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In the electric scooter market, the Razor firm has made a considerable impact. While other companies were experimenting with speed and engine power on high-performance scooters, Razor focused on developing their children’s scooters, which paid dividends. The Turbo A Black Label is a classic example of a high-quality child scooter with an exquisite appearance and a focus on the quality and performance that Razor is known for. The solid and durable aluminium deck is followed by the easy-fold down tube and foamed steel handles, which complete the scooter’s frame’s smooth finish.
The characteristic deck curvature above the rear wheel is well-known among Razor devotees. Razor chose a curved guard for this model, which is unusual.

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Razor Turbo A Black Label Summary

The Razor brand has been influential in the electric scooter market for almost 20 years. Razor focused on improving their children’s scooter line while other companies were busy on the speed and motor power of high-performance scooters. The Turbo A Black Label is a timeless classic among Razor’s child scooter offerings; it exemplifies the brand’s dedication to uncompromising quality and performance in a sleek and sophisticated package. The aluminium deck is the first component of the scooter’s seamless frame design. The easy-fold down tube and foamed steel handles are the next.

The distinctive arc of a Razor skateboard’s deck over the back wheel is instantly recognizable to many riders. Razor opted for a curved guard on this model to store the battery, a clever design choice that can’t be missed. Additionally, it has urethane wheels that provide a smooth ride even on rocky surfaces. The scooter is the lightest in the brand’s range of electric scooters and boasts a folding stem- a feature not so frequent in Razor kids e scooters, e.g., the Power Core E100, the E100, the Power A2, and the E200.

The kick-off mechanism includes a pressure sensor in the rider’s foot that triggers the high-torque 80 Watt motor and regulates the rate of acceleration. This scooter reaches speeds of up to 10 mph on a full battery charge and can reach a maximum of 25-minutes of non-stop riding time. Kids are less likely to wander out in unattended locations if they can’t go very fast. The ‘swap and go’ rapid charge battery pack is detachable for convenient charging, and with a short charge period of 4 hours, it’s the ideal on-the-go companion.

There are several drawbacks, as there are with every cheap scooter. It’s not safe to ride at night because the scooter doesn’t have any reflectors, a bell, or headlights. The handlebars are absolutely basic, but for the grips. No LED screen or suspension are included. It may not be as powerful as the E200 or an adult scooter, but it provides the performance your kids need until they’re ready to upgrade.

The characteristics of the Turbo A Black Label electric scooter are discussed and analysed in depth below.


Performance Overview: 

Razor has never released a model of its electric scooter that wasn’t at least somewhat efficient in terms of performance, despite the fact that such efficiency isn’t crucial for children. This electric scooter is powered by 12 V lithium-ion batteries and can reach a respectable 10 mph.

The maximum rider weight of 110 pounds is easily supported by the 80-watt geared wheel motor’s high torque. Parents may be alarmed by the maximum speed of 10 mph, which is reached at the ideal rider weight and full battery charge. However, Razor incorporated an easy-access rear foot brake that is a relatively obvious method to slow or stop the scooter.

Unfortunately, as is the case with the vast majority of children’s scooters, it struggles on slopes.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Turbo A Black Label is equipped with a standard 80 watt geared-wheel motor that can boost the scooters to a maximum speed of 10 mph, depending on variables including the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the scooter’s battery life. The scooter has to be moving at least 3 miles per hour before the kick-start motor can engage, so you’ll need to give it a couple of kicks to get it going. This design only manages a sluggish rate of acceleration. The accelerator is actuated by pressure from the user’s foot rather of the more conventional twist grip or thumb.

This scooter is best suited to level, smooth surfaces and may struggle on inclines. This model’s speed is fairly respectable, coming in at 9 mph compared to the 11 mph of the Razor Power Core E100, the company’s fastest kid’s scooter.

Hill Climbing

The Turbo A Black Label is at its finest on smooth, level surfaces like sidewalks, playground mulch, and city streets. The scooter can still make it up extremely gentle inclines, however. Razor does not offer actual world proven measurements for inclined riding.


This scooter has quick and long-lasting 3.9″ Urethane wheels. Urethane wheels may not absorb as much of the impact as pneumatic ones, but they are more durable and need less upkeep.

Basically, they are the same wheels found on any regular, non-electric kick scooter. Therefore, in terms of reliability, they perform as expected.


