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The Power Core E100 was designed by Razor USA to be flawless. In a variety of ways, this model outperforms both its predecessors and current models. The most welcome change to the earlier E100 model was the in-wheel hub motor. This motor requires less maintenance and produces 50% more power than the E100. It propels the scooter to a respectable 11 mph top speed, which critics claim feels faster.
To activate the motor, the scooter requires a kick-start. Riders kick the scooter two times to reach this speed (3 times if required), then engage the throttle in a twist-grip acceleration control to build up speed.

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Power Core E100 Summary: 

The Power Core E100 is beautifully crafted by Razor USA. The many features of this model make it superior to its forerunners and subsequent editions. Most significantly, the motor installed in the wheel hub of the newer E100 type is an improvement over the previous generation. This engine is 50% more powerful than the E100 and requires almost little maintenance. Users report that the scooter’s top speed of 11 mph really seems faster.

The engine of the scooter must be kicked into gear. Riders give the scooter two kicks (three if required) to get up to speed, and after the engine is spinning, they twist the throttle handle to accelerate.

Although the Scooter doesn’t have suspensions, the rough terrain may be handled with ease because to the inflatable front tire’s abrasion resistance. The under-deck 24V (2 12V)/6A battery provides 60 minutes of riding time on a single charge. The company suggests riders charge the battery for 12 hours before their first usage, and riders may get a full charge in only 6 hours after that.

The scooter has a caliper brake that may be locked for braking by hand. To slow or stop, riders may also relax off the gas pedal. The scooter’s 8″ broad deck allows it to accommodate a maximum user weight of 120 pounds, yet it only weighs 22 pounds. There is a retractable kickstand built into the Power Core for use when the device is not in use.

The following is a more in-depth analysis of the Razor Power Core E100 scooter:

Performance Overview: 

When it comes to children’s scooters, the Power Core E100 sets the bar very high. With a maximum speed of 11 mph, it provides performance comparable to that of low-end adult scooters. Note that customer evaluations have mentioned a peak speed of what seemed like 13 mph, which is very fast given the scooter’s little size. The scooter can be ridden up moderate inclines with the help of the 100 W in-hub motor’s considerable torque. Engaging the throttle allows riders to speed up.

The Power Core E100’s peak speed demanded a robust braking system, which Razor duly provided. In the real world, the scooter can be stopped even while travelling downhill thanks to the front caliper brakes. The performance of this scooter is praised by reviewers, who claim it outperforms the e125, e150, and e175 that came after it.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The maximum speed for the Power Core E100 electric scooter is 11 miles per hour. Conditions including rider weight, inclines, and battery charge level may all have an impact on the maximum speed.

The engine of the Razor scooter may be started with a kick of the foot. To activate the motor, riders must reach a speed of at least 3 miles per hour. The riders then need to utilize the throttle, which is controlled by a twisting grip, to gain speed and continue on their merry way.

When compared to other models and at its pricing range, Razor unquestionably excelled in speed. Manufacturers recommend riders keep their speeds down on downhills because it poses a safety risk if they go too quickly.

Battery Life & Range

The sealed lead-acid, rechargeable battery pack of this electric scooter has a total voltage of 24V (two 12V). The battery provides power for an astonishing 60 minutes, which is 20-30 minutes longer than the average for electric scooters in its price category. The rider’s weight, the weather, and regular maintenance may all affect the battery’s ability to last the distance. The manufacturer advises users to charge the battery for 12 hours after initially assembling the scooter. It should take no more than 6 hours for subsequent charges.

Unlike Segway’s Electric Zing 8 and E10, which are also on the market for electric scooters, this one doesn’t include a Smart Battery Management System. Reviews have indicated how this omission might lead to electrical problems in the battery if the advised charge time is exceeded. In addition, the maker recommends turning the scooter off while it’s not in use. To prevent the battery completely refusing to charge, users should charge the scooter on a regular basis if they want to keep it for long periods of time.

