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We prefer to get right into the specifics here at Electric Scooter Guide, but there isn’t much to go on with the E300. This is a scooter that has been reduced down to the essentials in order to deliver the best possible experience. It’s been around for a while, so the technology is tried and true, and it’s also inexpensive…
Because it’s geared towards children, Razor had to stick to a budget. That means it’s big, heavy, and doesn’t fold. It also lacks features like front and rear lights, a digital display, a front brake, and a reliable folding mechanism that we find on a lot of other scooters. What you do get is a scooter that is reasonably quick, dependable, and tough enough to handle the bumps, scratches, and dings that life throws at you.

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Razor E300 Summary:

We prefer to get right into the specifics here at Electric Scooter Guide, but there isn’t much to go on with the E300. This is a scooter that has been reduced down to the essentials. It’s been around for a while, so the technology is tried and true, and it’s also inexpensive…

Because it’s geared towards children, Razor had to stick to a budget. That means it’s big, heavy, and doesn’t fold. It also lacks features like front and rear lights, a digital display, a front brake, and a competent folding mechanism seen on many other scooters. What you do get is a scooter that is reasonably quick, dependable, and tough enough to handle bumps, scratches, and other mishaps.

You won’t be too concerned about letting your loved ones off the leash at 15 mph (24 km/h), and they won’t travel very far either, with a maximum range of 10 miles (16 km) – around 40 minutes. All of this is excellent, but the 12-hour charging period means you’ll only be able to enjoy one ride each day.

The large deck provides a comfortable ride, while the big 9′′ pneumatic tyres provide a smooth and forgiving ride. This is critical since younger motorcyclists may lack confidence when riding. So the specifications aren’t spectacular, but we dig the dramatic design. The E300 is available in a variety of bold colours. It stands out from the crowd of electric scooters.


Performance Overview:

If you can get this scooter out of the box, you’ll find that it’s rather large. On the roads, though, it faded away, leaving a fantastic road feel. Although the twist and go throttle is distinct from the practically universal push-button throttle seen on other scooters, it is simple to operate.

So, how does it go on the road? The answer is that it’s a lot of fun. The huge, bouncy 9-inch tyres soak up the lumps and bumps (which they will need to do because there is no suspension). The super-wide surfboard-style deck looks and feels terrific.

Okay, we can’t deny that this electric scooter moves slowly. The rate of acceleration is slow. It requires a gradual approach to reach its peak speed of 15 miles per hour (24 kilometres per hour), which we may attribute to the chain drive. You read it correctly: the back wheel is propelled by a chain, much like a motorcycle. You can hear the chain operating if you listen intently, as opposed to the conventional whoosh or whirr from a direct drive rear hub motor.

On a full charge, Razor claims you can travel up to 10 miles (16 kilometres), and we don’t disagree. Riders who are heavier or who enjoy twisting should anticipate less.

We’ve already stated it, but there are a few frills on this scooter that you wouldn’t expect to find on a commuting scooter. Lights, folding mechanism, digital display, and front brake are all missing. As a result, we do not advise cycling at night. We couldn’t discover an IP rating, so don’t ride in the rain or you’ll end up with a scooter tragedy.

But that’s irrelevant because this electric scooter isn’t designed for battling traffic or exceeding the speed limit. It’s an affordable scooter that’s ideal for teens and young adults. It’s an excellent entry-level scooter that will help you build the abilities you’ll need to challenge and control larger, faster, and even more enjoyable scooters.

Speed & Acceleration:

The scooter’s acceleration isn’t very swift, which is understandable given its weight of 19.5kg (43lb). The peak speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) may be reached in a matter of seconds. Part of the difficulty is the weight of lead acid batteries.

The lead-acid battery is a hefty, old-school (and perhaps antiquated) design.

This isn’t the electric scooter for you if you’re looking for peak speeds. However, it’s perfect for kids, teens, and adults who might struggle with more powerful scooters.

Battery & Range:

The two 12V batteries will last for 40 minutes if used continuously. This will take you up to ten miles (16km).

It doesn’t have the same capacity as some electric scooters, but it’s made for youngsters, so we don’t mind.

Motor Configuration:

The Razor E300 has a 250W motor in the centre that powers the rear wheel through a chain. It’s a little of old-school technology, but it’s dependable.

This electric scooter’s high-torque engine is powerful enough. Light riders will have better results.


Construction & Quality:

Steel is a sturdy and secure frame material, but it is also somewhat heavy. The E300 is hefty and sturdy at 19.5kg (43lb). If you want a scooter that can handle life with a teenager or young adult, this is a wonderful thing.

The sturdy steering column and fork can take a beating, and the 9″ pneumatic tyres do an excellent job of smoothing down any road noise and providing appropriate shock absorption.

