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The Nanrobot Lightning is the newest addition to Nanrobot’s excellent lineup of electric scooters.
This scooter is a bargain in terms of performance and dependability. The lightning may not be as powerful as its bigger brother, the D6+, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a force to be reckoned with.
This incredible urban commuter is both feature-rich and competitively priced in its class. Furthermore, its flawless construction allows for a variety of riding experiences on city streets as well as some off-road terrain.

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Nanrobot Lightning Summary

The Nanrobot Lighting is a quick and powerful electric scooter that won’t drain your bank account. It rivals its expensive replacement, the D6+, in terms of both form and function. The Lightning, like all Nanrobot’s other performing animals, was built to last. Their sturdy, corrosion-free, and weatherproof aluminium alloy frame bears witness to this.

The Lightning’s ability to navigate rough terrain is made possible by its trademark dual-motor technology, which provides 30 Nm+ of torque. The scooter also gives the rider the option of driving in either a single mode or a dual mode configuration. Dual mode is used for more challenging track conditions or for a quick acceleration, while single mode is used for pleasure cruises while conserving battery life. Nanrobot addressed the issue of the scooter’s increased weight due to the presence of two engines by using the lightweight aluminium alloy. The lightweight frame and simple folding mechanism of the scooter make it easy to transport, man oeuvre, and store.

The Lightning’s design is clean and uncluttered, making its simplicity and utility immediately apparent. The 8-inch-wide robust, puncture-proof tyres are very effective when racing over uneven terrain at high speeds. In addition to its aesthetic value, the back fender functions as a footrest for riders’ convenience. That scooter is a work of art, with safety as its primary focus. The handlebars are ingeniously rigged with all the necessary switches and levers to make riding a breeze. Lights, single/dual mode activation, turn signals, and horn are just some of the tasks that may be quickly accessed. The scooter has several safety and convenience features, and this is only one of them.

The Lightning has been described as a “hill killer” in several assessments, and this is an apt description. With its 1600W of power, turbo mode provides more than enough torque to climb severe inclines. Powering up to a top speed of 30 mph is within the reach of those who seek for adrenaline. This blistering speed is enough for negotiating some rough terrain. The outstanding 48V18A battery was designed to assure fast charge and good range, further adding to the power display.

The Lightning is equipped with two separate braking systems, thinking about both performance and security. Scooter riders can stop in an instant thanks to the combination of the scooter’s mechanical twin disc brakes up front and electric braking system (EBS) in the back. The scooter’s tiny but wide 8-inch front and rear solid tyres contribute to its stability and low center of gravity, both of which are important safety features. The wheels are made of high-quality wear-resistant rubber, making them indestructible and capable of traversing any terrain.

Although the scooter is categorized as inexpensive, its low price does not mean it skimps on quality. If you’re in the market for a scooter for your daily commute and want one that’s quick, sturdy, and easy on the eyes, this model is a great choice.


Performance Overview

When compared to other electric scooters in its pricing range, the Nanrobot Lightning is a clear winner. The twin motor that drives it is capable of producing 1600W of electricity on their own. Riders may choose between an environmental mode and a turbo mode. Eco-mode reduces power consumption to 800W, allowing for longer travel times. On the other hand, the scooter’s Turbo mode increases torque to the front and rear wheels, putting it into a higher gear and making it ideal for riders who want speed or who are traversing challenging terrain.

When compared with comparable scooters in its pricing range, the Lightning offers exceptional power and performance. The scooter has a top speed of 30Mph while in dual mode, which increases its off-road capability. The high speeds need a more dependable stopping system, which Nanrobot provided by installing a powerful dual braking mechanism (front and rear). Combined with the swing arms, the scooter’s twin C-type spring suspension provides unrivaled shock absorption and a pleasant and smooth bunny-hop over obstacles.

Though modest, the 8-inch solid tyres’ distinct pattern increases the vehicle’s ground grip significantly. The 48 V 18 A lithium battery that drives this model can go up to 25 kilometers nonstop. It excels in a variety of driving circumstances without sacrificing steadiness.

Top Speed & Acceleration

Nanrobot Lightning has a good peak speed of 30Mph and respectable acceleration. With the choice between Eco and Turbo settings, you may customise your driving experience to suit your mood or pace. When compared to other options in the same price range, its speed is exceptional, making it an excellent choice for those who value speed but have limited resources. However, additional factors, like driving mode, rider weight, weather, and terrain, might affect top speed.

Flat terrain, particularly in urban settings, can be navigated using Eco mode, but inclines and off-roading demand riders to switch to Turbo mode, which provides additional power. When travelling at speeds more than 15 mph, additional caution should be used on the Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter.

