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First and foremost, the Mercane WideWheel Pro is designed for Mercane scooter fans, especially those looking to upgrade from the previous WideWheel.
With nearly everything on the WideWheel Pro getting a makeover, this scooter could be a compelling alternative for anyone looking for a powerful electric scooter with a long range and high speed.
I would also recommend the scooter to anyone looking for a fast, powerful scooter that provides both comfort and performance.
Because of the superb build, the WideWheel Pro’s performance matches its longevity, making it ideal for people looking for a long-lasting and tough alternative.

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The original Apollo Mercane Widewheel was an instant hit when it was released in 2018. It stood out from the throng because to its unique blend of dual suspension, thick foam-filled tyres, and remarkable specifications.

With that stated, issues arose. There were construction flaws that resulted in a strange combination of stiffness and handlebar wobbling, a restricted interface, and an alarming amount of reports of metal fatigue, all of which caused the customer legitimate anxiety.

The Widewheel Pro, which will be released in 2020 by Apollo, will address these challenges head-on. There’s been a lot of attention to detail and an emphasis on making a durable and secure electric scooter with incredible acceleration and peak speed.

The Mercane Widewheel Pro is a fantastic addition to the Apollo scooter line, offering a smooth riding experience with top-of-the-line features, elegant appearance, and impressive peak speeds. It might be the ideal addition for an experienced rider wanting to add some excitement to their weekends or commute, with costs starting at approximately (around $1,010).


Performance Overview:

Mercane offers two models of the Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020, each with a different price tag: one with twin 500w motors and one with a single 500w motor. The dual motor electric scooter is up for assessment.

The Pro comes with a slew of unique features that set it different from its predecessors. Many of these adjustments have been concentrated on the scooter’s structure and power.

Adaptations to the original mechanics, dual suspension, and electric motor improve stability and maximum speed, enhancing the whole riding experience.

Dual modes for differing performance needs, as well as a new LCD display management system, are among the new features. The scooter’s acceleration and range have been improved, resulting in shorter rides and better battery life (due to a new battery pack), while the braking system has been fully overhauled, with an extra rear disc brake and brake lever.

This makes riding a blast, allowing you to reach peak speed rapidly and maintain acceleration even while climbing hills. The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro has extra-wide, airless tyres (to prevent flats) and provides a stable ride on the road, albeit it struggles in rainy conditions. When combined with the strong dual suspension, the result is truly exceptional, providing a smooth ride with no jarring interruption as long as you stay on the highways. It’s thin, but not light, and while the handlebars and stem fold, you could struggle to carry it due to the weight, limiting its portability. We also discovered that it isn’t particularly adaptable. Though it performs well on the road and at high speeds, the tyre grip and handling are lacking.

Speed & Acceleration:

The Mercane Widewheel Pro’s acceleration is where the fun begins, with two hub motors and a max power of 1000kw.

In compared to other electric scooters, the Pro takes a fraction of the time to achieve top speed, averaging 8.5 seconds in performance testing, making it a fun ride.

The power and peak speed may take some getting accustomed to for a more casual rider, but the build’s stability and security can be felt throughout. Maintaining speed is simple, and riding it is always pleasurable.

This makes the Pro a good alternative for customers who want enough speed for an exciting ride but don’t want to risk white-knuckling their way to work.

Hill Climbing:

If the Pro’s remarkable peak speed, acceleration, and two motors weren’t enough to convince you, it also handles hills well. We found handling inclines and hills to be very straightforward, despite the official Apollo website claiming a hill climb inclination of ‘up to 30 degrees.’ When many other e-scooters might struggle, the Pro handles superbly, without sacrificing substantial speed or stability.

