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The Kugoo G2 Pro is popular in the UK because of its incredible value for money, but it’s not a toy. The frame is made of aluminium alloy and can sustain a maximum load weight of 130 kg. But wait, there’s more! It’s made to last, with high-quality components that can withstand a lot of punishment.
Overall, the G2 Pro is tough and flexible, with a well-balanced collection of features that offer it a competitive advantage. It’s designed for comfort and safety, whether you’re cruising through the city or on rough terrain. This is one of the finest electric scooters for anyone searching for a high-tech, feature-packed vehicle without breaking the bank.

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Kugoo G2 Pro Summary

Although the Kugoo G2 Pro is well known in the UK for its unbelievable value, it is in no way a toy. A 130 kg maximum load weight may be supported by its aluminium alloy frame. But there’s more! It is made of durable, high-quality components that can withstand significant damage.

The scooter’s engine and battery are the two secrets to its 50 km/h and 50 km range. A 48V-13Ah battery set is combined with an 800W motor. The final result is a very inexpensive scooter that makes for an enjoyable ride as well as a fantastic commuter buddy.

Overall, the G2 Pro has a competitive advantage over its rivals because to its robustness, adaptability, and well-balanced feature set. It provides comfort and security whether travelling around the city or through difficult terrain. For anybody searching for a sophisticated, feature-rich machine that is affordable, this makes one of the finest electric scooters.


Performance Overview

In terms of raw power and overall performance, the Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter is a tough cookie. In only 13 seconds, you may achieve speeds of up to 31 mph with its 800-watt engine! Additionally, a 48V-13Ah battery increases the range to up to 31 miles each charge.

A rear-wheel-drive scooter having three speed settings (Eco, Standard, and Turbo), each with a different speed cap, is the G2 Pro. To increase stability on the road, particularly while making a turn, you may always change the mode.

The G2 Pro from Kugoo is basically an off-road vehicle, despite not being advertised as such. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s perfect for a relaxed ride. For instance, the suspension of the scooter has a ground clearance of 18 centimeters, so you should have no trouble navigating minor road obstructions.

This electric scooter also has 10-inch pneumatic air-filled tyres with deep patterns and a broad profile. Most terrains’ unevenness may be quite pleasantly absorbed by them. Furthermore, the bike has front and rear shock absorbers that further cushion any bumps and minimize irritating vibrations.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Kugoo G2 Pro Electric Scooter’s official max speed is 50 km/h (31 mph). This number is based on genuine laboratory testing, and it is supported by many user reports. Despite some owners reporting a peak speed of 45–48 km/h (28–30 mph), the average speed from several data points is often more than 50 km/h.

Despite this, the scooter has great acceleration and is responsive. You shouldn’t anticipate to attain the top speed immediately out of the start since the acceleration is slow.

Construction & Quality

The G2 Pro from Kugoo is the ideal example of careful design. The quality of the e-scooter is evident throughout, from the frame to the industrial design. It can withstand a lot of damage since the material used to construct its frame is an aluminium alloy that has been certified as aviation-grade. It will thus provide you with a lot of mileage without experiencing any serious flaws.

The scooter’s high-quality build also contributes to its assured, commanding, and fashionable appearance. As you drive down the highway, you’re certain to get adoring looks from other drivers.

Battery & Range

A 48V-13Ah-624Wh battery powers the Kugoo G2 Pro’s 50 km/31 mile maximum range on a single charge. Now, bear in mind that this range can only be reached under perfect circumstances. The weight of the rider, the terrain, the slope, the temperature, and whether the tyres have been filled to the manufacturer’s standards may all affect how far you can go.

Ranges closer to 47 km/29 miles have been recorded in a few user tests. The majority of independent user testing, however, have supported a range of about 50 km/31 mi. When using the included chargers, the battery should fully charge in around 4-6 hours.

Motor Configuration

Rear-wheel drive is a feature of this Kugoo scooter. The 800W BLDC hub motor is integrated into its back wheel. This motor is made in Germany and features the highest possible standard of quality.


The G2 Pro electric scooter benefits greatly from the non-compact 10″ pneumatic tyres. These tyres have deep tread patterns that improve traction on both asphalt and well-traveled roads.

The broad profile of the tyres ensures dynamic and aggressive riding on almost any terrain. It’s important to note that the scooter’s tyres are of the premium Yukking brand and that the recommended air pressure for them is 30 PSI.


Suspension & Comfort

The G2 Pro’s dual-spring suspension system has built-in shock absorbers, which greatly enhances riding comfort. 18 centimeters of high ground clearance are provided by its suspension. As a consequence, regardless of how severe the barriers are, the e-scooter can go across any kind of street or road. The G2 Pro can handle cracks, potholes, and sidewalks with ease.

Notably, the scooter’s front and rear shock absorber springs perform a variety of other functions outside only absorbing bumps. Additionally, they reduce vibrations, extending the scooter’s useful life.

