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Levy electric scooters are made to the highest quality standards. Their design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing procedures have all been fine-tuned over time, resulting in the world’s most durable and reliable electric scooters. Its inexpensive scooters go above and beyond what other companies have done in the area, providing dependable transportation choices for city inhabitants looking for efficient and affordable travel with little environmental impact.
For the past few years, the company has been developing unique designs, the most current of which is the Levy Plus. This high-end electric scooter has been meticulously constructed with long-lasting batteries and a precisely tuned motor system. It’s a safe and convenient way to move around town, and the scooter offers unbeatable value.

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LEVY Plus Summary

Levy electric scooters are manufactured to the highest standard of quality. Their design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing processes have been well-perfected over time, making them the most robust and most reliable electric scooters in the world. Its affordable range of scooters go above and beyond what other companies have done in the category, offering reliable transport solutions for city dwellers who want efficient and affordable travel with minimal impact on the environment.

The company has been creating innovative designs for the past few years, the most recent one being the Levy Plus. This premium quality electric scooter is painstakingly engineered with durable batteries and a finely tuned motor system. It is a reliable way to get around the city, and the scooter delivers unmatched value. The Levy Plus is a brand-new breed of electric scooter and a definite step-up from its competitors.

The Levy Plus features a solid aviation-grade aluminum frame. It also has an integrated high mounted front headlight and rear taillights that allow the scooter to travel safely in low light situations. High-quality components ensure that the Levy Plus runs smoothly and quietly, giving you a smooth ride wherever you need it. Additionally, the Levy Plus has a 350W motor that reaches a maximum speed of 18 mph (30 km/h). It also has a range of 20 miles (32 km), so you can take it on the road and get to that distant job interview on time or beat rush hour traffic with ease.

The Levy Plus is light, convenient, and robust enough to haul heavy loads on city terrain with ease. It can support an incredible max weight of 220 lbs (100Kg) without breaking a sweat. Additionally, the robust motor allows this electric scooter to climb hills and inclines of between 5-15 degrees without any difficulty, giving you a greater degree of control and freedom. Furthermore, with an incredible instant power output of 700W, the motor allows the scooter to ascend hills without losing too much power.

This electric scooter is the perfect solution for those who wish to ride fast but still wish to monitor their speed closely. Its ability to reach max speeds of up to 18 mph (29 km/h) and its effective triple braking system comprising a front e-brake, rear disc brake system, and a back fender brake make it an excellent fit for heavy-traffic urban areas. It is also equipped with large 10-inch pneumatic knobby tyres capable of handling even the most juddering conditions. The scooter is available in a matte black base color combined with either grey, green, or red accents, each providing a unique appearance for the power cable and throttle controller.

Whether you need to get around your city or commute through heavy traffic, the Levy Plus electric scooter is the right fit for you. Priced at around £500/ $700, the scooter is an incredible steal. Read on to find out what makes Levy Plus one of the most elegant, portable electric scooters on the market.


Performance Overview

The levy scooter has the highest level of technology and performance engineered into one of the lightest and finest scooters available today. It is designed to be the perfect mobility tool for both shorter and longer distances. The 350W front motor allows it to reach max speeds of 18 mph (29 km/h). Further, it accelerates from 0 mph to 15 mph in about 6 seconds. The scooter is more than capable of tackling inclines with ease: it can even handle 5 to 10-degree slopes, making it perfect for the hilly cities.

The scooter’s triple braking system is fully integrated with safety in mind and will stop the electronic scooter quickly and efficiently. Real-world tests show that the scooter goes from 15 mph to a complete halt with a braking distance of fewer than 7 meters. The high-performance removable battery powers the scooter to an extended range of up to 20 miles (32 km) on a single full charge, which is, of course, dependent on the rider weight, terrain, and of course,

Top Speed & Acceleration

With a peak speed cap of 18 mph (29 km/h) and three speed settings (beginner, eco, and sport), the Levy scooter is ideal for city use. With the flip of a switch, the Levy Plus gives you the option to change your speed from a relaxing and enjoyable ride to a heart-pounding excitement.

The Levy Plus is a fantastic choice for both novice riders trying to travel about town and seasoned cruisers looking for excitement thanks to its incredible acceleration. When the P1 option is changed while holding down the menu and power buttons simultaneously, the e-integrated scooter’s cruise control function is activated (cruise control). This enables increased safety and more accurate speed control. In other words, you can bike without worrying that you’re violating the law. The rider is also alerted by a sound when the cruise control activates.

Although this scooter was designed for urban usage and is not the best choice for off-road travel, it has a remarkable capacity to climb hills. Real-world studies have shown that it can handle inclination ranges of 5 to 15 degrees. However, take notice that the rider’s weight and level of charge affect the theoretical maximum gradient.

