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Finally, it’s here. The NAMI Burn-e (also known as the “Viper”) is the ultra-performance scooter of the future. The Viper is a venomous, multipurpose scooter that justly justifies its hefty $4,499 price tag thanks to its wind-whipping speeds of up to 60 mph and a range of 100 miles on a single charge. The Viper isn’t happy to only equal the market’s best models; it outperforms them, offering comparable volcanic levels of acceleration as Dualtron’s industry-leading series of scooters. The Viper has a superior design than its direct rivals and a feature package that is unmatched in the electric scooter sector. You definitely get what you pay for with a variety of riding modes, a set of specially created Sine Wave controllers, and the possibility to personalise.

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Being the new child on the block, the BURN-E is drawing a lot of attention. It’s unusual to see a brand-new manufacturer release a scooter that performs better than almost every other scooter on the market. However, the record-breaking performance of the BURN-E might not even be NAMI’s greatest accomplishment. Even after all of the performance testing is finished, we continue to ride the BURN-E because of its superb riding quality rather than its performance.

When riding the fastest, most hill-crushing, and longest-range scooter ESG has ever tested, you can unwind and even start to lose track of your surroundings even in X-mode (maximum performance mode). Although it breaks 13 out of 16 ESG performance records, its performance is so amazingly strong that it virtually becomes the only factor that matters.

The BURN-E is the first scooter produced by NAMI, a business started by Michael Sha, a former renegade Kaabo salesman who is now a scooter designer. It was created from scratch, like all great scooters, and has a startling amount of unique, never-before-seen parts, like a hand-welded tubular frame, a spin-down stem clasp, and an exquisite display. Only on this scooter will you find anything like the kickstand.

The incredible ride/build quality, as well as the peculiarities and controversy surrounding this riding versatility virtuoso, are all discussed in this article.


Performance Overview:

Although NAMI Burn-E electric scooters excel in every area, peak performance gave them the worldwide recognition they now have. Nami is the industry standard for efficiency and robustness since it corrects all the shortcomings and mistakes of other ultra-performance motorised machines in Burn-E. The scooter’s dual brushless 1500W motors produce 3000W of output power and 8400W of peak power, which is sufficient to propel it to a top speed of 60 mph. The vehicle can give a desirable maximum range of up to 100 miles because to its sizable 72V 35Ah battery.

Are you concerned about its capacity to climb hills? It will be able to easily climb incline slopes of up to 35 degrees thanks to the engine and battery combination. Electric scooter enthusiasts know how difficult it is to find scooters with such gradient-gobbling capabilities.

Burn-e offers the smoothest and most pleasant ride ever thanks to its ultra-wide, sturdy tyres and two hydraulic shock absorbers on each wheel. Riders can travel anywhere in comfort and style thanks to the combination of the suspension and tyres.

You anticipate dependable braking power from the NAMI Burn-E as befits an ultra-performance scooter of its calibre. Without a doubt, the Viper electric scooter actually outperforms expectations in this area. The scooter can be brought to a stop with the slightest pressure thanks to its precise and well calibrated rear NUTT hydraulic disc brakes and built-in electronic brakes.

Burn-E also has a high-tech dashboard that makes operating and controlling the vehicle simple. Its cutting-edge displays also let you examine, manage, and customise a variety of settings. Regular elements like speed, battery life, and distance are included, as well as complex information like cruise control, ride modes, and acceleration control.

Speed & Acceleration:

The BURN-E is faster off the line than even the Wolf King. In fact, the BURN-E set records for the best acceleration in each of our categories, and more crucially, it does it without giving the impression that you are about to lose control.

Although BURN-E is the fastest scooter we have ever tested from 0 to 94.7 km/h, it isn’t the fastest overall.

With a top speed of 95.6 km/h, the Wolf King maintains its title as the fastest scooter we have ever tested. This is because sine drive controllers can offer somewhat more power at the very high end than King’s square wave motor controllers can.

Hill Climbing:

The BURN-E defeated our 10-percent gradient test hill like it wasn’t even there, shattering our previous record by half a second.

We chose to test it against San Francisco’s hardest hill, which is so steep that cars are only permitted to travel in the downward direction. The BURN-E easily ascended the slope, reaching a top speed of 35.3 km/h on the 31.5 percent incline. It even caught air when it reached the top.


Tubeless 27.9 cm by 8.9 cm CST-branded road tyres, which are also typically found on the Wolf Warrior or Wolf King, are included with the BURN-E as standard equipment. Other tyres, apparently of comparable quality, have recently been substituted due to supply chain concerns, although we haven’t personally tried them yet.

