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The Reid E4 is one of Reid Motors’ attempts to provide a premium-feeling electric scooter at an economical price. They had succeeded in their mission, outperforming other e-scooters in the same category.
This e-scooter is actually pretty sturdy for its asking price, since it is cheaper than its near relative, the E4 Plus, thanks to its higher build quality and well-engineered design. Furthermore, it ensured that the Xiaomi e-scooters are within easy reach.
The Reid E4 should surely be on the list of top e-scooters within its price range and tier, with fantastic features and inclusions, good riding quality, and a motor that can generate a tremendous torque. It’s not ideal, but it’ll do for now.

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The Reid E4 is mostly compared to the Xiaomi M365. But after a few test drives and a matter of breaking in, people are convinced that this is the far superior electric scooter. Boasting a better motor, bigger tyres, better lighting, and an integrated rear suspension, the Reid E4 Plus electric scooter is definitely a far cry from the Reid E4 — making sure that shelling out extra money is definitely worth it.

Still, it still hasn’t managed to perfect and round out the edges that people have been raving from the Reid E4, ultimately making it an e-scooter that’s a great choice but still not the best.


Performance Overview

The Reid E4 Plus is quite a step up from the Reid E4, with a price too steep for some. Currently tagged at £599 (around $830), this scooter manages to pull through with several improvements from its predecessor — ultimately still giving Xiaomi and the M365 a run for its money.

It may not be the best e-scooter out there when it comes to its price and specs, but it manages to pull through with the things that make it unique. Reid Motors didn’t try too hard to redesign this electric scooter, as what they did was more of a slight upgrade that improves the ride but not necessarily takes it to another level. Nonetheless, it’s still a scooter you may drool over for, and paying for its asking price definitely feels like a stalemate.

In terms of specs, it still pretty much has most of what the E4 offered — a 15.5 mph maximum speed, 17.4 mi maximum mileage in a single charge, 15-degree climbing range, high-grade aluminium frame, a mobile app, and an IPX4 water rating. What the Reid E4 Plus manages to improve upon are the following:

  • the motor (adding 100W more)
  • the lighting system (adding a glowing coloured LED light under the deck)
  • the brake system (with the inclusion of a more accessible rear brake)
  • the tyres (adding 1.5 inches more to it)

The only downside to all this is the added weight, with the e-scooter being 3.1 lbs heavier than its predecessor.

This surely won’t stop you from wanting a Reid E4 Plus, and the Reid E4 and Xiaomi M365 are far from overtaking it as competition. It undeniably has a hefty asking price— but even so, it still manages to bump into some problems. Some issues patrons have been asking for include better battery life, a lower and more competitive price, a dashboard with a backlight, and several improvements on the app. We’ll discuss more on this later, so keep on reading.

The Reid E4 Plus electric scooter offers an improved 350W battery that takes four to five hours to charge. Its climbing range is still at 15 degrees, and the max range a single charge could take you is at 28 km. Its speed tops at 15.5 mph, proving that the motor upgrade was more for acceleration than it is for power. Nonetheless, the Reid E4 Plus does a great job as an entry-level e-scooter.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Reid E4’s peak speeds differ depending on the speed option. You may go up to 6 mph in the first speed setting, which is ideal for moving the scooter about or cautiously crossing streets. The second one has a peak speed of 11 mph, making it ideal for busy streets, neighbourhoods with plenty of people outdoors, or congested roadways. The third and quickest speed setting, which allows for a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, is the last option and will help you get at any location quicker than anticipated.

Keep take mind that the figures are often influenced by the route, rider, and gear weight, and weather conditions, so individual results will undoubtedly vary.

The Reid E4 Plus has three distinct riding modes and three degrees of acceleration. The numbers 1-3 on the dashboard show what they mean. The peak speeds for the first and second levels are 6 mph (brisk walking pace), 11 mph (rapid enough for busy roads or places with heavy traffic), and 15.5 mph (the quickest speed of all).