When rising, the acceleration maintains near peak speed (averaging 21 mph / 33 km/h in performance testing), allowing you to reach your destination without excessive hardship (to you or the scooter)

Battery & Range:

The Pro has a 720 watt lithium-ion battery, which is a 12 percent increase over the previous model’s battery capacity. This is a significant battery pack update that increases the range of the wide wheel pro to a peak performance of 31 miles (50 km) with a tested average of 19.3 miles (31.1 km) – a significant improvement over the original Mercane Widewheel’s range. Apollo says that the 2 amp/hour battery charger can fully charge the Widewheel Pro in 4-6 hours. During testing, the average charge time to full capacity was found to be roughly 8 hours. When you consider that many scooters with half the range take the same amount of time to charge, you can see how quick it is.

Ride Quality:

Dual spring suspensions and polyurethane-filled airless tyres are included on the WideWheel Pro. It offers superb ride quality on calm roads and is a really enjoyable and exhilarating scooter to ride.

The peculiar impression of floating is created by the ultra-wide 10-centimeter tyres. Turning on the scooter takes some getting accustomed to, and the Pro isn’t very agile. The wide tyres give good stability and tracking, so you won’t have to worry about a tyre being stuck in cracks or seams in the road, causing a mishap.

The twin spring suspension, on the other hand, is quite rigid. It will reduce road vibrations and take the sting out of large bumps. However, on bad roads, the ride may be extremely unpleasant.

Finally, it’s important to note that the WideWheel isn’t an off-road scooter. Though some owners may utilise it for that purpose, we don’t believe it has the suspension or frame to withstand the punishment that comes with off-road riding or jumping.


On this scooter, the battery pack is built in and cannot be removed.

Single-Charge Battery Life:

The claimed range is 22-30 miles (35–48 kilometres), although the typical range in the actual world is 18 miles (29 km)

Safety Precautions:

It is advised that you charge your scooter completely when you first acquire it, as with all lithium scooter batteries. Overcharging the Mercane Wide Wheel PROs battery is not a good idea. If you’re going to store something for a long period, keep the battery between 60% and 80% charged. Do not store at 100 percent for lengthy periods of time.

Construction & Quality:

The Pro has been updated by Apollo scooters, particularly with the construction in mind. This means that the major distinctions between the original model and this new competitor are mostly structural.

With a frame built of a novel metal composite and strengthened alloy elements in the locking mechanism, stem, and fork, the scooter is significantly more robust than its predecessors (a welcome relief).

This combination results in a construction with a comforting solidity and weight. Even at high speeds, it feels stable, and it withstands the weather without any uncomfortable wobbles or stiffness to throw you off.

You might be concerned about the deck’s capacity because its unfurled dimensions are on the smaller side. The deck is tiny at 5 inches, yet it has enough space to accommodate riders.

It’s worth mentioning that the Pro can only accommodate riders weighing up to 100 kg (220 lbs). This is unexpected given the motor power, as it doesn’t quite match the typical weight restriction of comparable high-end electric scooters.

The Mercane Widewheel Pro has an IP rating of 54 on top of the framework. This grade, which measures an electric scooter’s water resistance, suggests that while light rain won’t harm it, you shouldn’t ride it in a deluge.


The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is a dark metallic grey colour with a highly durable metallic type finish. The colour and style are simple, with ruby red brake callipers that contrast. Mercane Scooters are all the same colour and style, with a light matt finish that gives the broad wheel a modern and uncomplicated appearance.


The deck has an use able standing width of only 13 cm, making it one of the slimmest scooters on the market. However, the length is adequate and enables for a variety of riding postures.

Suspension & Comfort:

While the Pro’s bigger tyres absorb a lot of the impact from riding, they still require strong suspension to provide a smooth ride. Fortunately, the scooter’s twin spring front and rear suspension operate admirably.

Even at maximum acceleration, the mix of tyres and suspension ensures a stable road experience.

It’s worth mentioning that the suspension may be somewhat firm. On smooth roads or walkways, this assures good tracking, but it can make any rough terrain challenging. Another reason why the Pro is better suited to weekend outings and commuting rides rather than off-roading.



The Mercane Broad Wheel Pro has a single handlebar-mounted light that is brilliant, but because of the light’s height, dissipation at ground level means the beam pattern is wide and not highly focused, rendering it ineffective in the dark. For nighttime riding, most users will wish to install their own LED lights.

