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There are very few electric scooters that can even dream of competing with a peak speed of 40 mph and a range of 50 kilometres. It can be folded for simple storage and transportation in your car, and it even has a security alarm.

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NANROBOT D5+ features and performances of these two models are rather comparable. There are a few significant changes, notably in the given speed and range. The D5+ provides better speed and range performance as promised, however even this improvement is minimal. Both versions can reach high speeds of 38 and 40 mp/h thanks to their 1000W twin brushless motors, which are both silent and strong.

The D4+ and D5+ also include head, tail, and sidelights, which make it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see each other and the rider at night. The lightweight, strong, and long-lasting aluminium alloy frame can hold up to 150 kg (330 lbs). At the touch of a button, alternate between front, rear, and all-wheel drive.

As previously indicated, both versions are quite comparable, even sharing a hefty 31.7 kg weight (70 lbs). Although 31 kg is still quite light for many riders to haul, most scooters are typically around the 20kg range. Both types are quick and simple to fold, making them both ideal for travelling.

The pricing is likely the largest distinction between both versions, however even then it is only somewhat different, with the D5+ being slightly more expensive. One obvious distinction between the two is that the D5+ design appears to be much less bulky, coupled with what appear to be upgraded brake discs and sleeker suspension. Last but not least, Nanrobot offers a 180-day battery warranty on all official orders in addition to a 1 year warranty on both models.

NANROBOT D5+ Review4

Performance Overview:

China-based Over the past several years, NANROBOT has swiftly increased its selection of electric scooters, adding the D5+ to the mix. The D5+, which is marketed as an e-scooter for adults, checks off several prerequisites that buyers are more likely to value, including things like performance and comfort.
Additionally, the D5+ has a very attractive appearance compared to the majority of its competitors, but bear in mind that the price reflects all of these advantages. Continue reading as we examine the NANROBOT D5+ electric scooter in in detail to learn more about what it has to offer.

Speed & Acceleration:

The true test for a scooter is how it performs on an uphill because most scooters function well on level surfaces. The D5+ 2.0’s strong motor enables it to easily navigate any terrain, and at a 10% slope, the scooter can reach a peak speed of 16.4 mph. This scooter will not let you down if you reside in a hilly location! You can be confident that the power hub will work in most situations, however the speed will vary depending on the rider’s weight and the slope.

Battery & Range:

Under the footrest region of the NANROBOT D5+ is a sizable 52V, 26AH battery. It’s remarkable, isn’t it, that this battery can be fully charged in just 10 hours and has a 50-mile range on a single charge. The great range means that you may ride the scooter for a long distance and back without any danger of the battery running out mid-commute. Even if the batteries are fantastic, the range depends upon various external elements such the rider’s weight, the elevation and the type of route. However, the scooter delivers one of the finest battery life amongst its kind, and with a single overnight charge, you may comfortably ride it for at least a couple days!

Motor Configuration:

NANROBOT D5+ e-scooter has enough of it owing to a dual-drive arrangement that blends two wheel-mounted electric brushless gear motors rated at 1,000 watts each – so you get 2,000 watts altogether. That is, in fact, more than double the average motor power given by other e-scooters out there (approximately about 836 watts), so it really should come in useful if you want to accelerate quicker, carry more weight (maybe a bigger backpack/duffel bag), or just climb a steeper slope. Additionally, you have a choice of four driving modes: Eco, Turbo, Single, or Dual power.

Construction & Quality:

If you are familiar with the NANROBOT line of electric scooters, we won’t have to tell you about the exceptional durability of their offerings. The D5+ adopts the same quality-inspiring appearance without being overly cumbersome, due to the large wheels and the well recognised matte black aluminum-alloy frame. The goals of NANROBOT were clear: keep things straightforward, provide a user-friendly design, and avoid unnecessary complexity. It also works. As you will soon discover, the D5+ has a stylish appearance and the performance and comfort qualities to match the design.

NANROBOT D5+ Review2

Suspension & Comfort:

Although it is slightly more expensive, the latter does unquestionably have a sleeker design with modernised brake discs and suspension. In any case, keep in mind that these two high performance e-scooters aren’t intended for casual commuters.

Ride Quality:

A few essential elements are used by the NanRobot D5+ to aid stability and offer a safer ride. It features front wheel drive, front and rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes, as well as front and rear suspension. For the speeds you’ll be travelling at, the brakes are quite powerful and offer superb stopping power. The light is quite tiny, though.


It’s likely that when you get an electric scooter, you’ll use it both during the day and at night. An e-scooter must have working front and rear lights for this purpose, and the NANROBOT D5+ has made sure of this. To ensure that you are seen on the road at night, the scooter is fitted with front and rear lights, turn signals, and deck lights. The front light is bright and effective, but because it is situated near to the ground, it cannot illuminate a great distance in front of it. When riding at high speeds, the rear light primarily serves as a warning to any automobiles behind you and safeguards your safety.