Controls & Display

With a stylish LCD screen integrated into the handlebar’s centre for a better user experience, Levy has given the scooter’s cockpit a sleek and sophisticated twist. There are a few controls on the tidy handlebar. The thumb-activated throttle, which also incorporates the mode and switch buttons, is on the right. The brake lever, which controls the electronic brake and the disc brake on the rear wheel, is on the left. The little integrated bell is conveniently situated next to the brake lever for anytime you need to signal other drivers of your presence. Even in bright sunshine, the rider can easily see the LCD display’s well-lit information, which includes crucial details like speed, mode, a fault metre, gear position, unit of display, and battery level.

  • The actions carried out by holding down the menu buttons are listed below.
  • The scooter may be turned on or off by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.
  • The three speed settings may be switched between with a single function key press. The gear position is not shown by any indication in novice mode. On Eco mode, gear characters become white. The equipment will be identified by red characters while in sports mode.
  • Headlights are activated by rapidly pressing the function button twice (tail lights are always on). The scooter lights switch off when the rider double-taps the function button with both lights on.
  • The same speed must be maintained for six seconds to engage cruise control. Engage the brakes or accelerate further to turn off cruise control.

Battery Life & Range 

A 36 V, 12.8 aH, 460 Wh lithium-ion detachable battery is a feature of the Levy scooter. You may change the special battery, and it charges in under 3 hours. With this kind of battery, you may easily change the batteries to extend the range of your mobility equipment. The best power backup is having spare batteries, particularly when travelling over longer distances since no one wants to be left with a dead battery mid-trip.

Levy ensures that the batteries are as dependable and effective since the battery cells are obtained from Panasonic, a famous tech firm. The battery provides an astounding 20 miles of range, however the single charge range is weather, rider weight, and terrain dependent. Levy Plus stands out from many other electric scooters on the market because to its distinctive appearance. Riders can quickly replace out the battery packs because to the scooter’s stem-mounted battery. An anti-fire battery enclosure further protects the battery from possible hazards.

Motor Configuration

The front hub motor, rated at 350 watts and protected by a tough hub housing, propels the scooter forward. The in-hub motor is protected from the weather in order to promote durability and long-term usage.

Construction & Build Quality

The Levy Plus is a technical wonder that will satisfy even the pickiest riders. With a gorgeously designed handlebar, an integrated digital LCD monitor, a frame that is simple to fold, substantial 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and built-in two-way illumination. The bells and whistles you might anticipate from a top-of-the-line scooter model are all there in this electric scooter.

The Levy Plus’s clean, simple finish is its most noticeable design feature. The internally routed cables and the classy matte black frame combine to create an immediately appealing electric scooter. The Levy Plus scooter’s lightweight frame offers the perfect balance of toughness, adaptability, and portability. Because of its lightweight design and folding mechanism, which together increase portability, the building material of choice is aviation-grade aluminum.

The rubberized grips on the ergonomic handlebars provide a comfortable grip and lessen hand strain, making them ideal for lengthy commuting or brisk outings. Additionally, it has a distinctive and roomy deck that provides plenty of space for riders to sit back or take turns comfortably. Rubber that is sticky has been applied to the deck to prevent foot slipping while riding. Along with a wonderful look, it also offers the board a great feel. Additionally, the deck is equipped with a sturdy kickstand to make parking simple.


The Levy Plus lacks a suspension system since it is designed to roll over urban surfaces. However, you receive some measure of protection from cracks and potholes with the sturdy 10-inch pneumatic tyres.

Ride Quality

Other electric scooters can only dream of the form and function that the Levy Plus embodies. The scooter doesn’t have a suspension system, but its 10-inch pneumatic tyres, which are very adept at absorbing shocks and bumps, more than make up for the lack of comfort. The scooter has an extra-large deck in order to further address its lack of off-road capabilities and guarantee the rider’s security and comfort. The deck is equipped with textured grip rubber for a secure ride and has enough clearance to enable smooth gliding over obstacles. This model’s front hub motor is strong yet quiet, allowing you to travel without bothering your neighbors. For added safety while riding in poor light, the scooter has a bell and a two-way lighting system.


A front regenerative electronic brake, a rear disc brake system, and a rear fender brake are all included in the Levy electric scooter’s clever triple braking system, which together provide unmatched control. The ideal balance of power, control, and elegance can be found in this electric scooter. It is clever because it provides you with incredible stopping power in a single rapid motion to operate both the electronic brake and the disc brake with a single lever. You may obtain either strong braking strength for emergency stops or gradual braking that slows down your riding depending on how hard you pull on the lever. The rear fender brake is activated by a downward press on the fender. Notably, regenerative braking will enhance your range a tiny bit since it turns braking energy into battery power.



One of the lightest scooters available is the Levy electric scooter Plus, which weighs just 30 lbs.1 (3.6 kg), which is much less than the weight of most other scooters. This makes it ideal for travelling by rail or vehicle, but it also means that you may bring it to work every day without any problems. The scooter also has a simple folding mechanism that makes it simple for users to fold and transport the scooter. Its simple construction makes it simple to transport and store, and its small size makes it the ideal travel companion. Additionally, the handlebars may be detached for greater storage flexibility.