Less prone to pinch flats than tubed tyres, tubeless tyres provide a greater road feel, and they work much better with tyre sealants like tyre slime or Armor-Dilloz. Since split rims cannot be used because they are not air tight without a tube, using tubeless tyres has the main drawback of making tyre replacements more complicated.


Battery & Range:

The BURN-E surprised us during the range test when it broke ESG’s long-standing all-time range record and then continued for 5 km more. Normally, you wouldn’t expect to find a scooter that is both very quick and has a very good range. On our test loop, the BURN-E completed 85.8 km of city riding in the maximum possible performance setting.

The BURN-E has the biggest battery of any scooter we’ve ever examined, but that’s not the only noteworthy feature. Its sine wave motor controllers’ innate efficiency and smooth throttle control are partly responsible for its remarkable range.

Compared to the Wolf King, which had traditional square wave motor controllers and a rather abrupt throttle, the BURN-E produced a range per watt-hour that was 28% greater.

Unusual for a scooter, the BURN-E automatically enters Eco mode and is restricted to a top speed of 27 km/h when the charge falls below 30% while in use. However, this can be changed, just like all the other options on the BURN-E.

We set P13 to 0 percent to retain full power to the very end of the range test, consistent with our prior range testing. We advise setting P13 to 10 percent and the Eco mode speed cap to 20 mph for everyday riding. This provides the rider with a >8 km warning that the end is near, and the higher speed has the advantage of making the switch into Eco mode less sudden.

Motor Configuration:

Burn-e has massive 15000w motors that produce a huge 3000W output power and 8400W peak power in addition to the battery. The brakes’ connection to the two motors is the nicest feature. When activated, they shut off the scooter’s motor and quickly stop it.

The scooter also has Eco, Drive, and Sport modes that, in addition to letting you enjoy the speeds you are most comfortable with, help maintain and improve the performance of the motors.

Construction & Quality:

The majority of the controversy surrounding the BURN-E stems from some shipping damage issues with the first batch sold to the US, but overall, build quality is excellent.

Although not quite as quick to fold as scooters like the Apollo Phantom, the novel stem latch is sturdy and simple to operate. The BURN-visual E’s attractiveness is centred on its carbon fibre stem, which also improves the ride-feel of the scooter.

The Ninebot Max comes to mind as an example of a scooter that is overly stiff, whereas the BURN-stem E’s flexes just so. It offers just enough give to prevent hand strain whether pulling yourself on board while using the throttle or holding on over speed bumps.

The Nutt hydraulic brakes’ brake pads are also of the highest quality and feature metal cooling fins to help them dissipate heat during furious riding. An excellent feature for a large, powerful scooter. The Wolf King’s brake rotors, which are 3mm thick, would be ideal since they would be better at resisting warping or bending under impact and the added mass would lower peak brake temperatures.

We had been looking forward to riding a scooter with adjustable hydraulic suspension ever since we first learned about the BURN-E. The suspension met expectations. The shocks might use a bit more dampening, though, so the adjusters wouldn’t need to be set at 15.5 out of 16 clicks. The shocks’ length of 165 mm makes them quite normal for mountain bikes, so those wishing to upgrade may find several aftermarket options. However, the BURN-1800 E’s lb/inch spring is more than twice as strong as the usual mountain bike spring rate, so keep that in mind when looking for aftermarket shocks.

The BURN-E is the only vehicle with a hand-welded tubular aluminium exoskeleton. Michael Sha claims that although the frame is a little overbuilt, it shows during intense riding, which aids in the rider’s feet feeling firmly planted. Internal cross elements in the shape of an x reinforce the tubes themselves.

The scooter can be fully charged with the two provided 2.8 A chargers in just 6 hours, despite having the

largest battery of any scooter we’ve tested. To put that into perspective, it has exactly four times the amps of the Dualtron Storm’s default charger.

Although the BURN-E has an incredibly high water resistance rating (IP55), the real test will be after the first full winter of riding. Water always manages to amaze us in some manner. However, based on the scooter’s design, we have high hopes for its water resistance.

The sides of the charging ports are the only readily noticeable weak points. Simple sealing of them is possible with some black silicone. Although the fenders don’t appear to offer the finest protection for the rider, they performed admirably in our conventional fender test.

We were relieved to find a motorcycle-grade side stand on the BURN-E after being let down by a couple extremely well-made scooters with flimsy side supports. While pushing the scooter does have the potential to catch the rider’s ankle, it is not nearly as dangerous as the Wolf Warrior and Wolf King side stands.

The loudest horn we’ve ever tested, at 118 dB, is another motorcycle-like feature. It is positioned in an exposed area, but so does the horn on my motorcycle, and it continues to function well after 64,400 kilometres.

