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The Segway GT Series, a lineup of powerful scooters, has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be happier. We think the Segway GT1 scooter is a great option for getting around town if you have the budget for it. The GT2 is the successor to the GT1, and it features not one but two motors, making it significantly more powerful than the GT1.

The GT1 is just as fast and powerful as its larger sibling, plus it has amenities that make riding convenient for both work and play. But what’s the catch? Approximately $2,999 isn’t too bad, though. If the price isn’t an issue, this high-end scooter lives up to its billing as an efficient mode of transportation.


The Segway GT Series, GT1, electric scooter has so much character and power that we dub it the “adventurous chic.” In comparison to other cars on the road (or even the sidewalk! ), this one stands out for its refined aesthetic. In a single word, how would you describe this remarkable piece of machinery? Luxurious! In this season of high-end scooters, the Segway GT1 is the model to have if you have a bit of disposable income to spare.

Compared to other versions, the GT1’s appearance isn’t as rough, but who cares when you can cruise around in such class and comfort? The ultra-large deck, dual adjustable suspension, and inflated tyres ensure a smooth ride over any terrain. Torquey motors, meanwhile, keep up with traffic, whether you’re going downhill or uphill, carrying a light load or twenty extra pounds of pebbles in your backpack.

Anyone looking for a thrill will find that this scooter meets their needs. It has two self-repairing wheels that let you to travel safely no matter how rough the terrain gets. In the meantime, give it all you’ve got and go as fast as you can, which is about 35 miles per hour. You can trust in a secure stop for the e-scooter whenever you need it because it has one of the greatest braking systems we’ve tested: dual hydraulic discs. You can travel around 22 miles at top speed, and a little further if you ride more slowly. For our money, this electric scooter is fully adventure-ready.

While these features are par for the course for high-performance scooters, the GT1’s implementation of them is so intricate that borders on the poetic. One feature we’d like to see standard on future generations of scooters is a twist throttle reminiscent of motorcycles. When it comes to illumination, Segway has raised the bar in more ways than one. Segway’s premium lighting system screams, “See and be seen on the road.” But Segway did a fantastic job of fusing form and function by making the front double wishbone suspension the centerpiece of the design.

As far as electric scooters go, Segway isn’t exactly a dark horse. However, they have introduced the GT1 and GT2 scooter series, which include performance on par with the likes of the Kaabo, Dualtron, Nami, and Apollo. We commend Segway’s efforts to shake up the market and wish they would continue. They’re trying something new, and early reactions suggest that cyclists are hungry for novelty.



The GT1 motor scooter is here to prove that one vehicle can turn heads. Riding a Segway GT1 is a joy due to the smooth and effortless movements it provides. Excellent acceleration enables smooth, gradual acceleration from a stop, and the acceleration becomes noticeably more powerful at higher speeds. Authentic racing machinery best describes the GT1.

Despite Segway’s assertion that the GT1 needs 7.5 seconds to reach 30 mph, we were able to do so in less. The Vsett 10+, the fastest light-heavyweight scooter we’ve tested to yet, reaches 30 mph in 5.3 seconds, while our testing registered 5.5 seconds.

Top Speed

While we’ve driven quicker scooters, the Segway GT Series with a single motor continues to impress us. Because of the GT1, we achieved a record-setting top speed. The GT1 only managed to reach 34.5 mph, although the advertised top speed was 37.3. At its top speed, this scooter is not only very fast; it is the fastest single-motor scooter we have ever tested.

When compared to other dual-motor light-heavyweight e-scooters, such the Apollo Phantom, the GT1 holds its own against the competition. The GT1 has four speed options, however unlike the GT2, it lacks a Boost setting.

If we could recreate Segway’s “perfect conditions,” we could probably achieve their claimed top speed. However, using the available settings, motorcyclists can limit their maximum speed to a safe and manageable level. Choose your preferred riding mode and maximum speed using the special supercar-style shifting knob.

  • No speeding in park! If you park or stop for more than five seconds, it will activate automatically.
  • 3.7 mph when walking
  • Eco mode, Sport mode, and Normal mode.
  • In top speed setting, the speedometer reads 37.3 miles per hour

A closer look at the data uncovered some surprising information. When the battery level dropped to roughly 30%, for instance, acceleration dropped drastically. Even in this depleted state, it was able to maintain a speed of 30 mph up steep inclines. When the battery life reached 10%, the speed reduced to 20.0 mph and remained there until the battery was completely depleted.