LED lights are installed in the front and back of the Widewheel Pro: a headlight is put at the top of the stem, and an LED tail light is mounted at the back of the deck.

Both work well, with the headlight producing a good amount of light over a distance of around 4 meters. We discovered that while this is ideal for local distances, it fails to account for a larger viewpoint.

This is especially important if you want to drive in the dark. We recommend using an extra, brighter LED headlight, as well as wearing bright colours, reflective outer clothing, and minimizing your night trips where feasible, to guarantee that you can securely utilize your electric scooter in the dark.


The Widewheel Pro is a superb example of the effort for better scooter safety, featuring 120 mm mechanical disc brakes in the front and twin electronic brakes in the back. The brakes work exceptionally effectively, with an average braking distance of 12 feet (3.5 metres) from peak speed. This is a significant improvement over the original Mercane Widewheel, which had only one disc brake and a slower response time. The one criticism we have is the Widewheel Pro’s controversial design decision to place the brake cables outside of the stem, which leaves them subject to snags if you’re not cautious. The brakes’ performance is unaffected, and while it’s a minor issue, it’s worth noting.


As previously stated, the tyres and suspension have had a significant influence on the Mercane Widewheel Pro’s handling – even at full power and at high speeds. With a low center of gravity to assist self-stabilize and keep you level, it’s one of the best-balanced scooters you can buy. Riding it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There isn’t another electric scooter that gives you the same sense of weightlessness. Unfortunately, what you gain in ride quality comes at the expense of fast turning abilities. When approaching a turn, you’ll need to slow down and be extra cautious. If it’s raining or you’re planning a journey on a busy road, bring an umbrella.This is something you’ll have to think about. The throttle is controlled with a plastic push thumb control that is conveniently located between the brake levers, eliminating any hand strain caused by reaching for the controls. The throttle response on the scooter, on the other hand, can be a little juddery. Because of the Mercane Widewheel Pro’s great power, smoothly accelerating with the throttle takes some expertise. The brakes are handled by two brake levers mounted to the stem, similar to regular bike brakes. They’re simple to use, even at high speeds, and they react swiftly to pressure, allowing the scooter to accomplish its amazing braking distance. If you appreciate swift stopping abilities on an e scooter (and who doesn’t? ), you’d be interested in this model.


The Wide Wheel Pro was designed with mobility and ease in mind, but it was not the primary goal. With foldable handlebars and stem, the scooter is completely portable. The stem’s design is optimised for both folded and unfolded stability, with a locking mechanism to keep it in place. This makes folding a little more difficult, especially when avoiding the brake lines, but it’s worth it for the added ease while transporting. When folded, the Pro’s dimensions are 109-cm x 23-cm x 41-cm, which makes it smaller than others on the market. This, however, does nothing to alleviate the weight.The Pro is a big machine. It’s not tough to lift and carry at 24 kg (52 lbs), but it’s certainly not the most convenient for long journeys. While it would fit in most automobiles, if you’re searching for a commuting e-scooter (particularly if your workplace doesn’t have a lift…), it’s absolutely something to consider.


In comparison to prior Dualtron models, the Storm’s side-stand has been redesigned to provide a more secure fit. You may also change the height at any time. This is ideal for riders who frequently share their scooters with others or who want to alternate between higher and lower trips.


These aren’t your typical electric scooter tyres, believe us! The Pro is equipped with Mercane’s signature hefty, polyurethane-filled tyres. They provide a smooth ride with a 20 cm diameter and 10 cm width tyre, and the foam composite makes them almost puncture-proof. They add to a completely different riding experience. You feel significantly less bumps in the road than on any other e-scooter, and you feel as though you’re gliding through the streets. It’s a very pleasurable mode of transportation and a major selling factor for clients. These tyres were included on previous generations of the Mercane Widewheel by Apollo Scooters, and they have proven to be quite popular in the electric scooter industry.