There are several positive aspects to this scooter’s design. So what is there to dislike? We’d like to see the following things changed:

  • less dead space while using the throttle
  • Stronger steering stops are needed to prevent bending or breaking.
  • more effective power port backside sealing
  • Adjustable headlight that may be made without tools
  • To lessen the chance of damage when folding the scooter, the brake cord might be a little longer.

The manner the scooter is shipped is one aspect of quality that has already been improved. Some units, including ours, that were shipped to the United States experienced shipping problems, which ranged from bent rotors to bent stem locks that prevented the stem from engaging. Currently, pallets with straps are used to carry U.S. units, which has almost prevented shipping damage.

Suspension & Comfort:

The Burn-E features the finest suspension available in the market. The Viper offers the smoothest ride ever thanks to a pair of 165mm hydraulic coil-shocks that are fully adjustable. The 11-inch tyres and hydraulic shocks work nicely together to allow you glide and cruise in comfort on any road condition. The shock absorbers can be adjusted, so you may choose the degree of dampening you desire and enjoy more comfort and control.

Burn-E was undoubtedly created with rider comfort in mind, that much is certain. More importantly, it’s one of the best off-road mini-vehicles available because of how much customization and suspension configuration it allows riders to do!

Ride Quality:

Control is essential to power. The ability to wield a horrifying amount of power in an almost casual manner is what makes the BURN-E so unique.

The fact that the throttles on the fastest scooters feel like they are on a hair trigger and that the slightest input at the throttle causes the scooter to jolt forward is one of the most prevalent complaints about them.

It’s simple to ride the BURN-E gently and leisurely or recklessly without changing performance settings.

It’s absolutely not ideal that there is a dead zone at the start of the throttle. The dead area is eliminated, though, if you secure your thumb on the housing and rock it toward the throttle. Another benefit of anchoring is that you can manage the throttle with three times as much precision as if you were to keep your thumb free while pressing the throttle.

together with the gradual, smooth throttle. This powerful scooter is simple to control to perform exactly what you want it to do thanks to the adjustable hydraulic suspension and big deck.

The suspension felt excellent right out of the box, but we did find that the steering might waver uncomfortably if we increased the pace and then reduced the gas. We made the decision to apply certain traditional motorcycle roadracing set up techniques in order to increase the high speed stability.

The first step was to reduce the steering angle, which increases trail and strengthens the front end. To do this, we changed the preload on the front spring by two full turns while removing one full turn from the preload on the rear spring.

We moved on to damping after we had increased the steering angle. Since the shocks are under-damped when they are supplied, road imperfections might cause the scooter to oscillate. We were able to settle the suspension and improve the way the tyres tracked the pavement by adjusting the damping at both ends to 15.5 out of 16 clicks.

In order to create a broader, more blunt contact patch and decrease the steering, we reduced tyre pressure from 50 psi to 45 psi front and rear. When we were finished, we discovered that bikers carrying

roughly 74 kg no longer experienced any wobble. A bigger preload adjustment would be preferable for larger riders. Ideally, there should be three turns in front and one turn behind. The workaround for larger riders would be to take one more turn out of the rear spring because NAMI advises against exceeding +2 turns of preload.

Given the power they can produce, the sine drive motor controllers in the BURN-E produce a ride that is remarkably quiet. The smooth beast scooter’s power-touring riding style is unquestionably enhanced by this.


You’ll want to aim it perfectly because the output is narrow from top to bottom and very wide from side to side. When directing it, you should also carry your tools since if you simply grasp the headlamp and move it by hand, the mounting nuts will get loose and you’ll soon have a downward-pointing headlight within a few miles. The headlamp will however stay in place after being retightened using an Allen wrench.

Beautiful swag lights along the deck of the BURN-E transform into magnificent sequential turn signals when your right thumb is used to engage the turn signal controls that are wrapped in rubber.

But if you could see the signs from the back of the scooter, they would be considerably more stunning. As it is set up, only the brake/tail lights and not the turn signal are visible from behind, and even the brake lights are partially obscured by the rear wheel and fender.

Honking the horn when the turn signals are on will turn them from sequential to all-on, which is another highly odd behaviour of the BURN-E. We’re not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intentional.


It equals the Wolf King’s 3.1 m and is just 0.1 m short of the Inokim OXO’s ESG record. The suspension performs a remarkable job of keeping the scooter planted, even when switching from heavy throttle to hard braking, and the brake levers have terrific feel and feedback.

The default setting for the regenerative brake intensity in each of the scooter’s five performance modes is 1, with 5 being the strongest. At intensity level 1, the regen braking is barely perceptible but yet seems effective. By setting it to 0, regenerative braking can be further lowered, but it turns out that regen cannot be completely turned off.


