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The Razor Tekno Electric is as simple as it gets: it’s an e-scooter for kids that will most likely be their first foray into riding two-wheeled vehicles. This electric scooter provides a kid-friendly ride that appeals to potential customers, particularly because it looks hip and lights up beautifully.
As blinged-out as it is, it also manages to pack some punch, with a motor and batteries that are guaranteed to satisfy your youngster and his or her crew! The one caveat here is that, despite the price tag and appearance, it’s not meant to play pranks on, which is a bummer for kids and a relief for parents.

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The Razor Tekno Electric is an entry-level electric scooter for kids and is likely to be their first experience with riding two-wheeled vehicles. Because of its appealing design and flashy lights, this electric scooter is sure to attract new customers looking for a fun ride for their children.

The engine and batteries on this pimped-out ride are more than enough to provide your kid and his or her pals with hours of entertainment. Despite the high price and sleek design, it is not intended to be used for tricks, which is disappointing for children but welcome news for their guardians.

A rear-drive motor powered by a 10.8 V Lithium-ion pack battery gives the Razor Tekno Electric 80W of power, much as the Electric Party Pop. This sleek black machine has a maximum speed of 7 mph and a range of 30 minutes before it has to be recharged. Don’t worry, the built-in rapid battery charger just takes 4 hours to charge completely, so the fun won’t have to be put on hold for long.

It’s fantastic to ride even after dark, thanks to the many LED lights that adorn the deck and the front wheel. The unique rear fender brake makes stopping simple, and the blue and green LED lights will light up whatever road you want to ride along.

The scooter’s wheels are a durable polyurethane measuring in at 3.9 inches in diameter; additional features of this model include foam grips for enhanced comfort and Razor decals for proudly displaying your brand loyalty as you roll.

Although it borrows heavily from the Electric Party Pop in terms of design, it is priced at £100 ($139) more than the original, which is the sole peculiar feature about it. That’s like getting three kids’ electric scooters for the price of one, so it’s hard to see why anybody would spend so much for this one’s looks alone.

If your son truly wants one of these, but you feel uncomfortable buying him one, maybe it’s time to educate him about gender norms and convince him that the Electric Party Pop is just as fun to ride.

Since the Razor Tekno Electric was designed to appear hip and give you the same feeling while riding it, it presents itself as a kid’s entree to riding electric scooters at such a young age.

Only if it were durable enough to withstand electric scooter stunts would any student in the area’s middle schools be envious of him or her for having it.


Performance Overview

Its 80W rear-wheel drive motor is powered by a 10.8B lithium-ion battery, included with the Razor Electric Tekno. It can be completely drained in 30 minutes of usage, and fully recharged in 4 hours of waiting.

Razor designed an e-scooter with the idea that kids would only need 30 minutes to travel to a spot where they can charge the batteries, and that during that time they could do other things, like hang out with friends or get to school. After finishing up, the e-user scooter’s may quickly and simply check on the device and be pleasantly delighted to find it has completely charged, ready to carry them home.

Top Speed & Acceleration

This e-scooter can go as fast as 7 miles per hour, making it suitable for transporting children from one place to another without endangering their lives. Enjoyable for the rider and reassuring for the rider’s parents, the Razor Tekno Electric is quicker than walking or riding a bike yet slow enough to avoid connecting to major roads and highways.

Results would differ for each person because of factors including the quality of the road, the weight of the rider and their equipment, and the weather.

A quick charge of the 10.8V Li-on battery and a spin of the 80W rear-wheel drive motor will bring you to 7 mph, which is quite fast for most situations.

This e-scooter has rather gentle acceleration, picking up speed gradually to keep the user feeling secure and comfortable. The only real downside is the unusual learning curve involved in mastering its pressure sensor deck (which acts as the gas pedal) and the single rear wheel fender brake (which acts as the only way of stopping).

Controls & Display

No cockpit with LED displays was fitted since it was judged more appropriate to equip the scooter with extra lights and a set of foam grips instead, given that this is an electronic scooter for children.

Battery Life & Range 

For this purpose, the Razor Electric Tekno’s 10.8 V battery life is more than enough; it only takes 30 minutes of riding to deplete the battery and four hours of rapid charging to get it back up and running.

The CR2032 quick-charging Lithium-ion battery was a smart addition to this electric scooter, since it ensures riders won’t run out of juice in embarrassing areas like someone else’s driveway, a public building, or a classroom.

Motor Configuration

As with the Electric Party Pop, the Razor Tekno is equipped with an 80W rear-wheel drive engine, making quick work of smooth trails and level ground. The only terrain it could have difficulties navigating is hilly or uneven pavement, where the electric scooter’s wheels can yield and the engine would struggle to propel the rider and vehicle forward.

However, given how easy it is to handle and propel an e-scooter, the youthful rider may choose to just push the vehicle up the whole slope.

Construction & Build Quality

The Razor Tekno Electric Scooter is presented in a box more appropriate for a toy than a vehicle because of its appearance. You can test the e-foot-activated scooter’s pressure sensor deck before you buy it by pushing on the box with your foot to see whether it lights up, proving that Razor didn’t take itself too seriously.