Water Resistance

The Levy Plus is protected from water jets coming from every angle thanks to its IP54 classification. As a consequence, it can tolerate light mist or even short, light rains without any problems. While the scooter can withstand humidity, extreme temperatures, and water splashes, it shouldn’t be left immersed for an extended amount of time in small puddles or bodies of water.


For improved visibility, the Levy Plus scooter has a 2-way lighting system. It has a single red LED tail light and a single red LED headlight up front. To provide enough lighting, the front headlight is incorporated into the handlebar’s top section. In order to give brilliant, even illumination for your nighttime rides, the front headlight is also integrated into the top of the handlebar.


With a little amount of off-roading capabilities, the Levy Plus scooter allows you the flexibility to explore paved neighborhoods. The 10-inch pneumatic gripping tyres have the ability to absorb vibration before it reaches the rider’s feet, allowing you to navigate urban terrain that is full of cracks and potholes. However, as these pneumatic tyres are prone to punctures, they will need some maintenance in contrast to the Levy, which has never-flat tubeless tyres.



The Levy Plus’s large deck, which is designed for comfort and stability, offers enough of space for leg motions. The deck’s standing area is 6 x 1 8 inches. Riders are kept from being flung off when the scooter accelerates thanks to the rubberized grip on the deck, which holds the rider’s feet in place. Additionally, the deck is built with a low center of gravity and 11.5 cm of ground clearance, making it ideal for curb jumping. The deck-to-handlebar distance, which is ideally suited to the ideal riding height of the typical rider, is little under 100.6 cm.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

A cutting-edge electric scooter with the greatest degree of performance and enjoyment is called the Levy Plus. It is visually striking, sleek, quiet, and well tested. However, it is not what makes it the greatest; rather, its robust design and performance-focused specifications make it an absolute delight to use. Large 10′′ pneumatic tyres on it are designed to absorb shock and make commuting safer and more enjoyable. One of the few electric scooters with a replaceable battery system is this one. It also has a fantastic triple braking system with strong stopping ability. Replacement components are conveniently available on the official website and at authorized dealer stores in the event of damage.

A 6-month limited warranty that exclusively addresses manufacturing flaws is included with this electric scooter. This does not, however, cover damage brought on by careless handling or by normal wear and tear. In order to file a warranty claim with Levy, you only need to fill out a form on their website, describe the problem, and wait for a customer service agent to get in touch with you. A one-year extended warranty may be purchased for extra at checkout or within 30 days, and original customers have a 14-day return policy. The professional and accommodating customer care staff in New York is on hand and open seven days a week to respond to client questions and concerns.


The Levy Plus, like any other electric scooter, needs some care and maintenance to keep it operating properly. This may be accomplished by routine service and repairs as needed.

Check it for cracks, loose nuts and bolts, dents, and other defects before using it.

  • Make care to clean and dry it often. To stop rust, WD40 may be sprayed on joints, brakes, and rear wheels.
  • If possible, replace worn-out components to avoid difficulties.
  • You’ll get a longer battery life if you charge the battery according to the instructions.
  • It’s vital to remember that the scooter shouldn’t be charged if the temperature in the storage area is below zero.
  • The pneumatic tyres need more care since they are vulnerable to punctures.

Known Issues

It has the following problems, as mentioned:

Certain commuters who were bigger than average stated that hauling an overweight rider caused the engine and battery to overheat, leading to some electrical issues that later impaired performance.
A delay in throttle response has been noted by users, and it seems to affect riders of all weights.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Levy Plus Electric Scooter is an amazing entry-level scooter that is both distinctive and effective. It features a strong 350w motor that operates perfectly in the majority of riding circumstances. It includes three pre-set speeds and a cruise control option that let you pick your preferred riding speeds. Additionally, it provides a harmony of use, fashion, and sports performance created for urban usage.

It would be difficult to find a scooter anyplace that offers greater value for the money than the Levy Plus, particularly if you have a limited budget. Buyers should be aware that for £500/$700, they will have to forgo features like two motors, a companion app, and shock absorbers, which are usual in this price range. Overall, the scooter is dependable, safe, and provides both inexperienced and expert riders with a respectable performance. Therefore, the final cost is a bargain!

Specification: LEVY PLUS REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

18 MPH


20 miles

Charge Time

3.5 Hours

Single-Charge Mileage

25 miles


Braking System

and a rear fender brake, Front e-brake, rear disc brake system


10 inch pneumatic tires for maximal shock absorption.


460 Watt

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

30 lbs

Max Load

220 lbs


LED front and rear tail lights

Product Material

Aviation grade Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Cruise Control

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  1. Austin

    It’s a lot of fun, and my kids really enjoy it. It runs smoothly, quietly, and has a long battery life. Much superior to those inexpensive toy scooters. If I had to commute, this one would be ideal.

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  2. Connor

    For the money, it’s a terrific entry-level scooter (I got it during Black Friday)

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  3. Carson

    strong and excellent safety characteristics

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