outstanding travel of 14.2 kilometers on a single charge.

The SG3’s battery includes a rapid charge technology that enables it to reach full charge state in 2–3 hours with the help of the 1.5A charger included in the package. The Swagtron Swagger Pro has a Smart Battery Management System that prevents overcharging in order to increase battery efficiency. It contains an overheated auto shut mechanism to prevent the battery from overheating and consequent harm. Riders are advised by Swagtron to turn off their scooters when not in use in order to save battery life. To prevent situations where the battery fails to charge, the user should regularly charge the battery if they plan to keep the scooter for a lengthy period of time.

Users may charge their portable gadgets on the scooter thanks to its USB connector. However, charging gadgets depletes the battery rapidly.


Motor Configuration

A single 250 Watt motor located on the front hub powers the Swagtron Swagger. A maximum rider weight of 220 lbs. is supported by the engine, which has a strong torque output to propel the scooter up steep slopes of up to 25 degrees. It should be emphasized, nevertheless, that a variety of circumstances, including as the weight of the rider, the climate, and the battery level, impact the motor’s effectiveness.

Construction & Build Quality

The scooter has a simple design and is available in black or white. For strength and longevity, a lightweight aluminum alloy was used to construct the frame. The style is an improvement on the designs of the earlier models, with a broader and more opulent-appearing stem that houses the battery. The scooter has a refined finish thanks to internal wire routing.

The scooter’s handlebars cannot be retracted, but they do have a variety of control features, including an LCD with several control buttons and two throttles for speed and stopping. The texture of the handle grips makes them easy to grab onto when riding. The downtube can be folded, and due to its width, riders can carry it with confidence. The deck is roomy and has a runner that feels like sand paper for a secure grip.

The scooter has 6.5″ robust, maintenance-free tyres. Additionally, it has a rear coil suspension for improved comfort. A retractable kickstand keeps the scooter upright while stationary. The front fender serves to protect the engine hub from splashes and debris, while the rear fender serves as an additional braking system. The scooter has a powerful LED headlight for low-light riding and safety as well as a motion-activated red flashing tail light. A high-quality electric scooter is produced as a consequence of the careful construction design of the scooter.


The ride on the Swagtron Swagger is much smoother thanks to the scooter’s single rear coil spring suspension. You must often inspect and tighten the suspension’s nuts and screws since they have a tendency to get loose or fall off. Additionally, riders have noted that the suspension system makes a little noise while travelling over cracks in the pavement or other obstacles. This may be startling for new riders, but you soon get used to it.

The Swagtron Swagger 3 Pro is shown in a great frontal view.

Ride Quality

This scooter has excellent riding quality. Riders do not need to be concerned about passing over shallow paddles and light debris since the in-hub motor operates smoothly and is shielded by a motor cover and a front fender. Additionally, the scooter can be effortlessly propelled up to a 25-degree inclination because to its strong torque output. Additionally, the scooter incorporates cruise control, which locks the scooter at a chosen pace and makes for a pleasurable and simple ride.
The 6.5-inch solid tyres are maintenance-free and never go flat, but they don’t provide shock absorption. Vibrations from the riding track are absorbed and do not reach the rider thanks to the rear suspension. The suspension, however, is a little noisy. At any speed or riding situation, the scooter’s uncompromising braking system will bring it to a crisp and smooth halt.

The deck plate is textured to improve rider grip, and the handlebar grips are rubberized for increased rider comfort. When in a locked-in riding position, the stem is stable and does not wiggle. The stem may also be folded to make it portable in difficult-to-ride locations or when users need to transition to another mode of transportation.

On the voyage, the scooter offers users comfort. The battery has a longer range and is furthermore equipped with an LCD panel that shows the battery’s charge level. Riders won’t have to worry about an early drain this way. It also has reflectors for low-light riding, an LED headlight, and a tail light.


When the rider wants to stop right away, the Swagtron Swagger has an effective dual braking system that combines a rear footbrake with a handbrake-operated electronic brake. On the back fender, the rear foot brake is conveniently located for use. For similarly rapid access, the hand brake is mounted on the left side of the handlebars. At any speed, the dual braking system’s combined efficacy brings this scooter to a clean, accurate halt.


With a weight of about 22 lbs, the Swagger Pro is light and portable. Additionally enhancing its mobility is this scooter’s simple folding construction. The scooter can easily be carried about thanks to its one-step folding design. The passenger may board the bus, train, or put it in the trunk of their automobile with only one click.



