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Let’s begin with the fundamentals. The Pro should be on the top of your list if you’re searching for an all-around awesome electric scooter. The Pro faces significant competition at this price point from Xiaomi (and even Pure itself, with the entry-level Air), but it can compete thanks to its excellent build quality.
The Air Pro, like previous Pure models, is built to last and designed with commuters in mind. Its IP65 designation means it can endure the elements, and it can even be cleaned safely with a garden hose. A corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy frame protects against salt, dust, and debris all year.

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Pure Air Pro Summary

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. The Pro should be at or near the top of your list if you’re searching for an electric scooter that is just great all around. Since the Pro has excellent build quality, it can compete with Xiaomi and even Pure itself, which offers the entry-level Air at this price point. The Air Pro, like previous Pure models, is made to endure while giving commuters considerable attention. It can resist the harshest weather since it has an IP65 classification, and you can even securely clean it with a garden hose. A frame made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy offers year-round defense against salt, dust, and debris.

We had no issues with the running gear (frame, wheels, and tyres) throughout our riding time.

If the scooter had bad aesthetics, none of this would matter much, but fortunately, it doesn’t. It has a striking combination of force and grace. We like the sturdy frame, excellent welds, durable paint finish, and how simple it is to fold and unfurl.

A statement-making electric scooter, that is. The Pure Air Pro is fantastic. See why in our review of the Pure Air Pro electric scooter.


Performance Overview

Here is the summary of this review of Pure Air Pro before we go into the specifics. The 36V 345Wh battery and 350W motor work well together to provide adequate torque for outstanding acceleration.

Although the scooter is capable of more, the peak speed is (unfortunately) restricted to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) in order to comply with lawful UK driving restrictions. You will be pushed along on a level road, and the powerful motor also results in acceptable hill performance. The majority of users find it speedy enough, and it competes well with comparable entry-level scooters from competing companies.

The whole scooter, made with the renowned Pure build quality, is where this electric scooter shines. It has the highest IP65 certification of any Pure scooter to date. By being weatherproof, dustproof, and waterproof, it protects its essential components from the elements. It is a true all-arounder with a respectable range and was designed (but not manufactured) in Britain.

When you step on it and begin moving, it feels natural and waterproof. It seems sturdy coming from the package (it should do, at 4 kg heavier than other e-scooter options in this price bracket). The 10″ tires are bigger than the 8.5″ tires used on the Xiaomi, and unless you actually go off-road or purposefully ride through potholes, you probably won’t even know there is no suspension.

Amazing performance comes at the expense of mobility, which we’ll discuss later. We tested this scooter by using it to go about on a daily basis, and it worked well, looked great, and was a ton of fun. I assume that’s what scootering is all about.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Pure Air Pro’s top speed is 15.5 mph, like the majority of commuter electric scooters. That is both quick enough to be enjoyable and slow enough to allow you to avoid problems. Additionally, it travels at the same speed as other rental scooters.

Unfortunately, this is the case since electric commuter devices are only allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) under UK law.

In contrast to a rental e scooter, the 350W motor laid down power more quickly than the somewhat more affordable Pure Air, allowing for rapid acceleration on the highway. For individuals who lack confidence or expertise, the motor’s mapping function smooths out the power delivery and makes it seem manageable.

Three speed options are available, including an Eco mode (to save battery life) and a Speed mode for those who are less concerned with power efficiency.

Hill Climbing

A great urban commuter is the Pure Air Pro. However, it is only an urban commuter. Yes, there are hills and inclines everywhere in cities, but don’t expect this e-scooter to climb the sharpest grade at peak speed. You gain the capacity to comfortably handle minor inclines with this scooter’s incredible pricing.

Battery Life & Range

The Pro includes a 36V 345wh battery that offers a decent (if not ground-breaking) 22.4-mile range in order to control the 350W motor (36 km). That is around 4 more miles than the typical Air. The total distance is affected by the rider’s weight as well as other factors like the surrounding environment.

Does it suffice? We discovered it was. A full charge only takes around 5.5 hours, which is plenty of time to charge throughout a shift. The software allows you to keep an eye on your battery life.

The battery should last for more over 500 charges, which is about average. When it’s time to replace it, Pure has made it simple to do it at home with some common equipment, which might end up saving you money over time.