Battery Life & Range

Its 12 V lithium-ion rapid charge battery is what keeps the Turbo A Black Label going. The rechargeable battery pack may be removed and used with a convenient plug-in power supply. The battery has been designed for direct charging; it can be completely charged in 4 hours, at which point the indication light will turn green. The manufacturer recommends not charging for longer than specified. But don’t worry, the charger has a built-in safety function that stops it from overcharging, becoming too hot, or having a short circuit.

Riders may start their journey by inserting a fully charged battery into the battery case, flipping the power switch on, and going. At its maximum load, the scooter can go for a cool 25 minutes on a single charge. That’s about equivalent to a range of four miles. The range isn’t great, but it’s enough for kids of this age since it keeps them from wandering too far from home.

The scooter’s lightweight chassis and collapsible stem make it convenient to transport when the battery dies unexpectedly. If the kids’ scooter runs out of juice, it’s not the end of the world because they can still complete the trip by kicking it the old-fashioned way. As an added bonus, the cyclist may easily carry this spare battery in their pocket.

Motor Configuration

This Razor has a high-torque 80-watt geared-wheel drive motor that can be started with a simple touch of a button. To activate the motor, the scooter has to be moving at least 3 miles per hour. Together with a pressure sensor activator operated by the user’s foot, this gets the motor going. In addition, the gear motor in E100 models has a lower maintenance profile than the chain motor.

Construction & Build Quality

The Razor Turbo A Black Label is a high-quality, reliable scooter that is perfect for kids. The frame is made out of aluminium, including the deck and down stem, and steel, including the handlebars with foam grips. The lightweight and portable down stem has a simple folding design. The down stem and handlebars are both very simple bicycle design. The deck is narrower than those of Razor’s other children’s scooters and is coated in a sandpaper-like substance. The back deck has an angle rather than a smooth curve over the wheel well, and it also has a foot brake.

The 80-watt geared-wheel motor and its housing unit, which incorporates a quick-charge Lithium-ion battery pack, are situated in the bike’s rear. The urethane 3.9″ tyres are quick, long-lasting, and need no oiling or airing. Behind the seat is where you’ll find the power button.

Yes, this scooter does not have many necessary features like suspension, lights, reflectors, a horn or bell, and an LED display, but that is to be anticipated in such a fantastic and affordable kids’ package.


The electric scooter has a deck constructed of aluminium, which makes it both lightweight and durable. It can hold up to 110 lbs. of rider weight with ease. The deck of the Turbo A Black Label is rather flat, which is a big plus for stability.

Nonetheless, there is sufficient deck clearance for riders to graze as they go over bumps and obstacles. Also, like skateboards, the deck is coated in a sandpaper-like substance for improved traction.



There is no suspension on the Razor Turbo A Black Label, although this should scarcely be a problem at all. Clearly, this is an upgraded electric variant of the classic kick/push scooter. Your children will not be affected in any way by the judders and bumps they encounter.


For all riders, safety is the first priority on a Razor electric scooter. Here, we have a tried-and-true power-cutoff rear-fender brake that allows for safe, uncompromising stopping. The highest speed of 10 mph may look modest for seasoned riders, but is very high for youngsters aged 8-14 years, thus the requirement for a solid stopping mechanism.

An easy-to-operate foot brake on the rear fender of the e-scooter prevents movement when braking is required.

Ride Quality

After a rider learns the ins and outs of an e-scooter, the degree of riding comfort, or lack thereof, becomes a primary issue. The rider may stand comfortably on the Turbo A Black Label’s strong deck, which also has an angled back that doubles as a footrest and stores the brake. The sandpaper lining on the deck ensures a firm grip for riders. Comfortable riding is ensured by the foam covering on the handlebar grips. Riders won’t feel any jolts from the 80-watt geared-wheel motor since it takes a push to start.

Urethane tyres provide a stable and quiet ride, and they also help with quick starts. Nevertheless, regardless of the rider’s speed, the scooter may be brought to an immediate and safe halt via the brakes. The short charging period of the battery helps to minimize service interruptions. Stability is improved because to the low deck profile as well. On the other hand, this scooter is not best for riding in poor light. Due to the absence of necessary safety equipment like lights, a horn, and reflectors, this is an undesirable nuisance.


Turbo A Black Label does not have any lights, unfortunately. This scooter’s sole source of illumination is its power indicator, which glows only when the scooter is turned on and off. The deck and stem of the handlebars are not reflective. No parent wants to see their child trip over something they couldn’t see, so they should definitely call the kids in from their scooting play.

It’s preferable to be cautious than sorry, especially when neighbors driving automobiles may not be able to see the youngsters racing about.