Battery Life & Range

The 25-mile maximum range of the Lightning scooter is thanks to its 48V18A Lithium battery. The battery was made in a way that ensures it can be charged efficiently and without risk. The battery has to be completely charged for 8-10 hours. It takes around 8 hours to fully charge the scooter, but users may save time by investing in a second charger and reducing that time to 4-5 hours. Also, Nanrobot included a barrel connection connector on the Lightning charger, which simplifies the process of plugging in the charger.

Lithium batteries, which can be charged quickly, are superior for use in e-scooters because of their increased stability. In keeping with the Lightning’s rigorous safety requirements, the battery system has been improved to prevent overheating and short circuits.

Motor Configuration

The front and rear wheels of the Nanrobot Lightning e-scooter each have a motor that has been verified as meeting CE standards. Together, they can produce 1600W. The Nanrobot electric scooter is a veritable powerhouse, with a staggeringly high wattage. Brush-less motors, because of their efficiency and low maintenance requirements, may be used for longer periods of time.

Powerful torque contributes to the e-efficiency, scooter’s and it can haul up to 280 pounds. Motors are driven by a 48W Lithium battery. Simply pressing on the throttle will start the motors.


Construction & Build Quality

The aluminium alloy used in the construction of the Nanrobot Lightning is suitable for use in aircraft. Extremely lightweight, it’s ideal for a foldable scooter. The aluminium used to construct the Lightning is very sturdy and resistant to the effects of both the elements and corrosion. The chassis of the machine is straightforwardly built, and the controls and waterproof LED display are cleverly placed on the grips. To ensure both beauty and safety, all electrical wiring has been discreetly routed within. The scooter’s sleek, uncluttered appearance and high-quality construction make it very desirable.

The scooter’s folding mechanism is simple, yet it does a good job of collapsing the frame so that it takes up little space when folded, making it convenient to transport, carry, and store. It folds up to a compact 115cm x 61cm x 51cm when not in use, yet expands to a massive 125cm x 61cm x 125cm when open. Its compact folded form facilitates storage in small, hard-to-access areas. Ahead, behind, and on the sides are all LED lights that are seamlessly built in. Greater visibility and security while riding are provided by the bright lights strategically positioned along the roadway.

The 8-inch tyres are thin, but their width makes up for their lack of depth, making them highly useful. As a result, riding the Lightning is quick and effortless. An further factor contributing to the comfortable ride is the twin C-type spring suspension. Front and rear fenders are already attached and fit securely, without any wiggle room. Protecting the wheels and the rider from getting wet when navigating puddles is the fenders’ primary function. In addition to being a reliable kickstand, it has this function.


When considering ride quality, suspension is the defining feature. Dual C-type suspensions are used in the Lightning to provide a pleasant and controlled ride. Suspensions with springs provide a smoother ride by absorbing less of the force from bumps and providing some resistance to shocks.

Steering stability and improved handling are two of the main benefits of a well-designed suspension system. The rider’s comfort is increased and road impacts are reduced. The Lightning’s electric scooter is equipped with a sophisticated suspension system that allows it to go over rough terrain and securely negotiate urban obstacles.

Ride Quality

The Lightning’s ride quality is unparalleled because to its excellent twin C type spring suspension, sturdy low tyres, and dual-drive mode. For better stability and control, the 8-inch wheels are narrow, lowering the scooter’s center of gravity. Lightning’s dual-suspension helps compensate for the fact that solid tyres cannot compare to the riding sensation provided by pneumatic tyres by reducing the shock impact.

A seat, available from Nanrobot for an additional fee, is a necessary attachment for increased comfort, particularly for lengthy trips. The buttons for switching modes and selecting gears are conveniently placed on the handlebar. The rider will find plenty of room on the deck, and the rear fender may be used as a footrest. The scooter has a lot of ground clearance, making it easy to ride over rough terrain without damaging the scooter’s deck.


The Nanrobot Lightning, which can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, requires a reliable braking system capable of bringing the scooter to a quick and safe halt when necessary without jarring the rider ahead. Electric Braking System and mechanical brakes work together to provide the Lightning unprecedented stopping power. Electric brakes are efficient and don’t need frequent adjustments, whereas disc brakes are dependable, have strong stopping force, and work in all weather situations.

You can stop the scooter with confidence regardless of how hard you squeeze or slam on the brakes since they won’t compromise the rider’s balance. Some riders have stated that they had to lean back on their Lightnings while using the brakes suddenly.


At 65 pounds, the Lightning is the lightest of Nanrobot’s scooters (29 kg). It’s not the lightest scooter available, but its relatively light frame still makes it surprisingly easy to carry about. As a result of its folding design, portability is not an issue. There’s a knob on the stem that you can quickly turn to open or close the folding mechanism.

The Lightning’s fender, which the stem clicks on when folded in half, is another convenient addition that aids in mobility. When folded, the scooter’s dimensions are a respectable 115 by 61 by 51 centimeters, making it not only portable but also simple to store.



