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The Razor E-XR is a terrific update and addition to Razor’s budget scooters in the mid-range. This tough model has a basic, durable appearance that focuses on performance and practicality. It’s ideal for those that want a good mix of performance, comfort, and control. The Razor is known for producing high-quality lifestyle leisure items for both children and adults, and the Razor E-XR is no exception.

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Razor E-XR Summary

The E-XR electric scooter has been improved and is a high-performance model outfitted with the newest technology to improve commuter experience. It is one of Razor’s quickest and most technologically sophisticated scooters, yet it won’t break the bank. It is designed to provide unrivalled comfort, exceptional performance, and maximum longevity. The Razor E-impressive XR’s huge 9-inch pneumatic front tyre, which is shock absorbing for that ultra-smooth ride, captures our attention right away. Additionally, it has a free 8-inch solid rear tyre that is abrasion- and flat-resistant to allow simple navigation even across the most difficult terrains.
A powerful 36 V/ 8 Ah battery hidden under the scooter’s deck gives the E-XR electric scooter a riding duration of 60 minutes, according to the manufacturer. This basically corresponds to 16 kilometres on flat ground with a rider weight limit of 220 lbs (99 kg). Although the motor is said to have considerable torque, which means it can climb hills, Razor does not provide a typical hill grade rating. For a mid-range budget scooter, the 350 W brushless motor propels the vehicle to a peak speed of 17 mph (27 km/h) with a full battery charge.
Razor had to equip the scooter with dependable, very quick brakes because of its incredible peak speed. It has a hand-operated mechanical rear brake that smoothly and precisely stops the scooter. In addition, Razor fitted a front fender to prevent mud and debris from getting to the rider’s feet. Additionally, the winged back and larger standard deck design of Razor provide unparalleled riding comfort. The front pneumatic tyres on the scooter more than make up for its lack of springs.
A projection beam lamp built into the stem makes cycling in poor light easier. The rear fender also has an extra red LED light that doubles as a brake light. For your acceleration demands, the scooter includes a thumb throttle on the right handlebar, while the brake lever is on the left handlebar. The scooter’s sleek, minimalist form is achieved by the absence of any visible circuitry.
In general, a scooter at this price bracket necessitates several trade-offs. For example, because there is no LED display, riders must estimate their own distance and battery life. The absence of a horn or bell on the scooter also forces users to be inventive and purchase a separate detachable horn. On the other hand, Razor excelled at providing the essential performance and comfort aspects. For a more thorough analysis of its aspects, continue reading.


Performance Summary

A 350 watt brushless back hub motor drives the Razor E-XR. The scooter has a powerful engine that supposedly produces more power than the manufacturer claims. Some reviewers and scooter fans believe the motor is underestimated and may really provide more power than the 350 Watts it is listed at.
Under the elevated deck, the back hub motor quietly propels the scooter to an astonishing peak speed of 17 mph (27 km/h). On sloping tracks, the E-XR electric scooter also has some difficulty. The scooter’s thumb-activated throttle allows the user to swiftly accelerate the vehicle. The throttle may be used at different speeds, giving the user access to additional torque.

The front tyre of the Razor E-XR is a broad, 9-inch pneumatic tyre. The air-filled tyre is designed to provide a comfortable riding experience that comfortably cushions the rider and absorbs shocks. Additionally, it has a solid back tyre that requires no maintenance and is resistant to flats.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The E-XR is the fastest scooter model available in the Razor lineup, with a peak speed of 17 mph (27 km/h). When compared to other scooters in the same price range, this speed is typical. The rider’s weight, inclination levels, and battery charge all have an impact on the highest speed. The scooter features a simple thumb-activated throttle that regulates speed, and it accelerates rapidly and easily despite lacking riding modes. Before using the throttle, riders must kick the scooter to a minimum speed of 3 mph (4 km/h). However, customers with bigger hands have complained about the awkward arrangement of the throttle, which is difficult to use while the hand is resting on the handlebar. By positioning the brushless engine on the rear wheel, which significantly enhances flat and incline terrain rides, Razor diverged from its rivals.