On the front of the stem of the Swagtron Swagger pro scooter is an incredibly brilliant LED headlight. In low light riding, the headlight’s luminosity is adequate to illuminate the rider’s way. Additionally, the scooter has rear-mounted red flashing motion-activated tail lights. When the scooter is moving, the taillights flash. Cool! Is it not?


The front and rear 6.5-inch solid rubber tyres of the Swagtron Swagger pro provide a steady ride on flat ground and in dry circumstances. Although the solid rubber tyres provide only little shock absorption, they take the stress out of flats and ongoing maintenance. Effectively reducing their lack of ride comfort is the rear suspension.


The scooter’s deck is roomy and has average clearance. There are less risks of the battery scraping when the scooter travels over obstacles and bumps because to its position within the stem. Because of the surface’s roughness, bikers have more traction. The rear fender is shown on the rear deck, and the coil suspension is located under the deck plate. A retractable kickstand that is mounted to the side of the deck is also visible.

Controls & Display

The Swagtron swagger pro features a stylish LCD that is simple to operate. Push controls for the on/off switch, choosing riding modes, cruise control, and a switch for the cool LED headlamp are located on the display. The speed, battery life, and mode are all shown on the LCD. Plastic throttles for acceleration and braking are located on the left and right handlebars, respectively.


Water Resistance

The Swagtron Swagger pro 3 has an IPX4 grade for water resistance. The scooter’s internal mechanics are vulnerable to water damage, therefore this suggests that it can tolerate splashes from all directions but not total submersion. Therefore, as long as you don’t attempt to blast through deeper puddles, riding in a light mist or rain shouldn’t be a problem.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Swagger Pro is constructed with premium components for dependability, mobility, and longevity. Its extensive range enables commuters to go to work, the university, or nearby areas. It has a dependable lithium-ion battery that charges completely in about two to three hours. The battery also comes with a cutting-edge charging function that protects it from overcharging and overheating.

The scooter includes a powerful dual braking system that combines a rear footbrake with an electronic hand brake to give it the best stopping capability possible. The stability of the scooter is increased by the solid wheels’ lack of maintenance and improved traction.

Swagtron provides top-notch customer support. It offers a committed staff of customer care professionals that are available seven days a week, including holidays, to provide clients technical help by live chat, email, and live calls.

In addition, Swagtron provides a 1-year limited guarantee on all of its Swagger electric scooters. The guarantee covers manufacturing flaws in the product’s components as well as flaws that don’t arise from the product’s disassembly. Only the original buyers are qualified for the warranty, which is offered to residents of the US and Canada.


The controllers used in the Swagtron Swagger 3 are not disclosed to the general public. The low wattage leads us to believe that these will be low amp controllers with little heat production.


Users may inexpensively maintain this model, which will improve its overall performance. You will get unparalleled service from this device if you follow regular maintenance guidelines including charging it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, cleaning it, and making sure it is dry. Regular maintenance is also necessary to keep the scooter roadworthy. Additionally, it’s a good idea to sometimes tighten screws and nuts since they often come free.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally sticky and failing to spring back, the plastic handbrake has been a complaint from some owners, keeping the accelerator disengaged.
  • When changing speeds, several customers complained that the riding mode spring lever was very sensitive and almost jerky.
  • It has been noted that the screw securing the rear suspension periodically comes off.

Is the Swagtron Swagger 3 value for money and is it worth buying?

With its inexpensive but feature-rich scooters, Swagtron has completely changed the scooter industry. One of their greatest entry-level electric scooters, the Swagger Pro 3, has all the features an urban commuter might want or need. If you want to go at a set, consistent pace to your destination, it features cruise control. Additionally, it has a strong braking system, a dependable battery that has a long range, a very brilliant LED headlight for better visibility, a stylish handlebar, maintenance-free tyres, a dependable LCD, a suspension system, and all of this is housed in a light, portable chassis. We don’t know what value is if that doesn’t spell it. The Swagger Pro 3 extended range scooter is ideal if you want a high-performance scooter with cutting-edge features on top of that.


Suitable For




Max Speed



14.85 mi

Charge Time

2-3 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

10-13 Miles


Single Rear Suspension (Push Spring)

Braking System

Rear Footbrake (Push down on to rear wheel)


8.5″ Air filled, Rubber


216 WH

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

23 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


Front LED Lighting

Product Material

Alloy Frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

Cruise Control, Portable

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