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Nanrobot isn’t just a manufacturer of electric scooters; it’s also a producer of groundbreaking electric scooters. The organisation is driven by its commitment to the customer experience, and it has expended all of its resources to create a product that is as cost-effective, safe, and pleasurable as possible. Nanrobot has established itself as one of the most dependable manufacturers in the world, thanks to a keen eye for detail and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

Nanrobot is known for producing the most powerful electric scooters, capable of traversing any terrain, whether it’s a modern cityscape or off-road adventure. They’ve become a household brand for both urban commuters and off-road enthusiasts thanks to their outstanding design, enviable form factor, and cutting-edge technology. The Nanrobot scooters are made to be more energy efficient.

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Nanrobot LS7 Original Summary

Nanrobot is a top-tier scooter manufacturer known for producing high-quality vehicles with cutting-edge features. When it comes to electric scooters, people like to choose Nanrobot because of its reputation for dependability and usefulness. The durability of the scooter is ensured by its sturdy build and high-quality components. Each scooter is built in a cutting-edge facility, put through a battery of tests, and then sent out from Nanrobot’s distribution center. They are built to last and have cutting-edge design that makes them more comfortable to ride than competing scooters. You can tell that Nanrobot put a lot of thought into making the LS7 since it’s a really high-quality scooter.

The LS7 scooter stands out from the crowd because to its innovative approach to convenience and comfort, which is appreciated by both new and seasoned riders. The LS7 is both a reliable daily commuter and an exciting adventure vehicle thanks to its responsive front and rear rubber suspension, reliable hydraulic disc brakes, and powerful twin engines. It has a peak speed of 52 mph (84 km/h) and is powered by two 1800W max motors, which provide a tonne of torque. In addition, both the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes of the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter are quite effective. Riders may go anywhere they like and at whatever pace they choose, without ever having to worry about being stopped suddenly.

Larger 11-inch pneumatic tyres are a great design specification, delivering sufficient stability and traction on most terrain. The deck has a lot of height over obstructions thanks to the tyres. The scooter’s ride quality is improved by its front and rear rubber suspension systems, which dampen the effects of bumps on the road. In addition, riders may enjoy a more relaxed riding posture because to the deck’s ample size and the grip tape that lines it. Additionally, the handlebars include rubberized hand grips for a secure grip.

One of the heaviest and most powerful electric scooters available, this machine can carry a lot of weight. It may not fit in the trunk of most vehicles, despite the fact that it folds down at the stem. The Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter has an impressive lighting system that includes 4 front lights, brake lights, and a turn signal light for added security. The scooter has an IP54 rating, making it usable in moderate rain. It’s safe to park, too, thanks to the sturdy kickstand.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter, the best all-around scooter currently available.


Performance Overview

If you’re looking for a strong and exciting ride, go no further than the Nanrobot LS7. The electric scooter has two motors, each rated at 1800 watts, for a total impressive output of 3600 watts. Top speeds of 52 mph (84 km/h) are possible thanks to the scooter’s two motors, making it faster than all save the quickest electric scooters. It also has two different types of motor and three different speeds for riders to pick from. The scooter has been proven in real-world conditions to reach the top speeds claimed by the manufacturer. The scooter also has reliable hydraulic disc brakes, which are both effective and safe to use. The strong engine of the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter can get you up inclines of up to 65 degrees.

Top Speed & Acceleration

Whether you’re in the city or the wild outdoors, the Nanrobot LS7 scooter has you covered. It’s one of the quickest electric scooters available, with a top speed of 52 mph (84 km/h) thanks to its twin electric engine that puts out 1800 watts of power. Acceleration from zero to twenty-one miles per hour takes just three seconds.

In addition to these benefits, LS7 also offers three distinct settings that may be adjusted to meet the demands of both novice and expert riders. The turbo setting provides a maximum speed that is suitable only for expert riders. When the scooter is in Turbo mode, it is propelled by two motors instead of one. However, cyclists who are new to the sport or who just like a more relaxed pace may switch to Eco mode. Eco (energy-saving) mode reduces maximum speed by using just one of the motors, making the trip more relaxing.