Hill Climb

These high-performance electric scooters are great because they are simple to operate and fun to ride around town, but they also give you a nice kick when you need it (like on those steep hills). If you’re looking for a single-motor scooter that can conquer any hill, go no further than the GT1. We put it through its paces on our standard 60-meter-long, 10%-incline test slope, and it really stood up to the challenge. With a 15 mph average from a dead stop, we outperformed almost half of the dual-motor cars evaluated.


During our testing, we discovered that this scooter’s claimed range is little exaggerated, but we were still able to enjoy a lengthy trip. It’s important to remember that the quoted range by manufacturers is often for riding in ideal conditions and at moderate speeds, and that it drops dramatically when riding outside of those parameters. Thus, you should settle with more modest gains.

The GT1 claims to have a range of 43.5 miles, but we were only able to squeeze 21.9 miles out of it while operating in Race mode (you can gain additional range by switching to Sport or Eco modes) (though they come with slightly different performance). Each model is put through its paces on the highest speed setting and with a vigorous riding style to see how far it travels on a single charge.

For half a mile after the battery meter’s final bar began flashing, the GT1 continued to drive. I tried to restart it after it had stopped working, and to my delight, it started up again. With some effort, I was able to activate Wak mode. Obviously I wasn’t going to make the final half mile pulling the heavy scooter. Instead, I rode the final stretch at a snail’s pace of 3 mph and still managed to return to base.

This electric scooter has a 52V, 1008 Wh battery that provides the juice. Being the workhorse that it is, the battery gets pretty hot, thus Segway included vents that enable cool air circulation to prevent the battery from overheating. The scooter’s battery takes 12 hours to charge using only one charger, or 6 hours using both of the included chargers and the connector designed specifically for that purpose. When charging your battery, don’t use a rapid charger because it can shorten its life.



You’ve just arrived at the home of world-class brake technology. When compared to its bigger brother, the Segway GT Series- GT2, this electric scooter has somewhat worse braking power. The GT1 needed only 9.5 feet to come to a stop from 15 mph, whereas the GT2 needed 9.4 feet. This is no small task (pardon the pun), and we’ll detail how the GT1 (and by extension, the GT2) pull it off.

First, without regenerative braking, stopping distances are directly proportional to the amount of force applied to the brake pedals. Having complete control over stopping distance thanks to the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes is a huge relief when travelling with young children. More than that, we haven’t worked with hydraulics of this particular brand before. Our previous bests, Nutt and Zoom brakes, have been surpassed by the strong braking system. Only the Nami Burn E2’s Logan brakes compare in quality and performance.

The 140 mm rotors are very small and thick for scooters of this type, and the shape is likewise unusual. Because of the poorer gripping quality of the smaller diameter, sliding may be avoided even on smooth terrain. Additionally, they are thicker by around 38%, making them more resistant to deformation from heat and pressure. This keeps the brake reaction in tip-top form even after heavy use.

Segway’s mobile app, at long last, includes some nifty new features, including the ability to apply the brakes remotely. It enables a feature that disables ‘brake priority’, but only when operated by a trained professional. This means that you can apply both the throttle and the brakes at once, and that using the brakes won’t necessarily disable the throttle. Just so we’re clear, this is for experts only; don’t even think about giving it a shot unless you’re confident in your abilities.

Ride Quality

The standard of the ride is comparable to our other top offerings. The GT1’s ride quality is fantastic, and we love it. I’ll get right into why the GT1 is the best in terms of thrills:

Having a twist throttle like on a motorcycle improves the ride. It seems simple enough that a newcomer might quickly learn the ropes and get by. In addition to being well-thought-out from the get-go, there is no lull in action once the user initiates motion. The throttle’s response is prompt without being jarring. Then, when you begin to accelerate, you experience the full force of the acceleration.

When the punch finally lands, the acceleration can be so great that it makes it difficult to maintain a constant speed. But that’s irrelevant when you’ve got the best cruise control on the market. Set your cruise control to a comfortable speed and enjoy a carefree drive. We’ve come a long way from having to hold the throttle for five seconds or switch between several display settings in the middle of a ride to get to this point. To exit cruise control, you need merely apply the brakes or accelerate rapidly. We expect this idea to be heavily borrow.

