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Swagtron is a global leader in the electric scooter manufacturing sector, situated in the United States, and has held this position for some years. Swagtron is an equal opportunity manufacturer, launching high-quality scooters for people of all ages and skill levels on a regular basis. Swagtron is your best bet for anything electronic on two wheels! The Swagtron SK3 Glide is the newest in a long line of revolutionary scooters made with the greatest and most cutting-edge technologies.
Swagtron’s tremendous technological know-how and inventive approach to scooter manufacture benefit the SK3 folding electric scooter with LED wheels, which is a kid’s kick scooter. It’s built with the same attention to elegance and design as previous Swagtron electric scooters.

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Swagtron SK3 Summary

With its headquarters in the United States, Swagtron is a renowned industry leader in the production of electric scooters. As an equal opportunity manufacturer, Swagtron regularly releases high-quality scooters for consumers of all ages and skill levels. Your best bet for anything electric on two wheels is Swagtron. Our discussion of the Swagtron SK3 Glide today is based on their track record of creating innovative scooters using the greatest and most up-to-date technologies.

A child’s kick scooter that benefits from Swagtron’s extensive technical know-how and cutting-edge approach to scooter manufacture is the SK3 folding electric scooter with LED wheels. It is made with an emphasis on aesthetics and design, much like the other electric scooters made by Swagtron. Its durability and low weight are due to the aluminum alloy used in construction. It also features a distinct “swag” style thanks to its 5.5-inch spacious and textured deck, bigger 5 inch rear wheel, and front tyre with incorporated LEDs.

performance when driving? The scooter is ideal for introducing your youngsters to the world of electric scooting thanks to its kick start function. The 4.7-inch front wheel and 5-inch rear Polyurethane (PU) tyres, which provide enough flexibility, toughness, and durability for lightweight commuting, serve to further support this. The SK3 is simple for young riders to learn because of the roomy deck, which makes it simple to balance, and because the rear motor engages automatically after 2-3 kicks and an average speed of 1.8 mph.

Multi-functional! Riders should not be concerned that the battery may run out and ruin their pleasure. The scooter can be used as a standard kick scooter, which is wonderful news. The battery can transport riders for around 8 miles, which is respectable for a child’s scooter. It charges quickly—in approximately 2.5 hours. The scooter’s engine can propel it at a maximum speed of 12 km/h (7.5 mph), and it has an automated motorized cruise control feature that activates every 15 seconds.

Less is more! The scooter is sleek and understated. The handlebars are refreshingly devoid of any buttons or displays, which reduces the amount of roadside distraction for your child. The motor’s automatic boost function, which also activates the cruise control feature, makes up for the lack of a throttle. Due to the scooter’s low weight and ability to fold up, your child can transport it with ease. Your child may grow in height while using the scooter since the handlebars are adjustable in height.

Is this scooter ultimately deserving of the 5-star rating it has got from user reviews? Discover why the SK3 is such a hit with the public by reading on for a detailed analysis of the device.


Performance Overview

A 120W rear hub starter motor powers the SK3. Compared to the chain-driven motors used in the majority of children’s scooters, the hub-driven motor is quieter. It operates well and can handle slope of up to 10 degrees. Additionally, it boasts a remarkable peak speed of 7.5 mph (12 Kph). The scooter, notably, has two speed settings. In order to use the Metro SK3 in manual mode, users must kick it off with their feet, much as they would a regular kick scooter. The engine will automatically enter cruise mode and maintain the speed once it reaches 1.8 mph.

Both the engine and the brakes are less powerful than those of an adult scooter. Because of this, the scooter depends on its rear friction brake to effectively slow down and stop. The scooter achieves the required performance levels.

Top Speed & Acceleration

With a maximum manageable speed of 7.5 mph (12 kph), the Metro SK3 is ideal for beginning riders and gives you the flexibility to go on outdoor activities. Additionally, it features two riding modes, which will provide the kids extra entertainment. As they would with a regular scooter, your child must first kick off with their feet. They kick harder if they need to go more quickly.