For safety reasons, the NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 may run at very high speeds, making an excellent braking system essential. The D5braking +’s performance lives up to the hard effort put into it by NANROBOT. The e-scooter includes front and rear disc brakes that can be easily stopped in a matter of seconds and are controlled by levers on the handlebars. We discovered throughout our testing that the scooter has an impressive and far better braking distance than other scooters in this price category, measuring 11.6 feet while travelling at 15 mph. Dual electronic brakes are used in conjunction with the disc brakes, and the handlebar-mounted brake levers make it easy to operate both systems. One of the best things about the brakes is how fluid and smooth they feel. You won’t experience any unexpected jolts because the entire procedure is simple and well-designed.


The scooter may be used practically anywhere because of its two 10-inch tyres. Although the anti-slip function enables the scooter to be used on slick areas, the tyres are strong enough to be utilized on uneven terrain.

The ride on an electric scooter is always rough, and it’s simple to lose your balance if you accidently run over a pebble or other irregularity. NANROBOT has worked very hard to reduce this issue, and they have developed a superb dual suspension system to make your ride as comfortable as possible. Four shock absorbers make up the front suspension. They are flexible enough to smooth over minor bumps without making you feel them. For the finest riding experience, the rear suspension, which includes two shock absorbs, does all the heavy lifting and smooths out larger jerks and shocks.

NANROBOT D5+ Review5


The NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 has a roomy deck that measures 20″ by 9.5″ and is positioned 5″ from the ground. The scooter is more stable because to the wide floor, which also makes standing for long periods of time more pleasant. For the maximum experience, you may also, as was previously indicated, connect a seat to the deck. The built-in kick plate near the fender on the deck may be utilised to transport it from one area to another when the floor is folded and securely locked in place with the stem. If you have to carry the 70-pound scooter between public transportation stops, you will like this feature because it makes moving it around simpler.

The deck has a kickstand attached to it, making parking the boat a pleasure.

Alarm System:

Because NANROBOT takes security extremely seriously, the D5+ 2.0 is equipped with an integrated alarm system that can be managed by a wireless alarm controller. Use the key fob to start the scooter’s alarm and lock it when you’re ready to park it. After that, unless you turn off the alarm, even a small movement will sound the very loud alert. With this useful function, you may leave the scooter unattended with confidence.

Controls & Display:

Any scooter must have handlebars since they serve as the hub where all the functions are controlled. The handlebars of the D5+ fulfil this function admirably and were thoughtfully created. The engine button, the horn button, and the lever for the rear brakes are all on the left. The front brakes, the throttle, and an LCD are all located to the right of the LCD. The LCD offers a backlight for those late-night rides and high contrast for viewing throughout the day. The speed, battery, and other statistics are all properly shown on the screen. which gear the scooter is presently in. A button next to the display is used to operate the gears and turn on the LCD. There are two more buttons just below the screen. While the red button toggles between single and dual wheel drive, the yellow button flips the scooter between eco and turbo mode. Unlike some scooters, which put the light switch near the deck, the light switch on the handlebars is easily located and performs its purpose effectively since you can turn the lights while riding.

Water Resistance:

Since both versions have an IP53 waterproof rating, they provide a medium level of protection from dust and light water pressure. Even though water resistance is included, we don’t advise riding in storms or immersing your electric scooter for too long.


Both the Nanrobot D4+ and D5+ were created with portability in mind. They also include a rapid folding mechanism that makes it possible to quickly fold and unfold your e-scooter. You can see your current speed and battery level on the LCD display on the handlebar. The gear change and accelerator are conveniently next to this display.

NANROBOT D5+ Review1


If you are seeking for an ultra-fast scooter with outstanding battery life, the NANROBOT D5+ 2.0 may be the answer to your callings. You would be hard-pressed to find a scooter with identical features in the same price bracket, but this well-designed one boasts a sky-high peak speed coupled with an outstanding range. The scooter folds and unfolds quickly and is simple to store in tight locations. The alarm system is the icing on the cake and helps to safeguard your investment at all times. I hope my review has given you some information to help you decide if you’re looking for a dependable scooter!


All official purchases come with a 180-day guarantee and a 2-year anticipated battery life. There is no official estimate from Nanrobot on the anticipated duration of the entire ride.


In the rapidly-growing industry of nanotechnology and robotics, maintenance has become an increasingly important factor. With the advent of ever-more intricate machines and devices, it is crucial to have reliable and consistent upkeep in order to maintain their functionality and extend their lifespan. One such machine that requires regular maintenance is the NANROBOT D5.

The NANROBOT D5 is a highly sophisticated device that has many applications in both personal and professional settings. In order to ensure that this machine continues to function at its best, it is important to perform periodic maintenance on it. This includes cleaning the internal parts of the device as well as checking for any damage or wear and tear.

If damage is found, it should be repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent further deterioration.

Specification: NANROBOT D5+ Review



Suitable For



2 X 1000

Max Speed

34-40 MPH


40-50 MILES

Charge Time

10-12 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

40 miles


Dual spring suspension

Braking System

Front and Rear Disc Brakes


10 Inches Pneumatic tires


26Ah 52V

Hill Climbing

Scooter Weight


Max Load

330 lb


LED headlight

Product Material

Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Front, rear & all wheel drive – Switch at the push of the button

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