Battery Life & Range

The 36V lithium-ion pack battery of the Razor E-XR is used. This is a huge improvement from Razor’s older models, which used a Lead-acid battery that required a lot of care. It has an astounding range of 16 miles when completely charged, or up to 60 minutes of continuous usage (25 km). The battery is one of the quickest charging batteries since it charges completely in about 4 hours. The battery’s absence of a sophisticated battery management system, a characteristic common to current scooters, is the sole significant drawback. Users would most likely get longer battery life if it featured this function. Notably, riding at high speed causes the battery to discharge more quickly, giving you just two-thirds of the maximum range. The scooter has a charger and a three stage battery indication display.

Motor Configuration

This scooter is powered by a 350 W brushless motor located at the back. The engine, like those in the majority of Razor’s scooters, produces a surprising amount of power and torque. Benefits of the scooter’s brushless motor include improved efficiency and lower maintenance expenses. It is important to note that some of the family’s early models, like the Razor E100, included a chain-driven motor that increased maintenance needs. This in-hub brushless motor is a wonderful improvement.

A special safety element on Razor scooters is the kick-off mechanism. Riders may be abruptly yanked off the scooter once the engine turns on due to its strong motor. By kicking the scooter off the ground twice or three times, you may reach the minimum 3mph required by the E-XR before the engine turns on. Additionally, the Razor E-torque XR’s output can easily tow a maximum weight of 220 lbs (99 kg).


Construction & Build Quality

Heavy-duty steel was used in the construction of the Razor E-XR, with the exception of the clamp’s double stack of aluminium. The non-corrosive substance improves durability, quality, and safety. Because the stem is stiff and non-folding, it doesn’t wobble as it does on other foldable scooters. For shorter riders, the handlebars’ high, non-adjustable height presents a challenge. They also include a thumb throttle on the right and a brake lever on the left. To keep the riders’ hands in place, the handlebar ends of the Razor E-XR include bumpers and soft plastic grips.

The tail/brake light is placed in the back of the curved deck, while the headlight is embedded in the stem. With its rear running over the back tyre, the roomy deck plate adopts the well-known oblong Razor shape. The rear mechanical brake and the rear-mounted hub motor are both housed in an 8″ solid tyre that is under the curve. A pneumatic tyre on the front makes up for the absence of suspension. In order to prevent mud and other debris from landing on the riders’ feet, it also has a front fender. Under the deck is where the battery is kept.


There is no suspension system on the Razor E-XR. In bumpy terrain, the front pneumatic tyre absorbs shock for a more comfortable ride.

Ride Quality

Despite lacking suspension, the Razor E-XR delivers a very smooth ride. This is mostly due to its front tyres, which are 9 inches in width. In moderate off-road terrains, the air-filled front tyre may reduce the effect of shock and bumps. Although it provides dependability and stability on difficult terrain, the robust rear tyre vibrates the deck.

The deck has considerable room, and the elevated rear deck that extends over the back tyre makes it simple for the user to put their foot there. Riders have differing opinions about this deck design; while some love the extra space, others hate the uncomfortable rest position. To improve foot grip, anti-slip rubber has been applied to the whole surface.

Due to the absence of the folding components, which are known for causing swaying, the inflexible stem is fairly sturdy. The handlebar grips include end bumpers for proper alignment and are wrapped in soft plastic to avoid hand slippage. This scooter’s general quality is widely regarded across the scootering community, not only among Razor scooters.



A hand-operated mechanical disc brake at the back of the Razor provides outstanding and uncompromising braking performance. The disc brake offers a number of benefits over other types of braking, including decreased tyre wear and dependability in wet conditions. In addition, the rider has to use less force on the brake lever. Additionally, they ease strain in the muscles, particularly on steep descents when riders constantly control their pace.


The Razor is an averagely light scooter, weighing just 35.51 pounds (16.1 kg). The scooter does not have a folding mechanism, making it difficult to carry up a flight of stairs and to store in small locations. This scooter is tough to carry since it lacks a handle or a comfortable carrying posture.


A simple but very bright headlamp with an outstanding LED projection beam comes standard on the Razor E-XR. During nighttime riding, the headlight properly lights the path. In addition, it has an LED brake light that turns on when the brake lever is pulled. The Razor E-lighting XR’s profile is particularly significant because of its rental fleet, where customers are picky about such safety features on their PEVs.