Just as with other toys, the acetate has holes in them so you can see inside and have a feel for the toy before you buy it. The result of this trip to Toys “R” Us would be an empty parent’s pocketbook and a very satisfied child.

We may now discuss the scooter’s construction and manufacturing process. When you first remove the scooter from its packaging, the deck frame and T-tube will remain unattached. As long as you remember to charge it, you should be ready to go as soon as you get it simply linked.

It has a maximum weight capability of 100 pounds yet only weighs 8.6 pounds, making it a lightweight scooter that is not too complex but nevertheless strong and sturdy.

The design and execution of the Razor Electric Tekno are both excellent, serving their intended purposes without fail. The durability works as well, with the scooter seeming to be destroyed only when someone heavier than the maximum load capacity attempts to ride it. The scooter will perform as expected provided its restrictions are taken into account.



Considering that this is a scooter intended for a youngster, no elaborate safety features were included in its design.

Ride Quality

The Razor Tekno Electric’s ride quality is problematic for the amount it’s being requested, particularly considering how similarly it performs to the cheaper Electric Party Pop yet costs three times as much.

The Razor Tekno Electric performs as you’d expect from a kid’s electric scooter, which is to say that it can zip over flat surfaces but struggles mightily on hills and trails.

There’s a little learning curve since the scooter goes full speed the moment you foot on the pressure-sensitive deck. Injuries sustained while learning to ride an e-scooter might be so severe that the rider loses interest in two-wheeled transportation forever.


The Razor Tekno Electric Scooter’s rear brake is the only braking mechanism. The unique rear fender stops the engine smoothly and quickly when stepped on, making it a good choice for an e-scooter of this size and construction.


Razor created this lightweight e-scooter (it only weighs 8.6 lbs) with young riders in mind. Since the user will have to either take it to a parking spot or push it across unrideable terrain, the electric scooter’s construction should strike a good balance between durability and the use of lightweight materials.

The electric scooter really performs rather well in this respect; congratulations to Razor for their efforts.

This e-scooter is especially endearing since it is lightweight, simple to use, and was designed so that its owners, youngsters, would have no trouble transporting or propelling it as required.

Water Resistance

Keep in mind that there is no IP certification for this electric scooter, and that riding through puddles or, God forbid, a downpour may cause it to malfunction.


The Tekno Electric has lights in three locations: in the grips foam front wheel, on top of the deck, and just beneath the deck. The lights on the handlebars give the rider a sense of where they are in relation to the scooter, while the lights on the front wheels and beneath the deck provide illumination for the road ahead. Sure enough, you’ve just identified Tekno.


The Razor Electric Tekno scooter’s 3.9-inch polyurethane tyres make it capable of traversing a wide variety of terrains without incurring excessive wear and tear. However, since it is made mostly of plastic, it isn’t strong enough to handle tough roads.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

We won’t lie and say that we haven’t seen a few customer reviews and low star ratings from folks whose scooters broke down after a few months of use. However, most of the issues seem to be cosmetic, such as broken lights, loose grip tape, and a weak battery.

Keep in mind that, other from that, the scooter has received universal praise for its reliability and its ability to zip through city streets. Employees at Razor’s customer care department are uninterested in fixing customers’ scooter issues, making them the company’s weakest link.


In the future, you’ll just need to do maintenance on the batteries, grip tape, and wheels when they wear out or get depleted, respectively.

Known Issues

The battery of the Razor Electric Tekno scooter has various difficulties, including rapid discharge and infrequent recharge. The grip tape on the deck might sometimes peel sooner than planned, and the deck lights can sometimes die without much of a fight.


The polypropylene deck is spacious enough for a youngster to stand upright on, and the grip prevents riders from losing their footing. What’s more, it includes lights on both the upper and lower deck, making for a well-illuminated ride at night that is sure to turn heads as its rider passes through towns and cities.



Foam grips and deck/front-wheel lights are the sole extras for this electric scooter. You may keep the good times flowing by purchasing a helmet and some knee and elbow pads to wear while riding your scooter.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Although the £100 ($139) price tag is a little high, the Razor Tekno Electric scooter manages to satisfy realistic expectations. It costs three times as much as the Electric Power Pop, but provides the same torque, power, speed, and mileage.

Since the performance of both e-scooters is so similar to one another, we have little interest in paying more for a slightly different appearance.

For instance, if you want your kid to take riding seriously but the scooter seems more like a toy than a vehicle, you may want to seek elsewhere.

Nonetheless, we anticipate an upgrade once this becomes quickly outgrown, so it’s a terrific place to start for small children to acquire balance and speed off-road.


Suitable For



80 W rear-wheel drive

Max Speed

7 miles


6 miles

Charge Time

4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

8 miles


Braking System

Patented rear fender brake


3.9-in polyurethane tyres


10.8 V Lithium-ion fast charging CR2032

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

8.6 lbs

Max Load

110 lbs


Found on the front wheel and LED light-up deck (pulsating)

Product Material

Steel T-tube and frame with polypropylene deck

Water Resistance

Extra features

foot-controlled pressure sensor, Unique

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