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The global phenomenon that is the Razor firm has provided the oomph to the electric scooter industry for just over two decades. The marvel of performance displayed by their range of kids’ electric scooters has been even more amazing. The Razor E100 is one of their older models, yet it doesn’t compromise the Razor brand’s exceptional performance or quality delivery in any way. The scooter is enclosed in an all-steel frame and has a simple style. The durable deck is roomy enough for rider comfort and incorporates a curved wing over the back tyre, which is a Razor trademark.
The E100 features those heavy-duty, hard composite tyres, which, when combined with the lack of suspension, impair the overall ride quality.

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Razor E100 Summary:

The global phenomenon that is the Razor firm has provided the oomph to the electric scooter industry for just over two decades. The performance of their collection of kids’ electric scooters has been even more outstanding. The Razor E100 is one of their older models, yet it doesn’t compromise the Razor brand’s exceptional performance or quality delivery in any way. The scooter has a simple appearance and is made entirely of steel. The durable deck is roomy enough for rider comfort and incorporates a curved wing over the back tyre, which is a Razor trademark. The E100 features those heavy-duty, hard composite tyres, which, when combined with the lack of suspension, impair the overall ride quality. The scooter has a chain motor, which alerts riders to the need for extra maintenance. For riders looking for a step up, the Power Core E100 has an improved in-hub motor. The scooter is started with two or three motor kicks, and the speed is controlled using the twist grip accelerator on the right handlebar. The handlebars are simple, without the standard LED display or bell, and just have a left-hand brake lever. The scooter has a peak speed of 10 mph (16 km/h) and a 40-minute continuous ride range on a full battery charge. This restricted performance keeps your 8-year-old from getting too far away from monitored areas. It doesn’t have the normal lights and reflectors that later models have. The bottom deck’s power pack helps to stabilize the scooter, but the short clearance allows for grazing as riders travel over speed bumps and other track hazards. The side deck has the power switch, charging port, and reset buttons. The scooter is not foldable like its Razor Power A2 sibling. However, before your youngster can progress to higher-performing models like the Power Core, it must strike the correct mix of performance and sacrifice.


Performance Overview:

A strong motor is included with the Razor E100. A 100 watt high-torque, chain-driven, single-speed mode motor drives it. The engine is powered by two 12V lead-acid batteries and is chained to the rear tyre. The scooter soon reaches exhilarating speeds of 10 mph because to the immense power created by the motor. The front-mounted calliper brakes provide unmatched stopping power, making its peak speed perfect for youngsters.

The battery provides enough power for the kids to whizz around the block for 40 minutes or cover a distance of 6.5 miles (10 km). However, depending on the speed, the running duration may vary. Slower rides can provide greater operating time, with some riders claiming to have exceeded the manufacturer’s 40-minute estimate, but zippy speeds drain the battery faster.

Speed & Acceleration:

The E100 reaches a maximal speed of 10 mph (16 km/h). Although this is not the quickest speed for a child scooter, it is a reasonable and safe pace for children aged 8 to 12. It is a suitable speed for teaching children to ride PEVs and other two-wheelers.
The E100 is a kick-start scooter, which means the user must accelerate the scooter to 3 mph (4 km/h) before the motor activates. This is a very important safety measure for a child’s scooter. The twist-grip accelerator makes it straightforward for the user to accelerate to peak speed, maintain the pace, and slow down, despite the scooter’s absence of changeable speeds.

Battery & Range:

The Razor E100’s motor is powered by a rechargeable twin 12 volt sealed lead-acid battery that delivers a total voltage of 24 volts. The battery will take up to 12 hours to completely charge the first time it is charged, but future charges will only take 6-8 hours. A complete charge of the battery allows the rider to travel up to 40 minutes or 6.5 miles (10 km) on a single charge. This is enough time and miles for a fast run around the block, a school ride, or a brief stop at the convenience store. However, there are two things to note concerning the battery. The lead-acid battery is a high-maintenance battery that, as a result, must be treated with extreme caution if it is to endure. Also, keep in mind that the battery’s mileage or run duration is determined by its pace. Fast rides deplete the battery quickly, but moderate rides offer the rider more mileage.

Motor Configuration:

This scooter is powered by a chain-driven 100 watt engine with tremendous torque and excellent performance. The chain-driven motor, on the other hand, is less efficient than a brushless motor incorporated in the rear hub (as seen on the Power Core E100) and requires significantly less maintenance. The majority of riders complain about the chain coming off frequently. While it provides a simple cure for children of this age, it may be somewhat irritating.

Because the motor is also kick-start, the rider must accelerate the scooter to 3 mph before pressing the twist throttle to switch it on. This feature is an important safety element that prevents the rider from being thrown forward and losing their balance when the motor is turned on. Furthermore, this scooter’s powerful torque output can easily sustain a maximum weight of 120 lbs (54 kg).

Construction & Quality:

The E100 is built to last and is of great quality. The scooter is built of steel, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. This is critical, given that the scooter is ridden by children who are more prone to cause damage. Steel is also corrosion-resistant, increasing the scooter’s longevity, safety, and quality. Because this type is not foldable, it has a robust stem that does not wobble as folding scooters do. The t-bar handlebars of the scooter are not adjustable. Riders’ hands are protected from sliding by soft rubber hand grips with rubber bumpers. Except for the twist-grip throttle on the right and the brake lever on the left, the handlebar stem is mostly basic. It is devoid of an LED display and a horn. The scooter’s wiring are also exposed, which detracts from its looks and makes it less convenient.

Razor’s characteristic design of an extended deck that wraps over the back wheel is included into the deck. The scooter also has an 8-inch pneumatic front wheel for a smooth ride and a 4.9-inch polyurethane rear tyre that never flattens for worry-free trips.

