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The Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter is one of Kugoo’s most popular and best-selling budget scooters, with a long list of features that make it stand out in the crowded budget electric scooter market. While the S1 is one of the most underappreciated affordable electric scooters on the market, it packs a punch with a beautiful, sleek appearance, superb performance, quick acceleration, and improved ride comfort. It’s a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Kugoo S1, with greater traction, riding quality, and contemporary amenities.
The S1 Pro has a beautiful design with four basic components: a frame, a dashboard with a display screen, battery compartments, and a motor. Users can construct, disassemble, or reassemble the modular design.

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Kugoo S1 Pro Summary

Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter is one of Kugoo’s most well-liked and best-selling entry-level models. It offers a wide range of perks that make it very appealing in the fiercely competitive market for entry-level electric scooters. The S1, although being among the most frequently disregarded entry-level electric scooters on the market, has a lot to offer, including a stylish, streamlined design, first-rate performance, quick acceleration, and improved ride comfort. With stronger traction, an enhanced ride, and more contemporary features, it represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, the Kugoo S1.

The S1 Pro has a sophisticated design with four primary components: a frame, a dashboard with a display screen, battery compartments, and a motor. Users can simply construct, remove, or replace pieces because to the modular architecture. The scooter has a premium, beautiful feel thanks to its glossy, superb black finish, and its steel and aluminium construction ensures optimum durability. The finish can also be changed by riders to blue or white.

With a 350 W motor and a 36 V, 7.5 Ah battery that charges in about 4 hours, the Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter has a range of 18.6 miles and a top speed of 30 km/h ( 30 Km). Three separate ride modes—15 kph, 25 kph, and 30 kph—integrated within the scooter enable users to change the pace in accordance with the circumstances. The scooter’s motor is powerful enough to propel it over steep rises of up to 15 degrees without straining its capabilities.

The scooter can support up to 265 lbs./120 kg of weight, making it appropriate for both teenagers and adults. Additionally, the handlebar’s height (93 cm, 107 cm, or 116 cm) can be changed to easily accommodate different user sizes. Thanks to its front and rear spring damper active suspension system, roomy deck, and 8′′ honeycomb tyres, which give adequate damping on ordinary urban terrain, the scooter provides fairly comfortable rides. The tyres are resistant to flats by combining contemporary honeycomb technology with air pockets, offering a wealth of benefits in terms of maintenance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. However, non-pneumatic (honeycomb) tyres have poor off-road performance; as a result, the scooter could struggle to tackle rocky, uneven terrain.

In terms of ride safety, the Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter offers unsurpassed protection thanks to a variety of technologies, most notably a dual braking system that combines an electronic regenerative braking system and a rear-fender brake that is engaged by pressing the rear fender with your foot. Maximum visibility at night or in low light settings is ensured by the combination of a front LED headlight, taillight (brake lights), reflectors installed on the sides of the scooter, and safety red LEDs found on the scooter handles (which may be set to stay on or either flash simply). The scooter also has an electric bell to signal your presence to other drivers.

The Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter is extremely portable at 24.25 lbs./11 kgs. The scooter’s lightweight construction enables it to fold down into a small package for simple portability and hassle-free storage. Additionally, the handlebars and stem of the scooter are both foldable. Because of this, you can use it as a last-mile commuting scooter to go from the train or bus station to the office, conduct errands around the city, travel to class on campus, or just meet friends for coffee.

A smart LED display that shows various ride metrics and statistics, such as speed, mileage, power, time, voltage, riding mode, and others, is another outstanding addition to the scooter. Riders can monitor and manage their scooter completely without the need for an accompanying app thanks to the display.

The scooter also has CE, FCC, and RoHS safety standard certifications and is certified IP54 for water and dust resistance.


Performance Overview

Thanks to the 350W engine, which provides dependable power and enables the Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter to reach a top speed of 18.6 mph/30 km/h, it performs quite well. For a basic electric scooter, the engine can climb slopes of up to 15 degrees, which is very good. Due to the scooter’s extremely responsive motor, which allows it to reach its top speed in a matter of seconds, it feels torquey.

Riders weighing up to 265 lbs can be supported by the Kugoo S1 thanks to its durability (120Kg). The 36V, 7.5 Ah battery gives the scooter a range of up to 18 miles/30 kilometres on a single charge, making it ideal for long commuting.

Overall, in typical urban conditions, the Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter outperforms the immensely popular Xiaomi M365 in a number of performance areas, most notably weight capacity and acceleration.

