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As proven by the Razor E Prime Air, Razor continues to revolutionise the electric scooter industry with amazing and high-performance scooter products. This model is a substantial upgrade over earlier versions. It comes with a slew of cutting-edge features that set it different from other scooters in its price range. With a strong frame built from aviation-grade aluminium and a steel fork, it also has a stylish design and world-class finish. The sturdy structure and lightweight, which are vital for the scooter’s portability, are made possible by these heavy-duty materials.
The Razor E Prime Electric Scooter is nicely built and quite economical as far as e-scooters go. It’s designed for commuting or a casual way to get around. Razor deviated from their usual design with the E Prime Air.

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Razor E Prime Air Summary

Over the course of more than two decades, Razor has built a reputation for producing innovative and stylish scooters. The scooters have amazing performance in addition to a high build quality that guarantees their dependability and longevity. The Razor E Prime Air is the result of the company’s commitment to simplicity and ease of use, and it has a stylish appearance, top-tier performance, a fordable-portable mechanism, and an 8-inch pneumatic front tyre. The scooter, however, only comes in a single, dark shade of black.

The e-frame scooter’s and stem are made from aviation-grade aluminium, while the fork is made from steel. The stem of the handlebars may be adjusted for height, and the aluminium frame is collapsible. The lightweight design of the scooter (just 21.78 lbs) helps it travel easily (9.9 kg). The 5 level LED battery indication display on the stem neck is a nice touch that contributes to the scooter’s overall minimalist look. The throttle and brake levers are the only controls on the slim, straight handlebars.

The electric scooter is powered by a 250-watt rear hub motor and can go at a maximum of 24 kilometers per hour (15 miles per hour). An amazing two hundred pounds may be carried by the scooter at once (91 kg). The scooter is powered by a 36V rechargeable lithium-ion pack battery that needs 3.5 hours to completely charge. When completely charged, it may be used for up to 40 minutes nonstop or travel 12 miles (20 km). If the battery dies too soon, users need not worry about making it home safely since the scooter can be ridden just as well with foot power. Moreover, the scooter’s 250W electric hub motor provides a lot of torque. However, you should know that the scooter does quite well on level ground but very poorly on inclines and slopes.

The big 8-inch pneumatic front tyre of the Razor E Prime Air electric scooter cushions the ride and prevents the scooter from bouncing excessively over bumps in the road. The back tyre is 8 inches in diameter and built of solid rubber, making it impervious to punctures and wear. Due to its lack of suspension, this vehicle relies only on its front tyre to dampen the impact of driving through uneven terrain. The deck is large enough at 5.5 inches to allow riders older than the adolescent years and heavier than 200 pounds without feeling cramped (91 kg).

However, it is missing critical safety elements like lights, reflectors, and a bell. If riders plan on using the scooter in low-light environments, they may want to invest in the optional safety equipment. Because of its cheap price, this scooter combines high performance with high comfort and high style, but only if you’re willing to make certain sacrifices.

Following this, we’ll go into a more in-depth analysis of the scooter’s technical specs.


Performance Overview

A strong and silent 250-watt motor provides enough thrust for the Razor E Prime Air. The scooter can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, thanks to its strong engine (25 km). The pace is a little wicked, therefore good braking is essential, especially for the target novice and intermediate riders. The scooter has an electronic brake up front and a foot brake on the back of the fender for quick and safe stopping.

The 36V lithium battery allows for a continuous riding time of 40 minutes or a range of 7.5 miles (12 km), more than enough to get the rider to and from university or the workplace. However, factors like as pace, rider weight, weather, and topography may all affect the total amount of time spent running or the total number of miles covered. The scooter’s massive torque allows it to easily transport a maximum of 200 pounds (91 kilograms). However, if the battery dies before the trip is finished, the scooter may be driven manually.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The fastest you can go on a Razor E Prime Air is 15 mph (24 km). Not quite up to speedy standards, but acceptable and above-average for the intended demographic of adults aged 14 and above. These velocities are just right for learning the ropes of cycling, including braking, navigating congested areas, and swerving. Using the scooter’s ergonomic thumb-activated paddle controls, you may swiftly and easily increase speed, but there are no other speed settings or cruise control available. The scooter does not have a zero-start function, thus the user must push it before the engine starts up.

