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Xiaomi is a fast-growing smartphone brand in the UK, but the Chinese electronics business now sells everything from tablets to fidget cubes.
Xiaomi’s line of electronic scooters is particularly interesting. aTheir folding kick scooters are well-built and have remarkable battery life and electric motor technology, with overall performance and an electric range that many more established competitors fail to match at the same price point.

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Xiaomi M365 Summary

The Xiaomi M365 Pro, also known as the Mejia Pro, had a lot to live up to when it debuted on the market as the successor to the most well-known entry-level scooter in the world. Could Xiaomi truly outperform their award-winning design, which is renowned for meeting all of a rider’s fundamental needs?

Whatever minor adjustments could be done, such as expanding the deck’s size, having a more complex display, and enhancing its general functionality, were made. In our tests, the M365 Pro has a fantastic range of 40.4 kilometers, which is over 16 kilometers greater than its predecessor. With a faster 0 to 24 km/h acceleration time of 5.3 seconds, the more potent motor outperformed the M365 and the ever-popular Segway Ninebot Max by a whole second. A comfortable thumb throttle, a reliable folding mechanism that prevents wobble, a sturdy yet lightweight frame, air-filled tyres to cushion the ride, and an efficient dual braking system with a front regenerative brake and a rear disc brake are all features that already made the M365 a standout in its category. These features are also present on the Pro. The Pro now offers all the information riders need and does so at a reasonable price thanks to an improved display.

Given that you’re getting a longer deck, better display, and nearly double the range, the 2 kg difference between the Xiaomi Pro and M365 is considerable when you realize that it equates to a 16% increase in weight. However, the weight and cost are worthwhile trade-offs. The Xiaomi Pro is the best option available in terms of range per pound and acceleration per dollar.

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It has a good launch for its size and motor capacity, reaching 24 km/h from a complete stop in under 5.3 seconds. Comparatively quicker than the Xiaomi M365 (base).

The M365 Pro is a kick-to-start scooter, like many other entry-level scooters, which means you must physically kick-push it up to at least 3 km/h before you can use the throttle. Some entry-level scooters include a zero-start setting that causes the throttle to activate when you touch it.

The start types allow less experienced riders to ease into acceleration since they must first accelerate the scooter to speed before they can use the throttle, while the zero start provides riders the control to quickly leave a complete stop. The scooter won’t swerve away from you if you mistakenly touch the throttle thanks to the kick-to-start function.

Hill Climb

The TurboAnt X7 Pro, Segway Ninebot Max, Gotrax G4, the original M365, and quite a few other entry-level scooters can all climb hills better than the M365 Pro. With a 74 kilogram rider, the Pro can climb our normal 60 m, 10% average grade incline in 15.6 seconds according to ESG certification. It continued to go at an average speed of 14.0 km/h, which is a little bit quicker than the Segway Ninebot Max (which is 5 kgs heavier with a slightly larger battery).

The Pro is still a better hill climber than every scooter priced under $600 after more than a year of evaluating competing models. The more potent Fluid FreeRide Horizon electric scooter, which is just esg unit 0.2 mph quicker uphill, is also close by. The Pro will slow down on particularly steep climbs, but you’ll have adequate power to climb most hills.

Top Speed

The Xiaomi Pro is limited to a peak speed of 25.8 km/h, however a firmware hack is purported to unlock the Pro to a greater top speed of 32 km/h.

Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review3


A 300 watt lithium-ion battery gives the Xiaomi Pro an amazing ESG certified range of 40.4 kilometers.

The M365 Pro boasts the most range per pound of any scooter we’ve tested to far, while weighing only 14 kg.

On the same urban route, which has several stops, hills, and uneven terrain, we conduct all range tests at the scooter’s highest performance setting. The journey is intended to mimic a quick, real-world metropolitan commute.


A front mechanical disc brake and a rear mechanical disc brake make up the scooter’s dual braking system. A single brake lever connects and manages both brakes. The Xiaomi Pro performed well in our braking test, coming to a complete stop from 24 km/h in only 4.6 m.

Brake activation is seamless even though it is cable-controlled thanks to well-planned, attractively arranged cables. Through the Bluetooth-enabled app, the regenerative brake’s intensity may be changed. Remember that the regent braking force is strong at the highest setting.

Ride Quality

The combination of the Xiaomi Pro’s moderate weight, pneumatic tyres, and geometry makes it a maneuverable scooter.

On the Pro’s wide tyres, carving comes naturally. They adapt to the road better than solid tyres and offer sufficient size and traction to keep you comfortably in control. The deck has been extended by 1.5 inches and shrunk by 0.2 inches. Although it may not seem like much, the Pro’s deck width gives the M365 an additional 12.5 square inches of standing space.

The handlebars are the same width as the M365’s, but they are 1.4 inches taller. The ride may not be significantly improved by this very little adjustment, but it makes sure the handlebars latch to the fender (which is now a little further away).

Despite lacking an integrated suspension, it has a respectable ride quality because to the huge 21.6 cm pneumatic tyres. The tyres absorb a large portion of the harsh road vibrations when travelling on pavement, especially in difficult sections. You will clearly feel any significant potholes or stairs, but the Pro’s tyres will help lessen the impact. You should probably look at scooters with specialized suspensions or at least larger tyres if you frequently ride on particularly bad roads.


The Xiaomi Pro folds into a small 112 cm long by 43 cm broad by 48 cm box, only 5 cm longer than the M365, and weighs in at 14 kg. It can be folded down but does not have folding handlebars (as do most electric scooters that we encounter).

Both the M365 and Pro have the same folding mechanism, which has caused problems for some riders by allowing for stem flex under forward push. It includes a lever that secures the stem into place, and a rotating safety collar adds further security.