Speed & Acceleration

The torquey motor of the S1 Pro enables it to accelerate rather quickly downhill, on flat ground, and over smooth inclines. At its top speed, the scooter goes from 0 to 20 km/h in less than 7 seconds. There is no kick start feature and the acceleration is rather steady and jerk-free.

Under 80 percent battery charge, the scooter’s acceleration and overall uphill performance drastically decrease, as they do on most uphill surfaces for e-scooters. So, if you’re going to ride uphill, make sure you have adequate battery power for the best possible performance.

Top Speed

The S1 Pro’s top speed, according to Kugoo, is 30 km/h (18.6 mph). In the actual world, you should anticipate faster speeds, as some lighter riders have reported reaching 35 km/h/21 mph. The S1 Pro also features three-speed settings that let riders adjust to various riding circumstances. For inexperienced riders, the first speed mode, which caps the peak speed at 12 mph/ 15 km/h, is ideal. The third speed mode unlocks the top speed at 18.6 mph/ 30 km/h and above, while the second speed mode increases the speed mode to 15.5 mph/ 25 km/h. In accordance with various scooter restrictions around the world, Kugoo manufactures a version of this scooter that cuts out at 25 km/h.

Hill Climbing

The electric Kugoo S1 Pro scooter can ascend hills with an inclination of up to 15 degrees without discomfort. The scooter is one of the best hill climbers in the entry-level category, with a gradeability of 15 degrees. However, keep in mind that the ability to climb hills is largely influenced by a number of variables, including the battery charge, the weight of the rider, and how rough or smooth the uphill terrain is.

Battery & Range

The 18650 Li-ion battery pack powering the Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter is rated at 7.5 Ah and 36V and has a 270 Watt-hour energy storage capacity. The original S1 batteries had a 6 Ah rating; this battery is an improvement. The battery’s stated range of 18 miles/30 kilometres is respectable. However, as with almost all electric scooters, you should anticipate between 75% and 90% of the quoted range in actual use.

The majority of customers report a real-world range of 14–17 miles/22–27 kilometres, which is nevertheless a welcome surprise given that it’s a cheap scooter. Be aware that the range depends on a number of factors, including the rider’s weight and speed mode. Consider riding at the lowest speed option, which is 15 km/h, for extended range.

Similar to the S1, the scooter’s battery may be fully charged in a maximum of 4 hours. Use the proper charger only to ensure effective charging and prevent battery damage.

Motor Configuration

A cutting-edge 350W DC brushless motor provides the Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter with its top speed of 18.6 mph while rotating at a pace of 700 revolutions per minute (rotations per minute). The front wheel is home to the brushless motor, which provides a powerful driving force with a maximum torque of 13.3 Newton-meters (NM) at 36 volts.

The scooter’s motor is strong enough to provide gradeability of up to 15 degrees, which is uncommon in low-cost models. In essence, the S1 Pro’s motor is strong and effectively tuned to provide rides that are more stable and comfortable.


Construction & Quality

The Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter has a better, glossy black or white finish and elegant, svelte design. Steel, aluminium, and plastic are used in the building’s construction. Because the frame is primarily built of aluminium, it is solid, strong, and lightweight for convenient portability. Steel makes up the standing deck and stem, ensuring optimum stability and zero swaying even at high speeds. The scooter’s steel construction helps to increase its weight and decrease its centre of gravity (CoG), which keeps it firmly planted on the ground for maximum riding comfort and safety.

The fenders and covers of the wheels are lined with durable plastic. Given that they are prone to shattering when under extreme pressure, using plastic is a bit of a letdown. As a result, you need to take extra care to prevent damage to the plastic fenders and coverings. Since the handlebars are covered in thick rubber, riding is comfortable. On some iterations of this scooter, the handlebar’s ends are equipped with plastic lights. These particular plastics, meanwhile, are of poor quality and prone to shattering the moment the scooter falls.

Extra tactile grip tape has been added to the deck’s surface for a sturdy stand. However, the lack of a kickstand makes parking the scooter difficult.

Additionally, a variety of finishes are available, including white, light blue, and black.

Suspension & Comfort

Rarely seen on a budget scooter, the Kugoo S1 Pro is equipped with a front and rear spring damper active suspension system. The suspension system is useful for absorbing shocks from bumps and uneven road surfaces, allowing for more stable and comfortable rides.

Additionally, you can modify the suspension system to your preferred level based on the terrain and the amount of damping you might require.