Even talking about the ride’s smoothness would be incomplete without a mention of the bumps. The GT1 has a rear trailing arm suspension and a front double wishbone suspension, both of which are quite aesthetically pleasing. The front and rear shocks are also fully adjustable, with 15 distinct settings and two separate knobs. Rebound speed can be adjusted hydraulically to suit the rider’s weight, riding preference, and track circumstances. Whatever your preference, you may tailor them to provide superior stablity and control. Segway’s GT1 super scooter, like the other models in the GT series, has average off-road capabilities, so you can take it on your favourite adventurous trail without sacrificing comfort.

In terms of steadiness, the GT1 has a good chance of becoming the new champion and dethroning the Wolf King GT. This scooter is more steady at high speeds than the ones we’ve tried before, including the Nami scooters, which have steering dampers. We think the 18-degree rake angle in the design is to blame (it’s bigger than we’ve ever seen), but it could also be the girder up front. If there is a cause, it seems to be effective.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, several design components contribute to the superior ride experience. Large air-filled tyres provide extra cushioning and lift the deck off the ground, making it simpler to travel over rough terrain. Long rides will be more comfortable because to the deck’s generous size and ergonomic layout. The places where your foot and hand come into touch with the shoe are additionally covered in textured rubber to prevent slippage, especially in damp situations.


It’s a sad reality that no matter how hard you try, there will always be something that falls short of your ideal. The GT1 has all the makings of a superb sports car, but there is a major caveat. It can’t go with you. Scooter is heavier, taller, and has longer folded dimensions than any other scooter we’ve interacted with, even when comparing performance models. It can be collapsed to a size of (LxWxH). At this length, it’s the second-longest scooter we’ve ever tested.

If the stem could fold all the way under itself and latch down to the deck, the situation could be salvaged. This won’t easily fit in the trunk of a typical car or small SUV. In most vehicles, it will fit just in the trunk. You’ll have a tough time climbing up the steps, too, if there isn’t an elevator. Fortunately, the Sentinel function ensures that no one will steal your scooter (more on that later)



Transparent like a fighter jet’s heads-up display, the GT2’s cockpit is currently all the rage. One of the main features that sets apart the GT scooters is the presence of a PM OLED, which we unfortunately lack. The GT1 has a standard digital screen in the middle, making it harder to read in bright sunlight. The screens, however, complement the aggressive styling of the GT scooters’ racing-inspired dashboard.

The twist-grip design of the throttle is an invigorating innovation. In addition to the Mode button, On/Off switch, and Turn signals button, the well-organized cockpit features a number of other buttons. A single tap or double-tap will trigger the specified action. Once you’re familiar with your dashboard’s layout, you won’t even have to take your eyes off the road.

The screen shows data regarding the motorcycle’s battery life, riding modes, lights, speed, cruise control, and turn signals. The controls are already somewhat densely packed on the handlebars, so you won’t be adding any other accessories.

It’s impossible to attach accessories like phone holders since the handlebar is too crowd with controls on both sides.


Another top-notch feature of the GT1 is its unparalleled illumination profile. Segway makes use of both quantity and quality to promote the GT1. The main headlight produces 900 lumens and can illuminate an area up to 80 metres in front of the vehicle. This brightness is comparable to that of standard halogen lamps in a car, which can produce beams of up to 700 lumens at low settings.

LED daytime running lights are a nice touch for the GT1, and they’re visible during the day. A pair of front turn signals hang from the scooter’s handlebars, while a pair of rear signals are built into the scooter’s deck. For added security, there is a combination taillight and brake light in the vehicle’s back bumper.

The scooter also features two ambient LED lights, as befitting a luxury vehicle. They may be adjusted to one of eleven different settings via the Segway app and are positioned in the back, on either side of the footrest. Several E-mark-approved reflectors on the front, sides, and back of your bike can further improve your visibility as you ride at night.


Tires that can repair themselves are a huge plus, and the GT1 has them. We really like how the self-sealing feature works to prevent the need for fast repair in the case of minor punctures. Again, they’re pre-slimed so you can go on an adventure immediately after unboxing (and, of course, charging) without having to worry about repairing many punctures.

The 11 x 3.6-inch tyres are likewise substantial. Even on wet or icy roads, or when travelling at high speeds, the 11-inch tyre size delivers a comfortable ride, exceptional grip and stability, and precise control and steering. They’re broad so the wheel has more surface area in contact with the track when riding. A scooter of this height can also roll over obstacles without scraping its undercarriage.



