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This scooter is ideal for folks who enjoy cruising about the city on their free time. Reid’s E4 Plus can transport you further and quicker than ever before, giving you more time to explore your surroundings. It provides an unrivalled smooth ride, with sturdy tyres that slide softly over bumps or fractures in the road without shaking you out of position! This durable small e-scooter features an exquisite appearance with adjustable LED lighting, so no matter where you go, people will know precisely what they’re dealing with—a powerful machine that no other manufacturer can match!

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Both Reid e-scooters, the E4 and E4 Plus, have the same range (17 mph) and top speed (15 mph), however the E4 Plus has a 350W motor, whilst the E4 only has a 250W motor, giving it greater torque and allowing it to be heavier by 14 kg. The wheels are yet another distinctive element. Compared to the normal E4, which has 8.5-inch wheels and no rear suspension, the E4 Plus features 10-inch wheels and rear suspension, providing a significantly smoother ride. It is clear which e-scooter you should choose because there is only a £100 price difference between both.

But keep in mind that the Reid E4 Plus, like all other electric scooters, is a motorised vehicle and must abide by the same UK legislation as other electric scooters. In the UK, it is now prohibited to use them on sidewalks and roadways. To ease the burden on public transportation, the UK Government has accelerated the testing of e-scooters to June 2020, but specifics have not yet been determined.


Performance Overview:

Each of the three riding modes on the Reid E4 Plus has its own peak speed and is denoted by the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the display. The lowest tops out at around 6 mph, which is about brisk walking pace; the second tops out at about 11 mph, which is wonderful when you’re around people; and the highest tops out at about 15 mph, which is ideal for when you’re riding with a clean, unobstructed route ahead.

The Reid E4 Plus’s throttle requires around a 3cm push to reach its lowest setting, which is a bit more than on comparable e-scooters. Even in the most powerful riding mode, this “give” makes it simpler to change your speed, which is a nice feature.

Speed & Acceleration:

Another aspect of the speed control that we appreciate is how gently the Reid E4 Plus loses speed when the throttle is released. This enables you to handle it similarly to an automated vehicle: depress the throttle all the way for maximum speed, halfway for a comfortable pace, and release for a gradual slowdown. When you remove the throttle on some e-scooters, the vehicle stops more abruptly, which is less logical.

Battery & Range:

The scooter’s primary control panel is a blue LED display that is integrated into the middle of the handlebars. Important details like power levels, battery life, and speed are shown on it, and a single button directly below it is used to manage the Reid E4 Plus’s many features.

Motor Configuration:

A push of the central power button switches between the three driving modes. A pedestrian mode with a top speed limit of 4.3 mph, a regular mode with a progressive top speed limit of 9.3 mph, and a speed mode with a somewhat rapid top speed limit of 15.5 mph are all available. The latter is, predictably, the fastest and most responsive mode; while it doesn’t accelerate quite as quickly as the updated 350W motor of the Ninebot Max G30, it is still quick enough for stop-start city commuting.

The button is only difficult to reach while maintaining both hands on the handlebars, which makes it challenging to quickly switch settings while riding.

Stopping power is as as crucial as speed, and the Reid E4 has it covered. The front wheel has a mechanical disc brake, and the handlebar-mounted brake lever allows automated motor cutoff in addition to a cute little bell. In layman’s words, the scooter comes to a shockingly swift stop when you apply the brakes.

Construction & Quality:

High-quality construction, a variety of unusual features, such as a set of customization LED lights and a well-designed software, are all present. Most importantly, the ride itself is enjoyable, albeit a little rough.


Suspension & Comfort:

The E4 Plus is reliable, practical, strong, and secure. Going through the speed settings was quite simple and the throttle was very quick. With its rear suspension, the Reid E4 Plus easily handles bumps and potholes. I was riding my eScooter with a smile on my face.

Ride Quality:

Although the eScooter is a lot of fun to ride, one drawback is that the substantial 8.5-inch tyres make it rough. While the solid tyre construction has several advantages, including the ability to last considerably longer than regular tyres and being puncture-proof, it also means that there is no “give” while riding over bumps and uneven terrain. Every dip and bump in the road will probably be noticeable to you, and on rough asphalt roads, it may even vibrate somewhat.


The scooter itself may be used to control the headlights, but other settings are only available through the app.

Small features, including as the soft rubber grips on the handlebars and the distinctive display, complete the high-end aesthetic Reid is looking for. However, the clean design is slightly marred by a few cables that run around the scooter’s exterior.


Stopping power is as as crucial as speed, and the Reid E4 has it covered. The front wheel has a mechanical disc brake, and the handlebar-mounted brake lever allows automated motor cutoff in addition to a cute little bell. In layman’s words, the scooter comes to a shockingly swift stop when you apply the brakes.


Additionally, the ride is cosy. The Reid E4 Plus has solid rubber wheels, like the majority of electric scooters on the market today. Our main concern is that they tend to result in a bumpier ride over uneven terrain, despite the fact that they offer some clear advantages over pneumatic tyres, such as the fact that you never have to worry about punctures.



The spacious deck and seemingly ideal handlebar height both contribute to the comfort. Given that I am 6 feet 1 inches tall, it might not be ideal for everyone. None now give the option to modify the handlebar height, so this is not really surprising.

Controls & Display:

The E4 Plus’s large rubber grips, which provide exceptional control while riding, are the device’s second notable feature. There is a little hook right below the bars, as well as convenient access to the bell, the brake, and the accelerator. Although its primary use is to keep the scooter shut when it’s folded, it also serves as a bag holder in case you decide to stop at the store on the way home.

Water Resistance:

Reid claims that it is also IPX4 water-resistant, so you shouldn’t be concerned about a short drizzle now and again. However, I wouldn’t suggest riding any electric scooter in much more than a light drizzle.


Reid E4 Plus electric scooter is currently available for a massive £170 discount thanks to Pure Electric’s clearance sale. If you’re searching for a dependable e-scooter with strong rubber wheels that will never puncture and don’t require regular refilling, as we’ve indicated below, this is one of the finest options.

Known Issues:

  • The fact that they frequently cause a rougher ride on uneven terrain is our main complaint.
  • The button is only difficult to reach while maintaining both hands on the handlebars, which makes it challenging to quickly switch settings while riding.


The Reid E4 Plus eScooter is a lot of fun to ride and a fantastic everyday commuting substitute for utilising bicycles and automobiles because of the battery capacity and engine efficiency. The eScooter is robust to ride on and features a clean, contemporary, ergonomic design. It also has several safety features, including disc brakes, electronic locks, headlights and brake lights, as well as ambient lighting beneath the deck for nighttime rides.

Specification: REID E4 PLUS REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

15.5 miles


19.4 miles

Charge Time

4-5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

17.4 miles


Integrated rear suspension

Braking System

Electronic front brake with energy capture and mechanical rear disc brake with foot brake


10″ wheel with puncture proof tyre


30 cell, 36 V, 7.5 Ah

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

32 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


four high beam LED with surround colour on the front, LED rear integrated brake light, underdeck lights, Wheel reflectors

Product Material

High-grade aluminium

Water Resistance


Extra features

eMobility app, Speed Modes

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4.7 out of 5
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    It’s a fantastic scooter all around.

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  2. ALICE

    One was ideal, and he was giddy with joy to have it.

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    An excellent first motorized scooter

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