Battery Life & Range

A lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged to 36 volts is included with the Prime Air. Lead-acid batteries, which Razor is renowned for employing, reduce production costs but need more upkeep than lithium-ion batteries. Three hours and five minutes is needed to completely charge the battery. It can go up to 12 kilometers (19.1 miles) on a full charge, which equates to around 40 minutes of continuous riding time. Keep in mind that the battery life is affected by the rider’s speed (higher speeds use more power) and the terrain, with flatter surfaces providing the longest run time.

Motor Configuration

Powering this scooter is a single hub motor producing 450 watts of torque at the scooter’s back. Unlike the chain-driven motors used on most of Razor’s entry-level scooters, the hub-driven motor is more efficient and needs less maintenance. In order to get the scooter’s engine going, the rider must give it a couple kicks before the throttle can be engaged. A cyclist won’t be jolted forward and knocked off their feet thanks to this safety element.

Construction & Build Quality

When it comes to Razor electric scooters, the Prime Air E is among the most high-tech and stylish. The wiring is concealed inside the stem and concealed from view. The excellent quality of its construction components is the source of the unit’s longevity and mobility. The down tube and frame are made of aircraft-grade aluminium, and the fork is steel with integrated plastic fenders. The scooter’s unusually formed, soft rubber grips resemble prisms. Both the front and back tyres are composed of rubber, however whereas the front one is air-filled, the back one is solid.

Grip tape with a sandpaper-like texture lines the deck to prevent the rider’s foot from slipping. The battery pack is hidden under the deck, which improves the scooter’s balance and handling. A watertight cover protects the deck’s charging port from accidental dunks and spills. A retractable kickstand is fixed to the deck for simple storage.



In place of suspension, the Razor E Prime depends on the front pneumatic tyre to cushion the ride over bumps.

Ride Quality

The scooter’s riding quality is an improvement over that of the Honda E100 and the Yamaha E300. Unlike some of Razor’s cheaper versions, which use loud chain-driven motors, your ride will be completely quiet thanks to the hub motor. Customers have given this vehicle high marks in part because of the exceptional tyres. While the front pneumatic tyre dampens the impact of bumps on the road, the rear solid tyre allows you to go carefree since it is impervious to punctures. Suspensions, however, would greatly improve the ride’s comfort.

The Prime Air E’s engine struggles to keep up with the demands of steeper inclines, thus it operates best on level ground. Those who ride it will like that it can be used as a standard kick-scooter, and that its rider may even jump off and drag it behind them as they go upward. Off-road, the scooter’s power and comfort are adequate, but it can’t compare to its performance in the city. While the Prime Air’s front electronic brake and rear fender foot brake work well together, they are less effective when used alone. Together, they provide the substantial braking force necessary for a quick and complete stop.

The soft rubber prism-shaped grips on the scooter’s handlebars improve the rider’s grip and comfort. Razor’s patent-pending anti-rattle technology makes the stem of the handlebars surprisingly solid and ensures that it doesn’t wiggle. However, it does not have the necessary equipment for nighttime cycling, like as lights, reflectors, or bells.


The scooter’s dual braking system consists of a foot brake located on the rear fender and an electronic brake located on the front. Electronic brakes aren’t very effective on their own, but when combined with the brakes controlled by the back fender, they provide much more stopping force. A thumb activates the front brake, while the rider stands on the back fender to apply the brakes.


The E Prime Air is constructed from a material that is both lightweight and sturdy. The lightweight design (less than 22 pounds) and simple folding mechanism of this model make it ideal for transporting to otherwise inaccessible locations. Because to its folding design, it can be conveniently stashed away even in confined quarters.



This Razor scooter does not have any lights or reflectors, which is disappointing. Riders may rectify this situation by equipping their bikes with additional lighting.