If the rider maintains their pace, the scooter switches automatically to cruise mode. The youngsters may enjoy their rides at a high pace and have control over their acceleration thanks to the Kick Assist motor. As kids go into the realm of throttle-controlled, intermediate-level scooters, this serves as a terrific segue.

The SK3 performs well while climbing inclines, unlike the majority of children’s scooters. Thanks to its sturdy, high-torque 120W motor, it has the strength to climb hillsides with slopes of up to 10 degrees at an ideal weight of up to 135 lbs (61.2 kg). Keep in mind that the scooter’s condition and battery level both affect how well it can handle slopes.

Controls & Display

The Metro Glide has handlebars that are stripped of all the typical controls, including the throttle, brake, and display levers. As an extra safety measure, your child will concentrate more on the fun of the ride than than tagging at a variety of buttons. The scooter can, however, be turned on and off with only a touch of a power button that is situated at the front of the deck.

Battery Life & Range 

A dependable 25.9, 2.6Ah lithium battery powers the Swagtron Glide motor and provides an outstanding riding range of 8 miles (13 km) on a single charge. Especially when compared to the lead-acid batteries often used in children’s scooters, lithium batteries are dependable and have a longer battery life. The battery charges rather rapidly; it takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach full capacity. In the event that the scooter’s battery runs out, the user may convert to using the scooter as a standard kick scooter.


Motor Configuration

By using a hub-driven engine, Swagtron diverged from other brands’ standard child scooter design. Other scooter manufacturers use raucous chain-driven engines. The kick start boost motor for the SK3 Glide W LED wheels is rear-mounted and has a 120W motor rating.

Construction & Build Quality

A high-performance scooter with a great eye for style is the SK3 Glide. The electric scooter that folds up and with LED wheels is sure to draw attention. It features slender handlebars without a display or other controls. The scooter’s internal wiring was developed to provide youngsters with the finest and safest riding experience possible. The scooter’s frame is also made of a premium aluminum alloy, which ensures both its durability and low weight. The aluminum alloy is not unduly delicate and can resist a variety of climatic conditions.

The height-adjustable stem has folding handlebars and is made of the same high-grade aluminum alloy. The length may be altered to fit the height of your child; it extends 6 inches. The deck is composed of textured aluminum and is large enough to suit riders with different foot sizes.

Underneath the deck, the battery aids in the stability of the scooter. For simple and secure parking, the scooter’s left side has a sturdy kickstand that is pegged. In order to provide the rider with a secure grip, the handlebars feature a rubberized covering. In addition, it has polyurethane durable tyres measuring 4.7 inches up front and 5 inches down back.


There is no suspension system in this variant. For the most comfortable ride possible for your kids, stick to well-paved and maintained roads as the solid tyres do not help with shock absorption.

Ride Quality

The 5.5-inch wide deck of the Swagtron Glide with LED wheels kick scooter is roomy enough to provide a comfortable ride. The surface of the deck is textured to provide the rider stability when sailing. It features a strong and durable stem that is readily adjusted to meet the rider’s height progression. To make riding more comfortable, the handlebars have been rubberized. The scooter includes a sophisticated LED front tyre that lights up and provides some sort of sight during trips in poor light. The scooter does not have effective illumination, therefore riding at night or in foggy or misty circumstances is risky. Additionally, it lacks side reflectors and other safety equipment like a bell or horn. The scooter has friction, rear fender brakes that work well to bring it to a complete stop without compromising stopping force.

Parents may feel confident and at ease while their children are riding on the trails since the 4.7-inch front and 5 inch rear wheels need no maintenance. They may not be as comfy as pneumatic tyres, but they provide excellent grip, durability, and suppleness. Due to the scooter’s absence of a suspension, the user may feel jarring when they cross irregularities and fissures in the riding surface.


The Glide features a reliable back wheel and rear friction braking system. When the rider wishes to slow down or stop, he or she applies the brake by placing one foot on the back fender. It could take your child a moment to get used to this braking method, but with enough repetition, it becomes second nature.