A person can only fall in love so many times, but seeing the GT1 for the first time is guaranteed to be one of those moments. Long? Very. Wide? Definitely. In the mood to do some footwork in the middle of your trip? A footplate of 69 x 24.5 cm (27 inches x 9.5 inches) makes this possible. In addition, the textured rubber padding ensures a stable footing and a relaxing ride.

The design will pique your interest due to the way the front end creates a slip pocket for the front foot. The fender in front of your foot is wrappe by the deck, providing you with an extra layer of defense against dirt and water. It’s not something you encounter frequently. The rear again rises in a wedge shape to provide a comfortable incline for your back foot. If the scooter’s lack of wow factor is a deal breaker for you, I have no doubt they can fix it.

Build Quality

With all that talk about aesthetics, by now, you know that this is a gorgeously designed scooter. Bodywork is so precise it could have only been made from one piece of scootanium. Have you forgotten its place on the periodic table? You’re safe with us.

The latest iteration of Segway’s personal transporter has spared no expense. The developers clearly spared no expense, and the sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium alloy bears witness to this. The wiring is securely covered to give the bike a genuinely tidy aesthetic. Then there’s the cutting-edge app, which does more than just look cool; it’s genuinely useful.

The Segway app allows you to turn on zero-start, configure your ambient lights, and activate some never before seen capabilities, including the one that lets you use the brakes and throttle simultaneously. A good example would be the Sentinel mode anti-theft device, which prevents the wheels from being removed. The scooter lights up and makes a lot of noise if someone even tries to move it a tiny bit.

What other features set this scooter apart? Yes, let’s dive in.

  • The high-performance batteries are cooled by a Heat Flux Multi-layer Cooling system, which consists of a series of air channels that run along the deck’s perimeter and direct a
  • flow of cool air over the hot radiators.
  • Protective Torx screws at the bar’s mounting point.
  • That rubberized lip on the front of the fairings.
  • The rubber plug that conceals the connector for charging
  • The front foot pocket that forms where the deck curves around the rider’s foot as extra fender protection
  • The scooter is protected from mild splashes or showers thanks to the IPX4 water resistance classification, which seems extremely cautious in contrast. But we’re still a little wary
  • of submerging these electric scooters in any kind of water, given the number of holes in the frame.
  • The horn has a silly sound, but it is conveniently located and may used once or multiple times to get your point clear.
  • The optional Bluetooth speaker lets you produce vroom vroom noises. You might get some funny looks, but it could also assist pedestrians hear your approach.

Can heavier riders still enjoy it?


As a result of its solid build, the GT1 can fit a wide range of riders and riding styles.

The maximum rider weight that can safely transported by the 3000W peak power motors is -, making this product suitable for most individuals. The large deck complements the weight limit by allowing riders of any size to comfortably ride in their preferred styles, regardless of shoe size.

Eventually, things will improve. Also, the battery has enough juice to keep even the heaviest riders going for a while. As long as the battery has some life left in it, heavy cyclists can also enjoy the power while climbing hills. But unlike most other electric scooters, this one keeps on going strong even when the battery is down to 20%.

However, that is not the most exciting part. Heavy riders can dial in their ideal suspension settings from a range of 15 possible positions, allowing them to roll over obstructions in the road or off curbs with minimal impact.

Segway GT1: Review Conclusion

Consequently, if you’re thinking about it, I wholeheartedly endorse the purchase of a Segway GT Series-GT1 scooter. Comparing it to other dual motor scooters on the market, you’ll find that it’s an outstanding bargain. The electric scooter is quick, has a long range, and is full of state-of-the-art features. In addition, it provides a very relaxing ride, even on steep inclines or rough terrain. It’s a little more expensive than you may hope to pay for a single motor scooter, but we’re convinced that you won’t be sorry you bought it.

Specification: Segway SuperScooter GT1 Review



Suitable For



3000 W

Max Speed

37.3 mph


43.5 Miles Range

Charge Time

12 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

43 miles


Double Wishbone Suspension Structure

Braking System

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes + EABS


11 inch Anti-Puncture Tubeless Tires


1008 Wh

Hill Climbing

8.8 seconds

Scooter Weight

106 lb

Max Load

330 Lbs


Front + Rear

Product Material

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Build

Water Resistance


Extra features

Digital Display

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Segway SuperScooter GT1 Review
Segway SuperScooter GT1 Review


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