It’s nice and roomy on the deck, which is 6.75 inches in length and 5.5 inches across. Teens and average-sized adults may stand comfortably on the deck.

Controls & Display

No speedometer or other indicator is included on this scooter, thus the user has no idea how fast they are going. However, immediately next to the folding mechanism, where you’ll also find the power button, is a five-stage, multi-colored battery indication. On-board LED power meters let you know how much energy you have remaining as you ride. There is an electronic brake on the left side of the handlebars, and a throttle paddle on the right.


The front tyre of the E Prime Air is 8 inches wide and is filled with pneumatic air, while the rear tyre is 8 inches wide and is solid. Because air fills the pneumatic front tyre, it is excellent at dampening the effects of vibration and shock, making for a pleasant ride. The solid rear tyre may not be as comfortable as a pneumatic one, but it is dependable due to its lack of punctures and resistance to wear. Surprisingly, even at top speed, the front air-filled tyre provides a comfortable ride. It also provides exceptional traction for the scooter on both dry and wet surfaces. Since repairing a scooter with a flat rear wheel would need fiddling with a large number of delicate components, airless tyres are the only practical solution.


Water Resistance

Due to the lack of a water resistant certification, the E Prime Air requires extreme caution while riding in the rain or near water.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Thanks to the great quality of construction and materials used, the Razor scooter will last a long time. This model is built to last with its sturdy aluminium alloy and steel construction. The scooter’s high torque engine allows it to reach a peak speed of 7.5 miles (24 km/h) and to tote up to 200 pounds (91 kg). This scooter’s lithium battery is dependable, having a long lifespan and allowing it to go far. In order to achieve both economy and usability, Razor opted for a dual braking system.

The 90-day warranty on Razor Electric Scooters ensures that your purchase will be problem-free. For non-electrical devices, Razor offers a guarantee period of 180 days. Wheels, normal wear and tear, and damage from improper installation, storage, usage, or rental are not covered by the guarantee. You must buy and use your Power Core E100 inside the USA or Canada to be covered by the warranty.

Razor provides a toll-free number for customers in the United States as well as a specialized international hotline. The hours of operation for customer service are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (PST). During off-hours, customers may send a text message to a special number or fill out a form on the website’s assistance page.


For long-term reliability and peak performance, your Razor E Prime Air should be serviced and maintained regularly. Maintaining a clean and dry scooter is essential for its performance. You should charge this device using the authorized battery charger and within the suggested charging period. As instructed in the user handbook, periodical checks and tightening of all parts are required. By doing so, the rider can assure peak performance and maximize the scooter’s lifespan.

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Power supply for an additional helmet
  • Knee sleeve
  • Luminous horn/ bell Bike lights
  • Problems Already Experienced

Known Issues

  • Drivers complained that the electronic brakes were jerky and sluggish to respond.
  • Riders within the acceptable weight range have reported the motor to struggle excessively on inclines.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Without a doubt! The high-performance and vital features of the E Prime Air make daily life and travel a breeze.

The solid rear tyre never has to be changed, and the big 8-inch wheels provide for a smoother ride and more dependability. You can fold it up with a single click, making packing and unpacking a breeze. The new design, with the lowered deck, patent-pending anti-rattle technology from Razor, and lithium-ion battery, is well worth the scooter’s asking price. You may significantly streamline your commuting experience for less than £300 ($422).


Suitable For




Max Speed

15 MPH


7.5 miles

Charge Time

3.5 Hours

Single-Charge Mileage

8.5 miles


Braking System

Electronic, rear fender footbrake, thumb-activated paddle


air-filled 8″ front tire


115.2 Wh

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight

21.78 lbs

Max Load

200 lbs


Product Material

Aluminum frame, and rubberized grips, plastic fenders, Steel fork

Water Resistance

8-inch solid tyre in the rear. The pneumatic front tyre is air-filled

Extra features

paddle controlled, Thumb-activated, variable-speed

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