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A 10.8V Lithium-ion battery powers an 80W rear-wheel-drive engine on the Razor Electric Party Pop Scooter. When it is emptied, it charges quickly, taking around 30 minutes.
When you think about it, the scooter is plenty for an afternoon stroll around the block or a fast journey back and forth from a playmate’s house. The amount of power offered is enough for a whole day of fun or 30 minutes of pure excitement. It is entirely up to the user to choose their chosen activity.
The 80W rear-wheel drive and the 10.8V Li-ion battery work together to give tremendous speeds in the safest way possible. The scooter’s acceleration isn’t very impressive.

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The 80W rear-wheel drive engine of the Razor Electric Party Pop Scooter is propelled by a 10.8V Lithium-ion battery. When empty, it recharges pretty quickly; this process takes around 30 minutes.

If you stop to think about it, the scooter is plenty for a short ride back and forth from a playmate’s home or an afternoon walk around the neighborhood. The power offered is plenty for a whole day of entertainment or 30 minutes of nonstop exhilaration. The choice of the user’s chosen activity is entirely up to them.

The 10.8V Li-ion battery and the 80W rear-wheel drive complement each other well to give high speeds in the safest way possible. Anyone who can ride on this scooter without feeling like the scooter is leaving their body behind because of the high acceleration present may do so without being intimidated by the scooter’s acceleration.

The Razor Electric Party Pop’s pressure-reliant function, which prevents the scooter from starting until your foot is on the deck, never appeared to let anybody down.


 Performance Overview

Every time you decide to ride the Razor Party Pop throughout town, it delivers the party with a little pop, just as you had anticipated. You can tell that this electric scooter is unquestionably friendly simply by glancing at its appearance and technical specifications. In addition to the fact that they’re doing it in the greatest manner imaginable, young girls would have a blast riding this electric scooter to their lunch dates or meet-ups in the park.

With a 10.8 V Lithium-ion battery providing 80W of power, this stunning mount can carry you for 30 minutes straight at a speed of 7 mph. With its 12 multi-color LED lights fitted, the Razor Party Pop is permanently lighted on the front wheel and deck, so you don’t have to worry about getting lit up, either.

The scooter has no suspension at all, but the 3.9-inch polyurethane tyres guarantee that you’ll get there no matter what. Along with foam grips and a distinctive rear fender brake, the steel chassis is covered with Razor decals.

The Razor Electric Party Pop’s main advantage is that it is an uncomplicated electric scooter designed for young ladies who wish to ride one to hang out with their pals. It accomplishes the job well and doesn’t put forth a lot of effort to fulfil its purpose. Any young woman who wants to ride an electric scooter for the first time may simply purchase one for £35.5 ($49) as the ideal birthday or holiday present.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The scooter would begin to automatically accelerate as soon as your feet touched the deck, reaching a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour. It is slow enough for young girls to feel comfortable and enjoy the ride while being quick enough to perform better than a bicycle. Results would undoubtedly differ for everyone because of factors such as weather, road conditions, and rider and gear weight.

Controls & Display

This type has merely two foam grips at the end of the handlebars, which allows the user to have the most comfortable ride for perhaps 30 minutes at a time. There is no cockpit or display.

Battery Life & Range 

The Razor Electric Party Pop’s 10.8 V battery can carry anybody for 30 uninterrupted minutes. Its battery life is sufficient for a scooter of this size, ensuring that you arrive at your destination without running out of juice. A CR2032 quick charging Lithium-ion battery is also included, ensuring that you won’t be left stranded when you visit a friend’s home that is around 30 minutes away.

If you want to have the scooter charged at the residence where you are staying, it will be more than ready to transport you home after you have finished playing.

Motor Configuration

The Razor Electric Party Pop Scooter can effortlessly navigate flat terrain. One should be cautious of this, particularly if the route of travel involves multiple uphills, since it could not be strong enough for some of them. The e-scooter is a fairly lightweight vehicle, so pushing it wouldn’t be an issue if that were the case.

Construction & Build Quality

The only thing left to do is remove the Razor Electric Party Pop Scooter from its “try me” box and install the steel T-tube that will act as the neck and handlebars. This is hardly surprising, particularly given that this particular scooter type is intended for children. In fact, the packaging almost makes me think of a period when I was a youngster and getting ready to buy my first Nerf pistol.