Motor Configuration

As you go toward a comfortable 15.5mph (25 km/h) speed, the 350W front-wheel motor’s pull of acceleration is plenty to make you grin.

The Pro’s tried-and-true motor is dependable enough to go some significant miles. Can we trust this electric scooter for regular use? Absolutely.

Construction & Build Quality

It’s not indestructible, but it’s unquestionably an improvement over a standard entry-level electric scooter. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which should feel strong given the weight.

If you get on board, you won’t notice the extra weight as you move away. The thick tubing that makes up the strengthened frame gives it a terrific appearance.

The welds are clean, the cabling is sleek, and everything just seems perfect. It’s challenging to describe, but something about it feels “correct”. Electronics also seem to be dependable.

Although we’ve stated it enough, this scooter’s IP65 certification is one of its main selling points. Simply put, it means you may ride without worrying that riding in the rain would harm your costly purchase. Additionally, Pure’s guarantee entirely covers water ingress issues, which is quite uncommon for e-scooters in this price range.

It doesn’t seem like Pure has made any compromises in order to hit a pricing target, in contrast to other electric scooters we’ve tested. Instead, it appears as though they have merely assembled a fantastic bundle that works. For that, we adore them.


The deck had a thick, high-quality rubber coating that provided good traction as we moved. When something works well, you often forget about it, which is what happened to us, allowing us to blissfully focus on our voyage.

Riders of the Pure Pro e-scooter must weigh no more than 120 kg (19 stone). That exceeds the typical weight restriction of 100 kg (220 lb) that most manufacturers advise. This should provide you with some insight into the deck’s size, build quality, and general ride quality. The deck is quite comfortable for changing your foot position while riding.



We really preferred the 10-inch air-filled tires on this electric scooter over the smaller ones seen on the Pro’s rivals. Even in wet weather, the tread design offered sufficient traction, and (as long as you keep them filled up) they should provide hundreds of kilometers of joyful riding.

We love pneumatic tires because of how they feel, but there is always a chance that one will puncture, so it’s excellent that Pure has provided puncture prevention fluid at no additional cost. It’s a very fantastic value addition right out of the gate and demonstrates that Pure are on top of the important stuff. Let’s hope more scooter manufacturers pay attention.



Thank goodness, the Pure Air Pro’s tires are pneumatically inflated with air. Due to the absence of a suspension system, they are particularly effective at absorbing judders and knocks. Look at the fixed front fork and rear wheel to see what I mean.


A single lever on the left side of the handlebars controls both the front mechanical brake and the rear regen brake, which are both installed. That is typical for commuter electric scooters.

We went from traveling at 15 mph to zero in a matter of seconds thanks to the sophisticated braking mechanism, which also prevented any sliding.

Here, there is nothing to bemoan or lament. It accomplishes its task and does it exceptionally effectively.

Ride Quality

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the absence of suspension wasn’t as noticeable as Pure had said given that this scooter was designed for British conditions. Part of the reason for this is that the pneumatic tires performed such an excellent job of absorbing the bumps, and partly because we were never really pushing this scooter hard because its peak speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

Overall, the ride and build quality were excellent, and we would be content to ride this scooter for a long time. We actually did that.

The handling was accurate, and the motor’s added power makes the Air’s smaller sibling more maneuverable.

Any drawbacks? Since the handlebars are fixed, you might need to experiment to find a comfortable position, but once you do, riding is a delight.


On the roadways, there are some decent LED front and rear lights that work well.

It’s hardly surprise that the lights on this scooter are superior than those on other scooters because Pure created it specifically for UK circumstances. Additionally adjustable is the front LED, allowing you to slant it downward to illuminate dim tracks and pathways (such as cycle paths).

Additionally, side reflectors increase safety a bit. There are enough lights present to make you visible and safe, but you can easily add more if you need them.


Controls & Display

The built-in display informs you of the essentials, such as the battery charge, your current speed, the speed mode, and if the lights are on. The backlit screen is very clear both during the day and at night. This is a major benefit! We like how it blends in rather than stands out since it preserves the e-simplistic scooter’s appearance.

The scooter may be connected to a Bluetooth app on your phone. In this regard, Pure has excelled, as seen by the app’s positive user interface and strong functionality.

A signal brake lever, a push-button throttle, and a conventional thumb-activated bell are all located on the handlebars. The parts are of high quality and work well. a happy time!


