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The X4 electric scooter has an ultra-lightweight folding design that makes it easy to transport. Furthermore, the handlebars can be folded to conserve storage space. You can easily transport this scooter to the train or bus, up the stairs to your office or flat, or into the boot of your car.
The x4 comes with 8-inch front pneumatic and solid rubber rear tyres for a smooth ride. On all terrains, the tyres provide average shock absorption and traction. A front suspension system, in addition to the tyres, makes the ride smooth and comfortable.

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Nanrobot X4 Summary:

The X4 electric scooter has an ultra-lightweight folding design that makes it easy to transport. Furthermore, the handlebars may be folded to conserve storage space. You can easily transport this scooter to the train or bus, up the stairs to your workplace or flat, or into the boot of your car.

The x4 comes with 8-inch front pneumatic and solid rubber rear tyres for a smooth ride. On all terrains, the tyres provide medium shock absorption and traction. A front suspension system, in addition to the tyres, makes the ride smooth and comfortable.

You’ll like the easy-to-use controls that give you complete control of the scooter without having to take your hands off the handlebars or your eyes off the road. On the left handlebar, you’ll find the on/off buttons as well as the rear brake lever. The accelerator pedal, ignition, and LCD display unit are all located on the right side, providing for easy access.

In conclusion, the Nanrobot x4 electric scooter is an excellent commuting electric scooter. As an option, a comfy seat may be purchased as an add-on. The X4 is a high-end, long-lasting e-scooter with good speed, power, range, and riding quality. It is not, however, the finest scooter for someone who commutes long distances or lives in a mountainous area. Furthermore, to utilise the X4 effectively, you should weigh between 230 and 240 pounds (104 and 108 kg). The e-scooter may be a little squirmy for lighter riders.


Performance Overview:

The Nanrobot scooter is powered by a 350-watt engine with enough torque to propel it to a peak speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) fast and safely.

The 350W motor requires less power than other of Nanrobot’s larger models, such as the D4, which has a large and hefty battery. As a result, the x4’s motor is powered by a battery with a lower rating (36V 10.4Ah lithium battery).

The scooter’s high-performance motor allows for quicker acceleration and can handle slopes of up to 14 degrees.

Speed & Acceleration:

The Nanrobot scooter has a peak speed of up to 20 miles per hour (32 kilometres per hour). You may expect a shorter and safer travel with such speed.

This speed may not be enough for serious cyclists, but it’s more than enough for the ordinary rider trying to save time on their commute to work, school, or simply doing errands.

When the acceleration isn’t unsafe, it’s more than enough to provide lots of thrills while riding. When commuting, always remember to use safety equipment, such as a helmet.

Hill Climbing:

Hill climbing is a process where a computer system, such as a robot, moves through a graph or map of points in search of the best path to reach a goal. The NANROBOT X4 is equipped with an advanced hill climbing algorithm that helps it navigate difficult terrains.
The NANROBOT X4 can be programmed to climb hills of any size and shape. Its powerful motors and four-wheel drive system help it conquer even the steepest slopes.
The NANROBOT X4’s hill climbing algorithm is based on the A* search algorithm, which is one of the most efficient algorithms for finding the best path through a graph or map.

Battery & Range:

The Nanrobot X4 is powered by a 36V 10.4 Ah lithium battery with a 4-6 hour charge period and a range of up to 25 kilometres (40 km).

Because of the fast battery charge time, you may recharge your battery quickly whenever feasible and resume your travel without interruption. Another advantage is being able to charge your e-scooter at work, knowing that when it’s time to go home, the X4 will be ready to go thanks to the quick charging time.

The scooter’s extensive range also makes it ideal for the ordinary commuter searching for a green and cost-effective mode of transportation.

Motor Configuration:

The Nanrobot x4 is powered by a single 350W electric hub motor, unlike other electric scooters that use two motors. The x4 can cut overall weight and run for longer on a much smaller and lighter battery by employing a single motor easily located on the back tyre.

The 350 watt electric motor generates a significant amount of torque. This is shown by a rapid pull on the accelerator, which allows the Nanrobot x4 to accelerate to its maximum speed. The electric motor’s strong torque makes it possible for the scooter to handle inclines. Slopes of up to 14 degrees can be sustained before the scooter’s performance degrades. As a result, the scooter climbs the numerous slopes in your metropolitan terrain with relative ease.

Construction & Quality:

The Nanrobot x4 is extremely portable because to its lightweight and foldable design. The frame is made of sturdy aluminium that is not only lightweight but also fairly robust.

It can carry up to 264 pounds (120 kg) of stuff without slowing down. When you take your scooter out of the package, you can instantly see it’s of high quality.

Suspension & Comfort:

The Nanrobot x4 is one of the few scooters with a working suspension system. The front wheels of the scooter are fitted with a suspension shock absorber, which efficiently absorbs the bumps in the road that the tyres experience, enhancing riding comfort.

Despite the lack of a rear suspension system, the front suspension performs a fantastic job of smoothing out the ride. Suspension is critical since the front wheel takes the brunt of the impact and is responsible for carrying the majority of the weight when riding. The Nanrobot x4 is easy to operate, even at high speeds, because to its suspension system.

Ride Quality:

The Nanrobot has excellent ride quality. It’s robust and powerful enough to support a rider weighing up to 264 pounds. (120 lbs) The 8-inch tyres are made of high-quality rubber, resulting in a very smooth ride.

Furthermore, the two front suspensions with spring dampers improve the ride quality dramatically.

The 350-watt motor in the back provides more of a pushing sensation than the dragging sensation associated with other electric scooters. It’s comfortable enough to ride in and strong enough to suit your needs.