You may anticipate reaching high speeds more quickly with the 350W motor upgrade. The only issue is that it drains your battery just as quickly. Another drawback of its design is how difficult it is to switch between modes while riding, which is a price to pay for the ease of the speed mode.

Controls & Display

The Reid E4 Plus’s cockpit doesn’t change. The Reid E4 has an integrated LED that shows the battery level, power mode (pedestrian, standard, or speed), a speedometer that displays speeds in both kph and mph, and Bluetooth status, which indicates if you’re connected to the Reid eMobility App.

The eMobility app, which gives a longer version of the cockpit but still requires a UI redesign and various enhancements, is both a strength and a weakness of the Reid e-scooter. It duplicates your cockpit and offers light control and colour selection, much as the Reid E4 did. Additionally, it has the much anticipated cruise control, a locking mechanism, and the choice of how the scooter starts up, allowing you to decide whether you want the throttle to operate from a fixed position or when you give it a little push.


Battery Life & Range 

The same battery that powers the Reid E4 and the Reid E4 Plus, a 36V, 7.5 Ah, 30-cell battery, can propel the scooter 17.4 miles on a single charge.

The battery on this electric scooter may have been better when it was first introduced, but it now demands a lengthier charging period, taking four to five hours to reach full charge. However, the peak mileage would differ based on the kind of usage (how much you throttle and what speed mode you’re in) as well as the road conditions, rider weight, and use.

Although the Reid E4 Plus’s mileage isn’t very high, it’s enough to eliminate commuting. As soon as you get at your location, you should begin charging so that you will be finished when it is time to leave and return home. It will likely be fully charged and ready before night if you charge it once you get home, making it simple to use the next day.

Motor Configuration

The Reid E4 Plus has a 350W motor that has been updated, enabling it to propel the e-scooter at up to 15.5 mph and a climbing angle of 15 degrees. The additional 100W performs better in terms of acceleration compared to the Reid E4, yet it is still just as quick and efficient.

Construction & Build Quality

The Reid E4 Plus electric scooter weighs 32 lbs and is made of high-grade aluminium and IPX4 water-rated components. However, with a 220 lb rider weight restriction, it is still a rather tough and solid road buddy. This time around, almost all of the features are implemented as integrated components of the system, and the wiring is cleaner.

Additionally, the deck and lighting this time around seem much nicer, particularly with the installation of under-deck lights for aesthetic appeal. The long handlebar is still there for easier handling and it is still simple to detach when necessary.

When you need to transport it about, the Reid E4 Plus folds and locks into place just as well while maintaining the opulent appearance you would expect from a high-end scooter.

After unpacking, all that is left to do is screw on the scooter’s neck and charge the battery as necessary before you may zoom or scoot about your neighbourhood or city. It is really simple and as hassle-free as you’d want it to be, which is something Reid always gives in regards to their goods.

The Reid E4 Plus is regarded as having a high-quality and long-lasting construction. Even though it weighs a little bit more than the E4, this e-scooter is renowned for easily handling more challenging terrain and rougher roads. Reid Motors certainly didn’t fall short with this one since they are well aware of how people would attempt to use this electric scooter to get by in practically any circumstance.


The Reid E4 Plus has an integrated rear suspension that absorbs any shocks the e-scooter could experience. It succeeds in resolving the Reid E4’s most obvious flaw, particularly given how well the scooter functions with the cellular solid tyres. Undoubtedly, this is worth the extra £100, making it simple to forget about the Reid E4.

Ride Quality

With the additional rear suspension taking up the majority of what makes it comfortable, its ride quality is far superior than the Reid E4. The Reid E4 has a reputation for having a rough ride.

This has been promptly resolved with the Reid E4 Plus’s installation of a shock absorber on the rear. In addition to providing a smoother ride than its predecessor, the higher tyres of this vehicle provide the impression of being quicker.


With its 10′ puncture-proof tyres and cellular solid technology, which allows for a little give as a form of suspension, the Reid E4 Plus improves upon the tyres. Its previous iteration’s sliding issue hasn’t been fixed yet. Therefore, everyone is still eager to see that issue resolved.