Ride Quality

The Kugoo S1 Pro is a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable motorcycle. Due to the simple controls, even inexperienced riders may operate the scooter with relative ease. Simply put one foot on the deck, one foot on the ground to push the scooter away, and one foot on the handlebar to activate the motor. Start moving at the slowest possible speed and gradually pick up the required speed.

The S1 Pro provides a steady and comfortable ride even at high speeds because of the sturdy build. Despite having solid tyres, which are considered to provide less damping, the scooter’s ride is surprisingly smooth and less rough thanks to the existence of a pretty functioning front and rear spring-damper suspension system. Additionally, the tyres use contemporary honeycomb technology, which has air pockets inside of them, to improve shock absorption for smooth rides and, at the same time, completely reduce the chance of punctures.

Due to its lower centre of gravity and compact tyres, which offer the most traction, the S1 Pro performs beautifully in curves and turns. As a result, you can drive around corners quickly without losing control and skidding off the road. The scooter’s ride quality in off-road situations is, however, quite subpar because of the substantial tyres. Despite having front and rear shock absorbers, the scooter moves slowly and the rider feels more vibrations on off-road or badly paved conditions.

You should stick to smooth road surfaces for enjoyable journeys.


To stay safe while riding at night, you need to have optimal visibility from both the front and back. A powerful LED lighting system and reflectors are included with the Kugoo S1 Pro to provide optimum visibility at night for unparalleled safety. The scooter has an incredibly brilliant LED headlight that lights the roads far in front, making nighttime riding safe.

A safety warning taillight, often known as a brake light, is located at the back. These lights are essential for making sure you are visible from the rear and alerting other drivers when you apply the electronic brakes. In addition to the lights, the scooter has four reflective strips that improve visibility and guarantee secure nighttime operation.

In order to improve visibility in low light, certain scooter variants also include polycarbonate lights on either end of the handlebar.


With a dual braking system, the S1 Pro has a fairly sensitive and secure braking distance of only 4m at high speeds. You can use the rear-fender brake, which is actuated by pressing your foot against the rear fender, or the electronic braking system utilising the thumb electromagnetic brake situated on the handlebar.

It is recommended to engage both brakes simultaneously for optimal braking efficiency, especially during emergencies because the electronic braking system has a tendency to malfunction or respond slowly at high speeds. The battery’s level of charge also has an impact on how well the electronic brakes work.

The safety and dependability of this Kugoo scooter are called into question since the rear brake (also known as the fender brake) is not particularly efficient in rainy weather. Using the electronic braking system, on the other hand, activates the taillight, alerting other drivers to your intention to slow down or stop.

Due to their ability to regenerate energy, electronic brakes help increase range by transferring kinetic energy to electric energy that is then directed to the battery pack. Overall, the scooter’s brakes are responsive and effective, particularly when used in tandem.


The Kugoo S1 Pro is one of the lightest budget scooters on the market right now, at only 24.25 lbs (11 kg). The S1 Pro is incredibly portable because to its small weight and foldable design. The stem and handlebars of the scooter may be folded, making them simple to transport and store.

Simple steps to fold the scooter include pulling the handlebars forward and depressing the folding lever. Fold the stem first, then the handlebars. The scooter can fit in the trunk of any car because it collapses into a small package measuring 95 x 34 x 18.5 cm. Additionally, the stem has a folding hook that locks to the back fender for convenience while carrying.

A last-mile commuting scooter to travel from the train or bus to the office or just to cruise about the city, the Kugoo S1 Pro has exceptional portability. When folded, it takes up very little space, so you can easily put it next to you on a bus or train.



The 8-inch solid honeycomb non-pneumatic tyres on the Kugoo S1 Pro are quite resistant to flats. The honeycomb tyres are less pleasant than pneumatic tyres, despite the solid tyres’ good durability and lack of maintenance. For best comfort, you should therefore ride on smooth, level roads.

On the plus side, however, the 8-inch tyres provide adequate traction in a variety of environments and weather situations, promoting safe driving. Another observable upgrade over the original S1’s solid rubber tyres are the honeycomb-style tyres.


You can ride comfortably on either a short or lengthy commute thanks to the S1 Pro’s generous deck space. The standing deck is roughly 43 x 15 cm in size, with a 10 cm ground clearance, and a 110 cm handlebar to deck distance. It is wrapped in grip tape that has a sandpaper-like feel, providing optimal stability and grip for smooth rides.