The scooter also includes three gears that allow the rider to choose the pace at which they travel: L1 is for slow speeds, L2 for medium speeds, and L3 for fast speeds. The scooter also has a very sensitive index finger throttle that, with just a touch, produces surges of power for lightning-fast acceleration that’s both thrilling and gratifying.

The Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter was made for exploring, thanks to its two 1800w motors that can easily handle inclines of up to 65 degrees. The greatest grade ability depends on rider weight, battery life, and the track’s topography, thus the 65-degree incline is more of a theoretical maximum.

Controls & Display

The Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter’s broad, ergonomically designed handlebar is covered with plush rubberized grips, adding to the scooter’s sporty appearance. Like a standard bicycle, the brake levers are located on each side of the handlebars. When you pull on them, the brakes (both front and back) will engage. In the interest of safety, a key lock that doubles as a power shutoff has been installed (powering the scooter on and off).

It’s easy to navigate the scooter’s menus and controls don’t need you to take your hold off the handlebars thanks to the scooter’s basic design. The controls for switching between Turbo and Eco modes are conveniently placed next to the left grip, where a thumb click will not cause the user to lose control of the scooter.

By pressing the yellow button, you’ll enter Eco Mode, which uses just one motor to save power. Alternately, pressing the red button activates the Turbo Mode, which allows the scooter to employ motors for more power, particularly useful for traversing difficult terrain or ascending steep slopes. A quick-reacting accelerator lever is located on the right side, just where your index finger naturally rests.

The LCD screen is back lit completely, so it can be read in any lighting condition, even bright sunshine. Your remaining charge is shown on the battery meter, and the gear indication indicates what riding mode you are now using. And if you want to change how fast you’re going, you can do that, too, with a simple push of a button on the LCD screen that’s built into the electric scooter.

Battery Life & Range 

The 60V, 35Ah lithium-ion battery that powers the Nanrobot LS7 has a total capacity of 2100Wh. The battery can take you 62 miles (100 km) on the road without needing to be recharged. The terrain, weather, and rider’s weight are all factors, however. The high-capacity battery is the scooter’s focal point and likely its priciest component. It contributes significantly to the overall mass, as is the case with most batteries of comparable capacity. Although the considerable weight makes it less portable, it provides astounding stability.

Instead of a cheap, mass-produced lithium battery like those found in most scooters, this one has a special unit developed by LG Electronics, a dependable and well-respected electronics manufacturer. One other LS7 option from Nanrobot has a 60V 25 Ah rating. This reduces the range to 37 miles (60 km) on a single charge but is a more budget-friendly choice for purchasers.

Charging the battery by itself takes 8-12 hours, whereas combining two chargers cuts that time in half to 4-6 hours. The manufacturer only includes one charger with the bikes, so users will need to buy another one on their own.

Motor Configuration

The Nanrobot LS7 is an advanced electric scooter with a cutting-edge power train that allows it to go across various surfaces with ease. They each have two motors that put out 1800 watts, for a total of 3600 watts of power and lightning-fast acceleration. It is the ideal partner for your everyday commute and the occasional adventure, thanks to its amazingly raw speed of 52 mph and maximum rider weight of 330 pounds (150 kg).

Construction & Build Quality

The Nanrobot LS7 electric scooter is a high-powered machine built for speed. It looks sportier and is built more ruggedly than the standard electric scooter. The scooter’s tough, adaptable appearance is meant to convey an air of urban elegance. It has a tough-looking exterior that belies its refined inside circuitry.

The Nanrobot LS7 scooter’s sturdy construction from industrial-strength aluminium alloy ensures it will last for many years of use. The scooter was made with the rider’s comfort and security in mind. The ergonomically contoured and rubberized hand grips provide a firm, pleasant, and secure hold, and the curved form of the handlebars allows for a high degree of control. In addition, the position of the buttons and controls is thought out so as not to be a nuisance to the rider. The scooter’s stem has the same durable aluminium construction as the rest of the device. You can rely on the stem’s stability even while using it often.