Controls & Display

The handlebar stem of this children’s electric scooter does not have any LED displays like those seen on most adult scooters. A single integrated power button is located on the back deck.

A pressure sensor operated by the driver’s foot acts as an accelerator, and it is located on the deck for easy access. Lifting your foot off this sensor will cause the scooter to slow down instantly. The learning curve isn’t very high, but there is some.


The fact that it is intended for children implies that it should be portable, and in this regard, Razor succeeds admirably. The electric scooter weighs in at a relatively light 7.33 lb (3.33 kg), and its foldable aluminium stem makes it very easy to transport.

By simply flipping a latch, the user of the Turbo A Black Label may collapse the scooter into a compact package that children of this age can easily transport. Folded, the dimensions are rather small and provide easy stowage.

Your child can easily lift and carry this scooter up and down stairs or into the trunk of your car because of how light it is.


Water Resistance

Riders should be warned that the scooter does not have a water resistant IP classification, and that the manufacturer will not provide warranty coverage for water damage caused by riders.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The charger for the scooter’s battery has a built-in protection mechanism that prevents it from overheating, overcharging, and shorting out. There is a 25-minute riding time provided by the battery. The maximum speeds provide the youngsters with a great deal of excitement without putting their safety in jeopardy. The effective brake also stops the engine from running at any speed. Assuming riders are diligent about keeping the frame in excellent condition, it should last on many rides. The sturdy tyres provide a quick, comfortable, and steady ride.

Razor’s devoted Customer Support staff is available through toll-free US and international hotlines. Between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM (PST), customer service agents are available to take your calls. Customers with after-hours concerns can either text the designated number or use the online form provided on the support page.

Razor is also well-liked because of how seriously it takes its guarantees. You have 90 days to report any manufacturing problems and get a full refund. However, the cost of return shipping will be borne by the customer. Wheels, regular wear, and problems caused by improper installation, storage, usage, rental, or immersion in water are not covered by the guarantee. Customers outside of the United States and Canada are not covered by the warranty, even if they purchase and use a Razor Turbo A Black Label. If you live outside of these regions, it is imperative that you buy this children’s scooter from a dependable supplier or agent who will be responsible for addressing any concerns that may arise.


An adult should do routine maintenance. There isn’t much you need to do to keep your Turbo A Black Label running smoothly. Using a moist towel, wipe off the deck and the handlebars. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste on tougher stains, then wipe everything off with a damp towel.

Never use acetone, alcohol, or any other volatile solvent on your scooter; it might ruin the frame or internal components. Use of pressure washers and rough gauzes is also not recommended by the manufacturer.

Before putting the scooter away for the winter, make sure it’s completely charged and turned off. In order to keep the scooter charged for an extended period of time, you need plug it in once a month.

Because the Turbo A Black Label has no chains or gears—two components that typically need periodic maintenance for optimum performance—you can forget about worrying about them.

Known Issues

Customers have reported that their scooters suddenly shut off and would not restart, despite the fact that the batteries still had electricity.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

Given that it’s the lightest and least expensive of Razor’s kids’ scooters without sacrificing durability or performance, we’d have to say yes.

The scooter is a value-creating innovation in and of itself. This scooter is tailor-made for youngsters 8 and over who are ready to upgrade from kick scooters or are just starting out. You can get the same level of performance for far less money than you would spend on similarly featured electric scooters from other manufacturers.

You may expect to receive great gas economy, reasonable peak speeds, a battery that charges quickly and requires little maintenance, effective brakes, a firm deck, a fordable frame for convenience, and a robust, well-constructed body.

If you plan on riding at night, keep in mind that it doesn’t have any lights, reflectors, or a horn, so you’ll have to make do without such conveniences. Due to the scooter’s lack of suspension, the riding route may be restricted to flat, smooth surfaces.

There is no need to spend more money than necessary on a more expensive scooter when you consider all the high-quality features you receive with this inexpensive model. To start making memories with your kids right now, get a Razor Turbo A Black Label Scooter.


Suitable For




Max Speed

10 mph


6 miles

Charge Time

4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

9 miles


Braking System

Rear fender with power cut off


3.9” Urethane


10.8V lithium-ion pack, easy-change, quick-charge (UL2271)

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

7.33 pounds

Max Load

110 pounds


Product Material

Aluminium deck and down-tube, steel handlebars with foam grips

Water Resistance

Extra features

Electronic, foot-activated controlled, pressure sensor

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