There are two distinct tyre types on the Razor E-XR. The front tyre is pneumatic and 9 inches long, while the rear tyre is 8 inches long, tear-resistant, airless, and flat-free. Most of the shock is absorbed by the front tyre on the front fork, which also improves handling and overall control. The rear tyre, on the other hand, provides comfort and dependability since it lessens the likelihood of a flat. With the winged deck cover and the hub motor, replacing the rear tyre was only sensible for Razor to install a maintenance-free tyre.

Overall, even without suspension, the tyres provide for a comfortable ride. However, customers have reported experiencing vibrations through the deck as a result of the back airless solid tyre. Since Razor chose pneumatic tyres, this is not felt on the handlebars.


One of Razor’s most well-liked deck designs, a broad deck that becomes narrower toward the front and rear and wraps around the back tyre, is featured on the Razor E-XR. It has an anti-slip rubber surface and is 26 inches long by 8 inches wide. The spacious deck makes lengthy trips more comfortable.


Controls & Display

The E-XR lacks the glitzy LED displays that are typical of contemporary scooter models. It is unadorned, devoid of a user interface, and equipped with little more than a headlamp, power switch, brake lever, and throttle. Isn’t that easy?

Water Resistance

Since the Razor E-XR has no water resistance certification, it is not advisable to operate the scooter in situations that are very wet. The scooter’s maker also advises drying the scooter out after riding through puddles or mild rains.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Despite the absence of a battery level display, the battery provides the user with a dependable 60 minutes of nonstop journey time. The scooter requires less maintenance because to its in-hub engine, mechanical disc brakes, solid rear tyre, and lithium-ion batteries. The all-steel frame is very robust since it is corrosion free. The pneumatic tyres fill the void left by the lack of shock absorbers for comfort. The scooter’s characteristics have been improved overall to provide safety, dependability, and lifespan.

The 90-day warranty for Razor electric scooters covers any manufacturing flaws. Wheels, typical wear, damage from improper installation, storage, usage, or rental are not covered by the guarantee. Only customers who purchase and use the Razor E-XR in the United States and Canada are eligible for the warranty.

With a US toll line and a worldwide customer hotline, Razor offers a dedicated Customer Service staff. Calls are answered between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time. Customers may fill out a form on the assistance part of their website or text messages on the dedicated number after hours.


The Razor is unquestionably a strong worker, but to obtain the greatest performance it needs frequent maintenance. However, owing to the sturdy structure made to survive extreme environments, maintenance is neither expensive nor time-consuming.

Regular maintenance will lengthen the user’s time with the device while keeping it in perfect shape. These include washing the scooter, checking the charger cable for damage, evaluating and replacing worn-out wheels and other components, and so on. Keep the scooter dry and charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Known Issues

  • The handlebars are not adjustable, according to riders. This is a hassle, particularly for short riders.
  • Users complain about how poorly it performs on gravel.
  • Due of its placement, the battery is vulnerable to grazing as it crosses obstructions.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

In a word, unquestionably! A hub for high-performance, dependable, long-lasting, and comfortable scooters is the Razor firm. They more than met expectations with the E-XR, which has a strong frame, shock-absorbing pneumatic front tyres, a large deck, a dependable braking system, and an extended range (as the name suggests). The scooter is devoid of suspensions and a stem that folds. However, there is always a trade-off at this pricing range. This in no way takes away from the scooter’s impressive features, and we stand by our assessment that it represents a great value given the price.

Specification: RAZOR E-XR REVIEW

Suitable For



350 Watts

Max Speed

17 mph


16 miles

Charge Time

4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

19 miles


Braking System

Hand-operated, rear disc brake


9” (229 mm), airless, flat-free rear tire softens your ride for smoothness every time., Large, pneumatic front tire and 8” (204 mm)


36V/8Ah lithium-ion pack, rechargeable (UL2271)

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

35.51 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


LED projection beam headlight and rear tail/brake light

Product Material

aluminum, Heavy-duty steel

Water Resistance

Extra features

paddle control-led throttle puts the power at your fingertips., The thumb-activated, variable-speed

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    We adore this so much.

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    My son adores this.

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  3. ANDY

    There is a lot of metal and little plastic in the construction, which is excellent for the price.

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