With its very broad form, the deck ensures that your whole foot makes contact with the stepping plate, therefore enhancing stability and decreasing the likelihood of a slip. Plus, its high ground clearance makes it easy to drive over bumps on the course. There is a built-in footrest at the far back of the deck. Additionally, the front and rear fenders of the LS7 scooter are mounted higher than usual, preventing the tyres from clipping the fenders when off-roading. The scooter has a sturdy kickstand built into the side deck for convenient storage.


One of the most convenient and adaptable electric scooters is the Nanrobot LS7. Superior suspension quality provided by front and rear complete rubber suspension. It’s capable of smoothing out the track’s imperfections. There are a number of benefits to using rubber suspensions rather than spring suspensions, the most obvious being the reduction in vehicle weight. They are less expensive overall and have interchangeable cartridges that let the user to adjust the level of suspension firmness to suit their preferences. They are quieter than conventional coil suspensions thanks to the lack of clinking noises. To this day, only Dualtron and several up-and-coming companies use rubber for their suspension systems.


Ride Quality

When it comes to form and function, the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter is among the greatest options available. It has a large, sturdy deck, a strong frame, and a robust electric motor, all of which work together to provide unparalleled velocity, steadiness, and rider comfort on the road.

Large front and rear 11-inch pneumatic tyres provide a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. Off-road tyres may look cool, but they don’t provide the ideal riding experience on paved roads due to their reduced handling, increased noise level, and lack of grip in wet conditions.

The scooter has fully adjustable rubber suspension that can be adjusted in both the front and back. When travelling over rough terrain, the various shock absorbers soften the blow. Grip tape-lined deck expansion provides a strong and comfortable standing platform for riders.

In order to provide motorcyclists with a relaxed posture for their outstretched arms, the handlebars are curved. Further, the rubberized grips prevent the hands from slipping. The lack of shakiness in the stem makes for a comfortable ride.

The scooter includes enough lighting for safe riding, including lights that are both fashionable and functional for use at night. The scooter also has a horn for usage when necessary. When it comes to stopping quickly, riders may feel safe going at high speeds thanks to the model’s twin hydraulic braking system, which was also installed by Nanrobot.

In conclusion, Nanrobot’s electric scooter is unparalleled in its class.


The tyres of the Nanrobot LS7 are neither conventional solid tyres nor standard, flat rubber tyres. Instead, these bad boys are equipped with 11-inch pneumatic all-terrain tyres that can handle whatever terrain you throw at them. They’re 3.5 inches wide, too, so you won’t have to worry about losing your footing even if the going becomes difficult as you race to the finish. However, as is customary with knobby tyres on asphalt, the ride will be somewhat loud. Additionally, the handling and acceleration of a vehicle are impacted by these tyres, making them unsuitable for use on urban streets. Tires should be changed out for either standard, asphalt-optimized pneumatic or 50/50 adventure wheels.



The Nanrobot LS7’s strong brakes are up to the task of stopping it quickly and halting its rapid acceleration. It is equipped with a powerful and precise Nutt hydraulic braking system, both in the front and the back. The LS7’s high peak speed makes brakes that can bring it to a halt quickly and effectively an essential safety component. The brakes are also quite sensitive, so the rider must use them gently. Furthermore, they may be altered to suit the preferences of the rider. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) included in the brakes makes it possible to safely stop in an emergency, even on icy or wet surfaces.


The Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter is hefty despite its sleek design and reliable performance. The LS7 is one of the heaviest scooters in its price range, coming in at 90 pounds (40 kilograms). The batteries, dual suspension, two engines, huge tyres, and spacious deck all contribute to its heft. Better performance in several indicators is the clear cost to pay. It’s also worth noting that the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter isn’t the tiniest option out there. The LS7 has a folding mechanism, however its folded proportions could be too big to fit in the trunk of your vehicle.