Motor Configuration

What sets this bike apart from the competition is its motor setup. The Power Core E100 replaces the E100’s chain-driven, kick-start motor with a hub-driven, high-torque 100-watt motor. To put it simply, the E100’s issues with chain alignment and tension were resolved with this modification.

The engine of the Power Core requires no upkeep. Riders have noticed, however, that the hub covering the engine might graze on abrupt corners.

Construction & Build Quality

The Razor Power Core E100 is an excellent buy for the low asking price given its high quality, long lifespan, and entertaining aesthetic. It’s offered in three different color combinations: black with red, black with blue, and black with purple. The scooter’s all-steel frame makes it seem substantial despite its light weight (only 22 pounds). The brake lever is on the left side of the non-adjustable, mostly-boring handlebar, while the twist grip throttle is on the right. There are bumpers on all four corners to ensure that the kid’s hand doesn’t slide off, and the rubber coating provides a secure hold. However, the scooter does not have a folding mechanism, which is a disappointment for taking the kids on quick vacation getaways.

The deck tapers toward the front and expands over the back tyre in a sweeping arc. For your child’s riding comfort, there is plenty of room on the seat (an area of 8 inches). A power switch, charging connector, and reset button are all integrated into the battery pack, which is housed below the deck. The scooter’s 8-inch pneumatic front tyre doubles as a shock absorber, and the 4.9-inch urethane rear tyre never has to be aired up. Reviews have mentioned that the scooter’s retractable kickstand might be longer to provide even more sturdy support.

A front headlight and taillight, horn, and luminous strips would make scooter riding more safer in the dark, but they aren’t included. However, given that this is a toy e-scooter for children, it’s unlikely that they’ll go out for a ride at night, or even venture out alone.


You’ll find a deck plate in the Power Core E100 that is 8 inches in width. Because to the spacious deck, the kid will have unparalleled riding comfort. The Power Core E100 has a special deck plate that expands behind the driver and around the back tyre. This arc serves the same purpose as a conventional fender, protecting the rear-mounted engine.

The placement of the battery tray under the deck improves the boat’s stability by reducing its center of gravity. Surprisingly for a scooter aimed for children, the deck can support a maximum rider weight of 120 pounds. The Razor Power A2 is an alternate scooter that is available for purchase, and it includes a lithium-ion battery, so the deck is thinner than it otherwise would be and more appealing to riders who are put off by the unusual form of the deck.


The Power Core E100 has a front pneumatic tyre that inflates to an impressive 8 inches in diameter and a rear urethane tyre that measures only 4.9 inches in diameter but is airless, puncture-proof, and resistant to abrasion. The huge front air tyre is slower but more comfortable than the urethane alternative. It cushions the rider from the trail’s bumps and shocks. The front wheel is linked to the brakes, which allow for a safe and accurate stop in all weather.


Just with the Razor E100 before it, the Power Core E100 doesn’t have any kind of suspension system. The 8-inch pneumatic front tyre is responsible for all rider comfort, and it’s designed to dampen vibrations and absorb shocks from less-than-ideal pavement.


The scooter’s front calliper brake is actuated by a hand lever. When the brakes are engaged, the scooter’s motor automatically shuts off, bringing it to a stop.

With the motor requiring a minimum speed of 3 mph, Razor says that users may avoid kicking the scooter to life by disengaging the brake and re-engaging the throttle just before the scooter reaches 3 mph. The scooter’s speed may be reduced by using the brakes in conjunction with a gradual throttle release.

Ride Quality

Compared to the Razor E100, this scooter provides a more peaceful ride. The quieter in-hub engine and improved front tyre are responsible for this. The motor’s great torque also makes it easy to conquer modest slopes. Even at the scooter’s highest speed of 11 mph, the rider is assured of a safe and accurate stop thanks to the scooter’s excellent hand brake mechanism. With a generous 120 lb. weight limit, the deck is roomy enough for any adventure. A pneumatic front tyre makes up for the absence of suspensions by dampening the impact of road imperfections.

