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With a weight of under 24 pounds, the Razor E Prime III is razor focused when it comes to simplicity and lightness of design. A 250 W hub motor will provide you with enough power to achieve a reasonable peak speed and range.
The Razor E Prime III is the ideal get up and go scooter for brief outings since it is safe to fold and light enough to transport simply and frequently. A top speed of 18 mph will not make you feel left out, and a reasonable rage of 15 mph will not leave you stranded. A dual braking system is included, as well as just enough lighting to ensure that you are visible at all times.

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Razor E Prime III Summary

When it comes to simplicity and lightness of design, the 24 lb. Razor E Prime III is razor focused. You will have all the power necessary to achieve a respectable top speed and a respectable range with a 250 W hub motor.

The Razor E Prime III is the ideal get up and go scooter for short outings because it is secure to fold up and is light enough to transport frequently and simply. A top speed of 18 mph and a respectable fury of 15 mph won’t make you feel out of the loop or abandoned. A dual braking system offers additional security and the ideal level of brightness to ensure your visibility at all times.

It has a distinctively built deck with plenty of area for feet and is non-slip. In addition, the Razor E Prime III is a well-built machine with twin combination tyres (who doesn’t like a little variety? ), it’s incredibly light to transport once folded, and it has a folding mechanism that is as simple as pie.

This scooter is quite memorable thanks to its high aircraft grade aluminum frame, metal finishes, and incredibly comfy deck.


Performance Overview

With an exceptional star rating of 4.1 out of 5, the Razor E Prime III competes well against other scooter models, demonstrating that consumers ultimately decide what’s popular and what’s not. With so many stars, it is understandable why the Razor E Prime III is so well-liked and is a part of a larger selection of kick scooters that have been around for a very long time. The Razor E Prime III is an economical scooter with more advantages than disadvantages in terms of performance.

This scooter can maneuver its way over mountainous terrain with almost as much zest as it glides over better surfaces. It boasts a higher than average top speed of 18 mph and a 250 W motor.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Razor E Prime III’s highest speed, which is a commendable 18 mph, is all you really need for shorter travels in congested cities.

The Razor E Prime III still demonstrates to be a worthy contender for an affordable and efficient electronic scooter that’ll meet most of your basic requirements as a viable mode of transportation for those busy commuter days even though it reaches the average benchmark of acceptable speed limits and has a respectable range of 15 miles.

Make sure to add one of the many Razor e Prime III review videos below to your favorites if you don’t have time to watch it right away since it will undoubtedly be one of those videos you want to watch later.

Controls & Display

With a clever thumb pedal to manage speed and a dependable back foot pedal that provide for a reliable safety feature on this electric scooter, the Razor E Prime III has a practical and strategically positioned LED headlight as well as LED lights brake lights on the headlight and rear wheel. Additionally, it incorporates a 5-stage LED battery indication to highlight your remaining battery life at each stop along the way, preventing you from being startled by a rapid drop in battery life to a terrifyingly low and non-operational level.

Battery Life & Range 

The Razor E Prime III, a straightforwardly built yet useful scooter, performs exactly what it claims it would do and doesn’t fall short of expectations. With a battery life of around an hour after a single charge, this electric scooter will allow you to cruise for extended periods of time.

The 35V 5200mAh lithium-ion battery will need some time to completely charge; it is best left for overnight charging or a time when you have some extra time. You may go up to 15 miles on a single charge alone, and the battery charge can take up to 6 hours to complete.

Motor Configuration

The 250W brushless hub motor of the Razor E Prime III is top-notch and has the most recent motor efficiency technologies.

The Razor E Prime III brushless hub motor is more popular than its predecessor due to its longevity, effectiveness, and overall performance (the brushed motor). The Razor e prime iii’s 250W brushless hub motor goes a long way toward addressing this need for a quieter ride, and it is also more cost-effective since it has a considerably lower than average likelihood of overheating.

This strong and powerful scooter can ascend steep slopes at a respectable pace of 3.11 mph, so hills are no match for it. It should be noted that climbing uphill might cause the battery to drain more quickly, thus you might want to stick to flat territory rather than more steep terrain.