The scooter lacks a lighting profile and reflectors, making it impossible to ride in low light. The scooter is available in the following colours: red, pink, purple, blue, or black.


Suspension & Comfort:

The E100 isn’t equipped with suspension. The huge, pneumatic tyre in front, on the other hand, does an excellent job of softening and smoothing the ride.

Ride Quality:

Despite the lack of a suspension system, the Razor E100 nevertheless provides a comfortable ride. This is due to the huge 8-inch air-filled tyre, which helps to reduce shocks on rough and hilly terrain.

The deck is large and roomy, allowing for plenty of space and comfort during the journey. For added stability, the deck is low. However, be in mind that the low clearance might cause scratching while going over obstacles. The clunking of the chain motor, vibrations from the solid back tyre, and the general absence of a suspension system make for a loud ride. The scooter will work best for riders under the specified weight capacity of 120 lbs (54 kg). At every speed or riding situation, the brakes bring the scooter to a crisp stop. Riders also receive a 40-minute worry-free ride time before they have to worry about recharging.


The absence of standard illumination, which was available on Razor’s subsequent versions, is a major flaw with this model. It also lacks fundamental safety features such as reflectors and indication lights.


The front calliper brake on the E100 is actuated by hand and brings the scooter to a smooth and accurate halt. This style of brake will be familiar to children who have ridden bicycles before. Riders may use the twist throttle to lessen the speed of the scooter for additional braking aid.


In powered-down mode, the Razor weighs 26 lbs (11 kg), making it light enough for riders to drag beside them. The stem, on the other hand, does not fold, limiting its mobility.


The E100 is equipped with an 8-inch pneumatic front tyre and a 4.9-inch polyurethane rear tyre. The front pneumatic tyre is an air-filled tyre that absorbs shock and irregularities on the road to provide a smooth ride. The tyre not only improves the ride quality, but it also provides superior stability and control than ordinary tyres. The rear tyre is a sturdy tyre that requires very little maintenance. The curving deck that runs over the wheel would make routine maintenance extremely cumbersome, so that’s a bonus.

E100 Electric Scooter - RD


The deck is a normal Razor deck, with a large broad deck that wraps over the back wheel. The deck has a comfortable width of 20.2 cms (8″), allowing enough room for the youngsters to ride about securely and comfortably. The deck has a weight capability of 120 pounds (54 kilogrammes). Because of the battery position, riders will feel grazing when they pass around speed bumps or other track obstacles.

Controls & Display:

The Razor E100’s handlebars are simple and ordinary, with no display or controls. Soft plastic slip-resistant handgrips with rubber bumpers are installed on the handlebars. The left handlebar has the handbrake, while the right handlebar has the twist-throttle. It doesn’t come with a bell or horn, but customers may buy one as an add-on. On the side of the deck, you’ll find the switch and reset buttons.

Water Resistance:

This scooter does not have a water resistance certification, thus riding in wet weather or on wet tracks is not recommended.


The battery allows the user to ride for 40 minutes at high speeds and much longer at reduced rates. The all-steel construction is strong and long-lasting. In the event of a restart or charge failure, the underdeck has a reset button that allows users to re-calibrate the scooter.


The manufacturer offers a 90-day guarantee on this product. However, it only covers manufacturer’s faults and excludes regular wear and use, wheels, and damages caused by improper storage, usage, or installation. The warranty is only applicable for consumers in the United States and Canada.
Customer service for Razor is offered by phone, SMS, and the website’s support page. Consumers in the United States can call a toll-free number, while foreign customers can call a dedicated customer hotline between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Known Issues:

  • The chain regularly comes off the wheel sprocket, making it difficult for children to re-align it.
  • The motor is loud and overheats easily.
  • The battery is extremely vulnerable to electrical failures caused by improper charging or overcharging.


While the Razor E100 is long-lasting, it does require routine maintenance to ensure peak performance. This device, on the other hand, is inexpensive to maintain. Cleaning the unit and making sure it’s completely dry is a smart maintenance practise to follow.

The lead-acid battery also requires routine maintenance such as acid replenishment. The battery should be charged according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To save the battery, the scooter should be turned off while not in use. To avoid wear and strain, the chain must be lubricated.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Are you seeking for a low-cost child scooter that doesn’t skimp on performance? If you answered yes, we suggest purchasing Razor’s E100. Scooting is no longer a mobility-assisted activity for the elderly, and an electric scooter is far from being a toy. Kids’ scooters now have the power and performance of entry-level adult scooters, but with the safety features required for children’s safety on the riding track, thanks to firms like Razor. The Razor E100 is one such scooter.

The scooter has quick but safe peak speeds, uncompromised brakes, a good range, a comfortable riding deck, and respectable acceleration, not to mention a tough all-steel construction. The evidence you need to go out and buy this mini-performance beast comes from the reviews of youngsters who possess it. The high-maintenance chain-driven motor and lead-acid batteries are only two of the expected sacrifices. It’s a no-brainer, though, considering the discount you receive at the scooter’s price point (about £119 or $168). So go out and get your youngster the wonderful Razor E100; you will not be disappointed.

Specification: RAZOR E100 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

10 mph


7.5 miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

6.5 miles


Braking System

Hand-operated front calliper


8 inch tires



Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

26 lbs

Max Load

120 lbs


No lights

Product Material

foam grips and aluminium deck, Steel frame

Water Resistance

Extra features

An easy to use twist grip throttle, Kickstand

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  1. Colton

    This scooter has been the most enjoyable scooter I’ve ever used.

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  2. Roman

    If you are always in forward mode, your battery life will be quickly depleted.

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  3. Axel

    Scooter is fantastic and went above and beyond my expectations.

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