Cleaning the deck matting is simple and doesn’t require it to rip off. Compared to the S1, this deck gives riders greater room.


Controls & Display

The intuitive controls that are thoughtfully arranged on the cockpit of the S1 Pro contribute to its user-friendliness. You’ll discover a thumb accelerator on the right side of the handlebar and a thumb brake to activate the electronic brake on the left. Most of the controls are located below the high-end, multipurpose, multicolor LCD display, which is clearly visible in bright light and at night. The display has a very contemporary, technicolour appearance with lovely highlights in green and blue.

Battery status, current speed, riding mode, time, trip distance, voltage and amperage, brake status, and light status are just a few of the ride metrics and data you may need to know are displayed on the screen. Holding down the settings button for more than three seconds clears the existing riding numbers, allowing you to measure the trip distance from scratch.

Five buttons make up the LED display, and each one serves a different purpose. The bell, which serves to alert people in busy roadways, is the first button on the left. The SET button comes next, which modifies the display’s total mileage and current trip statistics. The power button, which is used to turn the scooter on and off, is located in the centre. Hold down the power button for 5 seconds to turn the scooter off, and 3 seconds to turn it on. The scooter’s front and rear lights can be turned on or off using the fourth and fifth buttons, respectively. The fifth button, labelled SPEED, changes the scooter’s three speed settings.

Overall, the display and control are clearly indicated and organised, enabling a rich user experience.

Water Resistance

The Kugoo S1 Pro has an IP54 rating, making it water and dust proof. As a result, it provides a lot of conveniences, especially when caught in a light shower without warning.

Most budget-friendly electric scooters lack water resistance, but the S1 Pro does it without breaking the bank. But keep in mind that prolonged exposure to the rain or swimming are not advised.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Kugoo S1 Pro is a dependable scooter for urban environments thanks to its strong construction, effective brakes, decent top speed and range performance, outstanding acceleration, exceptional portability, and above-average ride quality. The S1 Pro readily rivals other models, most notably the wildly popular Xiaomi M365, as the greatest budget scooter. It’s a dependable scooter that you may use to shorten your last mile commute or enjoy a fun weekend ride around your neighborhood.

The battery and charger are covered by a six-month guarantee along with most other aspects of the S1 Pro’s 12-month warranty. There is a 14-day warranty on the saddle and handlebar grip. Moreover, there is a 14-day return period. Kudos offers excellent customer service that is simple to contact via phone call or email at your convenience.

Known Issues

Since the S1 Pro has one of the lowest fault rates among affordable e-scooters, Kugoo did a great job. The folding and unfolding would be the only problem, according to some riders who complain that the folding mechanism is a little hard and difficult.


The MAX V2 needs to be maintained on a regular basis just like other electric scooters. The scooter’s high-quality structure and reliable never-flat tyres make maintenance a breeze. However, you must do basic maintenance procedures on the scooter to ensure its best performance and durability.

You should engage in the following routine maintenance procedures:

  • Regularly cleaning the scooter
  • staying away from using acidic or abrasive cleaners on the scooter
  • Before storing the scooter for a lengthy period, charge it.
  • using the charger that the manufacturer advises for charging your scooter.

Kugoo S1 Pro: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

With the Kugoo S1 Pro, pricing and quality are balanced. The S1 Pro, which costs about $350 or £250, is completely worth it. The performance of the scooter is excellent, with great acceleration, top speed, and range. The scooter’s incredible portability and inclusion of features found in more well-known brands, such as a superior LCD display, dual suspension, and an IP54 water resistant designation, are also major pluses.

The scooter comes in a variety of colours rather than only black, which has become the standard color for e-scooters.

The scooter may be used by the entire family because of its adjustable height. However, there will be some cost-cutting for $299. For instance, your scooter won’t have the highest-quality components; it will instead have inexpensive plastics and be missing some necessities, such a kickstand. The scooter’s braking system is also ineffective in some riding circumstances.

Overall, the S1 Pro allows you to save a lot of money, especially if you have a limited budget, by providing quality features that are typically featured in more expensive versions like the Xiaomi scooter.

Specification: KUGOO S1 PRO REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

18 MPH


15 miles

Charge Time

4 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

18.6 miles


Front & rear suspensions

Braking System

Front E-brake & Rear fender braking


8 Inch Honeycomb explosion-proof tyres



Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

24.25 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs


Bright Headlight, Sidelights, taillight

Product Material

Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy and Plastic (Fenders and Covers)

Water Resistance


Extra features

3 speed running modes

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