With the inclusion of a rear foot brake in addition to the mechanical disc brake function it still possesses, the Reid E4 Plus’s braking system has also been significantly improved.

Riding the Reid E4 Plus is a little more efficient than you would be accustomed to in an electric scooter thanks to its electronic front brake with energy collection. Basically, the kinetic energy produced by your present speed is used by its front brake. The brake would then use all of this energy to instantly stop the wheels and the e-scooter while sending any extra energy to the battery for backup power.


Some people could argue that the Reid E4 Plus is difficult to transport since it weighs 32 lbs. However, if you’re persistent and powerful enough, you may manage to move it to a parking space or up many flights of stairs.

Even so, folding this electric scooter is simple. Additionally, the handlebar grips unscrew as necessary, and the neck’s locking mechanism functions effectively when folded up.


Water Resistance

Given that the Reid E4 Plus has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, it can withstand significant volumes of water being thrown at it. Of course, this also implies that it shouldn’t be submerged in puddles or wet weather. Therefore, it’s best to steer the electric scooter clear of circumstances with such intense rain.


This electric scooter has reflectors on the wheels and integrated illumination on the front and rear of the scooter. Under the deck, there is a pulsing LED strip with adjustable colour. Its headlamps continue to be the four high beam LEDs from the Reid E4 with the surround colour LEDs that provide the e-journey scooter’s a little touch of ambiance. While some people may find it overbearing, others adjust to it quite quickly.


The Reid E4 Plus’s deck remains the same, with the rubber material’s grip just slightly enhanced. This is because it accelerates more quickly, compensating for the demand for a substance that feels stickier. Even yet, anybody can stand on it without any difficulty and go at 15.5 mph without any issues. Even more protection against puddles and small quantities of water is provided by its IPX4 rating.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

In terms of their customer service, Reid demonstrates an openness and responsiveness to client concerns, ensuring that all client’s problems are addressed and appropriately handled.


Along with its tyres, which would begin to wear out after around 3000 kilometres, another problem to watch out for would be its batteries, which may fail too soon if properly cared for. The whole machine is powered by 30 separate cells, thus misuse or normal wear and tear might quickly exhaust the battery’s life. As a result, use care whilst charging this e-scooter.

Known Issues

The Reid E4 Plus scooter’s firm tyres, which sometimes have a tendency to slide, are the sole documented drawback. Additionally, several of the buttons on its excessively long handlebar weren’t changed to fit the extension, making them more difficult to reach.


Similar accessories are available for the Reid E4 Plus as for its predecessor. These include the bell integrated into one of its brake levers, the reflectors on the wheels, the LED strip with programmable colour beneath the deck, and the excessive surround colour LED on the high beam headlights.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Overall, the Reid E4 Plus electric scooter proves to be a really enjoyable ride, with just the cost acting as a deterrent. How there aren’t many improvements from its predecessor may be questioned. However, perhaps Reid Motors will exclude it for a later model.

Despite this, the Reid E4 Plus has a quality feel to it that is in line with the price it is now asking. With every function and addition making for an exciting ride, this electric scooter is certainly far from being a disappointment. In the end, it does an excellent job of providing you with an electric scooter experience that would leave you wanting more and prompt you to try and seek out a more potent electric scooter down the road.

Specification: REID E4 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

15.5 mph


16.4 miles

Charge Time

3 – 4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

17.4 miles


Braking System

Electronic front brake with energy capture and mechanical rear disc brake


8.5inc tyres


30 cell, 36 V, 7.5 Ah

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

28.9 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


four high beam LED with surround colour on the front, LED rear integrated brake light, Wheel reflectors

Product Material

Steel T-tube and frame with polypropylene deck

Water Resistance

Extra features

and crucially, if not slightly bumpy., it’s a joy to ride, LED lights and a well-built app

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    I was hoping to enjoy this scooter a lot.

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  2. PETER

    My kid had a wonderful ride.

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  3. ERIC

    My child adores his brand-new scooter. He enjoys himself while zipping about on it.

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