These are, without a doubt, the greatest tyres of their kind on the market. They’re a unique feature for an electric scooter because they require little (if any) maintenance and assist to stabilise the overall riding experience. These robust tyres were designed for faster road use and provide a firm grip even at top speeds. However, you will have a disadvantage in terms of cornering ease and off-roading capability as a result of this. The Widewheel Pro’s flexibility is limited by the smooth tyre grip, which struggles on different terrain and can be slippery in the wet.

Controls & Display:

The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro controller is an Intelligent Brushless Motor Controller with a maximum voltage of 48V and a minimum voltage of 40V, with a maximum current of 15A and an EABS braking level.

The Widewheel Pro controls are located at the top of the stem, between the handlebars. While the Apollo scooter manufacturer has kept the Mercane Widewheel 2019 model’s slightly finicky push thumb throttle, the Pro contains some amazing new features. The control system is a significant increase over prior years, with an additional brake lever, illuminated LCD, and even updated grips.

The redesigned grips are a hit with us. They’ve been created with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind, so you can steer comfortably without wearing out your hands or needing to use extra grip tape.

The LCD screen is the brains of the controls, providing you with plenty of information to ensure you’re on top of your game and can effortlessly attain peak speed.

The following are some of the highlights of the display list:

  • The current rate
  • Mileage
  • Battery life left
  • Voltage
  • Cruise control is a feature that allows you to drive
  • Choose your gear.

You may also control the scooter’s power mode from here. You may choose between the high-performance ‘Sport’ mode and the battery-saving ‘Eco’ option. Both have their time and place, but it’s convenient to have both at your fingertips.

The LCD display is quite user-friendly and simple enough to operate while riding without being distracting.


On the controller position, there is no aesthetic data.


The controller is hidden in the deck’s foreground.

Heat Management:

To maximise heat dissipation, the controller is housed in an aluminium housing. To dissipate heat, the controller is fitted to the inside portion of the Mercane Wide Wheels frame. In normal operation, the controllers on the wide wheel pro are generally dependable and do not emit excessive heat.


Given the price range, the Mercane Widewheel Pro surely offers the polished optics you’d expect.
The design of electric scooters is frequently criticised, yet the Pro is both eye-catching and stylish.

The scooter has a dark-polish finish and an aluminium frame with a distinct folding mechanism. The body is streamlined, giving it a notably elegant appearance, thanks to the honed dimensions.

Regardless, the design is dependent on the tyres. The broad, solid tyres are designed for endurance and comfort, and they offer a striking style that attracts attention. They have a visual impression and are a key element, for better or ill (depending on who you ask).


The Mercane Widewheel Pro is an excellent illustration of how far e-scooter design and performance have come. The characteristics have been carefully considered, and they make a significant difference to the rider. It has a lot more going for it than simply its exhilarating speed, thanks to its other features. It’s actually enjoyable and simple to ride, without compromising stability, and the increased range allows you greater flexibility in your travels. It’s a big step up over the prior Mercane Widewheel models, but it’s not quite there yet.The usage of the Pro is more ideal for an easy commute or weekend vacation than tough, everyday wear and tear since it lacks the adaptability of readily taking it off road or needing to consider the rain. Some people may need a more universal e-scooter with better manoeuvrability, less weight, and more features. The Widewheel Pro, on the other hand, is a fantastic addition to the market for those of us who desire a fast and pleasurable ride with plenty of power and solid features.


Suitable For



500 W

Max Speed



45 km

Charge Time

4-6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

22-30 miles


Dual front and rear swingarm suspension

Braking System

Cable Driven Brake Callipers (Mechanical Brakes) with Brake Discs (Not Hydraulic)


ultra-wide 20cm by 13cm tyres


720 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

54 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


Handlebar Mounted LED Light, Rear LED Tail light

Product Material

Aluminum with folding mechanism

Water Resistance

Extra features

Compact Design


4.0 out of 5
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    amazing e-scooter riding experience

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    This scooter is awesome!

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    I enjoy using this scooter, and it folds up simply to put at my desk when I go by train. I would suggest this scooter to anyone because it is simple to use and enjoyable to ride, and it is affordable.

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