Construction & Build Quality

The Razor E Prime III’s lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and metal accents give it a sleek, contemporary appearance. This cutting-edge design is complemented with anti-rattle folding technology with an additional tight safety lock. This scooter outperforms its rivals in terms of adaptability, comfort, and safety thanks to an enlarged slip-proof deck that is both longer and wider.

Each rider’s degree of comfort can be accommodated by adjusting the height of the handlebars, and the steel grips covered in soft rubber will give you the assurance you need to get on and ride out without any hesitation.

This scooter is the best choice if you regularly need to carry it by hand because of its easy-to-grip handle.



The front pneumatic air-filled tyre of the Razor E Prime III serves as the only point of suspension and offers some leverage on an uneven terrain.

The Razor E Prime III is an innovative design that combines a solid rubber rear tyre with a pneumatic front tyre. The final result is air-filled pneumatic tyres that provide higher shock absorption with less effect on the solid rear tyre, which is air-less and requires less maintenance since the front tyre often receives larger hits.

Ride Quality

With a top speed of 18 mph and a range of up to 15 miles, the Razor E Prime III can go a very astounding distance for a scooter designed for shorter journeys. This scooter also has a pretty great riding quality. Its 20 cm solid front tyre and longer, wider deck give the rider enough room to position themselves comfortably on the scooter for the ride ahead. Its 20 cm pneumatic front tyre and solid rear tyre will provide enough cushioning and support for common pavements as well as the occasional hilly incline.


With an electronic brake up front and a fender brake in the back, the Razor E Prime III offers two different types of brakes. The main distinction is that the front brake is physically applied by depressing the back pedal, while the rear brake is electrically engaged by a thumb push.


The Razor E Prime III’s ease of folding and carrying when not in use is one of its main advantages. Incredibly light for such a powerful mobile device, it is also carried securely and conveniently thanks to its innovative latch and lock design.

Water Resistance

This scooter has an IPX4 classification, which means it can withstand the occasional mist or splash but is not completely waterproof.


The Razor E Prime III has all the illumination you need, including LED headlights that are further from the wheel for improved visibility, brake lights that turn on when you stop, and reflector lights for increased safety.


When cycling over tougher terrain, a 20 cm pneumatic front tyre offers more shock absorption and a smoother ride. And a rear solid rubber tyre measuring 20 cm that is both abrasion resistant and offers the perfect compromise between a smoother, bump-free ride and a longer-term cost savings thanks to its rear tyre that needs little to no maintenance.



It is one of those unusual scooters that gives your feet plenty of freedom to develop your riding technique and you can be confident that you won’t slide easy off thanks to its long and broad completely gripped surface. To top it all off, if you need to quickly park your scooter, it also has a retractable kickstand.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The 90-day warranty term for the Razor E Prime III is quite short, but the company offers excellent customer service and is accessible via phone or email on weekdays. You may find a service center close to you on their extensive website as well.


Given that there are less inflatable tyres on the Razor E Prime III to worry about becoming punctured, maintenance is easier. This scooter’s high-quality aviation grade aluminium frame makes it very robust and guarantees that you will receive your money’s worth.

Known Issues

Using the thumb pedal to apply the brake might result in fairly abrupt braking and takes some getting used to. Both the battery capacity and the suspension qualities might be improved.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Razor e Prime III costs between £286.10 and $400, which is neither outrageously low nor excessively high, but you get what you pay for with its patent-pending innovative folding abilities and boast-worthy light-weight frame that make it easy to fold up and transport on regular journeys.

The comfy Razor E Prime III comes highly recommended if you’re a very busy commuter seeking for a reliable scooter that will transport you the shorter trip in elegance.


Specification: RAZOR E PRIME 3 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

18 MPH


15 miles

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

17 Miles


Limited to its pneumatic front tyre

Braking System

Combination of an electric front brake and a rear fender brake


abrasion-resistant, air filled, airless, flat-free, Front Tire: 8″ (200 mm), Pneumatic, Rear Tire: 8″ (200 mm)


35V 5200mAh lithium-ion

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

24.2 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


LED lighting on the headlight and rear-wheel

Product Material

Steel T-tube and frame with polypropylene deck

Water Resistance

Extra features


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