Although the style isn’t for everyone, we enjoy that Razor offers the E300 in a variety of colours. The enormous rear mudguard looks like it belongs on a 1950s automobile. At this budget, you’re not looking for cutting-edge technology or high-end materials; instead, you’re looking for a scooter that will last a few years, which the E300 will happily do if you take care of it. If you’re willing to put in a little effort, the E300 is well-built and disassembles quickly.

Suspension & Comfort:

The E300 has no front or back suspension, so if you travel off-road or meet any bumps and lumps, you’ll feel it.

As previously said, the 9″ air-filled tyres are excellent at levelling things out, as we discovered throughout our testing.

You’ll notice the difference if you’ve rode more costly scooters. If this is your first scooter, you’ll be too preoccupied with smiling to notice.

Ride Quality:

Riding the Razor E300 is a delight, thanks to its high-torque motor, big tyres, and robust frame. The E300, unlike skinny-tired scooters, is a massive beast that inspires confidence.

It was created for the consumer who wishes to enjoy the freedom of a scooter without travelling too fast. It’s an effective confidence booster!


Because the E300 comes without lights, don’t ride at night! If you require ordinary lights, you can get them at a reasonable price.


The brakes are one area where we believe they might be enhanced. The hand-operated rear brake is competent but not exceptional. The motor cuts out when you pull the brake lever, which improves braking performance.

We know Razor is focused on keeping the price low, so don’t anticipate sophisticated regen brakes, but a front brake is more effective than a rear drum brake, therefore we’d love to see one on the upcoming E300.


The Razor E300 is a large and (if you like its appearance) attractive scooter, but it is neither light nor portable. It doesn’t fold up and is rather hefty at 19.5kg (43lb). For tiny riders, weight may be an issue.

We wouldn’t recommend a commuter scooter unless you have a secure place to keep it (such as a locked bike shed).

You can remove the handlebars, but you’ll need a tool bag or kit to do so, which isn’t exactly portable! The weight has been mentioned by all reviewers, so be aware.


These massive pneumatic tyres are impossible to overlook. The tread pattern indicates that these creatures are serious about business, and they provide a smooth and responsive ride.

Air-filled tyres are known to be more comfortable than solid tyres, so we’re delighted Razor chose them for the E300.


We find it strange that a scooter built for tiny people has such a large deck (product dimensions: length 26.2″ (66cm), width 8″ (20cm), but we really like it. The large deck and frame make it simple to find a comfortable posture. The additional foot room boosts confidence and comfort.

If we’re being critical, there’s a tendency for foot sliding on board, so wear good shoes or choose a scooter with a rubber surface to feel more secure.


Controls & Display:

The only controls are a twist throttle and a brake lever.

Water Resistance:

The firm hasn’t provided any information on the E300’s IP rating, so don’t ride it in the rain!


Razor, the E300’s maker, has sold over 13 million scooters worldwide, and that doesn’t happen by selling substandard goods!


To be clear, this is a low-cost scooter that isn’t built to last. On electric scooters, Razor only gives a 90-day guarantee, which seems too short to us. Customer evaluations provide minimal information, but there are few true horror stories.

Some individuals claim that communicating with Razor is difficult. Others have experienced trouble acquiring spare parts using Razor’s online ordering platform.

Known Issues:

Razor has sold millions of scooters, and while issues sometimes arise, they do not appear to be widespread. Broken or damaged chargers and battery packs that don’t keep a charge are both known difficulties.

The battery charging period is a whopping 12 hours, and a fully charged battery may not last as long as you expect – especially in cold weather.

Customers have complained that the scooter is larger and heavier than they expected, so be cautious. Look for something different if you can’t handle the weight.


Keep an eye on your tyre pressures and wear (and deal with any punctures if they happen). To address this, we recommend investing in tyre sealant, which we believe is well worth the money.

One of the best things about the E300 is that pars are readily available on the internet, and the scooter’s basic design makes maintenance simple. You may even replace (or improve!) the 250W motor if necessary.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The E300 offers excellent value, but only if you know what you’re buying. This is a heavy-duty scooter made for youngsters and geared for brief bursts of enjoyment. It’s not a trendy scooter or one designed for daily use on metropolitan streets. It’s also not portable, and the weight can be an issue.

So, why should you buy it? Overall, it’s a fantastic low-cost introduction to the world of electric scooters.

We’ve been upfront on the facts and the flaws if you’ve read this far, so buy with your eyes open and you’ll be OK. You’ll probably want to upgrade in a few years to something quicker and with a longer battery life, but at this price, you can.

Specification: RAZOR E300 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed



4.7 miles

Charge Time

12 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

10 miles


Braking System

Rear hand brake


wide 10 inch tires that provide a smooth ride


180 Wh

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight


Max Load



Product Material


Water Resistance

Extra features

Cruise Control, powerful

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