The collar stops the lever from being pushed unintentionally while you’re riding. It has a decent design, but it’s not nearly as reliable as the Segway Ninebot Max’s similarly constructed mechanism. A little more commuter-friendly than the swing arm collar-style folding mechanisms featured on the majority of high performance scooters, the mechanism is fast to release and lock into position.

For simple transporting, the stem latches to the back fender when folded. Folding on the Pro feels fairly natural, although some of these systems require some skill to get the latch on the handlebars to line up with the hook on the fender.

The Pro is generally portable, but it isn’t nearly as small as an ultra portable (it would need to have folding handlebars).

Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review5


The Xiaomi Pro cockpit resembles the Xiaomi M365 extremely closely, however it offers many more functions. The LED dashboard, a pleasant update that displays information such as your speed, battery level, and riding mode, is centered on the stem. The vivid display panel will also let you know if Bluetooth is active and whether the lights are on.

You can access rider features like regenerative braking and display units by using the Xiaomi or other third-party mobile applications in addition to changing modes, turning lights on and off, and turning on and off the power with only one button (metric or imperial).

Three riding modes—eco, standard, and sport—limit the highest speed of the Pro to 14 km/h, 19 km/h, and 26 km/h, respectively. Each riding mode is shown on the screen by a little letter beneath your speedometer. The adaptive back lighting of the screen, which dims when the surrounding light becomes darker, is a good feature. This function prevents the display from making you dizzy while riding at night.

The Xiaomi Pro’s cockpit is clear and uncluttered, and the hand grips are rounded and textured, giving them a high-quality rubber feel. The mechanical bell and brake lever are located on the left handlebar. The folding hook also serves as the bell’s hammer—what a clever idea! The rubberized thumb throttle is the only control on the right handlebar.

Although its features might not appear to be high-end, it is important to note that the throttle and brake levers both feel high-quality and robust. The metal brake lever’s mechanical operation is precise. Because there isn’t much clutter on the handlebars, you have room to add your own extras. The lever is broad and comfortable to hold with your fingertips.

The Xiaomi Pro is Bluetooth-capable and can be associated with the Xiaomi Home app or any of the several third-party smartphone applications. There are less reasons to use the app now that the Pro’s improved display offers more information; but, it does offer information on the health of the scooter and lets you customize the regenerative braking intensity.


The Pro sports a rear taillight that activates while braking and a handlebar-height LED headlamp. The high-mounted headlight is a useful feature that casts light farther in front, making it easier for you to see and for other people to see you.

You will need extra, better illumination, especially if you want to ride at night, because neither light is extremely bright. We advise using these really bright lights.

Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review6


The Pro features two pneumatic (air-filled) inner tubes that measure 21.6 by 5 cm each. In comparison to solid tyres, which do not flex to the road, supple rubber performs best in wet circumstances while the air helps to cushion your ride.Despite the fact that solid tyres cannot go flat, air-filled tyres offer a considerably more pleasant ride. While testing the Pro, we experienced a flat, although most flats can be avoided or fixed using tyre slime.


The rubberized surface is of a nice size and has nubs all over it to improve traction. Although it is 5 cm longer than the M365, the deck size is about normal for a beginner scooter. The charging port is covered by a magnetic rubber cover and is located on the front left corner of the deck. That is a great, small improvement over the M365, which lacked a magnetic port cover.

Build Quality

The high-performance beast scooters we adore reviewing are built on a smaller scale, which results in quality variances, but the Pro is bulk produced and gains from efficient production. It has a water resistance IP rating of IP54 and appears to be properly sealed, so it may withstand water splashes (be aware that water damage is not covered by the guarantee, though).

The package, quality, fit & finish, and overall assembly are all outstanding. Parts that feel tightly put together and mechanical that move easily reflect this. All materials seem harmonious together, and surfaces are neatly polished.

However, compared to the hand-assembled beast scooters, it seems less long-lasting and is composed of lighter materials than other scooters. For instance, a defective metal tab in the folding mechanism that would fracture on previous models from frequent folding has caused problems for a lot of riders. Although it has been fixed in more recent versions, this problem is a sign of scooters with lighter construction.

The Xiaomi Pro is a fantastic deal for its capabilities and seems sturdy, robust, and well-made, but it might not be able to resist years of misuse.

Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review7

Xiaomi M365 Pro: Review Conclusions

Due to its incredible value in terms of both range per pound and acceleration per dollar, the Xiaomi M365 Pro stands out among scooters. The Pro is like flying economy plus compared to all the other entry-level alternatives available. Even while it seems like you’re receiving more, you’re not really sure.

It has a fairly plain appearance, a straightforward display, simple controls, and an entry-level pricing, but keep in mind that it is the larger brother of the scooter that is well-known across the world and is a significant upgrade over the original. The Pro is a clear improvement over the M365 and outperforms the majority of other entry-level scooters on the market because to its greater battery capacity, longer range, and improved ability to climb hills.


Specification: Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review



Suitable For




Max Speed




Charge Time

8-9 hours

Single-Charge Mileage



Braking System

Electrical braking and physical braking


8.5 inch front and rear tires


474Wh lithium battery

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight


Max Load

100 kg


Brake Light

Product Material


Water Resistance


Extra features

Mobile Tracking

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  1. Ryder

    I bought this scooter primarily to use in my fields for tasks like checking fence lines and other errands, but also for fun. It has exceeded my expectations and been quite helpful. I

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  2. Kingston

    I adore using the scooter to get around. This low-mid grade scooter is reliable and reasonably priced.

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  3. Damian

    I bought this scooter so I could use it for my daily commute of about two miles to and from work.

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    Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review
    Mi Electric Scooter Pro Review


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