The SK3 folding electric scooter with LED wheels is very lightweight, weighing just 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg). The scooter is portable and simple to store because to its small size and simple one-step folding technique.

Water Resistance

The mobility scooter has an IPX4 certification. This indicates that the scooter can handle rides in mild showers or rain. A device with an IPX4 certification can survive low-pressure water sprays from any angle for about ten minutes. Riders must take care since prolonged exposure to water might harm the scooter’s internal parts.


The red-green LED on the front wheel, which serves more as decoration than illumination, is the sole lighting component on the Swagtron Glide w LED wheels kick scooter.


This vehicle is equipped with solid 4.7-inch front and 5-inch rear tyres. The tyres are made of polyurethane, a cutting-edge substance that offers strength, durability, and suppleness. Although they have great grip, the rider won’t benefit much from their tiny wheels on off-road courses.



With a 5.5″ wide deck, the Swagtron Glide can accommodate the rider’s expanding feet. The deck has a textured surface and is made of high-grade aluminium for added stability.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Like previous Swagtron scooters, this electric scooter is expertly constructed utilising the same standards, know-how, and zeal for which Swagtron is renowned. The aluminium alloy lightens the weight and makes the frame enduring. The lithium-ion battery and the tyres are both maintenance-free, relieving burden on riders and their guardians. The scooter can be folded, making it simple to transport and store when not in use. While the engine drives the rider to exhilarating speeds—capped at 7.5 mph—the battery also gives the scooter a respectable range.

A 90-day limited warranty from Swagtron protects the initial scooter purchaser from any flaws resulting from the manufacturer’s craftsmanship. The guarantee is in effect as of the invoicing date. Under the terms of this warranty, Swagtron will replace or repair the item.

You may leave a message with your information and the services you need on Swagtron’s website and provide your contact information. Their hours of operation are Mon-Fri: 10 AM to 6.30 PM EST. They also want that you confirm if a phone call or email is your preferred method of communication.



The Swagtron SK3 Glide scooter is intended to be an enjoyable and secure mode of transportation. However, you’ll need to do some regular maintenance to make sure it provides you with the greatest service. It is essential that you maintain it tidy and just wipe down the scooter with a moist towel. Refer to the user handbook for specific instructions on how to clean it without harming the internal workings in cases of filth and muck. Users are also recommended to bring the scooter in for a tune-up at a service centre once a year to preserve maximum performance.

Additionally, the manufacturer advises charging it within the required time frames and with the approved charger to avoid battery malfunctions, overcharging, and discharge problems.

Known Issues

  • Some consumers have complained that the scooter’s electric motor won’t turn on.
  • It has been noted that the handlebar and stem become loose and shaky with time.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The SK3 is a great deal for $99/£70 in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively. The scooter is a dependable mode of transportation for your children and makes for ideal training wheels before they transition to scooters with more advanced features. The highest speed is limited to 7.5 mph in order to make it safe without taking away from the thrill of zipping around the hood. Friction brakes are incredibly dependable and simple to use. For youngsters, the battery’s 8-mile range on a single charge and quick charging time are more than plenty.

While expert riders may not care about safety equipment like headlights, taillights, bells, and reflectors, with kids scooters the goal is not to promote nighttime riding or riding in high traffic routes; thus, the worry is less for parents. In the end, Swagtron fulfils the requirements for buyers wishing to purchase a budget-friendly entry-level scooter. And given its stellar reputation, the Swagtron SK3 Glide electric scooter surely delivers on its promise of value.

Specification: SWAGTRON SK3 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed



8 miles

Charge Time

2.5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

9 miles


Braking System



4.7-inch front and 5 inch rear solid tyres


2.6Ah Lithium-ion batteries, 25.9V

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

8.1 lbs

Max Load

135 lbs


Multicoloured front-wheel LED

Product Material

aluminum alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Two riding modes

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