The actual frame that riders tread on and the T-tube they grasp onto while riding are composed of lightweight steel for the scooter’s construction. Its deck, however, is built of polypropylene. This electric scooter is nicely built for something so lightweight since Razor had intended it to be ridden and carried about by kids, as seen by its ability to support up to 143 pounds.



This electric scooter has no suspensions since it wasn’t designed to be used on rough terrain or challenging tracks.

Ride Quality

In this case, you certainly get what you paid for since the Razor Electric Party Pop can only provide the finest rides on well-maintained roads. The ride would be better if the road was smoother.

The only thing to watch out for while riding this e-scooter is the little learning curve that comes with it since it has a tendency to take off as soon as you put your foot down or apply some pressure to it. The e-mode scooter’s of operation would need some deft balance and some getting used to, but it is undoubtedly not difficult to understand and get familiar with.


The Razor Electric Party Pop only has one brake, a unique rear fender brake that makes it simple and safe to stop the vehicle when necessary. For the rear-wheel-drive motor to finesse into a stop, one would simply need to step on it, which is more than sufficient and safe for an electric scooter of this kind.


The fact that this kid-friendly electric scooter weighs just 8.6 lbs and was designed to be lightweight so that kids who possess it won’t struggle to push or carry it about makes it all the more endearing as an e-scooter for kids.

Water Resistance

This electric scooter has no water resistance, so be extra cautious while using it in the rain or across puddles. Any contact with water would very certainly result in its death.


The Razor Electric Party Pop’s front wheel and deck are where the majority of its lighting fixtures are located, and it has a 12-color LED that pulses to its own beat. This more than makes up for the fact that it’s labelled “Party Pop” in the first place.


The 3.9-in polyurethane tyres of the Razor Electric Party Pop are renowned for being full and durable against damage from feathers. Although it won’t readily give up and break, always remember to keep it on level ground and away from winding or bumpy roads.


The 12 multi-color LED deck lights integrated in the polypropylene deck are large enough for feet to walk about on while yet being quite pleasant to stand on for the length of any ride. Considering that it can only travel at speeds of up to 7 mph, it also has a lot of grip.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

I think it’s reasonable to state that the Razor Electric Party Pop’s construction is suitable for its target market. The only way this scooter would break is when users, particularly elderly folks who are beyond the maximum weight capacity, would ride it for enjoyment. From that point, it should be clear how the scooter would finally stop working.

The one area where Razor falls short is in customer service. According to customer reviews and star ratings, many customers have had negative things to say about management and CSRs when it comes to handling issues with the e-scooters they sell.


The Razor Electric Party Pop requires need little upkeep. If anything, the battery and the foam grip would both need to be replaced after a few months or years of usage if they started to decay or tear. The battery would also need to be replaced if it started to drain quickly as the battery cycle dwindled.

Known Issues

As some lithium batteries seem to be blatantly faulty upon purchase, unable to charge or too easy to drain, certain problems appear to target just the electronics. Another issue, although a little one, is that when the deck is shook or dropped, the 12 multicolor LED lights on it seem to be ineffective. Trying to repair this is really extremely difficult, particularly given how inexpensive this scooter is. Even with these little restrictions, you may still have fun while using this electric scooter, so it’s not really a problem.


To make sure the young girl rider is protected on every ride she makes, you may choose to get a matching helmet as well as some knee and elbow protection. The only extras included in the package are the extravagant lights and the foam grips for the handlebars.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

In general, young women wanting to ride their first electric scooter or vehicle in general might consider buying the Razor Electric Party Pop. For a very modest cost, it provides charming and perky looks, abundant and sufficient torque and power, as well as a sturdy and lightweight construction. It’s a product that doesn’t push too hard or oversell itself since it recognizes that it’s more of a toy than a real vehicle to use for going about one’s daily business.

We are thrilled to see the Razor Electric Party Pop out and about since it is the ideal e-scooter that might be the entry point for young women into the riding and cruising world.


Suitable For




Max Speed

7 mph


7 mph

Charge Time

3 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

6 miles


Braking System

Patented rear fender brake


flat-free, rear tire deliver a smooth, solid ride, Urethane front wheel and airless


10.8 V Li-on fast charging CR2032

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

8.6 lbs

Max Load

143 lbs


LED multicoloured lights

Product Material

Steel T-tube and frame with polypropylene deck

Water Resistance

Extra features

foot-controlled pressure sensor, Unique

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