Ride Quality

As previously said, the Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter is outfitted with all the necessary components for a luxurious and pleasant ride. First of all, since it has rear-wheel drive, the scooter is quite steady on the road. It has a clever blend of front and rear shock absorbers, large air-filled tyres, a superb suspension system, and enough of power for an even more pleasant riding experience.

The scooter can absorb any bumps that are thrown its way thanks to this combination. Not to be overlooked, the G2 Pro offers all of these features at a reasonable cost.


The primary LED headlight of the Kugoo G2 Pro is situated just above the front wheel, below the stem. A extremely strong light is emitted from this headlamp at a distance of around 8 meters (26 ft).

For those intending to ride at night, the front light’s intensity is useful. When you use the brakes, a red LED brake light on top of the back fender illuminates.

Last but not least, the electric scooter has red diode reflectors connected to the deck’s sides. The scooter’s deck strip lights give it a laid-back look.


The Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter includes two disc brakes—one at the front and one at the back. They help to disperse heat and reduce brake fade. To provide a smooth and consistent braking performance, both brakes are already configured to have a high responsiveness. The e-braking scooter’s distance during our test was around 4 meters/13 feet.

Avoid using the front brake forcefully since doing so might cause the scooter to topple, particularly while travelling at a high speed. Always use the rear brake first, then, if required, the front brake.


The Kugoo G2 Pro weighs 50 lbs./23 kg, making it lighter than most other e-scooters on the market. The scooter is still on the heavier end of the range, so carrying it over extended distances could be challenging.

G2 Pro is 46 cm long, 18 cm broad, and 20 cm high when folded. It will take up a lot of room when folded up because of its size.


Controls & Display

HD Intuitive LCD display is conveniently situated in the middle of the handlebar. Even in direct sunshine, the information on the screen may be seen.

Numerous details are shown on the screen, including:

  • existing speed
  • battery condition
  • Odometer (distance and trip)
  • light status
  • Mistake codes
  • Voltage

The rear brake lever and all the buttons and controls for: are located on the left handlebar of the scooter.

Power\ Settings

  • light switch (red)
  • bell button (yellow)
  • plus and minus signs
  • Clickable menu

On the right handlebar, there is a thumb throttle for accelerating and a front brake lever.

Water Resistance

The Kugoo G2 Pro complies with the IP54 standard, making it resistant to water and dust. It should be rather easy to ride in some rain or other damp conditions. But it’s better to avoid giving the scooter a thorough bath since it might harm it.


With a deck that is 20.32 cm (8 in) broad, the Kugoo G2 Pro provides a reassuringly pleasant ride. There are e-scooters with larger decks, for sure, but this model is unquestionably more generous. Additionally, it is made to stretch upward into a footrest at the back as if that weren’t enough. This is done to lengthen it somewhat so that even larger riders may fit.

We like the drainage rubber pad that covers the scooter’s deck, which makes for a smoother, more ergonomic grip on wet days.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Kugoo G2 Pro is a very dependable scooter that places the highest priority on durability. It has been designed specifically to endure severe damage.

A comprehensive 12-year warranty that covers the majority of the scooter’s components is provided. The battery and charger are both covered by a six-month guarantee.

If the scooter is broken when it comes or you are unhappy with your purchase, you may have up to a 14-day return period depending on where you bought your machine. Additionally, Kugoo offers first-rate lifetime customer support.

Known Issues

For their scooters, Kugoo provides a mobile app. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers have said that they are unable to connect with the G2 Pro. Other than that, we couldn’t think of any other urgent problem that was noteworthy.


The electric scooter Kugoo G2 Pro will last longer and provide top-notch service if you:

  • Regularly charge it
  • Do not overcharge.
  • Keep things tidy.
  • Don’t drive in the rain.
  • Tires should be inflated according the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Before leaving, check the components and bolts.

Kugoo G2 Pro: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

The electric scooter, the Kugoo G2 Pro, is all about value. With this little car, you get a strong engine, a big battery, amazing suspension, and twin disc brakes at a price that won’t break the bank. Scooters with the same features and performance as the G2 Pro sometimes cost twice as much.

Specification: KUGOO G2 PRO REVIEW

Suitable For




Max Speed

31 mph


31 miles

Charge Time

4-6 hours

Single-Charge Mileage

32 Miles


Double-Spring Suspension System with Built-In Shock Absorbers

Braking System

Front & Rear Disc Brake


10-Inch Pneumatic Inflatable Tyres


624 Wh

Hill Climbing


Scooter Weight

51 lbs

Max Load

287 Lbs


Deck Strip Light, Front LED Lights, Safety Warning Lights

Product Material

Aviation grade Aluminium alloy

Water Resistance


Extra features

Folding mechanism, red diode reflectors

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