The Nanrobot x4 scooter has front and rear LED lights, like do other electric scooters. When riding at night, the lights are rather bright and do an excellent job of lighting the route and keeping you visible.

With its LED headlights, which provide a 75-degree lighting angle, you can be confident you’ll be safe.

However, a few of riders have added extra front LED lights to the stem.


The Nanrobot x4 features a good braking mechanism that keeps it safe.

It boasts rear drum brakes, which allow you to make quick and precise stops. Within a few centimetres, the rear brakes bring you to a complete stop. Furthermore, because the scooter is lightweight, it is easy to stop.

The lack of a front brake should not be an issue because the rear brake can bring the scooter to a complete stop swiftly and smoothly, even in an emergency.


The scooter folds inwards at the handlebar ends and down at the stem, making it extremely portable. The Nanrobot x4 is one of the most portable electric scooters available, thanks to its excellent foldability and lightweight construction.

Although you would not want to carry the X4 for a long distance, it is simple to pick up and transport on the bus or train. It’s also light enough to carry and put under your desk at work (while charging), making it an excellent commuting scooter.



The Nanrobot x4 scooter has 8-inch explosion-proof wheels, according to the maker.

The front pneumatic tyre is made of high-quality rubber and is excellent at absorbing any shocks you could face in the city.

The solid rubber rear tyre is clearly lot more durable than air-filled pneumatic tyres, and it also requires significantly less maintenance. The rear solid rubber tyre also allows you to lead-out on most types of urban terrain, making your ride more comfortable and nimble.



The Nanrobot x4 has a large bamboo flooring deck that is wrapped in tough grip tape.

The deck is perfect for entertaining while still being robust enough to sustain a maximum weight of 264 pounds (120 kg). With such a large deck, you can be certain that you will be able to ride the scooter comfortably without stressing your feet or back.

Controls & Display:

The Nanrobot x4 comes with simple controls that make it easy to use. The on/off pushbutton, horn button, and rear brake lever are all located on the left side of the handlebar. When you need them, you can easily access them with your thumb. Should you require it, the on/off buttons also serve as an emergency power-off function.

An LCD control panel, power lock, voltage lock, and the accelerator trigger are all located on the right side of the handlebar. The battery voltage, gear, riding time, and speed are all shown on the LCD control panel.

The scooter also has a USB phone charging connector, so you can charge your phone whenever and anywhere you want.

Water Resistance:

When it’s raining, riding an electric scooter is typically not a smart idea unless it’s completely waterproof.

Although the Nanrobot x4 is not waterproof, the digital LCD display is, making it safe to ride in mild rain. Furthermore, the x4’s safety when riding in rainy circumstances is enhanced by the effective braking system combined with the useful 8-inch tyres.

Riders should never ride or operate the scooter in severe rain or snow, according to the company.


The Nanrobot is a dependable commuter scooter. It has a high-performance engine, quick acceleration, and a lightweight frame that allows it to effortlessly climb sloped slopes. The scooter is lightweight and folds up effortlessly, making it extremely portable and convenient to carry on the bus or train.

The effective shock absorption system, paired with 8-inch explosion-proof tyres, make riding the scooter quite comfortable. The scooter’s short recharge time (4-6 hours) and long range (25 miles / 40 km) make it extremely dependable for short journeys. In summary, if you’re searching for an electric scooter to help you get to and from work or school more quickly, the Nanrobot x4 is an excellent option.


The frame of this E-Scooter is covered by a 2-year guarantee. The motor has a one-year warranty, while the battery has a 180-day warranty.

Because support is always important, make sure you get your electric scooter from a reliable vendor.

Known Issues:

While the Nanrobot x4 is a fantastic scooter, it does have a few flaws that detract from its overall quality.

For starters, the scooter is devoid of a front brake and rear suspension. These omissions decrease the scooter’s overall functioning, making it less comfortable and safe.

Another noted issue is the lack of a low battery indication, which makes determining the amount of charge left in the battery impossible. Visibility is further impeded by its weakly illuminated headlights.

In addition, user evaluations claim that the handlebar loosens over time, impairing balance and overall ride quality.


The foldable handlebars and stem should be properly inspected and maintained on a regular basis because they are the most active elements.

Before going for a ride, make sure any loose nuts are tightened and the throttle and levers are in their right positions.

Also, maintain the scooter clean and clear of dirt or mud, which might jam the motor or brakes! Even when the scooter is not in use, you’ll need to maintain the battery charged.

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?

You will get the most out of the Nanrobot X4 if you are a heavy rider. It’ll just be a more pleasant and steady ride.

This electric scooter was created to elevate your city commute to a whole new level of convenience and safety. If you just need to travel small distances, you might want to consider a less expensive option.

If you’re looking for a quick and dependable way to commute to work, the X4 is the scooter for you. Its mobility and lightness will make you wonder how you ever got by without it.

Specification: NANROBOT X4 REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

20 MPH


25 miles

Charge Time

4-6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

25 miles


Front spring shock absorbers

Braking System

Rear drum brake system


Front pneumatic and Rear soldier rubber



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

34 lbs

Max Load



Front and rear LED lights

Product Material

High quality aluminium materials

Water Resistance

Extra features

Powerful battery life with a Short charging time

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  1. Michael

    Since he received it for Christmas, this scooter has held up well and works excellent.

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  2. Elliot

    it has true inflatable tyres, which I appreciate. There are no rattles and the ride is comfortable.

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  3. Grayson

    A lot of fun! It is quite robust and sturdy, and it coasts pretty far. The only criticism I have is that it can be challenging to push up a minor incline sometimes. I therefore rate it 5 out of 5.

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