By removing the brake light switches on a racetrack, regenerative braking might be completely eliminated. This method also turns off the brake lights, therefore we don’t advise using it for street riding.


One area where the BURN-E falls short is portability.

With folded measurements of 64 cm wide by 135 cm long and 64 cm tall, it just won’t fit in the trunk of most cars.

Additionally, we do not advise it for everyday trips that involve more than three flights of stairs. Nevertheless, while being just slightly heavier than the Wolf Warrior or Wolf King, it is much simpler to pick up and move around.

It appears that picking up the BURN-E correctly is crucial. If you raise while putting your forward hand close to the steering head bearings, there could be a pinch point. Your fingers will get caught between the upper part of the swingarm and the neck of the frame when the front end pivots.

The handlebars don’t fold, the stem doesn’t clamp down, and the BURN-E is heavier than it appears, tipping the scales at 46 kg, so keep that in mind when evaluating its suitability for everyday use and transportation.



This deck is amazing, never-ending, and gave rise to a totally new perspective.

The deck initially appears to be nothing more than two strips of pre-made grip tape adhered to a matte-black aluminium plate in the style of an extended stop sign. However, everything made sense once the ride began. It certainly helps to have a sturdy place to stand when you press the throttle and feel the

entire ground being pushed backward beneath you. For front-to-back balance, you can spread your feet as widely apart as you like on the spacious deck.

How did it motivate a new perspective? Usually, when I ride, my feet form a “L” shape with the left foot serving as the foundation and the right foot pointing forward at 12 o’clock. The BURN-E deck’s design encouraged me to cant my forward foot so that it points at 11 o’clock, thereby doubling the width of my footprint and considerably enhancing side-to-side stability.

Although they are situated on an angled aluminium plate, the charging ports are just out of reach of being trodden on when riding and are placed just forward of the front foot. Hard to harm but simple to connect in.

Controls & Display:

The dashboard of the NAMI Burn-E is among the most advanced and feature-rich. Despite being a little bit shorter, the handlebars have a moulded form and flexible rubber grips for easy latching even over extended distances.

The scooter’s speed, battery level, range, and other statistics are all displayed on a water-resistant LCD that is located close to the middle of the T-bar. You can also change the regenerative brakes’ intensity, switch between ride modes, and access a number of other crucial settings.

A hand-operated brake lever is located on each side of the handlebars. The buttons for the headlight, turn signal, and motorcycle-grade horn are to the right. On/off and mode buttons are located on the left.


Water Resistance:

Unexpectedly, the NAMI Burn-E has two water resistance ratings. The modern display and controllers have an IP56 rating for water resistance, while the rest have an IP55 rating. As a result, you can ride through light showers without worrying that its parts will be harmed.


Burn-E is a reliable and secure e-scooter to ride thanks to its cutting-edge, IP56-rated display, wide deck, extra-built frame, sturdy motor, and powerful brakes.


When you purchase from a distributor connected to NAMI, you will receive a 12-month limited warranty and have 15 days to ask for a refund. Both labour and manufacturer’s problems are covered by the guarantee.

NAMI is renowned for providing reliable post-purchase service across a variety of channels. Using the information on the website, email, or social media platforms, you can phone or text them.

Known Issues:

Considering how new the Burn-E electric scooter is, very few people have had the chance to ride it. But according to the handful who have reported it, it doesn’t travel the predicted 100 miles. The brakes and suspension were also misconfigured during shipping, which is another problem.


If you want to keep your Viper in peak condition, follow these basic guidelines as you would with any other electric scooter. Prior to storing the scooter, make sure the battery is fully charged. Periodically service the scooter’s moving parts. Finally, examine the condition of any exposed cables for damage, check the tyre pressure before departing, and regularly tighten loose screws and nuts.


NAMI Burn-E: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

Burn-pricing E’s is rather unsettling, but its cutting-edge features and specs rapidly make up for it. The Viper is the real deal with a blistering speed of 60 mph, an outstanding range of 100 miles, above-average ride quality, and reliable safety measures.

This scooter is not meant for novices due to its high speed. This electric scooter is ideal for you if you frequently go on off-road adventures despite living in a city.

Specification: NAMI BURN-E Review



Suitable For



3000 W

Max Speed

97 kmh


145 km

Charge Time

6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

145 km


hydraulic coil-shock

Braking System

Disc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)


27.9 cm Pneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)


2520 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

46 kg

Max Load

150 kg


Front + Rear

Product Material

Aviation-grade aluminium and carbon fibre

Water Resistance

IP56 for the display and IP55 for the other parts

Extra features

Horn, LED strips

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