Water Resistance

There is an IP54 rating for the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter. The result is that it is impervious to moisture and dirt. This way, you may face the elements with confidence and not worry about becoming soaked or dirty. You shouldn’t ride it over any puddles more than an inch deep, since it might short out its electrical parts.


Two LEDs are mounted to the Nanrobot LS7’s stem, and another pair are inserted in the fore deck. Turn signals allow the cyclist to let others know which way they’re going. To make you more apparent to oncoming traffic, there is a flashing red brake light on the back of the vehicle. There is no need for supplemental illumination while using this system since it is so effective at illuminating the rider’s route.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Fantastic technology characterises the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter. Its versatility in traversing varied terrains is one of its major qualities. The LS7 easily navigates any terrain, whether it a rocky path, uneven city streets, or smooth pavement. It also has enough speed and power to make lengthy rides enjoyable. The scooter is built sturdy and can support up to 330 pounds (150 kg). The Scooter’s sturdy pneumatic tyres, large capacity lithium-ion battery, durable aluminium frame, and waterproof IP54 certification are all great selling qualities. To be the finest performance scooter, LS7 need all of these attributes.

Nanrobot backs its products for six months against faulty components and construction. If the scooter breaks down or doesn’t perform as advertised, Nanrobot will replace it at no extra charge with a new one that’s functionally identical. The guarantee, however, applies only to the first buyer. You may purchase a one-year warranty extension for an extra $149 (or £108).

When you buy a Nanrobot, you have access to real-time messaging that serves as a point of contact for support before, during, and after the sale. Since a result, you get the finest possible help while making a purchase, as any questions or concerns you could have will be answered promptly.


The Nanrobot LS7 has a spacious and sturdy deck, making it suitable for standing on. Rather of reducing its nimbleness, this strengthens it. The scooter’s larger deck makes it easier to go around tight corners and other obstacles. The scooter is built to manage rough pavements and gravel roads, and its deck has a high clearance profile that makes it easy for users to avoid obstructions. The Nanrobot emblem is prominently displayed on the grip tape that runs down the center of the scooter’s deck plate. There are two USB connections on the side for charging.



Although regular servicing of your Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter is necessary, consider the cost savings over the long run to be money well spent. Maintenance and cleaning of a scooter is easy and quick to undertake. Consistent charging using the charger the battery’s manufacturer suggests is essential (smart lithium battery charger). Don’t use a secondary charger if you’ve plugged in a fast charger.

Always make sure the nuts and bolts are securely fastened and that the tyre pressure is correct before setting off on a ride. If the device is going to be stored for an extended period of time, it should also be cleaned thoroughly with a moist cloth and then dried.

Known Issues

The LS7 has a few problems that need attention.

  • Consumers have voiced concerns regarding the rear brake pad’s longevity.
  • A number of customers felt the brakes were too touchy.
  • Additionally, the suspension has been cited as squeaky.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Scooters like the Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter are great for getting about town, but they’re not always the most stylish mode of transportation. It has a number of characteristics that distinguish it apart from other vehicles in its class on the market today, such as a responsive suspension, a powerful lighting system, and the ability to traverse a wide range of terrains. In addition, the scooter’s high-capacity battery allows for a travel distance of up to 60 miles, so you can make the most of your trip (100 km). Because of this, you may travel farther without needing to locate a power outlet.

You may discover cheaper options that provide a nearly equal riding experience for about £1600/$2200. The Nanrobot D4 and D6 Plus are two smaller, less expensive alternatives to the LS7 that provide performance and riding quality that are on par with the LS7. To sum up, the LS7 is a terrific value with some small sacrifices if you’re set on the LS7 and your finances allow for it.

Specification: NANROBOT LS7 Review

Suitable For



1800W x 2

Max Speed

52 mph


37 miles

Charge Time


Single-Charge Mileage

62 miles


Braking System

Front and rear hydraulic brakes (Nutt)


11-inch pneumatic tires



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

90 lbs

Max Load

330 Lbs


Brake Light, Dual LED headlights, turn lights

Product Material

Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

fast and powerful

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