The scooter’s LED light switches, which operate all of the scooter’s lights, are conveniently located on the handlebar. The fish-eye headlamp on the Lightning electric scooter is very bright and has a lighting profile that rivals any on the market. Additionally, two LED lights have been installed at the front of the deck; they work well to illuminate the area immediately in front of you at ground level.

All of the vehicle’s rear, braking, and directional lights are red LEDs. Bright enough to light a large area in front, the headlight is located up front. The turn and brake lights work together to increase safety by making the vehicle clearly visible to following vehicles. The ambient LED strips that run the length of the deck not only improve the scooter’s appearance, but also its visibility in low light.


The Lightning’s solid tyres are 8 inches wide yet have a low profile. Because of the unique form of the tread pattern, they provide a large contact patch and excellent grip. The tyres are durable and flat-free, making them perfect for use on rough terrain. The stability in urban environments is remarkable.

Wheels featuring a dual C-type suspension system improve ride comfort (though not on the same level as pneumatic tyres). Having a low center of gravity improves handling because of how low they ride.


For your feet’s comfort, the Lightning’s Deck includes a sturdy metal fender at the back. The length of its 115 cm deck is more than sufficient for the rider’s ease.

Longer trips on the Lightning may be made more comfortable by purchasing the Nanrobot’s seat accessory at an additional cost. An anti-slip substance is used for the surface, making it safer for riders.


Controls & Display

You can see your current speed, time, battery life, and power mode on the Nanrobot Lightning’s excellent LCD screen. Two buttons sit next to the screen’s LCD; one toggles the power setting, the other activates the screen. Just below these controls is where you’ll locate your brake lever. The accelerator lever is right here, too.

You may also charge your phone by plugging it into the USB port (if fitted to the handlebars with the correct mount). Single and dual motor drive, as well as the Eco and Turbo switches that adjust power output to the wheels, are all conveniently located on this side of the handlebar, within easy thumb reach.

Water Resistance

Since the Lightning lacks an ingress protection (IP) certification, riding it in heavy rain might compromise its performance. In any case, the scooter is water-resistant up to a point, so long as it isn’t completely submerged.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

In order to provide its riders with the finest possible experience, the Nanrobot Lightning is loaded with amenities. Uphill and slanted terrain are no match for the 1600W motors. The 48V18 A battery provides enough juice for an excellent 25-mile range, more than adequate for most daily trips. Even while travelling at its highest speed of 30 mph, the scooter is stopped quickly and safely because to its dependable dual braking system. The scooter’s portability benefits from its light construction and sophisticated folding mechanism. The Scooter’s many lights make it a safe mode of transportation at any time of day or night. Lightning, made by Nanrobot, is the best electric scooter you can get for the money.

If you have any queries or concerns, the kind folks at Nanrobot’s Customer Service are here to assist. Tires, horns, displays, braking discs, lights, and other delicate components are covered by Nanrobot’s 90-day guarantee. The battery and controllers are covered by an extended warranty of 180 days. This year-long protection extends to the framework. This deal holds water only if the destruction was brought about by forces of nature rather than deliberate acts of men.

Customers may purchase an additional year of service for the price of $149/£108. Misuse, improper maintenance, or modifications not made in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines are expressly excluded from coverage under the guarantee.


Similarly to other electric scooters, the Nanrobot Lightning will need some minimum upkeep. The user handbook provides clear instructions on how to perform the necessary maintenance. The battery has to be charged for the specified amount of time.

Maintenance and cleaning schedules should also be adhered to for optimum performance. Furthermore, after extensive use, the disc brakes should be changed out and the folding mechanism’s parts should be securely secured.

Known Issues

Vibration causes gradual wear and tear on the Lightning’s motors. Over 15 mph, the Lightning’s robust tyres make it seem unstable, and high-speed cornering is difficult. Because it lacks an IP classification, the scooter may not perform as well in very damp environments.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The judge has ruled in favour of Nanrobot Lightning.

This remarkable scooter lives up to its name in every way. The Nanrobot Lightning has all the features and benefits of more expensive scooters, yet it sells for a fraction of the price.

It almost seems too wonderful to be true, what with its huge battery, incredible peak speeds, strong twin motors, effective dual braking system, ambient lighting, sturdy construction, cutting-edge fixtures, and safety-centric design.

The Nanrobot Lightning is finally out, and it’s the perfect scooter for riders who want to save money without sacrificing quality.


Suitable For



800 W

Max Speed

30 Mph


20-25 miles

Charge Time

8-10 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

20 -25 miles


C-Type with front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorbers

Braking System

Dual disk brakes (front and rear) + an Electric Braking System


8″ Wide Wheel, solid puncture-proof tyres


48V 18A

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

65 lbs

Max Load

280 lbs


2 blue LED strips on the sides, 2x front LED lights for dusk and low light riding, Front headlight, red LED rear brake lights, turn indicators

Product Material

Aviation grade Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance

Extra features

Voltage Cut-off with Key Lock

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