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At $499.99, the Ninebot E22 is among Segway’s cheapest scooters – particularly if you’re looking for a sturdy, sustainable solution for those last few miles of your morning commute or weekend adventures. With a top speed of just 12 mph, you won’t be winning the Grand Prix – and it’s no match for more experienced riders. But, as a budget-friendly option for you, a great gift for your teenager, or an easy in-road to the higher end of Segway’s finest electric scooters, the Ninebot E22 will suffice. Whilst the E22 more than earns the stamp of approval for quality that we’ve come to expect from Segway-Ninebot, there are other scooters that offer superior performance for an identical price (i.e. the Turboant X7 Pro).


Is this lightweight entry-level scooter the greatest for fostering rider confidence among novice riders because of its exceptional stability, bicycle-like peak speed, and grippy next generation non-pneumatic tyres?

For novices, the E22 is properly configured. You can simply set up, turn on, and move.

There is no need to bring a tyre pump or spare tubes since the solid tyres offer surprisingly good grip and damping and will never run flat (or learn how to change a tire). You won’t need particularly powerful brakes or suspension because the speed and acceleration are constrained, but the foot brake is a handy backup in case the regent brake doesn’t bring you to a stop.

The Ninebot E22 is a strong addition to the E-series of Segway scooters since it builds on the template and is a direct descendant of the Ninebot ES2 and Ninebot ES4, which were dominant forces at the beginning of the scooter sharing boom.

It incorporates easy-to-use hand controls for the regen brake and throttle, a straightforward central display, and a restricted peak speed of 20.9 km/h.

The Segway Ninebot E22 will get you where you need to go, but we don’t recommend travelling too far without a charger as it performs admirably on shorter journeys but suffers from range anxiety on longer ones. If you’re looking for your first scooter, the E22 is an impressively steady option.

Segway E22 Review3


On the bright side, parents looking for a safer option for their child or children love the E22’s three riding modes: cruise, standard, and sport. The scooter’s “Sport” setting gives you the most adrenaline rush while yet letting you manage your speed and preserve battery life.

Having said that, you may get a second battery if you feel like spending some money. You can get a peak speed of 15.5 mph, which is on par with Segway’s renowned ES2 model, and a range of up to 27 miles for $249.99.

Or, if you don’t want to spend more money than is necessary, I highly suggest the Turboant X7 Pro. It is the finest scooter under $600 for a reason—it has a peak speed of 20 mph, a range of 30 miles, weighs 33 pounds, and has large soft tyres that easily navigate crowded streets.

Top Speed

The E22’s highest speed cap of 20.9 km/h makes it a great choice for novices.

It’s important to keep your speeds moderate while first learning to drive an electric scooter so you can get acclimated to how acceleration feels. Additionally, many places that permit scooters limit their speed to 24 km/h, making this an excellent pace for avoiding detection.

Bicyclists can go at a peak speed of 19 km/h on average, so you will be able to keep up with them on the E22 but not pass them.

Segway E22 Review6


The Ninebot E22 offers extremely manageable, gentle acceleration.
The straightforward thumb throttle is easy to use, and riding it is similar to hopping onto a moving sidewalk.
Once it reaches its peak speed, it remains there and cannot move any faster.

Hill Climb

The E22, like the majority of entry-level electric scooters, is not designed for steep inclines.

This scooter undoubtedly has its upper limit on our 10% average grade slope because it feels strange “accelerating” at a snail’s rate of 8.4 km/h while taking 26.4 s to cover a 60-meter distance.

Other scooters, on the other hand, have not managed to ascend at all.


The Ninebot E22 has ample range for most commutes with a real-world range of 16.3 km, providing you remember to pack your charger. Unless you prepare far in advance, it’s not what we’d call a weekend joyride scooter since range worry will trouble your mind.


The regen brakes are effective and incredibly simple to utilize for typical stop-and-go driving. Instead of a brake lever, they are operated by a thumb throttle, which is more ergonomic. Given that it is just using the front regent, the stopping distance isn’t that awful.

In our test, the E22’s braking distance while utilizing the regen brake alone was 4.6 meters. You may also use the foot brake, which is integrated into the rear fender, to slow down in an emergency.

Ride Quality

The E22 is a scooter that is remarkably steady. Although its predecessors were rather stable, the E22 is one of the most stable entry-level scooters we’ve ever ridden thanks to the new robust tyres and a slower peak speed.

Compared to its predecessors’ 20 cm solid tyres, the 22.9 cm polyurethane-filled solid tyres represent a vast improvement.

In fact, it provides a better ride even without any suspension than the Ninebot ES4, which has dual suspension. The new tyres have deeper tread for improved grip in water and longer life, as well as substantially higher traction in the dry, in addition to better managing bumps.

The big, textured handgrips that are attached to the handlebars so they cannot spin freely are our favourite feature of the scooter, other than the interesting next generation tyres.

The big diameter and pleasant gripping feel make them easy to handle. The rider may keep their hands on the handlebars at all times while still having easy access to the controls thanks to simple thumb controls. Riding ergonomics are excellent since the thumbs naturally land where the brake and throttle are activated.

A smartphone app may be used to link with this kick-start scooter and operate basic functions like cruise control. After maintaining speed for 5 to 10 seconds, the E22 emits an audible beep to signal to the rider that cruise control has been activated. If you wish to disengage cruise control and slow down, there is no signal on the display, so you must keep in mind that it is engaged and pump the brakes.


