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The Razor Power A5 black label is a sleek and beautiful ride that can travel up to 6.5 miles or 40 minutes on a single charge, which is more than enough if you want to avoid traffic and move about town freely to get those errands and important excursions done swiftly and efficiently. It is certainly up there with the finest of them for a beginner e-scooter. If you want a more laid-back ride, the Razor Power A5 Black Label e-scooter is for you. Its laid-back appearance exudes street cred and riding appeal, and scooter enthusiasts will be envious of your ride.

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Razor Power A5 Summary

With its sleek black design, the Power A5 electric scooter exudes sophistication. The A5 Black Label Electric Scooter is really fun to ride because to its brush less hub throttle, extra-large flat-free polyurethane tyres, anti-rattle folding mechanism, and height-adjustable handlebars. The Black Label Electric Scooter from A5 is great outdoor fun for people of all ages thanks to its sturdy aluminium frame and 176-pound maximum rider weight. If you’re looking to step it up a level, go no further than this electric kick scooter from Razor, which can reach speeds of up to 10 mph (or 16 km/h) with the push of a button. If you choose, you may convert it into a kick scooter. Recharging the 22V lithium-ion pack battery pack allows for 40 minutes of riding time, more than enough for daily commutes. The Black Label Electric Scooter has an easy-to-use braking system that has an automated power cut-off in the event of an emergency stop, as long as the rider presses softly on the brake located on the rear fender.


Performance Overview

The Power A5 Electric Scooter’s thumb-operated throttle allows for speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour (10 miles per hour). The scooter’s motor watt power, along with the lithium-ion powered 22V rechargeable battery, allows it to go at speeds of up to 10 MPH (16 km h) and a maximum range of up to 6.9 miles on a single charge. The broad, stable tyres and innovative anti-rattle technology help make the vehicle a pleasant ride. This electric scooter has a lightweight and collapsible aluminium frame, making it convenient to transport wherever you go. If you’d rather just kick your feet and ride the old school way, it may also be used in that capacity. The Power A5 electric scooter is one of the best-selling models in the United States because it combines durability with ease of use.

Top Speed & Acceleration

Don’t let the little appearance of the Power A5 electric scooter deceive you; it packs a powerful punch. This scooter can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour with the press of a thumb on the throttle, thanks to its brush less 150 Watt hub motor. While the A5’s acceleration may not be the quickest, it is still a high-quality entry-level e-scooter; as such, you shouldn’t be too worried about how it stacks up against other electric scooters, some of which are nearly twice as expensive as the A5 but provide less amenities.

Hill Climbing

The Razor Power A5 electric scooter can climb hills, but its top speed and motor power may decrease if you weigh near to the maximum capacity or are tackling very steep slopes.

Battery Life & Range

The lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 22 volts is among the most energy-efficient options available. This power a5 electric scooter has a maximum riding duration of up to 40 minutes per charge because of its energy efficiency and extended battery life. Traditionally, Razor used to equip it’s e-scooters with Ni-Cad batteries, which were a LOT heavier and prone to frequent breakdowns. Energy economy, durability, and rider happiness may all be improved by switching to Lithium-ion batteries, as shown by the A5.

Motor Configuration

The 150-watt brush less hub motor is a significant improvement over the chain-activated motor; it reduces noise during operation since it is integrated into the hub, and it uses less power and requires fewer repairs. The chain drive motors on most electric scooters are infamously finicky, needing frequent maintenance and re-adjustment and generally causing problems, but Razor has mostly eliminated this inconvenience by replacing the chain with a brush less hub motor on this model.


Construction & Build Quality

Power A5 electric scooters are built to last. There are a lot of scooters on the market today, but this one stands out because to its sturdy aluminium frame, bendable handlebars, patent-pending anti-rattle folding mechanism, and big diameter wheels. Taking a break? It’s no big deal! You can park it fast and easily with retractable kickstands while you go about your day. The Power A5 Black Label’s adjustable handlebars with soft rubber grips are a useful feature for anybody who wants to ride comfortably regardless of their height. Also, it’s simple to fold up and store until your next ride.


Due to its solid front and rear tyres, this e-suspension scooter’s isn’t outstanding. The ride is smoother because the 8-inch tyres are somewhat wider in diameter, covering a greater surface area, and absorbing less of the shock from bumps and dips.

Ride Quality

The A5 Black Label Electric Scooter has a satisfactory ride. You may extend the life of your tyres and protect them from scratches caused by sharp, uneven terrain by installing abrasion-resistant rear tyres and urethane front wheel tyres. A5 Black Electric Scooter’s extra-large tyres and anti-rattle robust folding mechanism keep it planted firmly on the ground, absorbing the shock of bumps and making for a more pleasant ride.


An A5 Black Label Electric makes stopping as natural as breathing. You may be confident that you will stop safely and, more importantly, in time if you only put your foot on the brake located on the back fender. This will cause the engine to shut off.


The aluminium frame of the Razor a5 makes it simple to fold (with a patent-pending anti-rattle folding mechanism), stow, or transport.

Water Resistance

Nothing to prevent water from getting in.


No front headlight or rear taillight is included with this bike. If you want to ride when visibility is poor, however, you may get them as accessories. In order to increase your visibility at night, reflector lights are an excellent addition to your scooter.


Tires The front wheel of the Razor Power a5 Electric Scooter has an 8-inch urethane tyre, while the rear wheel has a solid tyre; both are durable and won’t require replacement as often as air-filled tyres.



The deck of the Razor Power A5 Electric Scooter includes an anti-slip surface, so you can ride without worrying about your feet falling off. The Power A5 Electric Scooter is well-liked because it has a retractable kick-stand that props it up instantly when you dismount.

Controls & Display

You may turn on the Power A5 Black Label by pressing the button on the side of the deck. The ingenuity of the Razor Power A5 Electric scooter lies in its ease of use; hence, it does not need the bells and whistles of more costly e scooters. Simply push down on the throttle (conveniently located on the right side of the handlebars) to activate it.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

There’s a 90-day guarantee on electrical issues with the A5 Black Label Electric Scooter and a 180-day warranty on everything else. You may get in touch with the product’s customer care staff through email or phone if you have any problems or questions. Find a local service center on their site if you need any more help.


The brush less hub motor and 8-inch urethane tyres eliminate the need to worry about flat or broken tyres, saving you time and money. When compared to its chain-driven cousin, the brush less hub motor also has a lower maintenance profile.

Known Issues

There are no problems at this time.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Razor A5’s price of $239.99 (or £172.89) is reasonable for a scooter of its caliber. The Black Label Electric Scooter is a trustworthy e scooter that can double as a kick scooter if that’s what you want, making it a good choice for those who simply want a basic scooter for casual commuting. You may relax, or rather ride easily, knowing that the Razor Power A5 Electric e scooter, one of the most trusted brands in the United States, will take your ride to the next level by meeting any obstacle you throw its way.

Specification: RAZOR POWER A5 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed



8 miles

Charge Time

10 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

6.5 miles


Braking System

Rear fender manual braking system


8" urethane front tyre and flat-free, solid rear tyre


22V lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

15.75 lbs

Max Load

176 lbs


Product Material

Durable aluminium frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

Easy grip handles.Rear footbrake.

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