Having a secure grip and easy stem control is made possible by the rubberized handlebars with bumpers at the ends. This scooter’s pricing is unbeatable considering the 60 minutes of riding time it provides before needing a charge.

Unfortunately, the lights, horn, and reflective stickers that are customary for use at night on electric scooters were not taken into account by Razor. Perhaps this discourages kids from venturing out at unsavory times, but even if it does, it’s still not great. The scooter is not very portable since there is no folding mechanism.


Unfortunately, trans portability is not a priority while developing the scooter. Although it has a compact frame and light construction, the non-folding stem makes it awkward when not in use.


Neither a headlight nor a tail light, nor any reflective strips, are included on the scooter.

Controls & Display

There is no screen on the scooter. The hand brake is on the left handlebar and the throttle is on the right. On the battery tray under the deck are two buttons: one to turn on the power, and another to reset the system.

The scooter is bare-bones in comparison to the (much more costly) scooters used by experienced riders.

Water Resistance

The scooter does not have an IP classification, therefore users should be wary of using it in damp environments or if there are any puddles around.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Riders can count on a full 60 minutes of continuous riding time from the scooter’s battery, depending on factors like the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the weather. For durability, the Power Core E100 has a sealed, maintenance-free motor in the hub. If the scooter has to be restarted or the battery dies, the user may reset the controls using the button located beneath the deck.

You can ride with confidence knowing that your new Razor Electric Scooter is covered by a 90-day warranty against any faults in materials or workmanship. All non-electric goods from Razor come with a 180-day guarantee. Wheels, general wear, and damage from improper installation, storage, usage, or rental are not covered by the guarantee. If you live outside of the US or Canada, the Power Core E100’s warranty will not apply to you.

Razor’s devoted Customer Support staff is available through toll-free US and international hotlines. Between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM (PST), customer service agents are available to handle your calls. Customers with after-hours concerns may either text the designated number or use the online form provided on the support page.


Get a clean, moist towel and use it to wipe off the scooter. The electric and driving components may be damaged if water is used.

Before putting the battery away for a long time, make sure it’s fully charged. The battery life of your scooter may be prolonged simply by turning it off when not in use.

To maintain a secure ride, check the brake calipers on a regular basis.

Known Issues

• Overcharging and improper charging significantly increase the risk of electrical malfunctions in the battery.

• After a ride, the engine and brakes will be quite hot; riders should be cautious.

• When going around tight curves, the back wheel’s hub cover scrapes the pavement.

Is the Razor Power Core E100 value for money, and is it worth buying?

Having second thoughts about getting your kid an electric scooter? You’ve decided to purchase one, but you just can’t make up your mind which one to choose, right?

Don’t fret any longer, that’s for sure. The Razor Power Core E100 has you covered. The performance and low price of this scooter are a winning combination. The Power Core E100 is an excellent electric scooter for beginners since it combines a variety of desirable characteristics, like speed, comfort, performance, safety, and above all, dependability, into a single package. The frame of the scooter is lightweight, but it’s also made to last, so it may be used for many years until your kids are ready for more adult-sized scooters.

Three fun color schemes give your kid a chance to express his or her individuality on the e-scooter. However, you should know that the lack of lights and a bell on this scooter means your kid will have to give up the possibility of using it after dark. You can always upgrade with a bell and LED headlight, but it’s still a little sacrifice that some may see as obligatory. Numbers don’t lie, and with a 4.7-star rating on Razor’s website, we have to agree.

Let your children be the center of attention at recess by purchasing this incredible performance at a price that won’t break the bank. They have made a purchase that will provide them with years of enjoyment.


Suitable For




Max Speed

11 mph


10 miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

7 miles


Braking System

Front Hand-operated caliper brake


4.9-inch Abrasion-resistant, 8-inch inflatable pneumatic (front), airless, flat-free urethane (rear)


24V (two 12V)/6A sealed lead-acid filled

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

22 lbs

Max Load

120 lbs


Product Material

aluminium deck, foam grips, Steel frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

and no chain tensioner needed, Kickstand, Maintenance free with no alignment, no chain

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