Although the E22 weighs only 14 kg, which is quite light, the fixed handlebars prevent it from being ultraportable (not folding).

However, their modest package size, ease of doorway rolling, and sense of enough breadth when riding are all benefits of their narrow width. It collapses fast and simply, and for simple transporting, the stem locks to the back fender.

It can easily fit into a trunk since it has a rounded stem and is light and small enough to be lifted beside you with one hand. When folded, the E22 is 43 cm broad, 114 cm long, and 36 cm tall.

Remember that the scooter’s battery is in the stem when you’re walking next to it, and that when you’re pushing it up curbs, the back wheel may swing in your direction. This set up can also give it a front-heavy feeling and the impression that it won’t roll over bumps without tipping forward. While riding, however, this is not a problem because your weight readily balances the stem’s.

Segway E22 Review5


The E22’s cockpit is extremely basic, with thumb controls, a straightforward, centred LED display, and bells (not pictured). None other! The rubberized controls and rounded handgrips are sturdy and well crafted, and there are no cords to tangle in or buttons to break. Although the display is simple to see, it doesn’t provide much information.

The firmware of the display is one issue. The battery indication remained at 100% during the whole test despite upgrading to the most recent firmware prior to range testing, warning us that it wasn’t updating correctly.

Fortunately, the mobile app accurately displayed the charge level, and it’s probable that the problem will be corrected in subsequent firmware upgrades.

Overall, the cockpit is similar to a scooter: it serves a purpose, is straightforward, simple to use, and is best suited for novices.


The E22 has brake-activated taillights located on the fenders and a high-mounted headlamp. Additionally, there are red reflectors on each side of the stem and the deck close to the back. The lights improve visibility overall, particularly the rear brake light, which is visible from both the side and the back. We would like a headlight, though, that is brighter.

Segway E22 Review4


The Segway E22’s road tyres merit praise and consideration. Segway succeeded after investing three years in creating a 22.9 cm solid tyre that really feels more like a pneumatic tyre. With the cheap maintenance of a solid tyre, they have produced the most accurate simulation of a pneumatic tyre that we have ever seen.

The polyurethane foam filling has a bigger diameter than solid tyres on other entry-level scooters and gives better stability and grip than solid tyres on earlier E-series scooters. It also provides a decent road feel and effective bump absorption.


The deck is made of thin rubber and has a raised diamond pattern that matches the handgrips. It is 15.2 cm wide and 45.7 cm long. It appears to be a little short and narrow, but it is actually just a tiny bit smaller than the deck of the Segway Ninebot Max.

Build Quality

The E22 feels stronger than other E-series versions while having a lightweight design.
The handlebars’ ability to excessively bend forward and backward while being ridden should be fully eliminated thanks to Segway’s addition of a third set of fasteners holding them to the stem. They have also added a bracing to prevent stem wobbling and quadrupled the number of bolts holding the stem to the deck.

The regent brakes are fairly simple to use, however using regent as your main brake has its limitations. When the scooter is completely charged, braking while descending a steep slope may prohibit the regent from working since the battery is full and the energy has nowhere else to go. Additionally, doing so might lead to the motor controller overheating and breaking. The design has been refined over time to provide more space in the battery to absorb power, but if the scooter is fully charged, we still highly advise utilizing the foot brake when descending steep hills.

Cable management is one area where Segway scooters excel above other brands. The scooter has a completely clean appearance from top to bottom since there are no visible cords anywhere on it. The Ninebot E22’s straightforward construction also makes it relatively simple to disassemble, since the handlebars are only joined to the scooter by a single plug-and-play connector.

The E22 has the same IPX4 water resistant certification as other Segway models. This helps reinforce it against environmental harm but does not make it weatherproof or waterproof. Remember that most scooter warranties do not cover water damage, even for models with IP certifications.


The warranty for the Segway Ninebot E22 is comparable to that for other scooters. There is a 12-month limited warranty available, but it is unlikely to cover water damage and may be revoked if you modify the scooter in any way. As a result, consider your use of the scooter carefully. In addition, the customer service staff is quite approachable if you have any queries or worries. The scooter should be returned within 30 days for a complete refund.

Who Should Buy the Segway Ninebot E22?

A reliable all-around scooter that is excellent for novices is the Segway Ninebot E22. This should work if you’re seeking for a scooter that can reliably get you from place to place; but, if you’re searching for a scooter that accelerates swiftly and has a high top speed, you might want to look elsewhere.

The superior integrated frame construction and sturdy tyres of the scooter mean that very little maintenance is required. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about the scooter malfunctioning from normal wear and use. Find out more about the Segway Ninebot E22’s features and decide if this scooter is right for you.

Specification: Segway E22 Review



Suitable For



300 W

Max Speed




Charge Time


Single-Charge Mileage



Dual Suspension

Braking System

Electric Brake + Mechanical Brake




184 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

29.8 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


LED Display

Product Material


Water Resistance


Extra features

Battery Management System, Cruise Control, Extended Battery Pack, LED Display, LED Lights, Mobile App, Waterproof Rating

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    The scooter is well-made and sturdy.

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  2. Alcott

    This small scooter is adorable! I’m not going to lie.

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  3. DAVID

    I adore this product, but I advise against riding if it has recently started to rain.

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