At 17 kg (37 lbs), the Pure Air Pro weighs a considerable amount, around 4 kg (9 lbs) more than any of its competitors. On the road, you don’t notice this and the extra weight actually increases riding stability, but when you’re folding it down and moving it, it might seem hefty.

It uses a clip and clasp as the folding mechanism (unlike the old-school screw in fixing on the Pure). We believe that there are less potential problems and chances for corrosion or damage here.

It is a large scooter both when standing and when folded (folded dimensions are H 50 x L 115 x W 50 cm). While packing may just take a few seconds, running for the bus or up many flights of stairs will require strong arms. It is undoubtedly designed for riders who are stronger.

Pure had to add weight to create a scooter that is so capable and durable. Although we’re pleased with the payout, smaller riders or people who have a long way to transport their scooter could disagree and choose for a different scooter than the Pure Air Pro.

Water Resistance

This gorgeousness has an IP65 water-resistance rating, making it suitable for use in any climate. The Pure Air Pro electric scooter’s waterproof resistance is really one of its main selling factors. It is one of the few such highly rated scooters available for purchase and dominates its sub-£500 ($600) class (at current prices). Riders in London just cannot stop gushing over this feature as their daily journey frequently occurs in the rain and this is the norm for UK weather.

The main electrical parts (wires and chips) are housed beneath the deck in a water-resistant aluminum enclosure.

We didn’t travel through canals or bike through rivers when testing the Pure Air Pro, but we had no issues during wet weather or rainy rides, and you shouldn’t either.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

We are convinced that you will have many years of pleasant riding on the Pure Air Pro electric scooter, which is engineered to be trustworthy and dependable in all weather situations, even the rain.

You’ll receive a 1-year limited warranty when you purchase from a registered store. Although the Pro is built in China (like the majority of e scooters), it is distributed in the UK by brand-focused dealers, so you should be able to reach a wide variety of customer care agents who are quite local to you.

In addition, Pure is one of the VERY few manufacturers of electric scooters that offers a guarantee that covers water intrusion damage. Simply wonderful, this!



We appreciate that Pure considered the user while creating a high-quality scooter at a reasonable cost. Additionally, the wheels, tyres, and batteries are all totally removable with basic common tools, making it as simple as possible to work on at home.

We are happy that the Pure Air Pro comes with puncture prevention fluid because punctures may be a major nuisance, especially if you’re riding in the city. Hope they establish a bar so other contractors would follow.

When you come home after your commute, especially if it was in the rain, don’t forget to wipe your scooter clean with a towel or dry cloth.

Known Issues

There are currently no documented problems we encountered while reviewing Pure Air. Additionally, there have been no manufacturing issues reported by riders, so we believe you may purchase this e scooter with confidence!

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

Thus, our comprehensive Pure Air Pro electric scooter review has come to a close. Do you desire an affordable electric commuter scooter that you may use on shady roads and in all weather conditions? Is water resistance necessary? If the answer is yes, the Pure Air Pro won’t let you down too badly.

For the Pure Air Pro, Pure only built upon the greatest features of the Air. We adore the high-quality parts, the smooth ride, the modernized motor, and the larger battery. Additionally, you receive the remarkable IP65 water protection. We really struggled to find anything wrong with it.

This electric scooter handles well on the road, but when folded down, it might be a little awkward to tote about. This is only an issue if the terrain is not too rocky. It would be a shame if the 17 kg weight proved to be too much for some people to manage since, if you can, this is the greatest commuter scooter available for under £500 ($600).

Specification: PURE AIR PRO Review

Suitable For



350W (Front-wheel drive)

Max Speed

25 km/h


30-36 km/h

Charge Time

5.5 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

36 km/h


No installed suspension

Braking System

Front brake (KERS), Rear Drum Brake


10-inch front and rear air-filled pneumatic tyres, with pre-installed puncture prevention fluid



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

36.3 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Adjustable front LED, and side reflectors, Rear LED Lights

Product Material

Aircraft grade aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Left side thumb activated bell

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4.3 out of 5
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  1. Leonardo

    really effective battery, strong motor, and top-notch customer service online

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  2. Jordan

    I think this scooter is great; it’s speedy, sturdy, and absolutely worth the money.

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  3. Jose

    greater than I anticipated! I bought it initially just to utilise it for a few short runs, but now I look for any justification to keep riding!!

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